Family Movie Act Needs Support

The ViewerFreedom Foundation urges movie lovers, educators, and parents of children who watch movies to become informed concerning the Family Movie Act and its significance to the viewing of movies in a private setting.

The Foundation is in support of the act, which extends viewers’ rights to control their home or personal watching of videos. Furthermore, the Foundation alerts the public that a decisive stage in the life of the Family Movie Act will be the next few weeks in the Senate, between the November 2004 elections and the Thanksgiving recess. Those interested in the Family Movie Act should immediately contact their senators to make their position known before it is voted on.

The Family Movie Act (FMA) is part of a bill that passed the House and has been submitted to the Senate. For the text of the actual bill and its status, consult the Library of Congress website []. Look up H.R.4077 and scroll down to Section 112.

In essence, the Act makes it legal for someone to create or acquire technology that automatically skips and mutes portions of a movie as it is being viewed. In the context of “filtering” or “sanitizing” a movie for family viewing, such technology could be thought of as an automated remote control that can be pre-programmed to mute foul language and skip over a few scenes of violence or sex in a movie that otherwise has an overall message that parents are comfortable with.