The Times and Seasons blog last week announced Mitt Romney as their pick for Mormon of the Year saying, “During 2008 Romney concluded the most credible presidential campaign of any Mormon to date and dominated the U.S. national news early in the year like no single Mormon has in recent memory. He garnered a great deal of both praise and criticism, gaining him significant endorsements as well as important detractors. Remarkably, his supporters included many Evangelical Christians, which helped break down the unfortunate views of some Evangelicals toward Mormons. Also on the international scene, numerous press articles mentioned Romney’s membership in the Mormon Church, thus contributing to the image of the Church abroad.”

Then, Kent Larsen received an email from a reader who made his own selections for Mormon of the Year for each year since 1950. They include names like Juanita Brooks, J. Willard Marriot, George Romney, Hugh Nibley, Henry Eyring, Billy Casper and Ernest Wilkinson. Take a peek here.