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Rich blessings are promised to those who study the scriptures individually and as a family. However, for parents, creating the habit is often challenging (especially when a child keeps complaining that his sibling is breathing his air).

There is safety in the scriptures. Do not postpone reading them. If you have small children at home, do not put off teaching them from the scriptures. They understand more than we might imagine. (Thomas S. Monson, Bolivia Stake Conference Broadcast, March 16, 2008)

To encourage individual and family scripture study, the Church is releasing new scripture stories resources, beginning with a series of coloring books designed for children ages 2–8.

Each coloring book is designed to make scripture study fun. Children can gain a love for the people, stories, and teachings of the scriptures through reading a one-sentence summary of the scripture story, coloring the pages, and discovering the activities.

The Scriptures Stories Coloring Book: Pearl of Great Price and the updated Scriptures Stories Coloring Book: Book of Mormon are available today as a free PDF on, where you can choose to print the entire book or individual pages. Printed copies will be available March 24 in English for 95 cents at and Distribution Services centers, Deseret Book, and other LDS booksellers.

About the coloring books

The 32-page Scriptures Stories Coloring Book: Pearl of Great includes coloring pages that illustrate iconic scripture stories found in the Pearl of Great Price, such as the First Vision, Moses’ conversation with God, and the Creation. There are also coloring pages to help children visualize and memorize each of the Articles of Faith.

Additionally, the Scriptures Stories Coloring Book: Book of Mormon that was released last year has been updated to 32-pages. It now contains more of the beloved stories found in the Book of Mormon, including Abish gathering the Lamanites to see the conversion of their king and queen, Moroni’s fortifications, Jesus instituting the sacrament among the Nephites, and the Jaredites in their barges as they journey to the promised land.

Editions of the Scriptures Stories Coloring Books featuring the Doctrine and Covenants, Old Testament, and New Testament will be released later this year.

Teaching opportunity

The scripture-based coloring books are an easy way to interest and engage younger children in scripture stories. As children explore the activities and color the illustrations, they’ll learn for themselves the truths found in the scriptures. Here are some ways you can incorporate the coloring books into your family scripture study:

  • Read the scriptures to your children (or listen to the audio scriptures on the Gospel Library app or while they color the pages.
  • Use the coloring pages to help tell a story from the scriptures or as an activity following a family home evening lesson.
  • Help your children memorize the Articles of Faith as part of their Faith in God goals, by talking about and reciting together each Articles of Faith as you color the page together.
  • Invite children to share what they learned from the page they colored or ask them to retell the story in their own words. Use the “Search the Scriptures” challenge found on each page to further the discussion.
  • Set out the scripture stories coloring books and crayons on Sundays to encourage children to choose a fun and meaningful Sabbath day activity.

Available translations

To support scripture study around the globe, the coloring books will be translated into languages that have LDS editions of the scriptures. Translated versions will become available throughout 2017, starting with Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), German, Russian, and Italian.