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Ancestors are the People of HistoryT: The Philemon Christopher Merrill Story – Lessons Learned
By James W. Petty, AG, CG and Lisa Ford

Philemon Christopher Merrill

Ancestors are the People of History.  With each story contributed by readers of Meridian Magazine in the Turning Hearts column’s APH series, our understanding of history and the panorama of the past borne by the testimonies of these ancestors grows in our hearts and minds.  There are lessons learned for all to know and benefit from. Today’s contribution from Lisa Ford highlights the early life of her ancestor, Philemon Christopher Merrill, up to his arrival in Utah in 1847.  Like all of our forebears, a selection from their lives equals only a chapter.  Philemon Merrill went on to work building the Transcontinental Railroad and later served as a Sheriff.  He had many chapters in his life that can be shared with his descendants, and each chapter bears its own distinct quality, testifying of one man’s connection to history. 

To Learn, Know the History of our Ancestors’ Lives