SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum has announced their 4th annual conference for Friday and Saturday, October 13-14, 2006. This year’s theme is “The Jaredite/Olmec Lands, The Nephite Lands and the Hill Cumorah.”

This annual event invites recognized LDS scholars and archaeologists to present their research and insights on various Book of Mormon Lands topics to members of the Church and general public and concludes with a very popular roundtable discussion, answering questions gathered from the audience on Saturday afternoon.

Featured speakers & topics will include:

  • Elder Ted E. Brewerton — LDS General Authority Emeritus & member of BMAF board “Still More Ancient Evidence Supporting the Book of Mormon”
  • Garth Norman — Archaeologist & President of Ancient America Foundation”
    “Exploring for Ramah-Cumorah: The Alternatives”
  • Brian Stubbs — Language Instructor and Researcher, USU, Weber State, LDS Church “Egyptian and Semitic in the Uto-Aztecan Languages”
  • Alan Miner — Director of Research, Ancient America Foundation
    “Ancient Maritime travel, Liahona, Jaredite possiblities”
  • Doug Christensen — Founder, Alma Success Academy & member of BMAF board “Jaredites and Olmecs: A Connection?”
  • Dave Hadlock — Member of BMAF board and Book of Mormon Lands Tour Guide “Sacred Directions” (How Mesoamericans/Nephites viewed spatial directions)
  • Walter Rane — Renowned LDS Painter w/Brad Pelo, Businessman & Film Producer “Painting the Scriptures”, Paintings featured in By the Hand of Mormon
  • Ken Mays — 28 years with CES, currently teaching at Institute of Religion, U of U “Coming forth of the Book of Mormon — Many Little-known Details”
  • Mark Wright — Dept of Anthropology, UC Riverside — Epigraphy, Iconography — Maya “Gleaning the Glyphs: Textual Tidbits and the Book of Mormon”
  • T. Michael Smith — Chairman, Ancient America Foundation, Historic Sites, LDS Church “The Olmec and Jaredite Contexts as Seen from an Early 21st Century Perspective”

The conference will also include the BMAF bookstore and always popular and much anticipated silent auction, as well as, a special presentation Friday evening to Dr.Bruce Warren, noted archaeologist, author and past president of Ancient America Foundation.

The conference is being held at the Red Lion Hotel located at 161 West 600 South, Salt Lake City, Utah. More information and registration can be found on the BMAF website:, or by calling BMAF Executive Director Ryan Williams at 801/414-5150.