World Congress of Families Counters Propaganda in Pro-Abortion March

The World Congress of Families — the leading international alliance of pro-family groups – noted that Sunday’s so-called March for Women’s Lives in Washington, D.C. will contain the standard population control propaganda.

“Any time abortion advocates congregate, they use the myth of over-population to justify feticide,” said Allan Carlson, president of the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society and founder of the World Congress of Families.

“Reality doesn’t conform to party line here,” Carlson added. “World population growth declined to 74 million in 2002, down 11 million from its peak in 1989-1990 (87 million). Worldwide, the fertility rate (the number of children a woman will bear in her lifetime) is 2.6, compared to 5.2 in 1950.”

In most of the industrialized world, the fertility rate is well below replacement – 1.1 in Spain, 1.2 in Italy and 1.4 in Germany. In the United States, the fertility rate is 1.99 – higher than Europe’s, but well below the level needed merely to replace current population (2.5). Said Carlson, “Absent immigration, America too would have a declining population.”

Carlson commented, “Feminists, environmental extremists and pro-abortion ideologues will have to find another justification for abortion on demand. The ‘population bomb’ is a dud. The West needs more children, not fewer.”