The War on Illegal Pornography of which Family Leader is a part has launched a major new project targeting NBC TV and its new series, “The Playboy Club”   which starts this fall. We need your help to prevent NBC from profiting off the sexual exploitation of women. Will you help? Sign the pledge here. 

Since the 50s, sleazy Hugh Hefner and his Playboy Magazine have pushed a philosophy which dictated that, to the “sophisticated man,” the female is a mere toy to be used, abused and discarded.

That philosophy has inflicted unimaginable harm to our society, now documented by years of research. The harms of pornography include addiction of children and adults, violence against women, sexual trafficking, increased child pornography, destruction of marriages, and so much more.

Playboy, once equated with ‘soft-core’ pornography, now distributes hardcore pornography on pay TV channels and the Internet. Distribution of hardcore pornography can be prosecuted under federal and state obscenity laws.

Now, in partnership with NBC TV – using the PUBLIC airwaves – Playboy is poised inflict even more harm on society, this time bringing the “Playboy Club” weekly TV show directly into America’s living rooms.

Have YOU had enough of the harm from pornography?  Will you TAKE ACTION? Help us make it unprofitable for NBC to exploit women!

NBC is a private company. But the airways it uses for broadcast are not private. They belong to you and me, the American people. NBC may have a license to broadcast but they are limited to programs in the public interest!  NBC does NOT have a right to pollute the airwaves.

Please help! Go to our new site, and sign our pledge to make it unprofitable for NBC to exploit women.