Homosexuals Call “Barbaric” Church Purveyor of “Nasty Dogmas”

As the drive to establish international homosexual rights has apparently stalled at the UN Commission on Human Rights now taking place in Geneva, homosexual advocacy groups have begun lashing out at their opponents, even calling the Catholic Church “barbaric” in its defense of “nasty dogmas.”

The Commission was supposed to vote on a resolution over whether “sexual orientation” should be recognized as an internationally protected human right, but none of the Commission’s 53 member states has yet to introduce such a resolution. In a major setback to the homosexual lobby, Brazil, the country that had introduced the resolution last year, declined to do so again during this session. In a statement released by its UN mission in Geneva, the Brazilian government said that, “Since November last year, we have been consulting with delegations of several countries on the text. We have not yet been able, however, to arrive at a necessary consensus.”

This apparent setback has enraged supporters of international homosexual rights, who have been lobbying worldwide since the resolution was deferred last year in the face of widespread opposition. Michael Cashman, a British homosexual activist and member of the European parliament, blamed the “aggressive lobbying” of the Vatican and Muslim countries, such as Egypt, Pakistan and Malaysia, for this year’s problems, labeling their cooperation on this issue an “unholy axis.”

The Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA) has been even more explicit in its condemnation of the Catholic Church. George Broadhead, secretary of GALHA, said, “The Vatican trumpets itself as a champion of human rights and a model of compassion. This continued barbaric contempt for gay people shows that the Vatican is prepared to go to any lengths to promote its nasty dogmas.”

Broadhead believes that the Vatican should be punished for its position, saying, “The Vatican has a special status at the United Nations that is granted to no other religion. It is seeking to gain full status that would give it even more power to impose its will on an unwilling world. We call on the United Nations to immediately strip the Vatican of its observer status. It has shown itself unworthy of having it.”