Claremont Graduate University to Sponsor Mormon Studies Conference

Claremont Graduate University welcomes prestigious scholars from the various academic fields to speak Friday and Saturday April 23-24 as they herald this year’s biannual student-run conference theme:  What is Mormon Studies?  Transdisciplinary Inquiries into an Emerging Field.

This theme will be explored by featured premier scholars including Jan Shipps, Brian Birch, J. Spencer Fluhman, Armand Mauss, and Richard Bushman.  Students from all over the world will also gather to present their thoughts on the matter to provide a look from the perspective of the rising generation of religious scholars.  Please check the website for a complete list of events, topics and speakers.  (Insert link here).  The public is welcome to attend free of charge as thoughtful scholars ponder on the nature and challenges to Mormon Studies.

Among topics are “How Wide the Divide? The Absence of Conversation between Mormon Studies and Mormon Mainstream” discussed by Blair Van Dyke and “What Hath Oxford to do with Salt Lake by Christopher C. Smith.