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April 15, 2024

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Lisa ReisingApril 13, 2024

This writing contains wonderful insights. I have sent it to a number of family members and friends, and in reviewing it again today can't believe there are no comments. Please don't stop sharing the insights you have learned through your work Brother Grenny. My big takeaway is that when I start to feel discouragement or despair, I need to repent and refocus my attention on the Master of the vineyard because He is indeed in charge and capable of doing His work. He will let me know how to help and where to put my efforts in assisting in HIS work. As Elder Kearon said last weekend - God wants each of us back more than we can possibly imagine and will patiently wait for our growth,

T NeiderApril 13, 2024

Wonderful, insightful article. Thank you!

AnnaApril 12, 2024

What a wonderful article! And such inspiring work! I know of the excruciating waiting game from my own experience with ministering to those in need.. Thankfully the Lord directs my path also, but it's no less heart wrenching to go through the long stretch to see faithful prayers answered..

David AllenApril 12, 2024

For years my wife and I have had wonderful experiences with those who are working with the Other Side. We look for ways to increase our chance to donate to the Other Side, to hiring them to do work for us. They are always friendly, kind and considerate with us and those we refer them to do work for. Great program, - The lord is watching over each of them as they learn and grow from what they used to be to what they have become and are becoming. Just like all of us. Love this program

Gayle WilsonApril 12, 2024

Wow! The insights into the book of Jacob has stunned me and expanded my understanding of the allegory of the olive tree that has given me a glimpse of an eternal perspective of God's work with His children. Thank you!

Bonnee B.April 12, 2024

This brought tears to my eyes. I have always known there was hope but never understood how it all worked. Thank you so much. I feel I have been doing the right thing by patiently waiting for promptings to action as I spend loving, supportive time with my adult children & grandchildren.

Lawrence BarryApril 12, 2024

Brother Grenny, my wife and I are most appreciative for your insights regarding wandering family members. 3 of our 5 children have left the church influencing most of our 32 grandchildren to also abandon the faith. Your inspiring article reinforced our resolve that our job is to love these precious dear ones and God’s job is to reclaim them. Again, thank you so very much for your wise counsel.

sdgApril 12, 2024

Thanks for sharing this incredible story. When I read Jacob 5 this month I saw how God works in our lives. He doesn't give up. He keeps working tirelessly. This article articulated this beautifully.

DH HamillApril 12, 2024

The insights to Zenos' allegory experienced and shared by the author are AWESOME. Thank you for this inspiring essay. I see this allegory in an entirely different light, now.

Holly HortonApril 11, 2024

This gives me validation. It explains what I can't quite verbalize to others. People who look at me like "Why do you say you are in so much pain? You should be moving on." I see a counselor mostly to have someone who tells me my grief is justified. Even in the grief I know it will get better eventually. I cling to Gordon B. Hinckley's words that "everything will work out." But SOMEDAY feels so far and things hurt now.

Mary-Rose McMullinApril 11, 2024

Thank you for this eloquent description. When our son died, I didn't want to keep living. I didn't think the pain would ever end. Slowly, in spurts, my bereft heart healed. But the grief was the also the path to growth and healing of old wounds. Our Father knolws our needs and send the trials we need. We can heal and grow as we turn to Him and come to know our Saviour.

AnnaApril 11, 2024

Thank you, Tanya, for sharing these sweet memories. I have been serving for a number of years as a mission nurse and have been privileged to work with several missionaries who are "on the spectrum." They ae truly special and wonderful souls who bless many lives.

RaLee HallApril 11, 2024

Kimberly, Your prose reads like poetry. Your message was profound,it took my breath away. The artwork is fabulous. Thank you for posting this.

ReyLain BloxhamApril 11, 2024

I was so pleased to see Brother Gibbons name as a contributor today and thought maybe I was mistaken that he had passed away. His teaching has always touched me and I followed his work through the standard works. But sadly, he has passed away and I appreciate this reminder of his way of teaching. Thank you for pulling his lesson out of the archives and I look forward to each one!

LorraineApril 11, 2024

Wow. Beautifully and perfectly expressed. So accurate in its depiction. Thank you for putting into poignant words this oh so painful journey.

S LindsayApril 11, 2024

Oh how I love this beautiful article! I am bookmarking it to share so many times over with so many different people, now and in days to come. Thank you for putting words to feelings that seem so indescribable!

Mariah Proctor (author)April 10, 2024

@Jenny, if you're a longtime reader of Meridian, you may remember reading portions of the story from Terry's book as articles some time ago.

Terry MontagueApril 10, 2024

Great insights, Mariah! I enjoyed your article and am sharing it with friends.

Jenny SvendsenApril 10, 2024

Great article! Question: I feel like I have seen this before, but not on the big screen, could that be?

Claudia Henderson SmithApril 10, 2024

I don't live out West, so where will it be playing in the East especially Virginia? Will it be on any streaming services?

Catherine GardnerApril 10, 2024

My mum had first hand experience of WWII and she always said if you were American you could come and go as you please until 1941. I hope this movie gives a true account.

RobertApril 9, 2024

I thought President Hollands talk wasn't the normal President Holland talk. It was quite different which makes sense when you tie it back to his visit to the Spirit World, the instructions he was given, etc. It was also great to see members of the 12 conducting conference sessions; and great to see that like us with health issues, they have them as well. Nobody is exempt!

Stephen M FennApril 9, 2024

"part of what I received was an admonition to return to my ministry with more urgency, more consecration, more focus on the Savior, more faith in his word." It is certainly humbling, to me, that he returned with the imperative to step up his game in these ways. It's hard to think of another apostle who has spoken more persuasively about the Savior than Elder Holland during his ministry. If he has room for improvement, what does that say about our calling to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all places? Even when we think we are doing all we can, a loving Father tenderly entreats us to return and do a little better.

Julia BernardsApril 6, 2024

I agree that regardless of sexual orientation, all of us "will have a greater capacity for love, connection, and intimacy with others," the closer we are to God. I agree that love is the highest law, the greatest commandment, and the key to becoming like God. Having a society capable of fully extending Christ-like love to all regardless of sexual orientation or the factors that create sexual orientation would be amazing. Those are beautiful but broad strokes. What is harder for me to discern, even given the length of your letter, is what you are suggesting about how those who identify as sexual minorities live now. You caution against "the false dichotomies of [sexual] suppression or indulgence," which is fitting (for anyone). For heterosexual people in the LDS Church, the path for avoiding those false dichotomies is clear: monogamy and fidelity. Are you also suggesting monogamy and fidelity for homosexual folks? In the LDS Church marriage is the most touted God-ordained opportunity for us to practice the great commandment in this life. I think your focus on love is laudable, and also that you missed or skirted the painful points for LGB folks: 1) How, in this life, and while remaining in the Church, is it possible to avoid sexual repression or indulgence? 2) Why is a desire to practice the great commandment through a marital relationship unacceptable?

Kody L. ThurstonApril 5, 2024

Outstanding...kudos for this masterpiece. Of course, don't believe all the accolades as this may promote pride. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed your creativity, approach and including all of Screwtapes/Wormwoods tactics.

CubbyApril 5, 2024

As a teacher with an occasional irritating student, not to often but once in a while. isn't it a little humorous when Karma gets her turn?

Rich BowermanApril 5, 2024

Brother Peterson, thank you not only for this article but for the many posted on Meridian Magazine over the years. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one and always look forward to the next one! I am going to try and follow Sister Madsen's example also by finding something related to each Conference talk I can work on.

Rob ChappellApril 5, 2024

So full of quotable nuggets of truth! Thank you for dispelling so many common myths in such a clear and compassionate and empathetic way. This is a masterpiece on a very important topic for our time!

Scott LawApril 4, 2024

I think even C.S. Lewis himself might be proud. Nice job!

Mike MansfieldApril 4, 2024

Well said, Ty. You have eloquently set forth the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your variance in understanding the Plan of Salvation that our Eternally Loving Father has provide for our blessing and benefit. May we all find the joy that Heavenly Father desires for us to have - in this life and in the next. Thank you!

Debbie LondonApril 4, 2024

It is never our place to judge; that is the Lord's. Nevertheless, we often confuse discernment with judgment. We want to discern safe spaces and safe people to be around. That said, I am a mother of a child who has strayed from gospel teachings. It is heartbreaking, and I wish he could understand how much our still loves him. Nevertheless, he was the Lord's before he was mine, and I hope someday to have an intact and eternal family. I was reminded of a 2023 Conference talk by Sister Tamara Runia. She recounted a time when her own actions were of concern to her parents. Her father said, "you don’t chase after your loved ones who feel lost. “You stay where you are and call them. You go to the tree, stay at the tree, keep eating the fruit and, with a smile on your face, continue to beckon to those you love and show by example that eating the fruit is a happy thing!”

ShaunaApril 4, 2024

Wow-- Br./Professor Mansfield, this was SO helpful and eye opening, and I absolutely respect your commitment to your faith and your willingness to set aside questions, concerns etc., and keep loving God, while navigating your life experiences. As you rightly point out, we all have to learn to trust Jesus Christ, whatever our circumstances...and we have to trust him one day at a time, as well as with eternity. I appreciate all of your discussion of gender, sexual-orientation, identity etc. and particularly the idea that one is not "born gay," an idea that I had accepted to a certain extent, and the context you place them in of the restored gospel. Thank you so much for your incredibly insightful, heartfelt and faithful comments here. You have raised my sights here as you've sought to contemplate eternity and the nature of God

AnnetteApril 4, 2024

Whoa, that was a long letter. But then you didn't call it a note, did you, Ty? Beautiful. There is so much goodness there to digest. How will I ever get through all those links to studies, talks, etc.? Haha. Thanks for your faith and hope and the truths you shared about the nature of Godly love. May we all come to know God's way of loving better.

KarenApril 4, 2024

Thank-you so very, very much Ty, from the bottom of my 'heart that I knew needed to repent.' In all my years in Christ's church I have not been able to feel Christlike love and charity in the way I should, for ALL His children, to include sexual and gender minorities. Your words have turned me inward in my heart to a place Christ needs me to search and change as I enter His Temple and truely renew my covenants with Him.

Jessica WhitakerApril 4, 2024


LindsayApril 4, 2024

What a beautiful, compassionate, and masterfully composed perspective, backed by the moral authority of a life lived with integrity! Thank you for taking the time to articulate all of this for us!

AmberApril 4, 2024

Thank you for writing this. You put into words something I could not. I felt this and knew this but could never put it as eloquently as you did. Most of this info can be applied to members that find themselves divorced and single. It’s kind of crazy to me to think I could be similar to gay people. But that’s how it seems to go, we are all more connected and similar than we know. I truly believe that with all of my heart. We truly are just learning how to show the most love and respect possible. If we did that, I believe it would solve all the suffering in the world. Think about it, it’s truly an amazing concept! God is trying to teach us this type of love.

Douglas NadybalApril 4, 2024

This was far more than just an open letter to some guy named "David". For those of use who live out on the outer banks of suburbia where we are not on the front-lines of the constant social experimentation this was a real primer on how to act and behave when it comes our way. This was the next step, to love more, not less, to re-direct all of our conversations to a higher sphere. It's such a simple idea, really, I wonder why it never occurred to me? I've probably not been doing a good enough job and "Hearing Him", who created us all. If your goal in life is to really and truly get along well with everybody you can, then you will find this article useful, and that is the highest compliment I can give any writing.

Chip WhitmerApril 3, 2024

The general framework of the modern endowment was summarized by Lehi in the Book of Mormon, published long before Kirtland or Nauvoo. In 2 Nephi 1:10, Lehi describes blessings of knowledge that the Nephites had received, including specific knowledge about the creation of the earth, and about the "great and marvelous works of the Lord" after the creation, and about "all the commandments from the beginning." Lehi even echoes our modern phrase "endowed with power from on high," when he says the Nephites had "power given them [from the hand of the Lord] to do all things by faith."

Pam Rhodes HarrisApril 2, 2024

I had the pleasure of serving in the ASBYU Women’s Office in 1980-1981 as the Secretary. Sister Kapp was our Advisor. She spent so much time with us and helped us be able to do great things. We had Sister Kimball come speak, President Kimball came too and we had a luncheon with this amazing couple. Sister Barbara B Smith General Relief Society President also came and spoke. President Jeffrey Holland was in his 1st yeas as Pres of BYU. We held a Women’s Conference, that was the beginning of todays Women’s Conference. She helped us meet snd associate with the many Women leaders at BYU and in Church leadership. She taught us that we could do anything we put our minds and worked to do. She is an amazing leader and truly showed us love.

Robert David StarlingApril 1, 2024

I LOVE BYU, and I love President Holland's admonition to the faculty and staff to return to and preserve the unique nature of the Lord's University. Like many alumni, I have been concerned for years about the creeping descent of many at BYU toward the creepiness of the World. I was delighted and encouraged to hear (then) Elder Holland call the creepers to repentance. There are two kinds of people in the world - those who listen to the prophets' voices and obey God's commandments, and those who embrace the "natural man" and sit in the Great and Spacious Building, mocking those who cling to the iron rod. Let them mock. We know their ultimate destiny. But that attitude has no place at BYU. If the mockers don't "feel welcome" on that sacred campus, there are plenty of other places they can to to gain a university education where they will be more "comfortable". I was privileged to attend another major well-respected college in the turbulent 1960's, before I transferred to BYU. I say "privileged", because it enabled me to see the contrast between the two institutions. It helped me to fully appreciate the "spirit of the Y". I produced the first student film at BYU for class credit, in 1971. It was a campus romance called "Ice Cream and Elevators", intended to portray the BYU campus experience in that era. We submitted it to a film festival in San Francisco. I received a call from one of the judges who said that if the movie accurately depicted the BYU campus lifestyle, he wanted to send his daughter there! Later in life as a father, I was able to send two of my own daughters there, with confidence that the "spirit of the Y" still permeated the campus. My prayer is that Elder Holland's talk will bring that spirit back, and quickly. It's time for my granddaughter to go to college.

Sasha KwapinskiApril 1, 2024

Many in today's society have confused love with relativism. As a Latter-day Saint, I am proud to be a member of a faith which recognizes that distinction and does not give in to that manner of confusion.

JoeApril 1, 2024

The truth hurts! That is all I can say. As true followers of Christ we need to stand up strong against the evil teaching of the world. You are who you are . If you want to act against the laws of God, it’s your choice . God will not change His laws, ever. He does wants us to show compasión, love and understanding but doesn’t want us to support more the evil ideas of our society. Stand on holy ground, repent , have faith and you will find happiness..remember God never walks away from us, WE move away from Him, and the consequences will have to be paid by us alone..

SD K'sApril 1, 2024

Our family has loved this story as well and continue to watch the video the Church produced of it. We used the video as the main "movie" at a Primary drive-in movie and even used the story as basis for a YW camp shadow puppet show, which our family repeated over Zoom during covid to show to other families in our ward. We do have a good feeling when continue to hear this good story!

ShaunaApril 1, 2024

Thank you. I heartily concur with you and I also wept as I listened to president Holland's talk (as acting President of the Quorum of the 12 , he is indeed "President Holland", but I always called him that as he was president of BYU when I was there). As he states no one loves BYU more than he does, but I love it too I have learned that when there is controversy surrounding a talk, essay whatever, to make sure to read the actual talk/essay myself. You are spot on in stating that outraged persons had not read, or more importantly, listened to the actual talk, but were merely reactionary, or actually looking to be offended. BYU's board of directors, include our prophet, President Nelson, and 4 other apostles as well as other leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and are accountable to God. BYU absolutely must put that loyalty first or in my opinion, can't justify its existence and it's huge dependence on tithing funds. Both of my children are there now and I thank God for President Holland and President Reese and the course corrections that are being made there. thank you for your article

AEatonApril 1, 2024

What a wonderful article. Shouldn't BYU administration and faculty be concerned that this is at least the fourth time this topic has been addressed? I currently have two children attending BYU and this is a concern they talk about regularly. It is a tough balance, but it is one of the reasons that students choose BYU over other universities.

VjApril 1, 2024

This talk was just an excuse for those lying in wait to use as pretext for jumping on the out of control woke wagon at byu);

Tracey GrowApril 1, 2024

Thank you. I also cried when I watched Elder Holland give this talk. I could feel his love for BYU, the gospel, the Lord, Jesus Christ and his love for all of God's children.

SfischApril 1, 2024

Well said. Loved and appreciated Elder Hollands talk. It was timely and inspirational. As an alumni I have been heart sick with all the controversy happening at BYU. It was time to take a stand and Elder Holland gracefully did just that.

Abbie VianesMarch 29, 2024

I highly suggest neurofeedback for trauma as it can heal ptsd. Be sure to get a technician using the Othmer method as it has over 20 years of research behind it. I am a trained professional counselor and trained as a neurofeedback provider. It truly is amazing. It is not yet covered by most insurance and can be pricey but the outcomes are so phenomenal.

Debbi M.March 29, 2024

We had that horrible, relationship strain yrs ago with our 17 year old daughter. She was so oppositional that she was placed at an adolescent hospital treatment facility.. Insurance paid but determined she could be moved to a residential facility, which insurance was not going to pay for and a long waiting period...She did outpatient for a while. She was rather a black hole in our family with our other children getting pretty resentful of her. We more or less just waited her out until she was18 and left for a few years--also sad. She did get somewhat better, but had several pregnancies--one adoption and two she kept, both by different dads. As she got older, we butted heads and she lived with us solely because of her kids.She was not de pressive, but did try one time to take an overdose of aspirin. Fortunately we could get support from our friends and family. Please know you are not alone, and take care of your marriage because spouses are also hurting, and our marriage needs to come first. I remember so many sleepless nights waiting for her to come home, and sometimes wishing she wouldn't! Mostly praying so so much that she would not harm herself or others.

Anonymous to protect my child's privacyMarch 29, 2024

What a timely post this is! My husband and I just placed our 17-year-old daughter into residential treatment a few days ago. While she is specifically in treatment for an eating disorder, we have faced many of the same sorts of issues this poster mentions--a past trauma, unsafe behavior, bouts of suicidal behavior, prior hospitalizations, years of outpatient therapy that haven't worked, etc. We were also facing the fact that our daughter becomes an adult very soon and we needed to do something before it was too late. The road of getting her into this treatment was one of the most difficult things I have ever gone through, even after many years of extremely difficult and intense parenting challenges. What helped me most was having an excellent therapist for ME. My therapist has provided strong support, has been a safe place to land while sorting through complex options and my own complicated emotions, and most importantly, she has held me accountable to myself each step of the way. She told me that it was time to disengage my heart and engage my mind and my will to see this through. Of course I love my daughter with all my heart, but my emotions were blinding me to the realities of what was needed and keeping me from doing what was best for her. I also want to say that God has been very close to me over the past few months as my husband and I made and carried out this decision. I have been on my knees constantly--sometimes multiple times a day--pleading for direction, peace, and the ability to do hard things, and those prayers have been answered 100-fold. I have fasted and spent time in the temple. We have had family, close friends, and ward leadership praying for us and keeping our names on the temple prayer roll. I have seen literal miracles happen as roadblocks in this process that felt insurmountable melted away so that this could happen--financial roadblocks, roadblocks in terms of gaining our daughter's cooperation, etc. All of these big and small miracles have helped me know we made the right decision, this is where she needs to be, and it will all be okay in the end.

