A Federal Judge in Denver, Colorado has dismissed all claims in the Hollywood lawsuit against ClearPlay, ending three years of litigation between the company and both Hollywood studios and the Directors Guild of America.  The decision, by Federal Judge Richard P. Matsch, came as the result of Congress passing The Family Movie Act earlier this year, which declared that ClearPlay’s movie filtering technology was not a violation of Hollywood copyrights.

“This is a long-awaited victory,” said ClearPlay CEO Bill Aho.  “It has been challenging litigation and we’re happy to put it behind us and move forward.”  ClearPlay was represented in the litigation by Winston & Strawn and noted copyright technology attorney Andrew P. Bridges.

The decision comes just as ClearPlay has released one new DVD filtering product and is preparing to release a DVD Player with a USB jump drive for storing and playing ClearPlay Filters.  In addition, ClearPlay will introduce ClearPlay TV in 2006, which will provide revolutionary profanity filtering for broadcast television.