Washington DC Temple Visitors’ Center
7:00 PM Sunday, 10 October 2010
Hispanic Fireside

Brother Eddy Barillas, a Patriarch in the Seneca Maryland Stake, will be our guest speaker for this Hispanic Fireside. David Ferrell and his wife, Laurel, will also address us. David Ferrell has served as a Mission President in Ecuador; President of the Missionary Training Center in Chile, as a Stake President and Area Seventy. He was the first President of Southern Virginia University. Sister Ferrell has also held numerous church leadership positions.
Washington DC Temple Visitors’ Center
7:00 PM Tuesday, 12 October 2010
Spanish Night of Music & Inspiration

Through musical numbers and inspirational thoughts, missionaries of the Washington D.C. North Mission will present a wonderful evening sharing their talents and strengthening the testimonies of members as well as investigators. Under the direction of Sister Canizalez, this wonderful evening will focus on “The Light of the Gospel”.
Washington DC Temple Visitors’ Center
7:00 PM SUNDAY, 17 October 2010
Why I Believe:  Barett Christensen

Barett Christensen works for LDS Philanthropies, a department within the Office of the Presiding Bishopric. He will speak on the impact the Church has had around the world through its philanthropic outreach and humanitarian projects. He will summarize the humanitarian activities of 2009, give an update on 2010 and provide a sneak peak into a new platform that will enable church members to more fully volunteer their time, talent & resources regardless of geography or financial capacity. Brother Christensen and his Swiss-American wife reside in Provo, Utah with their two daughters.