Sami V.March 27, 2024

I just wanted to write to thank you for your clear and in depth analysis of this book I am not a member of the LDS church so am not knowledgeable about any of this. I heard about this book because of all the recent court documents release with Ruby Franke and Jodi H. and apparently the book greatly influenced Jodi. I found this site because I was trying to find out about this book, not just reviews from a site selling it. You did a good job comparing it to other books and beliefs and showing the issues. I just wanted to commend you for such a deep diving article and tell you how I valued it, even if we have different beliefs. Thanks again.

Ron BarnesMarch 27, 2024

That talk by Elder Wirthlin was one of my favorites that I've ever heard. It's one of the few that I have recorded and kept in my files. There are many Sundays that I'm waiting for, not just because of death, but because of other griefs I've experienced in life. For me, the meaning goes well beyond just the resurrection, but to other aspects of life that are hard to bear. The day will come when we will be relieved of all of them.

David A. HickenMarch 27, 2024

Thank you, Brother Woodruff. Thank you, Sister Clayton. We all need reminded of this in our lives.

Rochelle HaleMarch 27, 2024

A few days ago we met a new neighbor. The ladies who live on either side of me were explaining "This person is a police officer, this is a fireman, this one has children close in age to yours, this one does...." I offered a few comments. Then one friend turned to me and said to our new neighbor, "And [my] home is where you go if you need food.

Rochelle HaleMarch 27, 2024

I am sorry for your recent losses. My mother passed away in February after 6-7 weeks of hospitalization. In the beginning we never expected her to be taken from life, but suffering was unbearable, and we prayed mightily for release in some form. As difficult as losing her was, we were calm and at peace that she was free from her horrific ordeal and safe "at home" in the arms of loved ones. Our joy was increased upon learning we only had to wait 30 days to begin her temple ordinances.

Elizabeth RichardsonMarch 27, 2024

Is this the whole story? He went to change his underwear?

JaniceMarch 26, 2024

Brother Goddard, I would love to know more about your file of greatest phrases about the doctrine of redemption. A few examples of how you did it. That sounds like a great way to study the Book of Mormon.

Valiant JonesMarch 26, 2024

What a testimony of our value and worth in Christ's eyes! This is so appropriate at this Easter time.

Mary-Rose McMullinMarch 25, 2024

Thanks for sharing these sweet experiences. My husband and I have just submitted our mission papers and we need to find the right family to rent our home and care for our pets and yard. We needed the reminderof your counsel to pray specifically with faith for our needs. It's such a blessing to know of our Father's love and direction.

gregoMarch 25, 2024

Dan, the books Supernature and Beyond Supernature (both by Lyall Watson) might interest you. They are old, but still good and insightful.

Laurie RuizMarch 24, 2024

I so enjoyed this article, after reading about the lives of the grandparents of Josiah Quincy (President John Adams and his wife Abigail), in David McCullough's book John Adams and Edith Gelles book Abigail and John. Then I stumbled upon your article, and am so happy to know that the grandson of John and Abigail met the prophet Joseph Smith. Loved the comment someone made that the Book of Mormon given to Josiah Quincy was prized enough to have a place in the Adams Family home.

Gail GibbsMarch 22, 2024

Thank you Scott and Maureen. Your mission reports bring tears. I can relate to the pull of the Spirit of Elijah. That is what helped me be baptized in 1966. Still doing T&FH in ward, stake and FSCenter. Been to P.R. a few times to visit son Spencer in Metro ward. Can relate to cinder block, wiring and road system. Can also relate to seminary where I did an online group to the boonies of Indiana Pennsylvania. I also did not see who I was teaching. Just put up materials. It was before zoom. Have been following you two since you spotlighted me at Humans of Rootstech in 2018. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. Yes, the Gospel is true!!!

Peggy StallingsMarch 21, 2024

Those songs were so beautifully ethereal and uplifting. They touched my soul, and resonated with my spirit, like I had heard them before in Heaven. I shared them online, and hope they will touch others as they did me. Thank you for sharing your gifts of light.

LewisMarch 21, 2024

Sometimes we get so caught up in the outward manifestations of faithfulness that we forget that the power of the gospel manifests itself in the quiet acts of service. I am grateful for your ability to use stories to teach us the truths of the gospel. Please keep writing. These stories cause me to pause, to reflect, to ponder and to change.

Ron BarnesMarch 21, 2024

I’ve been reading about this for decades, and there is one prospect that I have never seen postulated. Perhaps the universe we live in is the only one possible. Even if there are other universes, it might be that they all have the same universal laws, because there is only viable set.

KarenMarch 20, 2024

Thank you Casey for sharing your expression of tender thoughts about this important exchange. I too feel great gratitude for the members of the Community of Christ who have faithfully followed the peaceful example of Joseph III, and have been good stewards over these precious historical sites and artifacts these many years. I feel for their sense of loss at this transfer, and hope they will feel our gratitude and support. We can yet learn a great deal from one another, and benefit from the goodwill that has been shown through this exchange. Kind regards to all those affected by this transaction, and it is my prayer that we will continue to build a strong relationship of love with our dear brothers and sisters in the Community of Christ.

Ron BarnesMarch 20, 2024

While all this is interesting, it’s missing one vital component. The Book of Mormon is a Jewish work intended for Jewish readers. In Hebrew, numbers have meaning. Peter asked Jesus if he should forgive his brother up to seven times. In Hebrew, the number seven stands for “completeness.” Peter was asking if he forgive seven times would he complete his efforts. By the same token, the number one stands for “unity, undividable.” “… a man… shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” In other words, “they shall be united, undividable.” Jesus told the Jews, “My Father and I are one”, or “My Father and I are united and undividable.” To the Jews, this made him equal to the Father, which is why they accused him of blasphemy. The Nephites understood that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are not different magnifications of the same being, but rather three beings that are united and undividable.

Ann-Marie JensenMarch 20, 2024

Thank you for sharing your insight. I enjoyed this look from the other side.

JeffMarch 20, 2024

Thank you for sharing this personal story of a church leader's selfless example worth emulating.

NealMarch 19, 2024

I've always found it interesting that those who consider themselves as experts on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, are not and never have been members.

Geri CampbellMarch 19, 2024

Nice one, Daris!

Stephen & Marcia WestMarch 19, 2024

Wish a transcript were provided.

Doris WilliamsMarch 19, 2024

Oh my goodness, thank heaven for people like "your leader" in the world who go way and beyond expectations to teach us all. Thank you for sharing this, Becky. I know from experience that anything that comes from Sister Douglas is worth paying attention to, since I know you have already sifted through the chaff! Your and your husband's life is so amazing. I included your article on love and the little things your husband did to demonstrate his love for you in my weekly email to our large family. Bless you all.

JenMarch 19, 2024

I agree 100% with Mickey's comment. You need to seek help from a professional therapist. You may need to go to several to find a good fit. I know someone who lived in a similar circumstance. Communication was futile until her husband realized that he needed to change. I pray you can find the help you need to improve this toxic situation for you and your children.

Richard GarrisonMarch 19, 2024

What a wonderful and inspirational example of a true "servant leader", Christ-like in every way! Thanks so much for sharing Becky. You made my day!!

D. NantoMarch 18, 2024

Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing.

John RogersMarch 18, 2024

Scott, I am always amazed and gratified and blessed by your photo essays... From Nauvoo to the shores of Bountiful, your photography always brings added light! Thank you.

Stefanie EskanderMarch 18, 2024

Your observations are so true! It's such a shame that the "Opression Olympics" seems to be an international sport.

HelenCMarch 18, 2024

This warmed my heart and had me back to the 1830s, seeing and feeling all our beloved founders went through. They truly were a magnificent bunch!

Glen WilliamsMarch 18, 2024

Amen and Amen

Daphne Bushman KessingerMarch 18, 2024

Thank you for your beautiful photos & touching historical notations on these wonderful Nauvoo sites. My husband & I loved visiting them often when we served our amazing 6 month mission in Nauvoo Temple .

MickeyMarch 17, 2024

Dear Sister, you are being horribly abused. Please look up narcissistic abuse and find a therapist for yourself without your husband present. It’s is not safe to attend therapy with your abuser. He has manipulated you into you taking ownership for his abusive behaviors. You and your kids deserve better than this.

Doris WilliamsMarch 16, 2024

Oh my goodness, we are so grateful to you Scot for your photo essays over the be up close to these precious, sacred sites is a sacred experience in itself. You and Maureen just continue to amaze with your total dedication to Jesus Christ and his precious restored Church and with Meridian.

Chuck DeWitMarch 15, 2024

Great photos and comments. They lived hard lives. Thanks for mentioning Church History Photos in the app.

Claudia Henderson SmithMarch 15, 2024

Great photo essay, Scot!! I always love seeing your photos and reading the text. I learned a lot. I hope I get to go to Nauvoo soon.

GeorgeMarch 14, 2024

I do not see in your article where you explain the difference between love and charity except in degree. Which of the 15 attributes for charity are absent from the attributes of love. Is not the need for all those attributes present for both love and charity? Why cannot you feel love for all men? Every conference we have the speakers express love for each of us even though they have never met us. Are they mistaken in their feelings and should I ignore their good feelings and wishes for me? It would seem there is no difference except in degree.

Karla BurkhartMarch 13, 2024

You are doing a fantastic job and have, in my estimation, always been a great writer from childhood. My love and wishes continue with you always.

Harold RustMarch 13, 2024

One of the special rewards that comes from reading articles by you and your parents is that a person like me can imagine your being a neighbor or a member of my ward or a close friend----a real person---rather than some distant distinguished scholar. As such, one request I would make of you, my friends, is for a pathway (a website or email address?) to submit some short article which you just might publish if it met the high standards you expect for whatever you do include in Meridian. Every now and again I write something for my family or my own journal that I think could be of value and insightfully inspirational for your readers. Thanks.

Valiant JonesMarch 13, 2024

Thank you. You are doing a great work and carrying on an important legacy.

James WorkmanMarch 13, 2024

I attended a writing class with Orson Scott Card in Virginia, and I believe you attended that same class with your mother. I had not begun to read from the Meridian web site yet but started to be an avid reader shortly thereafter. The website has matured and the topics and articles are top notch. I now read every day from the web site. I am acquainted with many of your contributors. Thank you for the very professional effort in bringing top notch "experts" to discuss relevant issues, and doctrinal subjects. (It sure is fun to "watch" your parents on their mission to Puerto Rico).

Jim ScottMarch 13, 2024

I caught some of the intrepid feelings of a mom approaching you to assume a leading role in a most cherished project. I thought about the discussion your mom and dad had in considering the assignment and the enormous trust in you for them. I’ve been a reader for years and have enjoyed doing so. Congratulations for your successes and growth.

Claudia Henderson Calissie SmithMarch 13, 2024

As usual, a great article. Watching you grow up in person and from a distance has been a joy. You definitely take after your mom’s writhing ability. Thanks for sharing!

Janna MorrellMarch 13, 2024

Mariah, I have loved reading this darling (if not daring) piece on what it is like to be with Meridian as a writer, associate editor as well as daughter of the publishers! I often wonder how it would be to be in [any of] these positions and also think about the day to day goings on of publishing such a long-lived, well received journal. This was delightful and I could have read much further, in the early morning hours as I recover from back surgery, as your stories to be told were surely only scraping the surface! I enjoyed the bangs incident, becoming known as “the girl who walked” and knowing that people like you actually do read the comments and can be affected as you must sift though the debris! In a world of online anonymity, I’m not too surprised but still sorry for the sadness you’ve endured from irate commenters. Candidly, I read one thing here I felt was misplaced in this magazine but, during these last four or so years have proven that we all can be wrong about pretty much everything and I’ve had to do much soul searching and prayer to find more solid ground on a few subjects. I love yours and your parents articles and have come to appreciate even some differing viewpoints of your many authors. It’s been a wonderful journey as I’ve laughed, cried, resonated with, and shared many an article with my family or friends. Thanks for the journey!

KaplinMarch 12, 2024

If prayer involves reconciling our will to God's, maybe more of our faithful prayers get answered than we think. To me it seems Jesus's prayer WAS answered. Yes, He prayed if possible let this cup pass, but then further prayed: NEVERTHELESS, not my will but thine be done. So that latter phrase was His overriding ask--thy will be done. And that ask was answered, because it was not possible to let the cup pass and still redeem Father's children. When we really see prayer as finding out what the Father wants for us and having courage to go with it, then are any truly faithful prayers are unanswered?

Corey D.March 11, 2024

Much of what is being said in society about race and racism and prejudice is media driven, hyperbole to get attention. Some years ago I asked a fellow who lived down the street from me and was black a question regarding racism, his reply I have always remembered, he said, "yes racism exists, I would be wrong to say it didn't, are there those who use racism as an excuse or blame something on racism that wasn't, sure there are, I will tell you this though, there is a whole class of poor white people in this country that nobody cares about", that's from a black person. The racial divide is not as great or big as it's portrayed in the media and by certain groups as being, my experience and the experience of others is that most people get along.

Ginger ElshireMarch 11, 2024


SallyMarch 10, 2024

Thank you for putting the importance of this acquisition into perspective. The Lord has created a way for the Church to acquire it at this time. How blessed we are. We will sing and shout!

Marcy FowkesMarch 9, 2024

I remember that night, as we were waiting in the stadium for the performance to start, it started raining. Just a bit to start, We came prepared with umbrella's, the family behind us had a plastic sheet for their cover! We thought we had it handled pretty well until it became literally a torrential downpour. We retreated under the stands to wait it out. All of us drenched but hopeful it would pass so we could celebrate the wonderful new temple we were being given. I took videos of the storm and it was a downpour! Suddenly someone yelled, " Everyone, we're having a prayer! Let's pray that this storm will stop so the kids can perform!" We all knelt down, ( on the cement, drenching wet, under the stadium). Humbly. The spirit was like electricity as someone said the prayer. I couldn't really even hear it because of the pounding of the rain and the amount of people packed under that stadium, kneeling in prayer, but I could feel it and the power of the faith of each of us praying for this miracle. It didn't happen immediately, but gradually the rain subsided and then stopped, We took our wet seats with gratitude in our hearts for God's tender mercies. We knew we had just witnessed a miracle. At the end of the performance, the kids became a rainbow in the stands, representing the token of the covenant God made with Noah. I felt it was so appropriate to us that the rainbow ( the kids) appeared, after that terrible storm, as a token to us of the covenants we would now be able to make with Him in our new temple. . It was definitely a God thing. He has a way of doing amazing things like that. I'm so glad I was there and got to be part of the wonderful celebration of the Payson Temple that night. I will never forget it.

Keith HansenMarch 8, 2024

Thank you for the photos, the history and the marvelous words.

GerryMarch 8, 2024

I found out that Heavenlly Father can deliver pizza after I had back surgery years ago. I was laying in bed watching a small black & white TV that was sitting on a chair by my bedside. An advertisement came on for pizza and I thought wouldn't that taste wonderful. About a 1/2 hour later there was a knock at the door and it opened by my friend Lou who called out my name and said she brought me a pizza. And she wanted me to eat it now before the kids got home from school. I was amazed then and still am as I consider this event.

Claudia Henderson SmithMarch 8, 2024

How did you get to take pictures inside? When we were there, the guide told us no pictures inside.

Traci WalkerMarch 8, 2024

Oh, I love your photos, Scot, and thank you both for putting all of these glorious visitations in one place for me to share with my family. It was truly a pentecostal outpouring of the spirit, and how blessed we are as a church to accept custody of this building now, a building that has seen and heard things unparallelled in history of the world. Thank you, Community of Christ, for saving it from wreck and ruin.

Bonnee B.March 8, 2024

I used to wonder why God made a point of saying that he created man, "male & female created he them". . . it seemed so obvious, but now I know why that was such an important statement. . .

Bonnee B.March 8, 2024

Wonderful news! I grew up on the west side of Cleveland, prayer led to me to go to BYU to find "the true gospel of Jesus Christ" & I received my own beautiful confirmation that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is indeed the true church of Jesus Christ. Returning to Cleveland, married & raising children, we visited Kirtland, became friends with Karl Anderson & were thrilled when our church began restoring the city. We loved seeing the Temple at that time but there was something missing there then - it was the warm comfort of the Holy Ghost that accompanied the other sights owned by our church. It will make a difference when visitors come to see the Kirtland Temple now & it will once again be a House of the Lord. I am in Utah now, Would love to go see it again. So happy.

Helen WilliamsonMarch 7, 2024

Bless Apostle Mackay for his sweet, honest sharing of his grieving and his hope. It is important to honor the past, live in the present and prepare for the future. He seems to be doing all three. Thank you brother Mackay and to all those who did not make this decision lightly.

MaralynMarch 7, 2024

Thankyou for the details of which I have never heard. I felt like I had witnessed it myself!

Bradley KramerMarch 6, 2024

A timely and important article. Thank you.

MaryAnneMarch 6, 2024

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed these videos! They were so inspiring and heartwarming. Thank you! Thank you!

David SylvesterMarch 6, 2024

One of the most heart-warmimg announcements in decades and one we will never forget!! We have witnessed another incredible miracle!!

JuliannMarch 6, 2024

This is of utmost importance. If we believe we stand as a witness for God at all times, in all things, and in all places then we must stand up in defense of Gods greatest creations— men and women. We are not “it’s”. We are not of our own creation. We are sons and daughters of God.

Tanya NeiderMarch 6, 2024

Wonderful news!

Bob MartinMarch 6, 2024

Another final jigsaw puzzle piece has come until we have the final picture is exposed.Heavenly Father and our Savior are in control. Great news

Mary TarbetMarch 5, 2024

Shar S Please note that on October 7, atrocities were committed against innocent Israeli babies, women and children by Hamas, a well-known terrorist regime. Please note Hamas used and continues to use hospitals, schools, daycare facilities and hotels as a base of operations. Please note that Hamas will not release the hostages- those that are still alive - including babies and children and women. What will stop them from pursuing the same type of government with horrendous policies unless they are gone? Who voted them into office? The people living in Gaza. They know who they are. They knew about the tunnels. Both young and old celebrated the actions of those October 7. Israel deserves and is entitled to defend itself.

MaryannMarch 5, 2024

There has never been an article that makes it more clear that it is imperative that we close our borders. I have also read that the United States is the biggest consumer of child sex slavery. How much worse do things have to get before we CLOSE the borders?! The crime that has escalated in our nation is sickening. Ranchers in our border states have had to move because of the vandalism of their property from illegal aliens. I recently watched an interview with an older rancher who refuses to be driven off of his land, even though other ranchers have given up and left. The government ignores it's own citizens and allows this criminal activity to continue. How can anyone support this? YES! Know what is going on, do not be naive, and protect our children.

MaryannMarch 5, 2024

I, too, have awaited this day and I am thrilled! This article reminds us of the miraculous revelatory experiences that took place in the Kirtland Temple. I have loved reading about the dedication, the presence of angels, and the powerful Spirit of the Lord that was felt by the Saints, both in the temple, and as they visited house to house. Of course, the most important and sacred event was the appearance of the Savior in the temple, and other heavenly messengers committing Priesthood keys. We live in a day of continued restoration, and this is certainly one of those great days.I am so thankful that the temple has been restored to us. Much love and thanks to the Community of Christ. I am happy that the two churches work together in harmony.

MaryannMarch 5, 2024

Many of us have been in this situation at one time or another. As members of Christ's church, we want to make things right with others. We want forgiveness, healing and reconciliation. We want to tie up things with a nice bow. If the other people involved are unwilling to discuss, or to forgive, we feel stuck. As difficult as it may be, often, we just need to accept the current situation, forgive ourselves, drop our burden at the Savior's feet, and focus on living our lives in loving, positive ways. One thing that can help is to pray for those who will not forgive and put their names on the temple prayer roll. Continuing to agonize over the situation will only cause more pain. This is a time for patience and trusting the Lord.

