Please Help Stop International Action That Could Threaten Marriage in the U.S.!

Your urgent action is needed to help stop a proposed international action that would threaten our ability to defend marriage in the U.S. What was once considered to be our worst nightmare could soon become a stark reality unless we act quickly. An arm of the United Nations (UN), The United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC), will be considering sexual orientation provisions at an international conference next week that could establish homosexual behavior as an international “human right.” If this happens it would pave the way for activists throughout the world to demand the legalization of same sex marriage.

If it is not stopped, these provisions would undoubtedly affect marriage in the U.S. For example, U.S. judges are increasingly looking to UN polices and international norms in rendering their decisions on domestic issues. The U.S Supreme Court justices did just this as part of their rationale for overturning Texas’ anti-sodomy laws last summer.

The UN mandate does not include social engineering nor the dictating of social norms to member states and it is clearly overstepping its bounds by even considering this proposal.

We adamantly oppose the UNHRC sexual orientation provisions for three reasons:

1. Attempts to legalize same sex marriage around the world would be substantially strengthened if homosexual behavior becomes an internationally recognized “human right.” The resolution, if passed, undoubtedly would be cited by the U.S. Supreme Court and state appellate courts to (1) overturn Defense of Marriage laws at the state and federal level and (2) challenge state constitutional provisions defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. They did it on the Texas anti-sodomy law and they would surely do it again.

2. The provisions would seriously threaten religious freedom. Already, courts in various countries have punished people who have exercised freedom of expression in teaching their religious beliefs on homosexuality. If homosexuality becomes an internationally recognized “human right,” churches and organizations throughout the world that teach that homosexuality is wrong, that do not grant homosexuals equal participation in their activities, or that exclude them from leadership positions will be at risk of legal sanctions.

3. Since the definition of sexual orientation has not been limited or defined in any way by the United Nations, it would be difficult to restrict this newly proposed “right” to just homosexuals and lesbians. It is but one logical step for pedophiles to demand protection under this clause by simply claiming their “sexual orientation” is towards children. In fact, MABLA, the Men and Boy Love Association, has been seeking recognition at the United Nations and is an active supporter of the gay and lesbian groups who lobby there.


1. Call and/or email the White House and tell the president that the U.S. must stand firm against UNCHR provisions designed to establish homosexual behavior as an international human right or that would elevate sexual orientation and place it in the same category as race, religion, and other fundamental characteristics. Explain that establishing homosexual behavior as an international human right would pave the way for the mandatory legalization of homosexual marriage.

You can call the White House Comment Line at 202-456-1111 or e-mail the president at president@whitehouse.gov.

We have made it easy for you to send the president an e-mail through our Web site by providing a suggested text and allowing you to send it to the president by a single mouse click. Just click here to go to this page.

It is critical that the president hear from us on this issue because if the U.S. stands firm in its opposition, these provisions likely will not pass. If the president and his advisors know that enough U.S. citizens are carefully watching the actions of our UN delegations, it will make a difference as it has on past issues. But, without the president’s specific direction to them, the U.S. delegation may not make the defeat of these provisions a high enough priority.

2. E-mail the heads of the UN missions of the 53 countries that are members of the Human Rights Commission. Again, we have created a feature on our Web site that provides a simple message to e-mail them allows you to send it to all 53 of these UN missions with just the click of your mouse. Click here.

Some of these countries are not accustomed to having citizen input on these issues and if enough of us e-mail them it is guaranteed to get their attention.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to make your voice heard on this issue!


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