To better reflect their organizational focus and methods, The Mormon Defense League (MDL) announced today that they have changed their name to “MormonVoices.”

Their new web site is  “This new name better reflects our helping Mormons become involved in online discussions where positive representation of the Church is needed to offset offensive stereotypes and misinformation” stated Scott Gordon, Managing Director of MormonVoices.  “In the current politically charged environment where issues of Mormon beliefs are frequently discussed, Mormons increasingly want to properly represent themselves and not let stereotypes and caricatures remain,” Gordon explained. “We want to empower members of The Church to respond to the articles that are appearing in the press. As Elder Perry said in General conference,

‘The growing visibility and reputation of the Church presents some remarkable opportunities to us as its members. We can help “disabuse the public mind” and correct misinformation when we are portrayed as something we are not. More important, though, we can share who we are.’”

 “As an organization we will continue to publicly stand up for the LDS Church and correct misinformation spread by public figures, but our new name more clearly reflects our approach and fits well with the admonition by our leaders to get involved online,” stated John Lynch, Chairman of FAIR and a Managing Director of the newly named MormonVoices.

MormonVoices operates a web site,, where anyone can turn for accurate information about issues regarding The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Corrections regarding common misconceptions are provided, along with willingness to help writers and others who want to verify the accuracy of information regarding the Church, its doctrines, teachings, or history.

MormonVoices serves as an organizing force to help Church members become involved, and to share online resources to be more effective in their discourse. It is a non-profit wholly owned subsidiary of FAIR (the Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research) and is operated by self-motivated Mormons who seek to improve the public understanding about the Church. 

MormonVoices is dedicated to providing reliable, independent information about the doctrine, beliefs, and practices of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. MormonVoices is not owned by, controlled by, or affiliated with the Church.


For more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact Scott Gordon or John Lynch at