JimMarch 5, 2024

Terrific. Thank you for this series.

ShaunaMarch 5, 2024

thank you Bari Weiss, for your bravery in the face of cultural elitism and it's misguided "gods." You have helped open my eyes

Bob SpielMarch 5, 2024

Maurine, thank you for the extensive quotes from her speech. She is spot on in her analysis. Her online magazine,, is eye opening. I don't agree with all she has on there, but the perspectives are very well thought out.

Charles RichardsMarch 5, 2024

Thank you Maurine for lifting up Bari Weiss’s voice on your channel. We follow her The Free Press and follow you and Scott

Helmut A. WorleMarch 5, 2024

Thank You for posting this. Question: Why post this article in an LDS magazine? Because one could easily exchange Jew for LDS. We, too, have come from a history of persecution and are wont to think that this is all in the past. I am afraid I see the shadows on the horizon. Bad times may come for us also. If we now do not help Jews, who is going to help us?

Joel MarksMarch 5, 2024

What we all know is there is no freedom without sacrifice. Think of Trenton, Valley Forge and Washington!

Shar SMarch 5, 2024

I like Weiss. I also understand the history of Israeli policies, studying them for a long time and visiting Israel and Palestine and seeing for myself. Our world will not be free until we truly treat each other as equals. It is not anti semitic to disagree and protest against government policies. I believe the policies of Israel toward Palestinians have gone beyond what is humane. There are words by Israelis themselves that show they believe in ethnic cleansing. There are Jewish historians who argue this as well. Israel has broken international law. I believe you are charging people for being antisemitic who may just be protesting Israeli policy.

PennieMarch 5, 2024

The Latter-day Saints are of the house of Israel and are connected to the Jewish people. We too have suffered pogroms in our history. The doctrines of the church are under attack. Thank God for apostles and prophets.

Laura LesebergMarch 4, 2024

This will help me so much for my lesson tomorrow! I was very excited to see this. Not only that, but dear Newell is my cousin & I’m always glad to hear from him!

LaurieMarch 4, 2024

How heartbreaking! To Elder Chappell's family and friends: Our deepest sympathy and heartfelt prayers go out to you. ❤️

Leon LeavittMarch 4, 2024

Thanks so much for this insight as it has given me courage to understand and learn more from Isaiah. I, like many I'm sure, tend to skip over these Isaiah chapters because they are " just to hard" to understand. . . . . but in reality it has been my laziness not willing to put forth the effort, time and diligence to do so. I'm going to try again. Thanks.

KathleenMarch 3, 2024

Loved this well articulated article with the English flair. But the lesson to always do our duty resounds loud and clear.

MaryannMarch 2, 2024

They really needed to conduct a "study" to figure this out? Of course, women are scanning the shadows and bushes for possible attackers. They have a LOT more to lose, and are generally much more vulnerable.

MaryannMarch 2, 2024

Unfortunately, Orson F. Whitney's often quoted notes of the Prophet Joseph Smith statement, have led to some confusion among members of the church. Elder David A. Bednar clarifies this subject for us in his address: "Faithful Parents and Wayward Children, sustaining hope while overcoming misunderstanding." Elder Bednar refers specifically to the quote from Orson F. Whitney's notes recorded from the Prophet, Joseph Smith. Elder Bednar informs us that "in a more complete set of notes recorded by Howard and Martha Coray, Joseph is shown to have QUALIFIED his statement to make promised blessings CONDITIONAL upon the obedience of the children: "Joseph qualifies his statement: "When a father and mother of a family have been sealed, their children WHO HAVE NOT TRANSGRESSED are secured by the seal wherewith the parents have been sealed..." Elder Bednar goes on to affirm: "This clarification is more consistent doctrinally," and "Ultimately, a child must exercise his or her moral agency and respond in faith, repent with full purpose of heart, and act in accordance with the teachings of Christ." I am reminded of Section 137 in the D&C when Joseph was so surprised to see his brother, Alvin, in Celestial Kingdom because Alvin had died before the opportunity for baptism. The prophet records in 137:7 "Thus came the voice of the Lord unto me, saying: All who have died WITHOUT A KNOWLEDGE OF THE GOSPEL, who WOULD HAVE RECEIVED IT IF THEY HAD BEEN PERMITTED TO TARRY, shall be heirs of the celestial kingdom of God.." We are consistently taught through the scriptures, modern day prophets, and in the temple that enduring to the end is a essential to obtain the celestial kingdom. Elder Bednar affirms: "I recognize that now is the time 'to prepare to meet God' (Alma 34:32) Elder Bednar again: "Mercy will not rob justice, and the sealing power of faithful parents will only claim wayward children upon the condition of their repentance and Christ's atonement. Repentant wayward children will enjoy salvation and all the blessings that go with it, but exaltation is much more. It must be fully earned. The question as to who will be exalted must be left to the Lord in His mercy." I hope everyone will read Elder Bednar's address because it clarifies a great deal of confusion, while still giving hope. We must not, however, preach that all of our children who have gone astray will be saved in the Celestial Kingdom merely because of the sealing power, or because of righteous parents. It simply is not true. We each will stand to be judged, based on our own individual choices, according to our knowledge and opportunities, and the Lord's justice and mercy.

Dave BarkerMarch 2, 2024

This is a nice article. If everyone would follow the advice of President Oaks, this world would be a much nicer place where all can be heard. As always has been the case, however, as a follower of Christ, you must be prepared to take a lot of abuse and persecution by those who disagree with you. Don't fool yourself. Many will never be civil. It is difficult to turn the other cheek and love your enemies when they won't let up. It takes a lot of courage to be a disciple of Christ in today's world..

Clyde LivingstonMarch 1, 2024

Ah, Brother Staheli, good to see something from you again. I remember how you yourself also demonstrated duty-filled characteristics as you were a young missionary in Belgium and France. I learned a lot from your example.

EricMarch 1, 2024

From all I've seen over the past six years regarding the Church's name, I've concluded that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has the most powerful name in the world because people are so reluctant to say it. Even when they're challenged to do so, they'll 1) refrain from saying the full name, and 2) always remove Jesus Christ's name from whatever name they end up using. Always. President Nelson was right. At the same time, been pleasantly surprised to realize how empowering it is to use the Church's correct name. I highly recommend it.

Chip WhitmerMarch 1, 2024

"Wherefore, confound your enemies; call upon them to meet you both in public and in private; and inasmuch as ye are faithful their shame shall be made manifest." (Doctrine and Covenants 71:7) It is true that Jesus was kind and compassionate in ministering one-on-one to people of all backgrounds and persuasions. But he was not so kind to the corrupt political class of his day. He called them out, called them names (vipers, hypocrites, etc), and told them they were going to hell. I'm trying to be like Jesus.

JustinMarch 1, 2024

Highlighting this is a great to start. Sadly, the trust in MSM is driven by engagement more than truth - and often the truth does not get as many ‘clicks’ as polarisation and division. Those who love truth and unbiased reporting recognise it

Ron IaconoFebruary 29, 2024

Thank you for such counsel. It is sorely needed by all.

Erika P.February 29, 2024

If more people would be talking to each other instead of hiding behind their computer, society would be entirely different. It used to be normal that people looked out for each other and helped when necessary. All of that is lost and hate is spilled all over the planet between people that don't even know each other. I baked bread at home and decided to make a few more loaves and take them to four neighbors. Their thankfulness shone in their eyes and the smiles and thank you I got, made me happy. Love thy neighbor as thyself is such a great commandment and makes a society really great.

Linda Starr WinansFebruary 29, 2024

Greetings,Maurine. When we first met you in Israel you mentioned how Scot was your best friend. What a joy to follow your loving journey together. Paul and I are so very grateful and appreciative of your sharing such uplifting and tender experiences with us. May God always bless you both with good health, happiness, and inspiration. You continue to make this world a better place!!! Happy Day!

KathleenFebruary 28, 2024

It's those little things, though certainly not effortless, that can make some-one's day or just be the lift they needed. Bless you for your creativity and thoughtfulness, but especailly for years of teaching preparation to now share with these eager souls.

SKFebruary 28, 2024

I really needed to read this. It has given me hope. Thank you, Brother Barkdull. May you rest in peace.

Karen CasosFebruary 28, 2024

Try google translate, it works well.

Diane ChaconFebruary 28, 2024

Thank you for your article. I'm really trying to understand the words of Isaiah as I study the CFM lessons and found this article very helpful.

AnikaFebruary 28, 2024

Does traficking include mind control? Does it relate to cults?

Ben JonesFebruary 28, 2024

With regard to vaccination, the fact that President Nelson, who is a doctor, got a vaccination and recommended it, is not simply accommodating the world but doing something that is not contrary to the Gospel and is not harmful. Hundreds of millions of people have been vaccinated without ill effects. People can still be prayerful about it because sometimes there are side effects. The fact that home study for the Gospel was implemented under his direction a year or so before the pandemic happened was certainly inspired.

MarLynn JamesFebruary 27, 2024

In conjunction with your article, have you considered the possibility that "Dark Matter" may in actuality be the Spirit World?

Jackson PembertonFebruary 27, 2024

My wife, myself, and our daughter had an experience with my deceased mother that is, I think, very unusual in its parallels to the scientific method. You can read about it here: If I read your mindset on science and religion correctly, you will also be interested in a new paradigm for the most natural basis for natural rights. You'll see several articles on #temporalRights here:

GailFebruary 27, 2024

Maurine, Your writing skills are such a gift! I love to read about your adventures. Especially the things of the Spirit. I shed tears of joy in every report. My son is in your P.R. ward and having been to P.R. a few times. I can picture the lines in stores, the cinder block walls, the hanging electric wires. The beauty of the ocean and the tons of cats and dogs. God bless you both, you are doing a great work!

Richard JukesFebruary 25, 2024

I appreciate this wonderful insight and enlightening for this wonderful chapter in 2 Nephi. Thank you!

Janette AllenFebruary 25, 2024

I miss this masterful teacher. Thanks for sharing this with us. I love it so much. It is the catalyst for many ah-hah thoughts and moments.

SiriFebruary 25, 2024

What is the name of this book? Has it been published by now?

Kerry FarrFebruary 24, 2024

And don’t forget the sacred consecration covenant in the temple. We take it seriously ❣️

BrentFebruary 24, 2024

I Googled "R's of Repentance" to help prepare a lesson about Atonement for my 9-year-olds Primary class. The additional perspective offered by this article will help me to present the lesson in such a way that maybe the kids can be more prepared to avoid the "checklist" approach. Some basics are necessary though ! I liked the comment about the R's being FRUITS of repentance (aka Fruits of Redemption).

KathleenFebruary 23, 2024

Such great observations. Glad to be a part of it all!

MaryannFebruary 23, 2024

I love the statement in this article drawing our attention to the fact that "God does all the heavy lifting." So many of the saints, including myself, have been wearied to complete exhaustion, carrying heavy burdens that the Lord wants to carry for us. Even if we try with all our hearts, we will still make mistakes. The Lord requires our hearts and willingness to try and do better in following the example of our Savior. We need to trust Him more and sense his loving care. I believe one reason many leave the church is they feel such a vast distance between who they are, and who they think they need to be RIGHT NOW! This is why patience is such an important principle: patience with ourselves, and trust that the Lord can enable us to progress to be more like Him.

MaryannFebruary 23, 2024

WOW. I felt the power of the Spirit reading this. There truly is so much more to us than we begin to comprehend. I don't know how long we dwelt with our Heavenly Father before coming to earth, but I do know we brought so much light and truth with us, recorded deeply in our spirits. We do know so much more than we think we know. One of the powerful ways I know truth is that the Holy Ghost bares witness to me of truth over and over again as I read the scriptures--especially the Book of Mormon. Another way I know truth is that when I pray, the Lord reveals to me in my heart that the things that I am saying are true. When we speak the truth, read the truth, hear the truth, something in our Spirits recognize it because we already know it. As the example in the article: We just didn't know that we KNOW already. When I read the Book of Mormon for the first time at the age of 16, I surely must have prayed to know it was true because that is what I had been taught to do. But, I don't remember specifically doing that, because the Spirit bore witness to my spirit that it was true before I even finished reading it. Our souls are primed to accept truth, because deep within, though sometimes perhaps temporarily dimmed, the Spirit already lives within us.

MarmFebruary 23, 2024

This looks like a great list. I have appreciated your reviews over the years.

Adrian MartinFebruary 22, 2024

Thank you, Wally, for an inspiring message. You have really uplifted me.

Elba Milagros Hernandez CurtFebruary 22, 2024

Nephi's prayer is my favorite part in The Book of Mormon. This Scripture has comforted and supported me through my most difficult struggles. I read it often. It always brings me great peace to read that even a Prophet of God struggled with sorrow and difficult times. Nephi's example of endurance and trust always inspires and encourages me to do the same.

ShaunaFebruary 21, 2024

Fantastic! love your Forced family fun nights. I know many think it impossible and others not the goal, but we did not get cell phones for our girls, until they were 13-14, and they were not on social media of any sort throughout their teens--and neither were I or my husband. and I think that's been key. we modeled what we were asking them to do. Ironically, they're now 20 and 21 and they've since started using social media--but as missionaries;) Interesting how that works. they did miss out on some things and they weren't the most "popular" kids, but it kept them from that devastating comparison and bullying stuff going on on social media.

ShaunaFebruary 21, 2024

Thank you for your faith and testimony and for sharing your perspective and experiences. the Temple sealing story is inspiring. Your perspective gives me some things to think about.

Robert StarlingFebruary 21, 2024

Are here some good sources on how to protect or "harden" your key electronics to survive an EMP attack? Does it help if electronics are turned off when an EMP pulse occurs? Many questions ....

Noel JensenFebruary 21, 2024

I like the triple F suggestion. I think that taking charge of your children's is a parental duty. However, I think that the don't understand idea is not completely true. An alcoholic understands the problems of drug addiction, and as recovering teenagers we also understand what our teens are going through, especially if we seek the assistance of the Spirit and follow the inspired guidance of general church leaders.

carolynFebruary 20, 2024

Doris, They are all ebooks. I am submitting them to publishers but for now they are just ebooks. When we surveyed people most said ebooks would be better because they could print just what they needed.

AnonymousFebruary 19, 2024

The Book of Mormon account of the ‘curse of a black skin’ had absolutely NOTHING to do with ‘superiority’ vs. ‘inferiority’! Nothing!!! It was God’s CURSE based on ‘righteousness’ vs. ‘wickedness’/‘disobedience’ of His children. The Book of Mormon has chapter after chapter detailing Laman’s, Lemuel’s and the sons of Ishmael’s DISOBEDIENCE and WICKEDNESS! After Laman and Lemuel had continually tried to murder their brother, Nephi, God finally came to Nephi’s rescue and CURSED all those who followed Laman and Lemuel with a dark skin, and more. Here is the entire CURSING that the Lord put upon ALL the people who followed Laman and Lemuel: 20 Wherefore, the word of the Lord was fulfilled which he spake unto me, saying that: Inasmuch as they will not hearken unto thy words they shall be cut off from the presence of the Lord. And behold, they were cut off from his presence. 21 And he had caused the cursing to come upon them, yea, even a sore cursing, because of their iniquity. For behold, they had hardened their hearts against him, that they had become like unto a flint; wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them. [The only part of the cursing addressed in the above article!] 22 And thus saith the Lord God: I will cause that they shall be loathsome unto thy people, save they shall repent of their iniquities. 23 And cursed shall be the seed of him that mixeth with their seed; for they shall be cursed even with the same cursing. And the Lord spake it, and it was done. 24 And because of their cursing which was upon them they did become an idle people, full of mischief and subtlety, and did seek in the wilderness for beasts of prey. 25 And the Lord God said unto me: They shall be a scourge unto thy seed, to stir them up in remembrance of me; and inasmuch as they will not remember me, and hearken unto my words, they shall scourge them even unto destruction. (2 Nephi 5:20-25) Honestly, it flabbergasts me that any puny human being could think they have so much “intelligence” that they could ‘DISAVOW’ God’s commandments and punishments, and go so far as to say that they didn’t even happen! We are all God’s CHILDREN, and He can punish or reward any of His children in any way He feels appropriate. This article actually makes me sick to my stomach! Who died and made these so-called ‘scholars’ become “God, the Father, in charge of the ‘rewards and punishments’ division”??? If any of you have eyes that can actually see, you should be able to see people walking around in black skins [and hair] all over the world...still. You should be able to see a large number of the people in South America, Central America, Mexico, and the United States and northward, walking around in skins ranging from very dark brown, to lighter brown or reddish. The majority of them also have black straight hair. I’m sorry, but they can’t wash off their skin color! It’s not a tattoo! It’s not paint! Give the world a break! God sends out blessings OR cursings upon His children based upon their obedience or disobedience to His commandments! Stop with the “politically correct” BS. The truth is the truth. And differences in skin color are a REALITY. Why are the descendants of those original cursed people still wearing the dark skins? That is 100% up to GOD!!! He decides. You puny humans don’t have control over His actions! God cursed Laman, Lemuel, and the sons of Ishmael, and all their descendants, with a ‘SKIN OF BLACKNESS’, and that curse would only be lifted on certain descendants who proved righteous by repenting and giving their hearts to God. The mark/curse of a black skin put upon Cain is still 100% present among the Black population. That mark of a dark skin still is present among a majority of the Lamanites. That is just a fact! It is not being ‘racist’ to say that. FACTS ARE FACTS! They can’t be DISAVOWED. They can’t be DISMISSED or IGNORED. God is in charge! Period!

LoraFebruary 19, 2024

In the Holy Bible, we have a footnote on the word "black" on these scriptures: Jeremiah 8:21, Jeremiah 14:2, Joel 2:6, and Nahum 2:10. The footnote reads, "Hebrew idiom, meaning gloomy". What I don't understand is why there isn't a footnote on 2 Nephi 5:21. After all, wickedness never was happiness. Besides, if Nephites and Lamanites looked different from each other, why is it that in Alma 55:8-9 when the Nephites bring wine to the Lamanites, they don't ask Laman, "What are you doing with all those Nephites?" Instead they say, "Great! Let's drink!" A better translation would be that the Lamanites had "an aura of darkness" rather than a "skin of blackness". Many of us have seen it with our friends who turn away from the light of the gospel.

Traci WalkerFebruary 19, 2024

Each time you speak, pearls of wisdom fall from your lips. Now I see the same applies to your writing. - your MTC buddy

carolynFebruary 19, 2024

Doris, They are all ebooks. I am submitting them to publishers but for now they are just ebooks. When we surveyed people most said ebooks would be better because they could print just what they needed.

carolynFebruary 19, 2024

Gary, Thank you so much. I hate writing about worst case events but we know they can and likely will happen. "For the scriptures tell us so.."

David PerryFebruary 18, 2024

Dear Lynne, These words were rock solid, not built on the sand or on a mirage. Thank you for your sweet testimony of things that matter most. Uncle David

Corey D.February 18, 2024

I understand what you are pointing out but there also might be the impression that the church will end some time in the future and maybe isn't as important as it has been taught, it is eternal, as eternal as the family for as the Scripture says, those who are inheritors of eternal life are also those who will be of the Church of the Firstborn.

Cynthia P. SpencerFebruary 18, 2024

I think this account is a good example of inspiring faith and appreciation in the hearts of our children Good jon Tanya! Keep them coming.

