Californians-Take Five Minutes to Stand for Marriage

If you have friends in California, please pass this message to them.

The California Senate on Thursday became the first legislative body in the United States to approve a bill allowing same-sex marriage.

The bill, AB 849, was sponsored by Assemblyman Mark Leno and passed 21-15.

This is clearly against the will of the people who voted by 61% to support Proposition 22 in 2000 defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

On Tuesday, September 6, this same bill will be voted upon in the Assembly.

Earlier this year, the bill failed in the Assembly by three votes, but political pressure from those supporting same-sex marriage and the persuasion brought by the Senate vote could easily change that outcome.

Latter-day Saints in California can make a difference here.  Your help is desperately needed today.

Please take five minutes to call or email your assembly representative.  You can find his/her contact information by clicking here at

On the left sash of the website is a link labeled “Find My District.”  You can then enter your address, and the name and contact information of your Assembly Representative will appear with their contact information. Click on the Assembly Representative’s name to find the email address.

Wendy Spencer said, “It’s so simple!  I just did it, and it took less than five minutes-a small sacrifice compared to the social, legal, and civil issues we will have to face if this bill passes.”

Please, Meridian readers,  ask your readers to contact friends and family members in California and request their involvement on this issue.   As the political saying goes,
“In social issues, as goes
California, so go the rest of the states.”

Let’s make sure that every Assembly Representative that voted against it in June, will do the same on Tuesday. 

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