Parents Television Council – Press Release
America Has Voted on TV Sleaze

It has been said that TV viewers vote with their remote.  Well America has voted, and cheap, sex-driven series were the losers.

Two of the most hyped and aggressively promoted new series of the fall season, NBC’s Coupling and Fox’s Skin, have just been cancelled.  NBC Entertainment Chief, Jeff Zucker said Coupling was “NBC’s biggest mistake of the season.”

Both shows were targeted for their sleazy, sex-obsessed plot lines early-on by the PTC, its members and grassroots chapters.

Even before the shows debuted, the PTC launched a campaign to make advertisers aware of what was in store with these new series.  The PTC contacted every company that advertised on Coupling to let them know what kind of content their advertising dollars were paying for.  After the series debuted, PTC members filed more than 12,000 official complaints with the Federal Communications Commission about the content on Coupling, and sent thousands of letters to the program’s sponsors. 

In two cities where the PTC has chapters, local affiliates made the courageous decision not to run Coupling. During this time, PTC chapters in Salt Lake and South Bend launched aggressive letter writing campaigns against the networks, calling upon them to enforce decency standards for their community and remove the shows from their line-up.

NBC heavily promoted Coupling, a sitcom about the dating and mating rituals of a group of six friends, but viewers clearly were not interested in the all sex, all-the-time series.  Fox also had high hopes for Skin, a drama series set in the pornography industry.  Again, viewers said “no thanks” to this sleazy attempt to push pornography into the mainstream, and the series was cancelled after only three episodes.

The cancellation of these two sex-obsessed, high-profile series proves that viewers don’t need to sit by and allow Hollywood to push TV standards into the gutter, viewers can make a difference.

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