Kirsten SchullFebruary 18, 2024

Thank you so much for this podcast. I have loved the Psalm of Nephi sing we sang a composition of it at BYU in the 80s. This thoughtful essay you have shared added so much depth and made it a blueprint for healing and growth. I feel blessed to have read it. Many thanks.

KathleenFebruary 17, 2024

True Blue - because we've consecrated our all for that period of time!

Ann Kapp AndersenFebruary 17, 2024

A most insightful and inspiring article of the kind I expect from you, Lynne. You have an auntie in Alaska who is always VERY proud of you. :-)

Sherylynne O'DwyerFebruary 16, 2024

Thank you for this review. I am looking forward to reading this book.

Joanna StrainFebruary 16, 2024

I love this. Thank you. This article makes the admonition to love and include those who would otherwise be excluded so much easier to understand. The paradigm shift will make living the Gospel so much easier.

DorisFebruary 16, 2024

Are your books all e-books or real books?

MelanieFebruary 16, 2024

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This has been a topic for the last 5 years and doesn’t always end with heart warming feelings. This article is an answer to many years of fasting and praying. The title of this article, the stories told, and the doctrine shared gave the reader a feeling of hope. I will continue to read and ponder upon this for days. My heart is so full of gratitude! Bless you and your sweet wife. You are a gift to all!!

Corey D.February 16, 2024

My wife and I went to the Idaho Falls Temple last summer, first time we have been to that temple, it's where my mom's parents were sealed. As we were making our way out, lots of turns and hallways we came around one corner and there on the wall was this painting of Jesus holding a lamb, in the background was the flock, making it seem as if Jesus was returning or rescuing the lamb, it was a black lamb, first time I have seen that particular painting, it deeply touched me at that moment.

Corey D.February 16, 2024

My father was killed at a young age in a freak construction accident at home, he and my grandmother were doing a lot of family history or genealogy as they called it back then, being the oldest I got a lot of the family history stuff. Similarly after my grandparents on my mom's side passed away, I being the oldest and mom being an only child I ended up with a lot of their family history stuff. My wife has been very interested and involved in family history, not only with her family history but she has been a diligent journal keeper and we have massive amounts of family photos so it has been important to us. Family stories have been important to us our whole lives, how and where we grew up is a big deal, especially for me coming from a small town and my wife's parents coming from rural Wyoming but with the exception of one son our children and grandchildren have little to no interest, I think it's sad because those stories of faith, conversion, hardship, miracles, family, patriotism are important they have and do affect me but my children don't seem to be very sentimental about those kinds of things at all or even their own childhoods, much of their generation seem to be the same.

Laurie Claeys BoydFebruary 16, 2024

BEAUTIFUL article with the most important message in the world. THIS is how we love one another as He has loved us!

Corey D.February 15, 2024

Great and wonderful story which I know my wife would love but I hope she never reads because I would be in trouble, again !

Gary AndersonFebruary 15, 2024

Carolyn, I am so grateful for the inspired messages you give on being prepared for anything that could or will come to pass in these latter days! You have helped me a lot on how to prepare and what to prepare, so I won't be caught wanting when things happen according to prophecy and other means.

LewisFebruary 14, 2024

While different than your usual article, I think this particular article is one of my favorites. If eternal life is made up of little steps, eternal love must in fact be made up of a multitude of little things. I can tell that the love you feel provides a beautiful foundation for you to do the incredible things you do with your life. I am grateful to you for sharing this wonderful story.

ShaunaFebruary 14, 2024

thank you for your work, this article and especially your commitment to God and His laws/truths. Your analysis explains why I have rejected Hollywood outright and why I haven't seen a movie in a theatre since Mary Poppins Returns Neither do my husband or I watch TV, have Netflix or whatever. I refuse to let this worldview in I support you in your brave stance

Marie B.February 14, 2024

I LOVED this. We’ve been married nearly 57 years. I think it’s never too late to start something good so starting today I am going to do more of the small thoughtful things you described you received from your husband. I hope and pray it will bless our marriage. Thank you for sharing your story. ❤️

Doris WilliamsFebruary 14, 2024

I am blown away by Becky's story.....and John! Wow, heaven found a match for this faithful, talented, altruistic sister. What a guy...unbelievable in his dedication, faithfulness, creativeness....truly a match made in heaven! An example and blessing for all of us. I'm grateful to be a supporter of Rising Star Outreach and wish all of their family continued love and blessings.

Frank E. MerrillFebruary 14, 2024

Thanks be to God for an excellent filmmaker like Kieth! It is because of his family visiting my family in the 1950's that caused us to join the church, and it is because of his excellent work as a cinematographer that the most crucial truths may be told in such glorious detail.

Mari PorterFebruary 14, 2024

Such a sweet and wonderful life; thanks for sharing what matters. “He’ll ruin the gene pool!” Hahahaha!

CoreyFebruary 13, 2024

What an amazing story! Have you ever thought of publishing his journals? The Lord truly protects those who honour Him… I’m curious what is meant by the “Icelandic front”. The Germans were never in Iceland…

JohnFebruary 12, 2024

Article starts with "We need to reject the simpleminded, inaccurate picture that divides people into two classes" and exactly 5 words later refers to the other side as 'our enemies'. Complete cognitive dissonance. When you undermine your own thesis to this extent - nothing else you have to say is worthy of consideration.

Dan YeruskiFebruary 11, 2024

Excellent project, excellent and useful information for me to begin a restoration project on Zelphs Mound also known as Naples/Russel Mound 8 located in Pike county, Illinois. I will invite the Curlee family and others from Nauvoo to the cleansing ceremony once a date has been set. I'm working with Joseph "Standing Bear" Shranz of the SOARRING foundation.

Corey D.February 11, 2024

I keep hearing or reading the word compromise, it's in the quote by President Oaks but I personally think that's part of the problem in society today, there are some things that there can be compromise but there should be no compromise on certain issues, especially moral issues, especially those things surrounding family and marriage and honesty, anything else will fail or prove to be destructive to society and history, both secular and non-secular history has already shown that.

JaniceFebruary 10, 2024

I'd been searching for a gratitude journal for a young women who lost her grandpa, and then a year later her grandma. She was close to them and missing them a lot. I was so thankful when is got it. It seemed perfect! Thanks for your hard work on creating a beautiful product to help us reflect on the blessings we do have and remember the important things and people in our lives.

Laurie MorelandFebruary 10, 2024

I heartily agree with this whole article. Finding myself in the dating game at age 55 after nearly 30 years of marriage, it was a strange and wonderful world. My now-husband and I began our relationship with very open communication and lots of talking and laughing. Seven years later, we continue to talk and laugh every day!!

VictoriaFebruary 9, 2024

Thank you for this well-written tribute to Nephi which is applicable to all of us, especially those who struggle with darkness and bringing energy and light into their pattern of thinking. We should all examine our self doubts and seek the reassurance of His light.

CynthiaCFebruary 9, 2024

Thank you to all our missionaries -- for preparing, for going, for doing your best! This beautiful article captures so many feelings! Missionaries brought our family into the church! Thank you for your example! A shout out too to Mission Medical. My son was sent home early with a suspected life-threatening illness (it was!). One BYU friend met us at the airport to meet him. I cried deep tears of appreciation, because all it takes is one, knowing that one person cares so much to be there with a big welcome home/job well done smile. As the saying goes, we may be the only scriptures a person ever reads! How we live and love matters as much as what we do and accomplish! Keep up the good work!

Allen AFebruary 9, 2024

My neighbors and I clear each other's walks after every snowstorm. Whichever of us is out there first will get the walks for the others. Sometimes we go on down the block to the homes of the very elderly and make sure that their walks are cleared and salted if the neighbors there haven't already done it. Most of my neighbors are not LDS, but it is something that we just do.

JuliannFebruary 9, 2024

Thank you for the explicit honesty. “Enduring well” is not easy. Doesn’t help to live in denial. Being submissive to whatever He seeth fit to “inflict” upon us is a true challenge. You have learned in one experience what it’s taken me too many years to internalize. Well done.

HelenCFebruary 9, 2024

Thank you for your gift to our young people. I pray the sister who went home feels loved and appreciated for her valiant effort.

Corey D.February 9, 2024

My father was killed in a freak accident at home leaving my mom with 7 children at home, two of us were married and out of the house, here it is almost 45 yrs later and it all seems like a blur, grandchildren seem to be growing up even faster than the kids grew up, retired a couple of years ago after 43 yrs at the same company, does anybody care or even remember even though I was the only one who did what I did at my work ! Nothing more important or memorable in this life than holding the hand of a child or grandchild walking with them to the park so they can swing and go down the slide and they are so excited to go.

Corey D.February 9, 2024

I enjoy your articles and commentary Brother Peterson, the mixture of academic and religious/spiritual is excellent.

LindsayFebruary 8, 2024

Timely question. Beautiful answer. Thank you both!

Kay RookhuyzenFebruary 8, 2024

We saw the "movie" last Saturday and were two of the entire theater that sat during the credits! I laughed, I cried. MARVELOUS presentation. Well worth the Fathom Event pricing! I purchased the next weekend tickets before I even left the theater!

ShaunaFebruary 8, 2024

Thank you for raising your voice and for the solid arguments and resources. It's bizarre how one sided the discussion of these issues seems today in main stream media. I especially love the final quote from Robert George and am also so grateful for President Oaks incredibly rational and fair-minded, and yet deeply committed and moral approach to public issues. we have so much to learn from him and after reading his biography, and listening to many conference talks, I am convinced that the Lord has put him here at this precise time to help model a disciple's approach to civic affairs

Corey D.February 8, 2024

Such an amazingly well written, almost perfectly expressed sentiment and in it's own way a testimonial of the great plan of salvation. Only a mother could have expressed this.

Bryan W EllsworthFebruary 8, 2024

Today I needed these thoughts, altough I have already read the CFM lesson and accompanying insights and read many many times “The Psalms of Nephi”, this perspective was inspiring that Nephi chose to not stay down in depression even though he admitted to it. He chose to remember his Redeemer instead…..this Nephi’s attitude of gratitude that you point out makes me grateful tonight because in the past for me “the wretched man that I am” didn’t seem to jive with the man of God that Nephi was. But making him more human like us is comforting and gives me hope tonight!

Kay RookhuyzenFebruary 7, 2024

We all have days like this occasionally! You just have top laugh! I sure l laughed at yours quicker than I do my own!!!

S LindsayFebruary 7, 2024

Thank you for this beautiful reminder and encouragement to record our love and lessons for those still coming. Your writing conveys a tenderness and honor and sacredness all too rare on the internet these days, and so hearty and nourishing.

JuliannFebruary 7, 2024

It is a truth that many of us find ourselves in the pit of despair from time to time, wondering how we got there and wondering how we’ll ever get out. I still don’t know the magic formula but many of the things you mention surely do help. I typically end up pleading for Gods help and then I’ll hear a song, or read a text from a friend, or turn on a wonderful podcast discussing the scriptures, or read a great article like this one, things that uplift and edify and bring light to dispel the darkness. I’ve always loved Nephi’s lament. It’s where he becomes real and relatable.

Kathy SandersFebruary 6, 2024

Maurine, this subject of being conscious of our thoughts and the power they have for good or bad is one of the most important subjects in life I think! Thank you as always for articulating the power we have to choose our thoughts and the joy that can come from aligning them with the light of Christ, and the truths God has given to us. It is a true miracle how God can take our "feelings" and give us miracles to see and feel differently and more joyfully. Oh how the world needs to understand this principle of power! So much anxiety and depression would cease and joy and happiness would take its place!

J. E. GilstrapFebruary 6, 2024

Love this. Thank you.

Ron BarnesFebruary 5, 2024

When the Book of Mormon was published, the scattering of the Lamanites in North America, while not completed, had been underway for hundreds of years. Also, the United States did not become a “mighty nation” until after World War I, long after the scattering was completed. While the Spanish did make slaves of some of the Lamanites, it was a small number compared to how many there were. Also, for the most part, the Spanish didn’t scatter the Lamanites, they married them. About two thirds of the inhabitants of Central America are of Spanish and Lamanite ancestry. Also, the term “raised up upon” indicates it was local, not imported.

DougFebruary 5, 2024

This mortality is a testing ground. Perhaps (or more certainly than perhaps) this was just one test He allowed you to have to prove that through your Earthly trials (including a heart attack) you would choose Him. Our trials in mortality will be brief but some may seem so HUGE, as was this one for you. Keep the faith and keep holding fast to that iron rod and God will surely bless you for doing so. Thank you for sharing.

GTOFebruary 5, 2024

In the 1500s, Hernando de Soto landed in the southeastern part of what would become America. He brought pigs with him, an invasive species that carried diseases to which native Americans had no immunity. Along with smallpox, pig-born diseases probably decimated about 90% of the native population, most of whom never personally encountered a European. This could probably be added to the pre-restoration scattering and killing of Book of Mormon descendants.

Heather SmurthwaiteFebruary 5, 2024

You have our empathy, gratitude and our agreement -- all of us millions of mothers who love the Lord. We will all progress eternally together.

Sandy GatesFebruary 5, 2024

If this was a social media post I would like it a million times. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and your feelings. You hit the nail on the head with your insight.

Karen BrimhallFebruary 5, 2024

Love the book Cry Wolf. Though she was on the run she had help in finding the killer of her husband. You will stay interested in this book

BryanFebruary 5, 2024

This is the best article I’ve read here in a very long time. So on point and SO doctrinal. Thank you for sharing.

CharlyFebruary 5, 2024

I was 34 and my baby was 6 weeks and the youngest of 5 children 7 on down. This is a 1/10,000 chance of a lifetime! I had a stent put in, and have lived a normal life. Now I'm 62 and seeing the damage of my heart, dealing with other diseases, including breast cancer. I am still blest and know that even if we don't see it then, It is for our good!

RhodaFebruary 5, 2024

Thanks for this -- very important to ponder.

Brother RodriguesFebruary 4, 2024

Seria muito bom se houvesse transcrição do podcast, mesmo transcrito em inglês, para poder os traduzir com Google translate. Moro fora dos EUA e não sei ingles

SaraFebruary 4, 2024

Beautiful! It is a good reminder that people are what is important. Relationships matter. Individuals matter. I really enjoyed this.

Jan FranciscoFebruary 3, 2024

I really loved this article, your writing and your thoughts. I feel the same way about the immense importance of motherhood and attention to our children. I love hearing God’s response to you, it makes Him seem nearer to me in the day-to-day. Thank you for your courage in speaking up for motherhood.

LindsayFebruary 3, 2024

Thank you for this absolutely beautiful reminder, put in such an uplifting and inclusive way that I can share it broadly with mothers everywhere!

WhitneyFebruary 3, 2024

The Savior’s first miracle was to provide wine at a wedding. Having alcohol at weddings is not a new tradition—and one that is not considered morally reprehensible in most cultures or traditions. Can you get curious about why this particular situation is so difficult for you? If your children are kind and caring people, not sharing your value about alcohol doesn’t seem like it should prevent you from enjoying one of the most important days of celebration in and of your child’s life. Can you try to see what the wedding means from their internal value system and love them?

Corey D.February 3, 2024

I dare say probably most, maybe all parents and grandparents especially in the church feel exactly like this couple or can relate to some degree. I have heard the phrase "the Book of Mormon was written for our times" my whole life, I don't think it was chance that most of 1st Nephi is about family dynamics. The battle or what is often referred to in the press as the "culture war" is lost, there is no doubt about that, but we know who wins the final grand battle or war, therefore we have to concentrate on our individual faith, knowledge, obedience and happiness, praying in faith for loved ones and friends who are headed to the large and spacious building or maybe already in it and leaving the rescue of them up to the Savior.

Bruce NormanFebruary 3, 2024

Now that is really cruel ... are these the bedtime stories you told to your children. (I had to laugh at this one.)

Nathan BoyceFebruary 3, 2024

WOW! I love that story and the profound lesson it demonstrated. Thanks so much for sharing that.

KathleenFebruary 2, 2024

Tender & True!

Cornelius Randall PetersonFebruary 2, 2024

Who is the artist who painted the lovely watercolors?

EveFebruary 2, 2024

I love this so much! I'm going to have to remember that - don't mistake necessary for important. A great lesson for us all.

MaryannFebruary 2, 2024

Thank you for such an uplifting and much needed article. I believe many women feel they are unimportant because they are staying home to care for their children instead of joining the work force. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are doing the Lord's work and caring for HIS children. Being a stay-at-home mom is an incredible blessing and privilege. As you stated, women who must work outside the home also have opportunities to live a Christlike life by blessing those around them. Hopefully, we can be loving and supportive sisters to one another, whatever our situation may be.

MaryannFebruary 2, 2024

Please remember you are not alone. I, along with thousands of other LDS parents, are dealing with this same struggle. We feel your pain, and empathize with you. Your letter indicates that you are exhausted and at the end of your rope. I hope my thoughts can help. I have come to the place where I absolutely must protect my own mental, emotional, and physical health. For me, this means ceasing to agonize over my children's choices, and to ACCEPT the real fact that this is where they are right now on their journey. I relinquish guilt or any responsibility for their actions. I continue to pray for them, and I exercise faith in the Lord that He will do all he can for them. I feel the key is to continue to show love always, and focus on being together as a family. To continue to agonize over their decisions, or to try to change them, helps no one. It will only bring additional exhaustion, and rob you of the energy you need to love and enjoy their company. In your prayers, thank the Lord for all the wonderful things about them, and express your faith that he will reach out to them. If they sense in any way your disapproval at their wedding reception, it will only drive a wedge between you. Decide before you go that you will have a good time. Engage in positive, upbeat conversation, rejoice with them in their marriage, and be thankful for their happiness. Let go of your burden, and give it to Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

Stephen HuntFebruary 2, 2024

This is excellent. Only one suggestion: while Joseph met with Moroni on the first day of fall five years in a row (2023-2027), he did NOT meet with Moroni on the Feast of Trumpets every year. The date of the ancient feast is determined by an ancient lunar calendar, and so the ONLY one of the dates that Joseph actually met with Moroni on the Feast of Trumpets was the date that he actually received the plates, September 21, 2027. In my opinion, this is even more amazing than the idea that he might have met on the Feast of Trumpets every year.

KellyFebruary 2, 2024

A dear friend in a similar situation prays: "Lord, you love them more than I do. I leave the matter in your hands." (This in the context of children who allow almost no contact with their mother.)

Steve DoneganFebruary 2, 2024

Best…explanation…ever. Thank you.

Robert StarlingFebruary 2, 2024

Kimberly. Do you have some Kleenex? I need some after reading your wonderful article. You are SO right! Thank you, for reminding us what is most important.

RaLee HallFebruary 2, 2024

Thank you for posting this. I love it!

JopkinsFebruary 2, 2024

Outstanding insight into that which truly matters. we are so easily distracted with our temporal duties, success and follies that we miss the simple, crucial caring that will shape a personality.

JoyceFebruary 2, 2024

I must have been led by the Spirit to Rob Gardener's Lamb of God today. I just stumbled on Is it I? on Spotify and I was deeply touched by the conversation. I walked right into the present of the Last Supper and how that moment felt with the disciples and Jesus. Listening to other songs lifted my soul in more ways than words can describe. I have blessed Rob Gardener in prayer many times. God bless you again for being so creative

Guy and Susan GardnerFebruary 1, 2024

Ron and Bonnie, our prayers are with you!

