Operation Give for Free

Below are the new instructions for shipping your packages to Operation Give for free. Please follow them exactly.

  1. Box and tape up all of your items. Sort through them so that like kind items can all be put in the same box if possible, putting them into separate categories, like; boy toys, girl toys, school supplies, hygiene items, soldier items, medical supplies, etc.
  2. Please mark the outside of the boxes with a general category of what is inside.
  3. Go to a FedEx station, customer service center, or Kinko’s to obtain the necessary shipping paperwork, called an air bill. Please tell the people there that you have a multiple piece shipment.
  4. Fill out the air bill with the following information. At the top put the date you are shipping the boxes and where it asks for an account number put 2547 3678 3.
  5. In the shipper information put, Rose Flenorl, FedEx, 3610 Hacks Cross Road, Memphis, TN, 38125.
  6. In the recipient information put, Operation Give, c/o Bridgepoint Systems, 542 West Confluence Ave, Salt Lake City, Utah 84123. THEN AFTER THAT PUT: SRI LANKA RELIEF SECRETARY GENERAL C/O HUMAN CARE FOUNDATION.
  7. Make sure this is for express services and not ground services.
  8. Mark it for Standard Overnight service.
  9. Make sure you have the exact number of boxes and their approximate weight.

The boxes will arrive in most cases next day at our warehouse. From there they will be containerized along with hundreds of other boxes and shipped off to our warehouse in Baghdad or Sri Lanka if it is for Tsunami Relief.  If you have more questions contact Paul Holtons at freeshipping@operationgive.org

Thank you so very much for helping with this project!