BYU Dancers Finalists in “Star Search”

Out of over 75,000 who auditioned, BYU students Joseph Delpriore, returned missionary, and Stacy Johnson, current “Miss Utah”, are one of three finalists in the dance category in this year’s “Star Search”.  They will be participating this Saturday, March 13, in the final round for $100,000.  

The national winners will be determined Saturday by popular vote on line at  Voting for the dance portion of the show will take place at approx. 8:20 p.m. Eastern time, 7:20 p.m. Central time, 6:20 p.m. Mountain time, and 5:20 p.m. Pacific time.  Only those in the Eastern and Central time zones will be able to view the performance before they vote. 

Joseph’s and Stacy’s recent performance can be seen at the above web site by clicking on to Star Search 4 to view their video.

Their exquisite lyrical jazz performance received high marks from the judges.  “I am blown away at how beautiful, how precise the synchronicity,” judge Matte Lesham said.  The competition includes such diverse dance styles such as hip-hop and break dancers and it is an astounding accomplishment to have received 14 out of 15 stars from the judges.  “It was unbelievable, unbelievable”,  Lesham concluded.

Judge Mc Lyte, added, “The power-moves were awesome!”  Stacy and Joseph then had the courage to challenge last year’s dance champions and they won!

Jodi Maxfield,  Stacy’s former B.Y.U. Cougarette artistic director, said she was proud of the two. “They were perfectly in sync and flawless and showed great technique and form.” 

Stacy is a two time national high school solo dance champion and was on the national collegiate championship Cougarette dance team.  She also won the talent preliminary competition at Miss Utah.  Although the recognition and honor has been fulfilling, most important to Stacy is being true to her values. While competing in the recent Miss America pageant those values were challenged.  In her interview she was confronted with controversial questions such as gay marriages, abortion, condoms, and was challenged on her religious views.  She did not compromise her position even at the risk of possibly losing favor with the judges.

Stacy’s grandfather, Carl Bacon, sat next to a Hollywood talent manager at last week’s  Star Search taping and she said, “You will see two groups performing tonight.  One of the couples is sexy, sexy”, but commented that Stacy’s and Joseph’s dance had a clean appeal.  Every time Stacy turns around, people ask her about the church.  “People are very curious about our religion”, Johnson stated.

Joseph, who recently returned from his mission to Baltimore, Maryland, insisted on separate living quarters when he was told that he would be sharing an apartment with others which included a woman.  He emphatically stated that it was against the honor code at his university and he wouldn’t be able to do so.

Stacy and Joseph have been excellent examples to the many people they have been associating with while in Hollywood.   The production crew of Star Search has said that they have been this season’s nicest, easiest group to work with. 

Over the past nine weeks, three judges have decided which competitors would

advance, but this week the outcome will be solely on the public vote.  Delpriore and Johnson have been in Hollywood for the past three weeks training and preparing for each week’s competition. With regards to this week’s final competition, Joseph and Stacy commented, “We can’t wait to perform again and hope to have the support of the public.”

You can vote for Stacy and Joseph this Saturday, by logging on to at the above mentioned times.  Instructions will be given on the site when to vote. You are permitted to vote as many times as possible within the few minute’s allotted time period. It is important that those in the Mountain and Pacific time zones vote at the designated times and view the show later which will be tape delayed that evening.


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