SALT LAKE CITY — A unique online resource of information about jobs, adoption, humanitarian aid, home emergency readiness, family financial management and scores of other practical topics is now available at a new Web site called “Provident Living” (

Sponsored by Welfare Services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the site offers welfare guidelines for Church leaders and useful resources in the areas of physical health, caring for others, food storage and emergency preparedness, social and emotional strength, resource management, education and literacy, and employment.

The Web site has been under development for many months and now offers the most complete online resource for nearly all Church welfare services, said Elder Harold C. Brown, managing director of Welfare Services. “Welfare Services reaches people across this continent and around the globe. Our efforts seek to meet a wide variety of human needs. We felt people could use one convenient location to get the help they need, whether it be a new job, guidance for international adoption, storing a little food for an emergency, or seeking advice with personal or family challenges.”

The Web site is located at Several of the services and resources available are described below:

Social and Emotional Strength:
Counseling, Adoption, Help for Single Mothers

LDS Family Services (LDSFS) is offering new resources through People with questions about social and emotional issues can search an online library of information covering topics such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Prospective adoptive couples searching for the type of adoption that best meets their needs can learn about options provided by LDSFS, including infant adoption, special needs adoption, non-disclosed designated adoption and international adoption.

Unmarried birth parents considering adoption can also find new resources to assist them as they face the challenge of making decisions for both their own future and their baby’s future. The site also features LDSFS public service announcements which convey a supportive message to birth mothers that where there is help, there is hope. In addition, the announcements educate the public about the emotions, issues and decisions a birth mother faces and about how a decision to place her baby for adoption is a choice motivated by love.

People interested in LDSFS counseling or birth parent or adoption services can obtain contact information online for the office nearest them.

Caring for Others: Humanitarian Help at Home and Abroad
The Church’s Humanitarian Services programs relieve suffering, help people care for themselves and provide opportunities for service. Instruction and guidance on how people can help others in their neighborhoods or those in need around the world can be readily accessed through Examples of recent humanitarian projects and a representative list of international agencies who partner with Church efforts are also available.

This section of also explains the work of the well-known Deseret Industries stores and shows why Deseret Industries is “more than a thrift store.” The stores not only offer quality used goods in a clean, comfortable retail atmosphere, they also operate programs for vocational rehabilitation, training and re-employment. These stores have become centers for Church and community service for the disadvantaged. Highlighted also is the Deseret Industries Community Partnership Program, a collaborative effort between Deseret Industries and local community agencies that provides goods at no charge to those in need.

Potential employers, as well as those who are trying to find work or improve their career, can get help at Employment and education opportunities are available online to anyone in dozens of countries around the globe. Financial aid for Church members in selected areas through the Perpetual Education Fund is explained, and self-employment information is available as well.

Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness
Information about growing, preparing, storing and using basic foods is explained in complete, simple instructions. This section of offers an online food storage calculator. Just enter the number and ages of people in your household, and the online calculator suggests what foods to store and in what quantities. Guidelines on contents and preparation of a one-month storage kit are offered, as well as proven instructions for home emergency preparations. An online video provides an overview of food storage and emergency preparedness.

Resource Management
Another section that offers an introductory video overview, this area of offers practical advice on managing finances, budgeting, savings and investments and debt management. The spiritual nature of wise financial management is also explained. Those who are tackling the challenges of providing for themselves and their families in today’s tumultuous economy will find useful information here.

Education and Literacy
Education opens the door to personal growth and is the key to preparing for employment, building
strong families, serving others, making better choices and contributing to society. offers help and encouragement to improve education and literacy for families and adults.

Physical Health
Latter-day Saints are known for their health code that proscribes the use of coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco. But physical well-being, a key element of “provident living,” requires more than abstinence from harmful substances. Guidelines for exercise and fitness, nutrition and diet, disease prevention and medical care are included in the physical health section of

The “Provident Living” Web site provides a wealth of useful information from one convenient, reliable source. People can find answers to their questions to help them live happier, healthier lives. This Web site is a wonderful new tool to share the proven expertise and considerable resources of Church Welfare Services with anyone who has access to the Internet.