This request comes from Craig Cobia, President Idaho Citizens for Decency.


Last year Idaho Citizens for Decency successfully worked with our elected officials who introduced and passed legislation to require all 101,000 Idaho K-12 school computers to have an Internet filter; also students yearly will now receive mandatory Internet Safety education.  This has become even more important than we realized since the Idaho Superintendent of Education is proposing online classes for high school students and the 2010 bill has become ‘the foundation’ for a new online education initiative.

This new 2011 bill is our third attempt to introduce Idaho legislation to require public libraries to install Internet filters to protect children.  The library associations are extremely opposed to this and have attempted to thwart our efforts, but we believe more people will express their desire that children are protected, so that it will pass.  If you know anyone who knows anyone who lives in Idaho, please forward this to them ASAP that they may take simple steps and voice their support for this bill.

The bill has already passed the Idaho House Education committee, after brisk debate from those for and against, so next it will go to the full House and then on to the Idaho Senate Education Committee.  We have been blessed to find a small but internationally recognized computer company which is willing to provide the filters free of charge; they already serve over 13,000 libraries across the country with this service which protects children from illegal pornography.

How to contact Idaho Senators and Representatives using automatic emailing system

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Please instruct your friends to email me personally at when they have taken action.