Minerva M.February 1, 2024

In April 1982 General Conference, President Hinckley stated," Unfortunately, we live now in a sex-saturated society. Pornography comes at us from all sides: in the theater, in books and magazines, in newspaper advertising, in television in its various forms, and in some instances from radio." This was 42 years ago. That dismal state of moral decay then, sad to say, has very astronomically made a turn for the worse. Paul warned us that in the latter-day time, some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils (1Timothy 4:1). The Prophet Joseph Smith received the revelation exhorting us . . . to do all things with prayer and thanksgiving, that ye may not be seduced by evil spirits, or doctrines of devils, or the commandments of men; for some are of men, and others of devils (DC 46:7). I'm deeply grateful for the prophetic, relevant, and urgent declaration of President Nelson that in coming days, it would not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost. Thank you so much for this very informative article. Adults, young people, as well as children, need to be informed of insidious pitfalls and deceptions out there, and the very subtle, cunning ways of the adversary who is as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:7).

CEBFebruary 1, 2024

Loved reading this “real life” parable! I could see the analogy of choices all along the way. Thank you!

TracyFebruary 1, 2024

I love this. Thank you for a great modern day parable.

Sharon BarrusFebruary 1, 2024

I love this analogy! Very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing.

LoraFebruary 1, 2024

If the garden of Eden was in Jackson County, Missouri, then there were three civilizations that were swept off this continent because of sin: first, the Flood, then the Jaredites, and then the Nephites. The Civil War came very close to destroying America. Think of it: they had murdered a prophet, cast the righteous out from among them, and ground the faces of the poor with slavery. Abraham Lincoln read the Book of Mormon in 1862, and I believe he took warning from it. He issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, and began declaring days of prayer to return the nation to God. (See The Lincoln Hypothesis by Timothy Ballard)

Steve DoneganFebruary 1, 2024

Oh thank you, good brother, for your allegory of the fence. It resonated with my soul.

Wally GoddardJanuary 31, 2024

I enjoyed your article, Carol! Will you be attending RootsTech? If so, I hope you will attend our session on Saturday, March 2, from 3 to 4 about Binding Hearts. Would love to have your thoughts after hearing our presentation! Blessings to you.

Robert StarlingJanuary 31, 2024

Great article, as usual. Our loving Father doesn't always give us what we want, but He gives us what we need. Even our Savior Jesus Christ did not get the answer he wanted to the most earnest prayer anyone has ever given ("let this cup pass from me"). But like him, we have to say "thy will be done".

Julie Carling DeYoungJanuary 31, 2024

Beautiful story! Thank you for all the fun info! John Carling is my 4th great grandfather! It is so great reading stories of ancestors!

Robert StarlingJanuary 31, 2024

Very well said Gary. You've given us some very good tips on how to share the most important thiings in our lives.

CarmaJanuary 31, 2024

Excellent article. Truths to cling to and act upon.

Ornella Brenna - ItaliaJanuary 31, 2024

I deeply love the knowledge I receive through the texts and writings you publish, but I have a problem, I don't know or speak English. I have to use the automatic translator to be able to read the lyrics [or write this comment], but it is not possible to do this with only the audio tracks. For this reason I kindly ask you if it would be possible to combine the audio tracks with the written text. Thank you for your attention and for your commitment to spreading knowledge of the Gospel in all its dimensions.

Debra MackJanuary 30, 2024

Wonderful article, wherever we live in the world. Thank you

Prodicus DiplodicusJanuary 30, 2024

In regard to the last part about Jacob and its connection to our experience with prayer, a nice discourse on the topic is Kierkegaard's, titled "One Who Prays Aright Struggles in Prayer and Is Victorious—in That God Is Victorious."

Pam RoderJanuary 30, 2024

Beautifully said Dan. Nice to have C.S. Lewis's perspective on this as well. Thank you. Appreciate all that you contribute!

L. LarssonJanuary 30, 2024

I loved this powerful and inspiring article and I thank you for it!

JeanmarieJanuary 29, 2024

Such a beautifully written and insightful article ! It reduced me tears because it is so close to my heart. Thank you for including CS Lewis - I respect his perspective so much ! Thank you !!!

RaLee HallJanuary 29, 2024

Thank you for this well thought out article. Though I knew much of the things you wrote about you increased my understanding and and gave me new insights.

JuliannJanuary 29, 2024

Much in this article to ponder on at a time I have been pondering this very question. Thank you. Opposition in all things ,I believe, means there has to be a balance, whether individually or collectively. If you ask for and expect miracles then you should also expect trials and challenges. If one person is pure evil then another person will be astonishingly angelic. Bitter-sweet, pleasure-pain, knowledge-ignorance. The problem lies in believing we deserve all good if we are trying to be good. I appreciate you pointing out all the ways the Savior was forsaken. The only perfect man received the exact opposite. We need to adjust our expectations.

HelenCJanuary 29, 2024

Heavy stuff. As my prayers for 2 of my own children, like yours for your sweet granddaughter, seem to have gone unanswered, or at least answered with a resounding, “No”, I will be spending some time with your thought, “We should wrestle with them until we receive the blessing.” There are unquestionable blessings that have come from my losses but they are still not the ones I wanted.

Corey D.January 28, 2024

First I compliment you on your willingness to draw a line, too many, even "active LDS" give up. I thought my worries would be over when the kids left the house and started their own families, how naive I was. I love my children and grandchildren and try to be supportive but there is a lot of times I have to bite my tongue when I see what some of my granddaughters are wearing, especially those who are no longer going to church. It's everything from trashy to immodest. Many of them have been involved with dance and I have been to numerous dance recitals and performances and its sexualized to the max, the dancewear, the dance moves, the music, makeup, little tiny girls with lots of makeup and a lot of these dance groups are run by church members but you say anything and you are treated as a pariah.

HeatherJanuary 28, 2024

I agree with Kevin that your insight about waiting ON the Lord, in the sense of humbly serving as we press forward with fatih, is a motivating idea. Thank you!

JudyJanuary 26, 2024

Thank you for your insights on each lesson. It really helps me understand what I read.

ShaunaJanuary 26, 2024

thank you --a heads up article for sure. as the mother of 2 daughters, It is so ironic to me that feminists have bought into the idea that women should "have the freedom" to be used as sexual objects i.e. pornographic toys etc. I thank God for the Gospel and the Proclamation on the Family everyday, for defining how families ought to function. And as Elder Bednar points out, in mind popping fashion in a must read talk/article: "Because a physical body is so central to the Father’s plan of happiness and our spiritual development, we should not be surprised that Lucifer seeks to frustrate our progression by tempting us to use our bodies improperly. One of the ultimate ironies of eternity is that the adversary, who is miserable precisely because he has no physical body, invites and entices us to share in his misery through the improper use of our bodies. The very tool he does not have and cannot use is thus the primary target of his attempts to lure us to physical and spiritual destruction. The Adversary’s Attacks The adversary attempts to influence us both to misuse our physical bodies and to minimize the importance of our bodies. These two methods of attack are important for us to recognize and to repel." (Things as they Really Are, Ensign June, 2010) Satan wants us to misuse our bodies. Thanks for the specific analysis your article provides, and I agree that parental example is key and I call on adults everywhere, women in particular, to stop flaunting their bodies.

Michael GreenstreetJanuary 26, 2024

The evaluation of whether any decision was correct comes down to its outcome/s. Matthew 7:20

Ron BarnesJanuary 25, 2024

I post on social media almost daily, sharing pictures and thoughts that I find interesting or amusing. I’m 69 years old, and I often get responses from women in their 20s. First, they flatter me and my post, then ask me to send them a friend request. I have no desire to, and have never done as they ask. I’ll admit I’m a bit naive, so I don’t know what it’s all about, but I’m sure it can’t be good.

CubbyJanuary 25, 2024

Took me a minute, that is funny.

LoraJanuary 24, 2024

This may or may not help, but some ingenious person created a slip for bridesmaids' dresses to help with the challenges of fitting into a restroom stall. It's called the Bridal Buddy. Maybe it would help with Renaissance dresses as well.

KevinJanuary 24, 2024

I've been "waiting" for an article like this! ;) Seriously, though. I really appreciate this viewpoint as I have just very recently been feeling like the Lord has forsaken me. Nearly ten years into a chronic illness has led to lots and lots of praying for relief, healing, answers, guidance. Recently it has turned into crying, begging, pleading and desperate sobbing, to the point of murmuring, complaining, lots of feelings of frustration, of impatience, confusion, and complaining. This article was very timely and poignant, thank you! I will try my very best to apply what I've learned from it. It's my greatest desire to do His will, I might as well focus on waiting ON Him instead of waiting FOR Him.

DebJanuary 24, 2024

Thank you for your thoughtful and thorough article. Babies are a blessing indeed. My heart smiles today when I see young families out in public these days, because having children is a choice fewer and fewer are making. We live in a society which is less supportive and even less tolerant of that choice. I appreciate your clarion call.

vickieJanuary 24, 2024

this is so funny. i wondered that myself. i would say i dont want to be floating around doing nothing or just singing. i want to be busy doing something and then relaxing after it was done. im sure when we are there we will be busy...doing what the Lord wants us to do. i even thought of asking the Lord to be down on earth traveling and seeing all the sights i never got to see. i think the EARTH is the most beautiful place in the universe. i treasure it.

Robin C.January 23, 2024

I served in Puerto Rico many years ago and absolutely fell in love with the island and the wonderful people there. Reading about your experiences and seeing your pictures brings back so many memories! I wept when I heard the temple announced there. When I served the few members that could manage it went to the Washington D. C. Temple to perform their sacred ordinances. What a blessing to have a temple there! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I’ve listened to your podcast for years and was so delighted when you were called to the PRSJM! (The best mission in the world)!

MaryannJanuary 23, 2024

I have faith that the Prophet and The Twelve are receiving revelation all of the time to direct the affairs of the Lord's church. They don't need to report it all to us because some of it is not necessary for the whole church to know. However, when they do receive revelation for the entire church (and the world), we can be sure we will receive it. I am profoundly grateful and filled with faith in their counsel.

Ron BarnesJanuary 23, 2024

Our stake president came to our ward to call a new bishop. He arrived with one of his councilors. Getting out of the car, he saw my parents getting out of theirs. He asked his councilor, “What about Brother Barnes?” His councilor agreed. They were sitting on the stand when his other councilor arrived. The same question was asked of him. He looked at my father, then turned to the stake president and said, “He’s glowing.” When the president looked and saw my father surrounded by light, he knew who the Lord had chosen.

ShaunaJanuary 23, 2024

thanks for sharing these fascinating examples of modern day revelation. I have no doubt that our Church leaders are lead by revelation but it's always wonderful to fortify my testimony and to note the way that the Lord works with His servants

Abbie VianesJanuary 23, 2024

Thank you for your faith promoting scholarship and article Jeff.

NeilJanuary 23, 2024

People love to confuse the issue by talking about choice. Leaving some kind of corrupted grace to allow for others to have a choice to do something horrible. So I wish that the church would put into their statements on abortion that laws preventing horrible actions are not removing choices. This logic is never applied to other laws preventing horrible actions. For example, if someone wanted to build a bomb, the laws preventing them from building a bomb are good for society. Not removing choices. It is simply a way to support something evil and simultaneously virtue signal that you don't partake in the evil you support. So the church could preempt this by shutting down the choice deflection directly. There is this line, "Church members who encourage an abortion in any way may be subject to Church discipline." And those who support abortion via choice deflection are blind to the fact that they fall under this. If they addressed abortion directly, people would realize they support abortion more than they support the church. A lot of abortion obsessed people would leave the church. Yet after the mini-exodus, going forward, the church would grow stronger on this front. Unified.

No NameJanuary 23, 2024

I was disappointed that you did not even touch on the important things, like how porn causes ED or mention porn creep. I noticed that Wendy has a book about the value of women's sexual fantasies, Those are just another form of porn.

Tracy TippettsJanuary 23, 2024

Elder Boyd K. Packer was assigned to call a new Stake President in Blythe, California, a small town of less than 20,000 people next to the Colorado River in Southern California. Elder Packer was accompanied by Floyd Packard, a newly-called Area Seventy. They went through the customary procedure of interviewing men serving in Bishoprics and the High Council. Saturday night, after a day of many interviews, Elder Packer felt that none of the men interviewed were to be chosen as the new Stake President. They retired to their respective rooms for the night, and met the following morning again. During the conversation, Elder Packer mentioned to Elder Packard that he had been given a particular name during the night. Upon hearing this Elder Packard said he had the same experience. Elder Packer then contacted the Stake President and asked if there was a man with that name living in the Stake? The Stake President replied yes, and indicated that he was previously serving as a Bishop in one of the wards of the Stake, but was currently serving as a Scoutmaster. He was called at home, and invited to be interviewed by Elder Packer, and was then called to be the new Stake President.

Jolanda Wiesner-PrzewrockaJanuary 23, 2024

Great insights as usual. Ich liebe Ihren Humor. Grüsse aus der Schweiz :-)

LauniJanuary 23, 2024

Amen - thank you for saying what so many of us have been thinking all along!

MaryannJanuary 22, 2024

The fact that the ex-husband is blaming his wife for the divorce in his conversations with his children is a dead giveaway about "how much he loved her." A man who loves a woman does not stir up contention against her, or blame her to her children. Since she is already divorced, I cannot fathom why her friends would keep telling her how much her husband loved her. They are basically telling her that she was wrong and made a mistake in divorcing him. This is unbelievably presumptuous and rude. I agree that she should make it very clear that their remarks are NOT helpful.

MaryannJanuary 22, 2024

Thank you so much for this much needed article, reminding us of the firm and unchangeable doctrine of the church on this issue. It is important to remember that freedom to engage in sexual intercourse also requires accountability for the outcome. There is no such thing as free agency without responsibility for our choice, and consequences for that choice. The vast majority of the millions and millions of babies who have been aborted is not due to incest or rape. The overwhelming majority of abortions are a result of irresponsibility. I am pro-choice in the sense that the responsible choice is made BEFORE you become pregnant.

Craig ReidJanuary 22, 2024

It’s too bad most if not all of the lower seats are reserved for church or GAs. The first come first serve tickets are in the balcony

Katrina BrittnerJanuary 22, 2024

Beautifully said—thank you for sharing!!!

KīraJanuary 22, 2024

Thanks for this article, Merilee, and all the work you do.

Jessica SpackmanJanuary 22, 2024

Fantastic, efficient breakdown of this critical issue. Thanks, Merrilee Every human life is sacred. Every preborn child is on their personal journey through mortality and eventually back to his/her Heavenly Parents.

Corey D.January 22, 2024

Just before the holidays my daughter-in-law texted to let us know that she and my son had mutually agreed to divorce, neither go to church, there was/is some concern because of past emotional struggles he has had, including coming home early from a mission. As I was thinking about this one day and what possibly I could do to help, the thought or impression came to me that he needs to get involved in serving others. So many seem to be struggling in the church but especially the youth and the young single adults. I see the wisdom in getting the youth to the temple as young as possible and all the options available for the young adults to serve that are available now besides a fulltime mission.

KatherineJanuary 22, 2024

Amen to everything said. We proclaim to belong to the restored church of Jesus Christ. We should be leading the charge against the evil practice of abortion that kills millions upon millions of our brothers and sisters every year!

Pattie SkousenJanuary 22, 2024

Pre-Born is a wonderful organization whose purpose is to achieve sanctity of life at a grassroots level. They have sonogram machines that help the expectant mother to see her unborn baby and help them understand the miracle of birth. Many fetuses are saved by this loving group. I have personally been giving to them and find great joy in helping new mothers delight in their experience.

Kirsten SchullJanuary 22, 2024

This was wonderful! Thank you for the indepth commentary.

Linda PelchatJanuary 22, 2024

I agree with this article. My problem is that a vote in the next election for Republicans would mean a vote for Donald Trump, who wants to be a dictator and destroy the US Constitution. Thankfully the Lord knows all.

LaWren BoothJanuary 22, 2024

Wonderful! Thank you for your work and for writing this article. I belong to a women’s political county organization here in NC that supports a local charity for unwed mothers and their babies. Such a good cause in harmony with LDS church values.

Teresa DavisJanuary 22, 2024

Thank you, I really enjoyed everything you say, I feel inspired and now more knowledgeable in my understanding of The Book of Mormon. You are amazing.

Teresa DavisJanuary 22, 2024

Thank you, I really enjoyed everything you say, I feel inspired and now more knowledgeable in my understanding of The Book of Mormon. You are amazing.

Robert LeifsonJanuary 21, 2024

Thank you for sharing your experiences! My son is serving in the Puerto Rico Mission and I personally appreciate your service to the missionaries. Your witness and testimony of gathering the House of Israel from both sides of the veil is powerful. Hearing the miracles that are happening since the dedication of the temple in San Juan is inspiring. May God bless you in your service.

HelenCJanuary 21, 2024

Interesting. I was afraid to speak up when my sister’s vicar told me he knew the church he worked for was not the true Church and he believed it wasn’t currently on the earth. I did email him after I had returned to the US to tell him it WAS here but I never heard back.

Pattie SkousenJanuary 20, 2024

Puerto Rico was a wonderful trip for us. We went right after Covid. The people were so nice and accommodating. Enjoy your time there

GusleyJanuary 20, 2024

Thank you so much for your insights. Years ago, while on a YSA trip, a young man walked into a room where I was privately engaged in my morning scripture study and approached me, laughing. He asked how long I had been home from my mission, and I replied that it had been about five months. He laughed again and said, "Don't worry. You'll get over that habit soon enough." I am saddened by how ashamed I felt. Had I made a show of scripture study - sitting self-righteously right in the middle of the main room, displaying my scriptures with an air of "look at me!" - I might have understood his mockery. But I was separated from the group, in a solitary corner of an empty room, early in the morning. He walked all the way into an otherwise empty room to find and make fun of me. However, that experience shaped my future. I have thought of his comment almost daily for the past 25 years; every day when I open my scriptures, I remind myself that this is a habit I never want to get over.

Bill HurfordJanuary 20, 2024

Unfortunately no mention is made of being a healthy person by building your immunity. Typically I use Vitamins D and C regularly and up the dose when a cold or flu looks like to happen.I also use Zinc. Great results and only real issue is sore throat

Melissa DarbyJanuary 19, 2024

Margret, I am glad you are still writing, I love seeing your name in print! This analogy about football and the mission resonated. It resonates with life as well. A slog with high points in between. Good seeing you in Oct. at the football game. All the love!!

MTJanuary 19, 2024

Unfortunately, "being in the world, but not of the world" usually means that LDS generally only socialize with other LDS. Holding membership or leadership position in a civic organization that would take away from your church calling is usually discouraged. Youth sports/activities that conflict with church youth activities are frowned upon. Real missionary work happens when true examples of Christ-like behavior are contrasted against lost hope, despair, and results of sin. Not at the Rameumptom on the first Sunday of the month...

AnnaJanuary 19, 2024

Geoff, your articles are getting better and better with time. This is a good one.

Corey D.January 19, 2024

I served my mission in the 70's, one of my companions who was also a convert and from California had worked in law enforcement before serving his mission, he once told me about a study that had been done in California (which would certainly not happen in today's social environment), the study looked at which ethnic groups were most or least involved in crime, at the time, those from Asian backgrounds particularly Chinese families were the least likely to be involved in crime and that was attributed to the strong parent, grandparent structure and the importance of honoring the family name and respecting the elders of the family. The comment in the article about the increase/rise of listed mental illnesses and correlating that to higher numbers of Therapists and differences in Therapists is way more true than expressed in the article.

