The War on Illegal Pornography, sponsored by a coalition of national groups, including Family Leader, needs your help.  Meridian ran an article two days ago asking you to call the U.S. Attorney General and ask the Department of Justice why they have shut down the Obscenity Prosecution Task Force.

Illegal pornography must be prosecuted, but since Eric Holder has been in office, he has refused to do new obscenity cases.  Meanwhile pornography runs rampant.

With the help of your calls, we managed to shut down three phone lines at the Department of Justice Monday.  All three lines were redirected to DOJ’s comment line.  Yesterday the Attorney General went before the House Judiciary Committee for oversight hearings and today he goes before the Senate Judiciary Committee for the same. We have worked with both House and Senate Members to make sure the AG is asked about shutting down the Obscenity Prosecution Task Force and refusing to do new obscenity cases since he has been in office.

It is critical that the AG hear from the public too – not just Congress.  That is why we ask you to call this number and say, “Illegal pornography must be prosecuted.”  They can no longer pretend that the public doesn’t care.

So here’s a new number for your phone calls. PLEASE JOIN US.  Here’s the toll-free number:


 1. Tell the Attorney General pornography harms children, families and individuals.

2. Explain that you’re disappointed that they have stopped all investigation and prosecution of ILLEGAL adult pornography.
3. Demand that they vigorously start prosecuting!