crackcouponslogoWhy pay full price?  You shouldn’t have to.   Did you know that it is estimated that over 88.2 million adults will use a coupon or promo code when making a purchase online.  You too can start saving money instantly without making any big changes to your current behavior.

Have you ever been buying something online and during the checkout process noticed that there was a place to enter a promo code or coupon code with your order?  Usually when you are about to check out, you will see a box in the corner of the page that asks if you have a coupon code.

Most of the time these boxes are left empty.  Unless the company directly sent you an email indicating the code to put in, you likely don’t have one to use.  The good news is that you can almost always find an active available coupon code to use with just about any company.   You can get free shipping, free gifts, and sometimes 50% off or more on regular products that you buy everyday.

There are sites that offer thousands of coupon codes and deals on just about every store or product that you can think of.  At , you can find coupons and specials on the items you regularly purchase.  In these tough economic times, you certainly don’t want to pay full price.

For example, some days has a 30% off coupon for your entire purchase at Old Navy.  We have a coupon for 35% off any offer with a GapCard at Gap and 15% off any order at Kohl’s. With back to school coming up soon, who couldn’t use 30% off?  There are also discounts on car rentals, hotels, toys, computers, and just about everything you can think of.

In addition to the coupon codes, points you toward specials that various stores are offering.

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Yesterday, for example, the email offered a Tom Tom GPS system for $44.99, a wide-screen LED monitor for $129.99, a Sony digital camera for $99, a chronograph watch for $5.99 and more.

So with free sites that offer coupon codes and promo codes on thousands of stores and companies, why would you ever pay full price?

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