RosieJanuary 18, 2024

Sounds fun, but why do we not allow a creative twist to these songs, while still bringing the spirit when it's sung. I personally dislike syncopation (I think it takes away from the song and focuses on the singer). Others would disagree. I've taken a few hymns, changed melody from a 19th century tune to a more current tune that emphasizes the meaning of the lyrics, and while not meant for Sacrament mtg. would be effective in an informal setting. Ex: "Does the Journey Seem Long", and "Come unto Him" - originally titled interestingly "I Wander thru the Stilly Night" or similar. Anyway, just a thought

Patty ListonJanuary 18, 2024

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful and sacred experiences with so many of us who read meridian. May you be blessed in all that you do.

SusanJanuary 18, 2024

You've always had a beautiful way with words and your missionary stories are blessed by that. I look forward every week to your inspiring messages and feel touched to do more temple work. Thank you so much for sharing!

Joy LundbergJanuary 18, 2024

I loved this article. So tender, so inspiring, so encouraging. Thank you!!!

Jan NielsenJanuary 17, 2024

I too am on a path that is not one of my choosing and it gives me strength to hear the counsel of seeing how gratitude can help me carry on. I know all comes from our God, but focusing more on those blessing will be something I can do to feel his love for my through his beloved son, Jesus Christ. Thank you both for your testimonies of the role gratitude has helped you.

WallyJanuary 17, 2024

What an inspiring story! Thank you, Ron and Bonnie! Wally Goddard

MaryannJanuary 17, 2024

I have felt the Spirit of the Lord so profoundly as I read the Book of Mormon. It is divine miracle to me that reading the Book of Mormon opens the door to personal revelation. It is so much more than written words on a page. I love having the Holy Ghost witness to me over and over again the truthfulness of the Savior's divine mission, the truths of His gospel and the plan of salvation. Reading the very same scriptures at different times in our lives can bring new answers and new interpretations, depending on what we need at the time. The Holy Ghost will teach us what we need to know and feel. I am so grateful to have the Book of Mormon and I have a testimony that the Book of Mormon IS TRUE.

Doug YanceyJanuary 17, 2024

Great story! Becca and I try to do that in our ward here in Decatur. Those verses in Matthew have always been my favorite.

Nathan BoyceJanuary 17, 2024

@Ron Barnes: I appreciate your perspective and openness about your struggle.

MaryannJanuary 17, 2024

Joni, you have just done what is often impossible! You have encouraged us to press forward in Christ, without the guilt for being imperfect.

MaryannJanuary 17, 2024

If we refuse to compare ourselves to others, the problem of mocking might just take care of itself. We can train ourselves to become quickly aware of when we are making comparisons, and stop those thoughts before they escalate. Most of us have an automatic "beeper" warning go off in our heads when an unclean thought enters. We kick that thought out! We can develop the same mental self-warning when we are tempted to make comparisons between ourselves and others.

Tracy TippettsJanuary 17, 2024

In 1989 I suffered a severe motorcycle accident in San Diego, California. I broke both bones in my right leg in 30 places. The accident could have, and should have been fatal. The recovery took one year. During that time I heard that Irvine Stake President Jack Rushton broke his neck while body surfing in the ocean with his son, at the same time as my accident. I later heard he and his wife speak at BYU Education Week in Provo, Utah. I introduced myself to him, and told him of my accident. His comment to me was, "It looks like you survived much better than I did?!" Jack later passed away from his injuries. I am also aware of Shawn Bradley, the BYU basketball star that played in the NBA, who was paralyzed in an accident while riding his bicycle in St. George, Utah. The young wife that was horribly burned and scarred in a private airplane crash. The young returned-missionary that was paralyzed in a car crash, that wrote the book, "Unstoppable". The widow who's husband was the Mayor of Ogden, Utah, who was killed in Iraq, a week before he was scheduled to return home to his wife and seven young children. The captured hostages and many victims of the wars in Ukraine and Israel! These are the tragedies of mortality that cause many to doubt the existence of God? Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and everyone who is struggling and suffering with similar challenges. Steadfast, and Semper Fi! ✋

Patricia WintersJanuary 17, 2024

You are mispronouncing "sheikh." It is pronounced like "shake."

Carol AnnJanuary 17, 2024

Always good reminders. Thanks, Carolyn!

Laurie PollardJanuary 17, 2024

Bonnie and Ron, your words carry the power of the Spirit into our hearts. We feel the depth and genuineness of your faith and testimony of the loving promises God has offered to all. We know this witness has been marvelously magnified in the midst of your excruciating pain and suffering. We are grateful you are sharing your journey and the blessings of covenants and revelation that comes through seeking the Lord and heeding his voice delivered through the Holy Ghost. You are a gift and a light to us all. You are loved and appreciated beyond our ability of expression. May you thrive in the joy of the Lord's companionship as you continue to fulfill your grand mission in mortality! Your influence for good is incalculable!

LeeAnn HemmingJanuary 17, 2024

Your story is beautifully written. I loved reading of your search and desire for truth. I am impressed with your diligence and for not giving up. I love your testimony of the Book of Mormon, it inspires me to want to share your story and my love for this book with others. Thank you!

Mel HiscockJanuary 17, 2024

Excellent, insightful consideration of a sobering topic of a commonly passed over scripture.

Nathan BoyceJanuary 17, 2024

@HelenC: thanks for sharing that experience. I hope that you telling her that was a blessing for both of you.

Denise ChristensenJanuary 17, 2024

Bonnie and Ron...thank you for sharing your story and your testimonies of the power of prayer, the priesthood and gratitude. You are both a beautiful example of Christ-like love and faith and an inspiration to all those who struggle. We have many fond memories of our travels with you and you have been in our thoughts and prayers over the past several years since the accident. Know that we will continue to pray for continued miracles in your life. thank you for showing us that love and faith in our Savior can conquer all trials that may befall us. We love you and wish you the best.

Ron BarnesJanuary 17, 2024

I also see how I fit into that building, but from another prospective. My problem is pride. I am not a humble man. Too often I pride myself on my own abilities, not remembering how the Lord has guided me to develop them. Pride can keep me from following the commandments as well as I should. Sometimes I realize that I'm relying on my own "wisdom", rather than the wisdom of the Lord. Overcoming my pride will probably be a lifelong struggle.

CubbyJanuary 17, 2024

Great story. I like the way you reframed the inspectors from irritants to safety people.

JeffreyJanuary 16, 2024

Thank you for writing and sharing your personal conversion story and testimony of God's Plan and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

KatherineJanuary 16, 2024

Your insight and wisdom continues to bless my life. Thank you Becky.

Withheld once again..January 16, 2024

I do not expect it to happen, but wouldn't it be wonderful if it did! We must each do our part to include everyone. We must teach our children the importance of doing this, and they must see us living our lives that way. I have never expected to have special treatment, but I have expected Christ like behavior from my fellow ward members. Oh how I feel the sister's pain and frustration that her husband has been a project. It is hard for active members to understand that not everyone feels dissatisfied with their lives in the matter of religion. Unlike so many who sincerely testify that "something was missing" before they found the Gospel, many, my husband included, do not feel that way. He is an excellent husband and father who is very supportive of callings that have taken much time away from my being home, as Primary President, serving in YW & Relief Society Presidencies, temple attendance. The best "ministering brothers" have been the "ministering friends."

LewisJanuary 16, 2024

What a beautiful story! It is one of those wonderful stories that demands that you examine your own heart, to distinguish between knowing about and truly knowing. It was a very timely reminder for me as we start our new year and plan the type of person we wish to become. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Richard GarrisonJanuary 16, 2024

Sis. Douglas, you never cease to inspire me and motivate me! The Lord works in mysterious ways...I literally just retold that very special spiritual experience several weeks ago as I had the honor of being the concluding speaker in our Orlando Stake's YSA Ward. Truly one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. I carry that same envelop, given to me those years ago by that trusting child of our Heavenly Father, in my Church briefcase. When I feel myself "drifting" in any way, I pull it out and ask myself "Do I KNOW God?" And thank YOU for all you do! "Former" Bishop Richard Garrison

HelenCJanuary 16, 2024

I have recently been disturbed by a dear friend’s negative opinion about Joseph Smith and the revelation on plural marriage. I have been struggling for days (mostly nights, actually) to find a way to correct her thinking. I knew that it was something only personal revelation to her could address but I really wanted to “fix” her thinking. Then I realized this morning that my only obligation as a friend is to love her unconditionally and to tell her so. So I did. My own personal revelation, perhaps?

KalaiJanuary 16, 2024

Such a beautifully written article. I love the visual of light spilling from the pages of the scriptures! I feel the same way but can’t write it as well as you do. The words of the song are 5x more powerful when combined with the music! It’s a must listen!! Thank you for sharing your talents in words and music!

Toni LyonsJanuary 16, 2024

My husband used to be a little afraid of helping someone with disabilities for some reason. We recently had a brother move into the ward who really had a hard time struggling with his stand-up walker. My husband was determined to be his friend. He calls on him often and spends hours visiting and helping where needed. The brother's wife has struggled as well over the years taking care of her husband and serving him and it is such a relief when my husband is able to be there as a support when she needs a relief. A wonderful change has come over my husband and it has been a great blessing to him as well as he sees how loving others has brought him closer to the Lord.

Liz RJanuary 16, 2024

McClellin's misspelling of his own name may be him replicating its misspelling by the mob in, say, a posted notice offering a reward for McLellin's capture.

Michael RooyakkersJanuary 15, 2024

Oh Christy, your lifelong endeavour to find truth is only beginning. That’s the beauty of this gospel of Jesus Christ. We learn every day as we seek for more understanding, line upon line, precept upon precept. Sometimes in the temple, I have such very profound and simple truths witnessed to me. How wonderful it is that you shared your frustrations and joys, so poignantly with us in your quest for coming to terms with, the true nature and character of God and Hs love for us. I’m sure your message will inspire doubtless many people who are going through the exact things now that you went through. I absolutely loved how well written your piece was. It spoke to my heart instantly and confirmed those truths that I hold so dear and near. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bravely and faithfully sharing your story!. I know you will be blessed, and perhaps even your family will one day as they watch you excel in your own personal worship of God.

EudociaJanuary 15, 2024

Not one word about his mother. She is still very much alive. Curious he didn’t mention her.

Daniel SloanJanuary 15, 2024

This is a fantastic perspective. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing this. It seems I need to do my own internal audit to correct my same bad habits.

Alicia JensenJanuary 14, 2024

This is precious! You touched on somethings I had never thought about; how God was just dealing with us because his chosen people had forsaken him, but then via the BOM realizing that’s not the case. He love all people and make way for all to hear him and take part in his love. Such a revelation to read your thoughts and insights- well done!

Ben CrookJanuary 14, 2024

It is inspiring to hear (read) your testimony again. Thank you for being there and may the Lord bless you.

Ariane CJanuary 14, 2024

Is this still available to see? Where is it located? East Side Gallery?

Bob TaylorJanuary 14, 2024

many years ago on my mission, i had a similar experience. we were teaching a young couple, the husband was not active but because of his wife- who was not a member- he was being brought into activity. the very old lessons, the 5th discussion was all the commandments, and was often a stumbling block for investigators. we went in with a prayer in our hearts. every commandment, the wife nodded and committed to living the commandment. we finished the lesson and said, well, Sister ___, do you have any questions. she said yes, just one question. you can imagine how our hearts jumped at this ::)) what is it? well, she said, is that all there is to it? what a relief! no, that was not all, but for her this was the starting point.

Rick KlompJanuary 13, 2024

Christy--Thank you for this powerful witness about the difference the Book of Mormon has made in your life! I felt the spirit when I read about your search for answers to your questions.

Dee MillarJanuary 13, 2024

I have been married twice and widowed twice both to nonmembers. . Active LDS all my life Grew up in a small town. Only member here in this small town for over 30 years until recently. Drive an hour to bigger town .invite nonmembers friends to church Active in community. Organizations Lots of friends

Tamra DodgeJanuary 13, 2024

Been there. I was married to a non-member for 14 years. He was a good man, with a gentle spirit. We had two sons together. He would attend church with us on occasion, but finely opted to attend his childhood church with his parents. The boys would alternate between churches, which had to be confusing for them. What I took from my experience, was the absolute ‘project’ making of my husband, and it appeared there was a competition as to whom would be the one to get him ‘dunked.’ He had the missionaries. Was invited to golf. Went with the Scouts on outings. Helped families move with the Elders Quorum. There was lots of fellowshipping, but with an underlying intention. For every step we would make forward, we would take two steps back because of something said or done. My husband was the focus of ‘recruitment’ in his own words. The marriage had taken a toll, and ended after a two and a half year court battle. My sons finely received permission to be baptized, through a series of unexpected events, and years of waiting. Their father and his family were not pleased with the event, as miraculous as it was. I had fully believed this man would accept the gospel, and integrate into my world with ease. His families traditions were very strong, and didn’t include the open mind or heart, that truth was out there. I appreciate this Sisters experience. She is an island. Fits into both worlds, but not at home in either. It wasn’t until I remarried, that I was invited to do couple things with fellow members. It’s hard. Uncomfortable for them, hard for me. I felt very much alone amidst my brothers and sisters.

WithheldJanuary 12, 2024

Your advice is sound, but in my experience of the last 50 years in a similar situation in my marriage, not realistic. I have found that active church members are so judgemental and have no or very little desire to develop friendships who do not meet "their standard " They make it hard for our children, making them. accountable for their parent's actions...."Where is your father?" Why doesn't he come to church?" Why didn't he baptize you?" " I hope our lesson on Temple Marriage didn't make you feel uncomfortable today." Please, can't we accept everyone for the place they are currently in? Heavenly Father loves all of his children. He wants us all to come home to him...everyone will in his or her own time....eternal progression! Please ward leadership, have patience and empathy for those in your stewardship...we need your support and help to feel part of the ward family, especially our young children and teenagers. If you don't, " the world" will. I have lost children because of their experiences in church.

Sally SmithJanuary 12, 2024

Well said. This is a clear message as to why we must trust and understand the Lord's timing on our lives. To teach us to trust in the Lord's timing especially when we don't get what we want when we want it.

Elder Ed SimonsJanuary 12, 2024

I love your mission updates! My wife snd I are Mental Health Advisors living in Argentina and this quote really resonated with me when you said "The younger generation is much better than you may have ever imagined." This generation of young adults are such precious valiant souls and I feel so privileged to serve them and the Lord as we serve them.

O SmithJanuary 12, 2024

The Latter-day Saint woman's comments are spot on! As a woman who has been a part-member family for 40 years, I have experenced every part of what she said. But your magazine story headline isn't really the right question. She wasn't asking how does she make friends -- she's made the effort to make friends. The real question is why church members don't respond in kind? I've done everytlhing you've suggested and yet, unless I initiate contact nothing much happens. There's an exception here or there, but in general members are cordial but they don't really include us in their lives. And yes, my husband has had some pretty rude baptism-ready type questions thrown at him just like your reader. As a church we just don't know how to deal with non-member families. We don't expect non-members to come into our building or activites. I've had my husband at empty nester activities and members who don't know us just assume he's a member and have made comments about non-members as a whole in front of him -- and then die with embarassment when they find out he's also not a member. And then they avoid us. I don't see a solution. And after 40 years it's exhausting to keep trying. Instead of counseling her about what she should do, there should have been more discussion about what the OTHERS should do when confronted with part member families in their wards. How do they become more inclusive? That's the issue we have to address.

Andrea VeraJanuary 12, 2024

Se que tu testimonio es muy grande y tienes toda mi admiración y cariño, he sido miembro de la iglesia por mucho tiempo y he tenido grandes experiencias, pero conocerte y verte ser tan fuerte ante tanta adversidad y refugiarte en las escrituras como siempre lo has hecho te ha llevado hasta este momento, se que vendrán más bendiciones, milagros, tribulaciones y experiencias que te harán crecer aún más, Se que Dios te ama como me ama a mi también... Muchas gracias por tu gran valor y por tu gran testimonio. Sabes que te amo con todo mi corazón mi hermosa hija...

Rick KlompJanuary 12, 2024

Christy--Thank you for sharing your powerful affirmation of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the Savior's love for each and every one of Heavenly Father's children. The truthfulness of your words was confirmed to me by the Holy Ghost when I read them.

Roxann FJanuary 12, 2024

Christy thank you for this beautifully written testimony of The Savior and The Book of Mormon. I’m sure there are others who needed to read your story for their own struggles and others who can relate to their own conversion in a similar testimony of its truthfulness. I pray it uplifts the souls of those seeking truth and those confused about the path their on to finding Christ.

Harvey HiggsJanuary 12, 2024

The Sister wishing members would be more sociable outside of church activities should be aware she is not receiving special treatment being excluded any more than active members. Most ward members I know don't socialize outside of church activities. Outside of church and family activities socializing doesn't happen.It seldom happen and I do not expect it to happen.

Romulo C Lakip JrJanuary 12, 2024

Love your story!

Jack StapleyJanuary 12, 2024

I loved his article. Thank you for it. I think you are spot on. I have travelled with you to Oman, and have seen the type of location where they lived another 4 years or so after their arrival in Bountiful. A total of 12 years or so out of Jerusalem. May we all be more Nephi-ish in our attitude and relationship with our God. Life would be so much more enjoyable.

Jenny SvendsenJanuary 12, 2024

WOW! What a pwerful article, powerful testimony, thank you so much!

RaLee HallJanuary 12, 2024

Thank you for sharing your powerful testimony.

Roger DavidsonJanuary 12, 2024

Thank you so very, very much for you inspiring story of gaining a witness of the Book of Mormon. I am totally inspired from your story. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later day saints I to am trying to find out my standing before my Father-in-heaven. Your story instilled in me a strong desire to keep pushing forward. Thank you so very much for taking the time to share your story.

JeanetteJanuary 11, 2024

What a wonderfully amazing article this is. You explained the importance of Mary so powerfully!

Elaine BarnettJanuary 11, 2024

Joni I loved your thoughts. You are an accomplished teacher! Thank you for your trust in the Llrd. Elaine Barnett

JuliannJanuary 11, 2024

Excellent article. Thank you.

LoraJanuary 11, 2024

A few years ago, I prayed a prayer that I had never prayed before: "Father, I cannot change. Please change me." I had tried and failed so many times to control my emotional eating habit. Books, gyms, clubs, support groups, none of them changed me for long. I recognized that I had an addiction, and followed the 12 steps, including surrendering to my Higher Power--my Heavenly Father and my Savior. It took a long time, and it wasn't without setbacks, but He has changed me. He took away a compulsion that I've had for 60 years. Now the results are obvious. I might write a book called "Lose 60 Pounds in 60 Years" but I don't think it will be a bestseller. Everyone wants a faster solution. For the first time in my life, I have confidence to get rid of my big clothes ("just in case"), and expect my current clothes to fit next year. What I realized in this process was that I can't just come unto Him one time. I have to come to Him every day.

Linda StricklandJanuary 10, 2024

Thank you to this author for this insight. So many times we experience what we think is failure. However, this article is a great reminder to have faith and patience.

Bob WJanuary 10, 2024

An Observer & H North—The brother was some years older than the daughter and died three months before she was born. I’ve not had, nor do I know anyone who has had a near death experience, but once while very ill, alone in an ICU a few hours from home, I saw and received a priesthood blessing from my deceased father accompanied by my also deceased mother and others whom I didn’t recognize. I already believed and had a testimony of the afterlife—now I know.

