Important Action Alert!

The first legal same sex marriages ever in the United States will take place in Massachusetts beginning on May 17th.

Unless one man, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, can stop them.

He is trying to do just that.

Governor Romney deserves our thanks and our support, no matter where we live.

Because if Massachusetts legalizes same sex marriage, it hurts us all!

What you can do:

It takes just one minute to send Governor Romney a message of appreciation and support through our Web site, by clicking here. If enough of us around the country let him know we support him, it will help him in his fight to defend marriage in Massachusetts and nationwide.

What else you can do:

You can help even more by taking another minute or two and forwarding this on to others who might also support Governor Romney.

Brief Background

By one vote, 4-3, the Massachusetts’ Supreme Judicial Court has ruled that same sex marriage must be legalized by May 17th. The only way to stop these unelected judges from defining marriage against the will of the majority of Massachusetts citizens is to amend the state constitution. But in Massachusetts, that is a laborious and lengthy process.

The state legislature recently approved an amendment which would define marriage as only the union of a man and a woman. If it is adopted, it would overturn the court decision. However, it cannot go to the voters for ratification before November, 2005. In the months between May 17th of this year and when the citizens have a chance to vote on it, thousands of legal marriages could be performed.

That would create serious problems for everyone in the country because all states could be forced by the courts to recognize these Massachusetts same sex marriages. This could come about because of a provision of the U.S. Constitution known as the “Full Faith and Credit Clause.” This provision basically requires that an act that is legal in one state, such as marriage, must be recognized as legal in all the states.

So, even though opinion polls show that an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose legalizing same sex marriages, the courts could force it on us anyway. And no one should doubt that there will be a tidal wave of these cases. Homosexual activists make no secret of the fact that this is precisely their strategy to force all states to recognize same sex marriage.

Now that the legislature has given preliminary approval to an amendment, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, a staunch defender of traditional marriage, has vowed to do whatever he can to stop legalized same sex marriages from being performed in Massachusetts until the people can vote on the constitutional amendment.

Thanks For Helping Defend Marriage!

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