Stephanie_NielsonStephanie Nielson and her husband Christian were featured in a lengthy and moving story on ABC’s 20/20 this weekend, discussing the fiery plane crash that burned them both in August 2008 and the spiritual and emotional courage it has taken for them to recover to this point.

Stephanie is a Mormon Mommy blogger, who had attracted more than 1,000 followers to her lively blog that celebrated her daily life as a mother, her joy in her marriage and the fun parties and crafts that marked her family. 

Since the crash, where she was burned over 83% of her body and emerged with a new face, assembled through a series of grueling surgeries, the number of her followers as only skyrocketed with more than 40,000 readers per day dropping in.  Though her avid followers do not necessarily share her LDS faith, they admit they can’t resist the love and light they find here.

“I’m? an atheist and a taoist (yes they can go together) and i think this is just wonderful. We are all different and believe different things, or nothing. Stephanie is truly an inspiration, and I read her blog daily. The love she has for her family and her life truly shines brightly enough to make my own relationships better and make me value and love life and family more. I don’t care if this is a “Mormon Message”. It’s a human message, It’s a love message,” wrote johoho2006 9 months ago,” noted ABC news.

This five part series  of short videos from 20/20 is also wonderful, where Stephanie and Christian, their children and her sisters tell in frank and personal ways, the way they have made it back from the devastation of the crash and the injuries that have marked their lives. Don’t miss it.