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PTC Study Reveals That Nearly One Out of Four Film Ads Shown During The Family Hour are for R-Rated Films

Los Angeles, CA—Today the non profit, non partisan, Parents Television Council announced the release of their most recent study, looking at the marketing of adult entertainment to children. The Council found that out of 3603 ads for movies airing during the Family Hour, nearly a quarter (23%) were for R-Rated movies. The networks UPN, NBC, and FOX were responsible for airing the most ads for R-rated movies during the Family Hour.


Percent of Movie Ads Shown During the Family Hour for R-Rated FilmsUPN33%

“Many parents carefully screen what their children can and cannot watch to protect them from being exposed to inappropriate material. It is a shame that the networks and the Hollywood studios subvert the intentions of those parents by allowing R-rated films to be advertised during the Family Hour. Parents simply cannot compete with the millions of dollars dropped into the marketing campaigns of these huge Hollywood studios,” said PTC Executive Director Dennis Mansfield.

The PTC announces the results as part of their continuing campaign to stop the marketing of adult entertainment to children. For example, next weekend with the release of the film 8 Mile the PTC anticipates that an overwhelming number of young teen fans will try to gain access to this and other R-rated films. Universal, the film’s distributor has marketed 8 Mile on shows with a large teen following including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, That 70’s Show, The Bernie Mac Show and Half and Half.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), in response to an FTC report on September 26, 2000 outlined 12 initiatives that specifically addressed the marketing of R-rated entertainment to children. In their response Jack Valenti, President and Chief Executive Officer of MPAA pledged “that the movie industry would treat the FTC report seriously, responsibly and with dispatch.”

“The MPAA and the Hollywood studios have fallen flat on the 12 initiatives they set up in 2000. The studios and networks need to stop violating parental trust by allowing R-rated fare to be advertised when adolescents are most likely to be watching television.” stated Mansfield.


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