Abbie VianesJanuary 10, 2024

Potatoes, which could save starving French peasants, were not taking on. So the king had them planted in the royal garden and set his royal guard to protect the garden. Word got out and the royal guard turned the other way wnen peasants snuck in to steal potatoes. That is how potatoes went mainstream in France

Wanless SouthwickJanuary 9, 2024

It is very likely that the introductory summary for the First Book of Nephi was written by Mormon not Nephi. Mormon used introductory summaries to briefly describe the content, source, and authorship of each major section of the abridgement he was making of his people’s historical records. When Mormon found the Small Plates of Nephi among his library records, he appended it to his abridgement and logically followed his practice of adding an introductory summary to it. In the first sentence of the Small Plates of Nephi, Nephi personally declared his authorship by writing "I Nephi,... make a record of my proceedings in my days" (1 Nephi 1:1). Mormon’s introductory summary testifies to that authorship by simply paraphrasing Nephi’s words: “This is according to the account of Nephi; or in other words, I, Nephi, wrote this record.” (1 Nephi Preface:Heading)

CharlotteJanuary 9, 2024

While the things on your self test factor into happiness I was surprised that, Relationship with the Lord", wasn't listed. To me this is critical to genuine happiness.

GTOJanuary 9, 2024

I work at publishing online material to help people increase their testimonies in the gospel. We try to address controversies among the membership when they come up and are just now seeing the hue and cry from angry members regarding a quote from our prophet in General Conference: “Your choices today will determine three things: where you will live throughout all eternity, the kind of body with which you will be resurrected, and those with whom you will live forever.” Are they searching the scriptures and praying to understand eternal concepts designed by God? Or are they angry that the little we know about Eternal Life doesn't fit the concept they've gleaned from their earthly experiences and feelings? This article addresses this exactly. Humility and gratitude are keys to increasing our understanding. Nephi was humble, teachable, and willing to do anything for the Lord. Thank you for this eloquent, profound insight.

HelenCJanuary 9, 2024

The title of your article was enough to draw me in! Having just watch the Angel Studies film, “His Only Son”, about the faith of father Abraham, I have a new understanding of “a future only God can see”.

HelenCJanuary 9, 2024

I’m not single but I do still have dreams! My husband is an ex-member RM and my three surviving children are decidedly less-active. I’m also struggling to find clients for my Grief Coaching business which, at age 72, sometimes seems like “too little, too late. In grateful for your kind, hope-filled words, today. Thank you.

Debbie RaymondJanuary 8, 2024

We experienced our elders teaching the exact same “commandments lesson” to our friend MaryLu. I could NOT believe it. It was her third lesson! She was humble as she nodded yes and yes and so on. I prayed then, and I continue to pray for our friend to be blessed and for me to have the kind of faith the young missionaries have. (Senior missions are so good for us seniors!)

NealJanuary 8, 2024

What a far different story we would have if Lehi had just told them, OK, go back to Jerusalem and do the best you can; we will go on".

CubbyJanuary 8, 2024

The words that connected with me were"This family cannot continue to be held hostage by his threats." People I have worked with often do not understand that they are the hostages.

carolynJanuary 7, 2024

Oh gosh Steve how did I miss that? Thanks

David Newbold, PhDJanuary 6, 2024

What an absolutely brilliant and insightful piece of writing, the likes of which I have rarely encountered. You have identified the core problem that these two men suffered from. They truly suffered loss and pain, not because they were separated from their riches, although they believed that to be the cause of their unhappiness, they did not place God at their center. Obtaining riches and amassing power on earth has no positive effect on our eternal progress, on the contrary, these earthly desires undermine and, in many cases, bring eternal progression to a screeching halt. Yes, gold and power and dominion can be used in ways that build the Kingdom of God, but only if the person with an abundance of money and influence has amassed those gifts with an eye single to the Glory of God and has successfully removed selfishness out of their life. I have already begun to share this article with some of the patients in my practice of psychology. Thier reading of your thoughts and insights will most certainly assist them in improving their lives. Thank you again.

ShaunaJanuary 6, 2024

Thank you for this heartfelt, constructive article on the role of BYU. I have a BA and an MA from BYU and then attended 2 other private universities for further graduate study. There is NO comparison in terms of the quality of my academic education at BYU, the facilities, including the Harold B Lee Library, the grounds, the caliber of students, the emphasis on undergraduate teaching....and of course, and most importantly, the spiritual framework that BYU provides. And thanks to tithing funds, the cost is comparatively, incredibly low. Both of my kids attend BYU, and while it's not perfect, I am thrilled for them to be there and am encouraged by President Reese's passionate commitment to making BYU into what prophets have said it needs to become. I also love BYU Br. Thayne. It has played a huge role in my life

Cindy HuffakerJanuary 6, 2024

I think that Laman and Lemuel were very accustomed to the world and its ways. They didn't believe in God, didn't even WANT to believe in God. Even when there was evidence and testimony that persuaded them, they soon forgot, because they were not "grounded" in their own spiritual foundation through experiences - prayer, etc. A real testimony of God, Jesus Christ, is sincerely sought for.

Tracy TippettsJanuary 6, 2024

Thank you. In the postwar 1950's my father worked at UCLA to help design and construct other campuses in Santa Barbara and Riverside. He was personally recruited by Earnest Wilkinson to go to BYU, and help transform it into the beautiful and large university it is today. The student housing complexes of Heritage Halls, Hellman Halls, the Harris Fine Arts Center, and moving the football stadium from it's former location on lower campus, where the current buildings are located, to the distant location where the current stadium is, were some of his accomplishments and legacy. Unfortunately, he had a very liberal and unsympathetic attitude toward the Church, its members and doctrine, and for those reasons he was dismissed from his position after two years. Because of residual bitterness, he forbid his four children to ever attend there as students. But because my older sister received a full, four-year scholarship to attend, he relented and allowed her to do so. That opened the door for all of us to attend and graduate from BYU. Two us us with Master's degrees. Both my sisters met their husbands there, who both served full-time missions, as did my twin brother and myself. The opportunity and experience to attend BYU was the most significant and transformative experience of my life, and my siblings could each say the same. I consider the campus and environment there to be sacred and holy ground. I don't think it's impact and influence on hundreds of thousands lives can be overstated. It is very special and unique.

Donna McCownJanuary 5, 2024

Laman and Lemuel did not realize they were not in charge. God was and Nephi figured that out. Our prisons are full of people who refused to believe they were not in charge.

ChuckJanuary 5, 2024

I never fail to find application from the Book of Mormon in my life. Your article put some of my thoughts in to wonderful words. Thank you

F BoothJanuary 5, 2024

There is another character in the story. His name is Sam. He was older than Nephi but younger than L & L. He chose to side with Nephi. Yet, we learn very little about him. Did Nephi sleight him or was it simply that his story was outside the purpose of the Book of Mormon? He experienced everything his three brothers experienced, but his reaction is not recorded. Too bad!

JaneJanuary 5, 2024

This is beautifully said! It really resonated with me. Thank you!

WilJanuary 5, 2024

You reported many scriptures written by Oliver Cowdery that were part of the instruction Moroni gave to Joseph. I see the sources for the most of those verses from the Messenger and Advocate Feb and April 1835. But I cant find the sources for the last few. Matt 19 and Rev 6. Where can I find the source material for those verses being used by Moroni? Thanks

Jim BrownJanuary 5, 2024

Thank you for an inspired commentary that "hits the nail on the head" with regard to commitment to the Savior as the key to happiness in this life and as our "nail in the sure place" with regard to gaining eternal life.

Mary NooseJanuary 5, 2024

I love this article! It was exactly what I needed to hear, and confirms some things that the Holy Spirit has been telling me. Thank you!

Mike PerkinsJanuary 5, 2024

Love this. Have ye inquired of the Lord? Do you know the dealings of God? You are in a difficult situation - can you turn to the Lord and ask him to teach you and help you?

HelenCJanuary 5, 2024

It is so hard watching those I love struggle as Laman and Lemuel did! Love is challenging enough WITH Faith; it must be immeasurably dark without it! I keep praying for my husband’s return to at least the place where he again acknowledges what he used to call, “Helen’s little miracles”. I know Father has His arms ready to receive him but he is the one who must turn around, as I once did. Oh, the Joy that awaits him! I will keep Laman and Lemuel vs. Nephi in my mind throughout the year, watching and waiting for opportunities to add touches of light to our journey together.

Adrian MartinJanuary 5, 2024

Great message! Great lesson! Thank you!

Jennifer SJanuary 4, 2024

I've never struggled with the desire to wear the holy garment but I have daughters who do struggle. I grew up being taught that the garment represented modesty in women and so naturally taught that to my children. Now we understand the true symbolism of the temple garment and how it represents the Savior and our covenant to remember Him. I've tried to share these insights with my daughters. Sadly they view the garment as a sign of male partriarchy (old men in Salt Lake telling women what kind of underwear they should wear and how to dress). They are tired of hearing that they are responsible for men's thoughts and actions. I spoke to our Stake Young Women's president and begged her to encourage leaders to stop linking the garment to modesty in women and to instead teach what it truly symbolizes. Imagine if our women enter the temple for the first time and leave armed with the power of God and a tangible reminder of the Savior and the covenant they have made to follow Him?

Randal WagnerJanuary 4, 2024

What about tithing on benefits? Healthcare, employer-paid social security, matching 401K contributions, parking spots, etc.? I need to do some praying about this. If I get an answer that I should be paying tithing on those things, I have a lot of back-tithings to pay. I am leaning toward paying tithing on my full SS ck and hope I live long enough to pay the debt. Very good response from Martin.

Steve DoneganJanuary 4, 2024

Not a criticism, just something I noticed... Numbers 36 and 41 are the same.

Rochelle HaleJanuary 4, 2024

This is an amazing list. Thank you! Just last Sunday at church we had a class on emergency preparedness. In my area, we are prone to earthquakes and are long overdue for a big one. However, given the events of recent years, we need to remember that emergencies can also be personal. We may not face a catastrophic event, but we may face illness, unemployment, a financial crisis, etc. Some preparedness is better than none, and we can always improve.

DaveJanuary 3, 2024

the often reported battlefield instance of dying soldiers calling "Mother"... could it be that their own mothers are indeed visiting them in such a terrible time to comfort them going beyond? how is that possible if their mothers are still living and hoping for their return home? as supposed by CS Lewis, God is not limited by what we experience as linear time... so might He not send/allow such as these mothers from where they are in Heaven yrs/decades hence to return through time to comfort their children of this life in the most extreme trials?

Corey D.January 3, 2024

Good article, after 66 yrs of life, 45 yrs of marriage we have a lot of stuff, some is even from parents and grandparents, it's hard to part with some things, some of it has value though like family history stuff or heirlooms. I do worry though what's going to happen to some of it because my children are not very sentimental about things plus in some cases they have no room for things. I wonder if it's a generational thing, my generation is the last that had parents and grandparents who went through the depression and war and were taught and in turn taught us not to waste anything and appreciate our heritage, so we keep things.

Corey D.January 3, 2024

I served as the branch president when the veterans home was built and opened in our area, I tried to visit several times a week besides Sunday and especially when I knew one of those good veterans was close to moving on from this life I tried to visit as much as I could. I could tell you all kinds of interesting stories about those from the other side being seen by those close to death and even conversing with those from the other side. I would imagine the care center staff, aides, nurses and even doctors probably could write volumes about near death experiences of patients.

ObserverJanuary 3, 2024

Elder Packer touched upon this to in his Conference talk titled 'The Mystery of Life'.

An ObserverJanuary 3, 2024

@H North, It said the brother DIED three months before the other was BORN. Not two births; one death, one birth. No credibility problem.

Helmut A. WorleJanuary 3, 2024

On our mission in Germany there was young man, early twenties, who had a testimony of the Book of Mormon and all else the sister missionaries taught him, but he could no overcome his cigarette addiction, no matter how hard he tried. Finally, one of the Sisters had an idea. She reminded him of the story of the Anti-Nephi-Lehis and challenged him to make a covenant with Heavenly Father, complete with a ceremony in which he buried all his tobacco utensils and last cigarette pack along with a covenental prayer. It worked! He has never smoked since, was baptized and is a stalwart Saint to this day..

Ken WrightJanuary 3, 2024

My sister is a retired Nun. When we go to visit at the retirement facility, it seems there are more statues, pictures. writings and prayers involving Mary then there are of the Savior. Your presentation is an eye opener that brings new thoughts and insights. I will certainly see Mary (and Joseph) more appreciatively in future visits. Thank you.

Diane ChatwinJanuary 3, 2024

This last pod of the year was a wonderful ending of the New Testament and at the same time a beautiful introduction the the Book of Mormon. It was the perfect segue from one year to the next. Your discussion of the Accuser helped me SO much this week . . . thank you, thank you. I was one of the very fortunate folks who were able to see Jordan and Jerusalem with you last year. What a phenomenal blessing!!! Blessings to you on your mission.

Jenny Madsen SvendsenJanuary 3, 2024

Thank you for that spiritually uplifting and consoling article. My mother died twice, declared clinically dead, and on one of these occasions she did go beyond the veil, she told me she was herself, but no more pain, a gentle voice told her she had to go back and tell people of life after death, so when the missionaries cam and taught us the plan of Salvation, both she and I as a 10 year young girl, knew that it was true. Fast forward, to when our adult son passed, the night we found out, he came to me and reassured me that he was happy and at peace, he later gave a message to his dad, through someone else, that was very personal. I do look forward to meeting him, ht told that his grandmother was there to greet him, and that was my mom, as his dad's mom was still living. These experiences are very sacred to me and confirms that our departed are just as alive as were are here on the earth, just in a different place

Adrian MartinJanuary 3, 2024

Long before I joined the Church in 1976, I had read books by Elizabeth Kuebler-Ross on Life after Life. Daniel's article is excellent and I, too, love the words of that hymn with which he finished his remarks. Thank you!

H NorthJanuary 3, 2024

"Her father started to cry, and confessed that she did indeed have a brother who died three months before she was born." How is it medically possible to give birth to two children only three months apart? Were they paternal twins perhaps? Otherwise, this story lacks some credibility.

Charles KrautJanuary 3, 2024

There is an old Shirley Temple movie entitled The Blue Bird that includes a fairly lengthy scene in the pre-mortal spirit world. It is well worth watching, if you can find it.

SueJanuary 2, 2024

Thank you! Absolutely beautiful. I will definitely share this.

CubbyJanuary 2, 2024

Always enjoy the jokes, thanks for magnifying your talents and blessing us with your creativity.

Richard and Marie JukesJanuary 2, 2024

Thank you for the inspiring insights into the wearing of the name of our Savior! Our love and prayers are with you daily!

BillieJanuary 2, 2024

know they felt a special need to warn, but let us not forget that many are holding fast to the iron rod and obtaining their exaltation despite all the hazards along the way.

MaryannJanuary 2, 2024

Since this deception continued for MONTHS, I would be very hesitant about marrying this man. She was waiting all that time, and he had not even submitted the papers? It is also very troubling that he is more concerned about his children's feelings than her's. I see red flags all over this situation, and I hope she will think very carefully before continuing in this relationship. If his concerns for his adult children are greater than his loyalty to her, there are all sorts of problems looming on the horizon.

David MohrJanuary 2, 2024

There is no discussion of the meaning of the word sojourn. I usually see sojourn as meaning staying. Add the definition of wilderness as a place without civilization's influence and you can easily say they were eight years travelling from Jerusalem to leaving Bountiful or even from Jerusalem to the new world,where they established a new civilization. As put forth in the essay, we need to expand our thinking to include the many tasks glossed over by Nephi.

Charles DikeJanuary 2, 2024

This article precludes the possibility that the 600-year prophecy was based on an intercalated lunar/solar calendar. Randall Spackman's 12-lunar month calendar fits reasonably snuggly if the prophecy began when the Nephites set sail. Interesting.

Charles DikeJanuary 1, 2024

Nice article! I note that this supports Randall Spackman's 12 lunar month calendar and precludes an intercalated calendar for the 600-year prophecy. If we accept that the reign of Zedekiah began in 597 BC and Christ was born a year prior to Herod's death before the Passover of 4 BC, then we have 592 solar years. Subtracting 8 years in the wilderness allows 584 solar years for the 600-year prophecy. that leaves less than 602 lunar years in which to place the prophecy. Interesting.

Brad LDecember 30, 2023

Excellent article. I'll look forward to reading your more detailed Interpreter article. You've laid out in a very convincing manner what so many of us have thought regarding the 8 years in the 'wilderness': that most of that time had to have been spent in Khor Kharfot building the ship. Thank you!

R. FlynnDecember 29, 2023

I am active LDS. I just saw "The Oath". I was very disappointed. This was NOT a good movie portrayal of Moroni and the Book of Mormon. To me, this was an ego trip of Darin Scott. Scott took way too much artistic license in creating his own version that would feature Darin Scott, Darin Scott, and, oh yeah, some more of Darin Scott. This was a missed opportunity. I very much hope someone else will put their ego aside, and create a Moroni-based story/movie with a focus on Moroni, Mormon, and the events leading up to the plates being deposited in the Hill Cumorah.

Warren AstonDecember 29, 2023

When Godfrey Ellis's original paper appeared in the Interpreter journal (vol. 57) a few months ago, I posted a comment that this truly seminal step forward in our understanding of Nephi's account already sheds new light on aspects of Bountiful and gave a couple of examples. For those of us who believe this all took place in the real world and involved real people, being able to visualize the journey accurately is foundational. I'm glad to see this shortened version appear!

Single Man in Virginia, late 50'sDecember 29, 2023

Here I am reading this over ten years later. As newly-single man in my late 50's, reading this article -- but most especially these comments -- has been very interesting. I wonder what, if anything, has changed in these past 10 years. What have ward, stake, and church leaders tried. What is working? What is helping? I don't know whether I'll re-marry or not. For now I'll just keep doing my best to live the gospel, and seek the Lord's guidance. I will be open to meeting new people and making friends. With the gospel in my life, I have plenty to be thankful for.

RobynDecember 29, 2023

Love it! Thx for all the laughs Kevin. Happy New Years!

Lynne JensenDecember 29, 2023

Fascinating, and logical, article. When one considers the details involved in those eight years, your presentation makes very good, and logical, sense. Thank you.

JAMES P FOLEYDecember 29, 2023

Good; thanks.

DoraDecember 29, 2023

I never thought it other than what emerged in this article. I am glad I was correct in my understanding. Wildernesd to me us anywhere where there is no civilisation or settlements. The 8 years were the total time from leaving to sailing the ship. Joseph and Jacob on the ship were still very young so probably were born in Bountiful and less than 6 years old. I am grateful for the Loed to make me able to nderstand correctly the story. All the best for the New Year 2024!

Paul RobertsDecember 29, 2023

The wood drying process would have been avoided if the chosen trees would have been girdled and left to dry out naturally and drain out water and sugars. Recommended as the best way to harvest structural timber. Ribs would have been made from curved and or forked trees.

ArletteDecember 29, 2023

All I can say is Thank you ,

Craig PetersenDecember 28, 2023

Great insights. Simultaneously, He has the power to save and the love to comfort. Especially liked the “spiritual oxymorons”.

Lauren HausmanDecember 28, 2023

My daughter is Hermana Hausman. She was so excited to go to your house for Christmas brunch! Thank you so much for making it a special day for her and the other missionaries! She loved it!

GerryDecember 28, 2023

They should NOT plan a wedding and set a date until the sealing has been dissolved. That issue causes too much stress and emotional upset. Take the time to do it right. If it is right, it will stand the test of time.

