A father shared this story with President Albright about his son’s mission call.

John Eastin writes:

 I want to tell you about my son’s mission call.   His name is Anthony but his nickname is Frenchie.  The reason for his nickname is because he speaks fluent French.  He has dual citizenship, because his mother is a French citizen.  When Anthony turned 19, we tried to guess where he would be called on a mission.  Some said French Guyana, Madagascar, France and other French speaking countries in Africa.  When he finally received his mission call letter, there was a crowd gathered in our home.  As he was opening the letter, his brother Carl shouted out as a joke: “You’re going to Boise, Idaho!”  Anthony smiled and then opened his letter and found out that the Prophet had indeed called him to serve in Boise, Idaho.  At first we all thought he was joking, like in the movie “Singles Ward.”  But we read the letter carefully and found it was true.  After he had served in Idaho about 10 months, I received a discouraging letter from Anthony where he stated that he felt like his skills were not being utilized.  He stated that he should have been called to Africa, and the Prophet must have made a mistake with his mission call.

Two months later I received a wonderful and faith-promoting letter from Anthony.  He stated that he had been asked by the Spanish speaking missionaries to teach a group of five large families that they had located in their area.  The Mission President gave him permission to go there since there were about 50 potential investigators.  When he arrived he found that the families were refugees from Congo, Africa.  They spoke only French.  Anthony was the only missionary in the entire mission who spoke French.   He asked one of the fathers if he believed in God.  He replied, “I lived in a refugee camp for ten years that had terrible conditions that included murder.  I prayed every day to get out of there and now I am here. I believe in God.”   Anthony’s last words in his letter were, “NOW I KNOW WHY THE LORD SENT ME TO BOISE, IDAHO!”  We wrote a brief letter to President Monson to share this miracle, and he kindly replied the next week with the attached letter describing how the Spirit works in making these special missionary assignments. 


From President Monson

I served as a member of the Missionary Executive Committee for years…Many years ago I was assigning missionaries one day.  I read about a young man in Canada whose language aptitude test indicated he would not be proficient in learning a language, so the recommendation was that he should go to an English-speaking mission. When I saw this information, I assigned him to an English-speaking mission in the United States, but I didn’t feel right about it. In a few moments, I changed his assignment to another English-speaking mission, but I still felt uneasy about the call.  I mentioned to my associates on the committee that I didn’t feel right about the assignment, and I asked if there were more information in the file.   As we looked at the young man’s file again, we saw a note indicating that he spoke fluent Spanish because his mother was from Mexico and had taught him Spanish from I early years.  Clear as a bell it came to my mind that this boy should be assigned to Caracas, Venezuela.  My heart was then at peace and I knew that the Lord had inspired the call.