Send a Mother’s Day Card to President Bush and Senator Kerry?

We are asking you to take a couple of minutes and send President Bush and Senator Kerry a Mother’s Day e-card.

Now, we understand that this is an unusual request. It is unlikely that either of them have ever received a Mother’s Day card. Most men have not.

So, simply getting even one Mother’s Day card would be noteworthy, much less the thousands we hope you will help us generate. This is precisely why we are asking you to send them this e-card. On the day when we properly acknowledge how important mothers are to the future of our nation and society, it is also particularly appropriate to focus their attention on the need to defend marriage and the family.

Throughout history and across cultures, marriage between a man and a woman has always been essential to providing stability and protection for mothers and their children. Marriage is essential to the strong families in which mothers are best able to nurture their children.

Yet, today as never before in history marriage is under assault on a variety of fronts, especially from those who advocate legalizing same sex marriage. Doing that would change forever the way our society and future generations view marriage in all its facets, including the way we view motherhood. And it is certain that none of those changes will be positive-not for mothers, their children, our society or our future.

In the case of President Bush, this Mother’s Day e-card is a chance to thank him for his strong and responsible endorsement of a constitutional amendment to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

We hope that if Senator Kerry gets enough Mother’s Day e-cards he will reconsider his current opposition to a constitutional amendment that would defend marriage. He has said that he opposes same sex marriage, and favors an amendment to the constitution of his home state, Massachusetts, that would define marriage as being only between a man and a woman. But he opposes an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would guarantee that marriage in the United States continues to be only the union of a man and a woman. As noted in our last newsletter, Defend Marriage has sent Senator Kerry a letter asking him to clarify the logic behind his position. You can read the letter here.

With the two major presidential candidates on opposite sides of the question of whether to amend the Constitution, the chances for passage of an amendment this year are greatly diminished. If Senator Kerry were to support an amendment, however, then chances of passage would be excellent. In light of what is happening in Massachusetts, San Francisco, Portland, Oregon and other places around the country where there are efforts to legalize same sex marriage, it is urgent that we amend the Constitution as soon as possible. We hope you and other Americans concerned about marriage, families and our future will encourage Senator Kerry to change his position to help make this happen.

Sending a Mother’s Day Card is easy.

To send either or both of these cards, simply go to the special page we have created on our Web site. It takes just a couple of minutes and the cards will be automatically personalized as coming from you.

You can help even more by forwarding this alert on to others you think might also send these Mother’s Day e-cards. On our Web page we also provide a way you can enter their e-mail addresses to send them a short message from you and a link back to the Web site.

var demowin; function openCard(url) { demowin =‘’ + url,’_extrainfo’,’height=610,width=380,scrollbars=0,resize=0′); } This will be the message on the e-card to President Bush:

President Bush,

On Mother’s Day 2004, your strong support for a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman is especially appreciated and timely. Throughout history, marriage has been essential to promoting strong families and providing security and stability for mothers and their children. Our nation’s future depends upon strong families and your defense of marriage is helping to protect it.

(Signed as you designate)
(Your city and state here)

This will be the message on the e-card to Sen. Kerry:

Senator Kerry,

On Mother’s Day, we honor mothers for their crucial role in nurturing future generations. Historically marriage has been essential for strong families and provided stability and security for mothers and their children. To protect our future, we must defend marriage and the family. This requires a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. Please reconsider your current position opposing this amendment.

(Signed as you designate)
(Your city and state here)