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Meridian Has Something Fun Planned
By Maurine Proctor

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For almost five years now, Meridian has taken you to new places in your mind and heart, but now we have an intriguing invitation for you, our loyal readers.  Let’s make a real journey together.  Pull out your calendars, call your family and best friends, because it is time to take a trip with some of your favorite Meridian writers and entertainers. 

And not just any trip.

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Scot and I have traveled the world taking photographs and covering stories.   We have been moved at sites of spiritual significance from Palmyra to the Galilee, chased sunrises for the perfect picture in Guatemala and Ohio

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We’ve learned something unforgettable on our journeys. Anybody can vacation, go someplace far away, but what really changes and uplifts your life is to go on a trip with a purpose.  Then you come home inspired and renewed.  You’ve had fun, been delighted, but there’s so much more.  You’ve been immersed in something that touched and expanded you.

You’ve not just looked at things, you’ve really seen them.

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That is why Meridian has teamed with a travel company, Meridian Trips.  Beginning in January 2004, we will offer more than 40 trips a year to the places you’d most like to see and experience.  You can cruise or take a land tour to Book of Mormon lands, walk through the significant Church history sites in England and the United States, see the cradles of patriotism in Boston and Washington D.C., cruise the Mediterranean or the fjords of Norway, learn about early Christian history in Italy and France.

All the places you’ve been longing to see just got better. 

What will make these trips so captivating and unique is that not only will you travel with other Latter-day Saints so that you feel that great sense of camaraderie and instant friendship.  You also will be taught and entertained by gifted LDS speakers, artists and entertainers who will transform the trip for you.

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How would you like to cruise from island to island in Hawaii with Kieth Merrill and not only learn about film, but his making of Testaments there?  How would you like to see the Norway fjords with Michael McLean, the amazing composer Merrill Jenson, or Erlend Petersen who knows the country so well?

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We have drawn from a vast pool of talent to handpick the talent and lecturers whom you will come to know as good friends.  David Christensen is everybody’s favorite Institute teacher, who regularly teaches classes with over a thousand students. Richard and Linda Eyre’s books have been on the New York Times best-seller list.  Steven Kapp Perry, Marvin Payne, Vickey Pahnke, Jack Marshall, Kenneth Cope, Rodger Dean Duncan and Richard Hopzapfel have talents that range from playing “Boo, the dog” on the Scripture Scout tapes to singing and composing “Greater than Us All” to consulting on relationships with national companies. There is a long line at Education Week to get in to hear John Lund. Michael Ballam’s moving singing voice is equaled by his spiritual insight.

We are lining up people with deep scriptural knowledge, learning on ancient lands and peoples, experts on Church history-all to travel with you and enrich your experience.

It is, as one of our tour participants continually said on a trip, “beyond wonderful” when you become better acquainted with people and places, scriptures and Church history at the hands of a master teacher.

Joseph Allen and Central America

Many of our trips for next year are Book of Mormon explorations on land and sea with Joseph Allen.  He has spent a lifetime studying the archaeology and ancient pattern America, making over 200 journeys into the area and traveling over one million and-a-half miles seeking to understand the connections to the Book of Mormon. 

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You’ll go to ancient ruins, jungle settings, see cities buried under water and marvel at Mayan messages carved in rock.  You’ll learn about the world the Nephites knew, the society that flourished and then collapsed to be buried under the jungle

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Some of these trips are 8 or 15 day explorations that include Guatemala City, Antigua with its smoking volcano, beautiful Lake Atitlan, breathtaking Izapa with its stela 5, and the majestic ruins of Tikal, which was once painted a bright crimson in the Mayan sunshine

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Everybody wants to go with Joseph Allen on a Book of Mormon tour, many of his land tours for next year are already sold out, but Meridian Trips will be his exclusive agent.  Watch for his columns on the Book of Mormon from Joseph Allen that will soon begin appearing regularly on Meridian.

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New to Joseph Allen’s trip schedule will be the Book of Mormon “Symposiums at Sea.”.  These west Caribbean cruises, with lectures and seminars on the setting and history of the Book of Mormon visit where no other cruise goes-looking at evidence from the period.  An optional “Sacred Sites Land Tour” stays ashore one night, allowing you to explore farther inland in the region of Dzibanche, a candidate for the city Bountiful where Christ appeared to the Nephites.  Some of these cruises also sail through the Panama Canal.

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A special feature of the Book of Mormon “Symposiums at Sea” is classes and talks designed especially for children and teens.  Cruises are often family affairs, a chance for parents to go someplace fun with their children.  Now they can also be experiences to help children become fascinated with the Book of Mormon and grow in testimony.

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One of the best-kept secrets is that every year thousands of condo weeks go unused-even in the most tantalizing places like Hawaii, Florida and Mexico.  Through Meridian Trips, our subscribers will learn how to access those condo weeks with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms for prices as low as $43.50 per day.  If you want to be the first to know this information, sign up for our occasional travel updates.

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What’s more some of our cruises and tours will be built around themes like genealogy, relationships, or sports. We have already scheduled and sold to enthusiasts several scrapbooking cruises. We are planning trips for American history buffs. Watch for details about these themes as they are released by signing up on this page

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If you would like to plan a particular trip for your own group-be it former mission companions, to family gatherings, call Meridian Trips for help at 1-888-537-8687 or contact us at

Best Prices

We have created Meridian Magazine with a high purpose-to inform, uplift and educate our readers, making life brighter and better. We have chosen to expand our guided trips from 2 to 40 per year for the same reason. We hope to expand and lift your spirits and we know that meaningful journeys can do just that.

We chose to go with Steve Dana and Brian Mickelsen of Meridian Trips because we shared a vision, and because of their great gifts for finding amazing prices for quality travel experiences.  Compare the prices of our trips with others, and you’ll find they just can’t be beat.

You don’t want to pay too dearly-even for a priceless experience!

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All guided trips come with insurance built into the price to give you an added sense of security. 

In addition to our guided tours, we can help you with all your travel needs.  Watch for more updates in Meridian Magazine as the days and weeks go by.

So, when do you want to come on a Meridian trip?  We hope it’s soon.   

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Remember:  this is just a beginning at Meridian.  Let’s see the world together.

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