On Sunday 13 April 2003 at 7:00 PM, a commemorative fireside will be held in the Alpine Tabernacle in American Fork, featuring Elder Joe J. Christensen, General Authority Emeritus, as keynote speaker.  All family and friends are invited to join in this special fireside to honor missionaries of this dispensation who gave their lives in the service of the Master.  A special Missionary Memorial Chorus will perform arrangements of hymns penned by Parley P. Pratt and other special numbers, including the winning composition of this year’s music competition.

In this year’s fireside, we honor all missionaries who have died or suffered trauma as a result of accident or illness related to their missions, in particular the following missionaries who suffered trauma or whose lives were given during the past two years:

  • Joshua Neal Englehart, 21, Kentucky Louisville, Las Vegas, NV 2003
  • Tyler Bruce Hunt, 19, Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Roosevelt, UT 2002
  • Brian Dee Staples, 19, South Africa Cape Town, Mesa, AZ 2002
  • Ta’avili Joseph Samuel Pollard, 21, Zimbabwe Harare, Port Hueneme, CA 2002
  • Kelly Lym, 20, California San Francisco, Ft. Bridger, WY 2002
  • *Dean Winslow, (19), California San Francisco Kaysville, UT 2002
  • Gregory Scott Johnson, 20, Mexico Merida, Fountain Green, UT 2002
  • Adele Atchley, 65, Ivory Coast Abidjan, Santa Monica, CA 2002
  • *Seth Jorry Wright, (19), Scotland Edinburgh, Springville, UT 2002
  • Michael John Jones, 20, Washington Spokane, Taylorsville, UT 2002
  • Norma Meservy Riding, California Riverside, 2002
  • Sione Laulotu Veamatahau, North Carolina Charlotte, 2002
  • Renen Barnobal Arcinas, Philippines Davao, 2002
  • Lee Carl Nelson, 77, Washington D.C. North, Big Fork, MT 2002
  • Limuula Leauanae, Samoa Apia, 2002
  • Flavio Roque Da Silva, WSI Brazil Sao Paulo, 2002
  • Howard Udell Jenson, Kentucky Louisville, 2002

*Severely injured on mission and still with us

For questions, to RSVP, or for additional information, call David Tuttle 768-3933 or e-mail:  dtuttle@nlevel.com

The Alpine Tabernacle is at 114 East Main in American Fork, Utah.