Wayne, Pa. – Dr. Philip W. Townsend, Jr. was named dean of Valley Forge Military Academy (VFMA) today at the campus in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Dr. Townsend will lead a faculty of 40 and mentor a student body of 360 high school Cadets.

A 1968 VFMA graduate, Dr. Townsend joined the school staff in 1975, where he has faithfully served ever since. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Utah, a master’s degree in library science from Villanova University, and a doctorate in curriculum development from Nova Southeastern University. He was appointed professor of histoy and the VFMA rank of Colonel in 1996. He has more than 27 years teaching experience, and has earned tremendous respect from his peers over the years.

Dr. Townsend served in the United States Army, attaining the rank of Captain, and served in both the transportation and infantry branches.

“Phil Townsend is one of Valley Forge’s dearest sons, and is the most qualified dean of the academy the school has ever known,” said VFMA President Charles A. McGeorge. “he is our first academy dean to hold a doctorate, and his performance clearly sets the standard for future deans of the academy. I have every confidence in his ability to succeed.”

Founded in 1928, the mission of VFMA&C is to educate young men fully prepared to meet their responsibilies, to be alert in mind, sound in body and considerate of others, and to have a high sense of duty, honor, loyalty and courage. The school is home to 700 young men from grade seven through second year in college, hailing from 25 states and 43 countries.

VFMA&C is the alma mater of such distinguished alumni as author J.D. Salinger, ’36; three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Edward F. Albee’45; former U.S. Senator Warren B. Rudman, ’48; GEN H. Norman Schwarzkopf, ’52, Commander of Operation Desert Storm; former Governor of Puerto Rico, The Honorable Rafael Hernandez Colon, ’54; fourteen-time Grammy winner Jimmy Sturr, ’60; New York Jets NFL player Aron Beasley, ’92; Rhodes Schollar Westley W.O. Moore, ’96, ’98C; and 2003 Heisman Trophy runner-up and 2004 third overall NFL draft pick Larry Fitzgerald, ’02.

Dr. Townsend is married to Mary Rasmussen Townsend and is the father of three children.