Lorna LundDecember 28, 2023

Reading this was very emotional for me! We were going to go with the Proctor’s to Israel before the outbreak of War in Israel. We were to go in May. Of course, the trip was canceled. Reading about their missionary service in Puerto Rico was so beautiful. I shed many tears reading it and realizing the good they are doing in serving others. It made me realize that we are all God’s Hands. This article was so beautifully written. I am sending it to my grandson, Cooper, who is serving in the Dallas West Texas mission. They are invited in to eat at so many homes — but no one wants to hear about the gospel or wants a copy of the Book of Mormon. He gets discouraged — but, like the Proctors, he is out there every day serving. Thank you for this beautifully written article.

Gary and Joy LundbergDecember 28, 2023

It was inspiring to read this article about your mission and the challenges you face as you try to serve the Lord. Your light shines bright and reflects the Lord's face. People will see that and be led to him in many ways as they watch you. You are an example of faith and cheerfulness wherever you are. You are in our prayers. We love you both.

DavidDecember 28, 2023

Thanks for sharing your missionary service experiences. It is certainly a leap of faith to immerse yourselves into a culture where you don’t know the language very well yet you have proven than you can do much good by diving into the work and letting God guide your actions.

SallyDecember 27, 2023

I would like to correct a misleading translation that happens everytime any other translation is used besides KJV or the original texts, which causes chaos. You stated that the Bible states," He was despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief; and we hid as it were our faces from Him; He was despised, and we esteemed GIM NOT." Surely he hath borne OUR griefs, and carried OUR sorrows, yet we esteemed Him Stricken, smitten OF God, and afflicted. This last part is explained in Matthew 8:17 and the following verses in Isaiah 53. Look at V. 8 and 10-12. People with sin, do not like their sins exposed so they tend to hide, especially from the one who is going to bare and die for those sins. Remember, that God willingly gave His only and most precious sinless Son as an offering of sacrifice to the world so that we may be saved as He too loved us, but unlike Christ, we didn't deserve His love, but He loved us anyway, enough to allow His Son to endure the cruelty of man. Thank you and God Bless you!

Corey D.December 27, 2023

I heard Elder Marvin J Ashton tell a story once about being called into President Benson's office and being given a somewhat challenging assignment, when President Benson finished talking to him about it he said to President Benson, "I'll do it President", to which President Benson replied " I know you will Marvin, we trust you". Elder Ashton then said something I have not forgotten, he said "I would rather be trusted than loved".

MaryannDecember 27, 2023

Great principles here! However, I must say that some of us just are not made to be early morning people. Ever since I was a teen, morning just has not been a great time for me, physically or emotionally, Some of us have to move around a bit before we become clear minded, and that's o.k. A prayer offered at 10 a.m. is just as valuable as a prayer at 6 a.m. The important thing is to have sincere daily personal prayer and scripture study. Let's not become too rigid here.

Laurie Claeys BoydDecember 27, 2023

Beautiful, timely article! Thank you so much for this.

JillDecember 27, 2023

How kind is our God! I've suffered a lot in the past several years. There is only one who redeems, saves, and loves us unfailingly! Jesus is the answer to all of our tribulations in this mortal life. Let us return to Him every moment of every day! We are blessed with òur testimony of Our Lord and His wonderful Atonement.

Blake GarsideDecember 27, 2023

From my early days growing up in Granger, Utah and reading 2 Nephi 3, I have often wondered, what did Joseph Smith do in the Pre-existence to distinguish himself so well? Particularly, to usher in the last dispensation and be the prophet of the restoration? In addition, what was Joseph’s first reaction when he translated 2 Nephi 3, oh I wished I could have witnessed his reaction!! I love the prophet Joseph for being the instrument of restoring the Priesthood whereby sacred & exalted Ordinances can be performed in our sacred Temples

Blake GarsideDecember 27, 2023

From my early days growing up in Granger, Utah and reading 2 Nephi 3, I have often wondered, what did Joseph Smith do in the Pre-existence to distinguish himself so well? Particularly, to usher in the last dispensation and be the prophet of the restoration? In addition, what was Joseph’s first reaction when he translated 2 Nephi 3, oh I wished I could have witnessed his reaction!! I love the prophet Joseph for being the instrument of restoring Priesthood whereby sacred & exalted Ordinances can be performed in our sacred Temples

PaulineDecember 25, 2023

Where are the additional 44 symbols you mentioned are in your podcast notes?

C SavageDecember 25, 2023

Well said! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Your testimony is precious.

Lynne JensenDecember 24, 2023

Outstanding article. Thank you so much.

Corey D.December 24, 2023

My father-in-law who was about the nicest guy you could ever meet, was serving as the Bishop in his ward and was encouraging the ward members to sing in the ward choir decided he needed to be an example so he went choir practice, after choir practice he was told, " Bishop, we know you have so much to do and we have enough in the choir, you really don't have to participate". He knew they were politely asking him not to sing.

Corey D.December 24, 2023

Thank you Sister Christofferson for the excellent, needed, timely and might I add brave article. I like many others can share stories of the physical protection sometimes even miraculous protection from wearing garments but I have come to know the greatest benefit is the spiritual protection. When I was younger and my mother was still alive, when visiting her I would ask how an old friend or neighbor was doing, she would respond with what she knew about them and occasionally would say "well, they aren't wearing their garments", some would say that was judgemental or why would she even notice that or know about it but I have found over the years what she implied or meant by that response has never been wrong, it was and in my personal observations has always been an indicator for a person going into inactivity, leaving the church or breaking the commandments

Judy ParnellDecember 24, 2023

Thank you, as always, for your thoughtful reverent message which leads my soul to worship anew in gratitude this Holy Christmas Eve.

Mark W MinerDecember 23, 2023

Inspired and beautiful writing! Thank you for expressing a number of important and balanced ponderings and observations. Merry Christmas!

John RedfordDecember 23, 2023

It would be interesting to know which branch of Joseph. No one is from the tribe of Joseph only. Joseph was given a double portion by way of the birthright.

AliceDecember 23, 2023

I cried all the way through these. Good tears.

MaryannDecember 22, 2023

You have been remarkably patient, but I would have greatly limited my contact with the in-laws long ago. Your energies should be primarily spent on your spouse and children, and your in-laws are draining you. The time to say "Enough!" has come, and you can do that by setting some strict boundaries. When the in-laws speak to you disrespectfully, you can immediately leave their presence, or tell them you need to hang up. Do this EVERY time, without exception. If they continue to be abusive, and this is abuse, you don't need to be around them. The fact that you are related to someone does not mean you have to go to their home (or have them in yours) and get repeatedly kicked.

MaryannDecember 22, 2023

I hope everyone who has a depressed family member or friend will read this. While suffering from serious depression, I found a good Psychiatrist who was also a Bishop. He helped me find the tools that have changed my life dramatically, and I have so much more joy. The depressed husband in this article is probably not able to think clearly right now, but his wife CAN have faith that he will become well again. It will help her to remember that depression can temporarily rob a person of any joy, and some even become numb. Deep inside, he still loves her, but is unable to cope with much right now because depression can completely drain you of energy to give to a relationship. Even small things will be completely overwhelming for him. I hope she, and others in this situation, will carefully follow Brother Steurer's excellent advice. There IS life and happiness still to come. It is especially important that she have a trusted friend or family member to talk with. A couple of visits with a therapist on her own would also help her learn how to take care of herself and to understand what her husband is experiencing.

JoeyDecember 22, 2023

You forgot Hobby-Lobby, it made me cry!

Leonard BoydellDecember 22, 2023

I love you article. I have said many ties in the past that I could never be a general authority because I have no middle name. Now that I has been blown out of the water (not that there aren't other reasons why I won't be called). A friend also commented that Elder Keiran is a convert, which has not happen for a great many years. Also he is English, probably the first English man since John Taylor, although many previous Apostles have roots going back to the UK.

Carol MaskDecember 22, 2023

THANK YOU! I had a similar dream only not the part where I literally decided to stand by Him in gratitude. I was just so excited that He came forth saying Here Am I. Send me; so excited I could hardly contain my joy. It wasn’t a quiet, humble joy, with head bowed and eyes closed. It was a jump up and down, clap your hands and SHOUT forJOY! So happy and grateful! It helps me to get through the hard times. And I love that you looked upon every one you met here on earth, knowing they too chose Jesus! Maybe they jumped up and down too.

HelenCDecember 22, 2023

Such clarity and scholarship! I have saved the link to this article until I can preserve the text on my computer. I also sent it to a friend who has developed issues with unfounded stories of Brother Joseph. It seems the powers of darkness that attacked him in his lifetime are still at work. I am forever grateful to know that Truth will prevail and that scholars like yourself will continue to expose it.

HelenCDecember 21, 2023

The knowledge that He did this for me gives me so much Peace. The knowledge that everyone I meet once knew it, too, gives me Hope and frees me to love them unconditionally, as Father and Christ do.

EdgarDecember 21, 2023

Wow! A very compelling article. Powerful enough that helped me to abide with my post as a loving husband.

LaWrenDecember 21, 2023

Thank you for sharing all these remarkable uplifting experiences. … beautiful!

Lorena HolmsteadDecember 20, 2023

Lora - you can still pay on Venmo without knowing the last four digits of his phone number. Just press “Pay without Confirming” at the bottom, and the payment will go through. Thank you for the invitation to help our, Brother Goddard!.

Wally GoddardDecember 20, 2023

Thank you for your interest in donating! You are welcome to send a check to 37 Shadow Mtn Dr, Logan, UT 84321 if you do not have Venmo. If you have Venmo and they ask for my phone, you can give 2724 or you can skip the step and pay anyway. Blessings to you! Wally

MaryannDecember 20, 2023

In the midst of painful grieving, none of us want to hear trite phrases, no matter how well meant they are. We need to be aware that we cannot "fix," or try to change what someone is feeling at the death of a loved one. We can keep our loving comments brief and to the point. No one wants a lecture at this time. Sometimes a hug and just being present, sitting with the person, will help them to express their feelings without us asking a lot of questions. When we lost our daughter five hours after birth, a member of the church responded by saying enthusiastically, "Isn't that just WONDERFUL! You will have her in the next life, and be able to raise her." His tone of voice was ridiculously congratulatory, as if we should have a big party. It was very insensitive and offensive.

BarbaraDecember 20, 2023

I also tried to donate but it asked me for the last four digits of Wallace's phone number.

MaryannDecember 20, 2023

I can picture the lord lovingly clothing Adam and Eve to protect them before they left the Garden of Eden. When we wear our garment, it is a reminder that the Lord has lovingly clothed US as a reminder of the Savior and the covenants we have made. While the garment will not always protect us from physical harm, it help strengthen us in our resolve to keep our covenants. There are great promises from the Lord to covenant keepers. The garment is sacred and called the garment of the Holy Priesthood. Like our nation's flag, it should not touch the ground, or be treated casually.

Carol NorthcottDecember 20, 2023

One of my favorite quotes about grief describes the experience the way I feel it: “GRIEF IS A POWERFUL RIVER in flood. It cannot be argued or reasoned or wrestled down to an insignificant trickle. You must let it take you where it is going. When it pulls you under, all you can do is keep your eyes open for rocks and fallen trees, try not to panic, and stay face up so you will know where the sky is. You will need that information later. Eventually, its waters calm and you will be on a shore far from where you began, raw and sore, but clean and as close to whole as you will ever be again.” From: The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope: A Novel by Rhonda Riley

ShaunaDecember 20, 2023

Brilliant! love it

James O Brown IIDecember 20, 2023

How can we donate if we do not do Venmo?

JeffDecember 20, 2023

I literally feel naked without my Garments on my rather aging body. I haven’t always felt that way. It was the same feeling, or lack of, I experienced while taking the Sacrament. I did not fully understand until my loving wife pointed out my mistake and lack of scriptural learning. My only excuse, I didn’t have the background or experience, being raised a non member. Now I’ve been a member for 55 years. As mentioned in another comment, being patient and long-suffering is the key. Early on I found ways to not wear the Garments, sports, Summer heat, etc. Now, I don’t feel I could ever not wear them. Just yesterday, Tuesday, I spent the best part of my day in the Payson Temple. PS: I’m doing this on my cellphone

HelenCDecember 20, 2023

Have a blessed, Joy-filled Christmas, my friend.

LoraDecember 20, 2023

I tried to make a donation, but Venmo asked me for the last 4 digits of your phone number to complete the transaction.

Steven SwarthoutDecember 20, 2023

Don’t know Venmo, how about Zelle?

Robert StarlingDecember 19, 2023

It's very simple. I made a promise in the temple to wear the garment "night and day", and I try to be a man of my word. Also, it can truly be a protection physically. Once my father was welding when the torch slipped to his leg. His pants were burned away, but not his temple garment. And his leg was unharmed.

Robert StarlingDecember 19, 2023

The people of Puerto Rico are blessed to have the Proctors as ambassadors of Christ in their midst. And the other missionaries are blessed to have them as fellow servants.

Anita CallDecember 19, 2023

This is one of the more powerful articles that Becky Douglas has shared with readers of Meridian. My experience has confirmed that sincere acts of service bring joy that strengthens our relationships with our fellow beings and especially with our Heavenly Father and His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you, Becky! Anita Call

Karla BurkhartDecember 19, 2023

So good to hear from you. You will do well.

Joni HiltonDecember 19, 2023

Can't think of anyone better to teach these wonderful young elders and sisters!

Marilynne LinfordDecember 19, 2023

Yes. The lessons are called BookofMormon4us. The last lesson is at I think you can access the others from there.

JonathanDecember 19, 2023

Wonderful material. I think there is room to explore more on the topic of how to respond to those that actually don't desire to show a strong sign to their God that they desire to be connected to Him. For some, it may just be a matter of education on what the garment wearing truly means. But what about those that in fact understand the ideas, but they simply aren't at a place in life where those ideas are important to them. Do we encourage those people to not wear the garment at all if they aren't going to wear it with full dedication? Do we encourage those people to not go to the temple in the first place? This really is about how do we respond to those with lukewarm commitment to God, besides trying to re-educate them. What other tools do we have? I'm not saying I have the answers, (though I would suggest patience and love are among them). I just think there is room for discovery on what - if anything - we can do more besides teach more about the doctrine.

RuthDecember 19, 2023

Thank you so much. Love your podcasts

NealDecember 18, 2023

Quite simply, you make a covenant in the Temple to wear the garment always and for the rest of your life.

ShaunaDecember 18, 2023

Absolutely--thanks for the article. I love my garments and am so grateful for the way they help me to remember the Savior and that as an endowed member of the Savior's Church, I am set apart from the world. They have become more and more meaningful to me as the years have passed; and our temple ordinances, including the initiatory and the endowment, remind us of their importance and of the blessings associated with wearing them

ScottHDecember 18, 2023

A discussion with a friend who is a runner caused me to reflect on my choice to remove the temple garment while exercising. He expressed how his love of what the garment represents makes him want to wear it anytime he reasonably can. Sure, the garment may get sweaty during a workout, but that's a small thing compared to the joy of cherishing the Lord and our covenants with Him that are symbolized by the garment. Changing my exercise wardrobe to support the garment has felt right and I am grateful to my friend for sharing his personal insights.

ElaineDecember 18, 2023

Thank you for this much needed message and reminder of all that is right and good about our temple garment.

HelenCDecember 18, 2023

While I agree the garments themselves are not “magical”, I felt the physical power that comes with them when my covenants were restored and I was able to wear them again after losing the privilege. I awoke in the middle of the night that first night to feel as though a soft sheet was being draped over me. I knew then that Father was aware of my return.

E. TaylorDecember 18, 2023

My favorite book What Seek Ye. I have listened to it twice and listening for a 3rd time

Linda WestoverDecember 18, 2023

Amen to everything you said! As a temple ordinance worker, I have been appalled by the number of "mothers of the bride" who tuck and pin the garment to make it conform to the neck/sleeve line of the wedding dress. How do they dare tp teach their precious daughters to "adjust" their obedience to meet the fashion of our day? Certainly we are free to choose for ourselves, but there is also the responsibility to teach correct principles! Thanks for speaking up!

Rochelle HaleDecember 18, 2023

Thank you for this timely article. We recently helped an elderly friend who went to the temple for the first time. Though he took the temple preparation course, and we helped him shop for his temple clothing, he was still very confused. A day or show after receiving his endowment he shared that he thought that temple garments were only part of the ceremonial clothing. We will share this article with him.

Linda VanCottDecember 18, 2023

Beautiful thoughts. While I've worn them constantly since I received my endowments in 1971 before my mission, this reaffirmed my reasons, added insight, increased my awareness of their symbolism and importance, and deepend my love for these sacred garments. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Gail McHardyDecember 18, 2023

Yes it would take a whole book to tell the reasons why I always wear my garments. They have been a major blessing since my first temple experience. A constant reminder of the Saviour's promises, protection love.

Kerry FarrDecember 18, 2023

Hello Elder and Sister Proctor. This is Kerry Farr and Karen Murphy. I am Kerry ,long time reader of Meridian Magazine. We are on Dominica Island, in your mission Was happy to see you had come to our mission❣️ we are serving a humanitarian “ mini mission” for 3 months with Anxiously Engaged Alliance. We can relate with so much of what you are experiencing ❣️ Karen has even had Dengue! Doing well now. The people are so friendly and helpful. We help the busy Elders with visits - and food and treats for them. We love the members and investigators in our small half a Branch. Ya man, no problem, no mean mugging… We miss going to the temple. You are very blessed to have one so close. Best wishes and God bless you in all you are doing ❤️

Corey D.December 17, 2023

DIY rules. That's not only an inspirational story but humorous.

Corey D.December 17, 2023

There are those in society who have been warning us for decades about what has been going on in the education system, particularly in higher education, including many church leaders, President Benson in particular. President McKay who was an educator by choice and by profession warned about the evils of socialism and how it was being advanced under the guise of fairness, equality and even patriotism. A prophets voice and warning isn't just for moral or religious things.

Shelby B.December 17, 2023

Not a Mormon, but the themes of tyranny, oppression, slavery and evil were certainly well explored in this movie. Moroni showed the compassion of Christ throughout. What an amazing love story also! Only wish it could have been longer. The Southam family is due much credit for this movie! One of the best movies ever, loved it with the same heart I loved Gladiator and 300. If you can't catch it in the theater, catch it any way you can, it is beautiful, well acted, and a vision I hope will keep going.

Corey D.December 17, 2023

What a wonderful article, interesting how the spirit works and knows all things, so much inspiration in this story and outside of the story. Just this week my daughter in law sent out a text saying that she and my son had decided to separate and file for divorce, this same son came home early from his mission many years ago, as I contemplated and thought about this son and how would he cope with divorce and life, the thought came to me that he needs to get involved in service to others and then I read this article and it was a confirmation of my thoughts, I know it came from the spirit, service is always the answer.

Ron StandageDecember 16, 2023

It can be found by searching on YouTube for BookofMormon4us.

KarenDecember 16, 2023

Thanks for reminding me what it’s all about… Faith in Him!!!

GailDecember 15, 2023

I love hearing of your missionary adventures in P.R. I have been there 3 times to see our son and can identify with what you are experiencing. I also love temple and family history work. I joined a genealogy class the Sunday after I was baptized on 19 February 1966. Back then, there were only 13 temples in the world. So grateful for my testimony of this Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Marilynne LinfordDecember 15, 2023

Thanks for asking. Yes. The lessons are still on YouTube. The last lesson is at I think once you are in you can access the others at links to previous classes. I can also access the lessons at YouTube BookofMormon4us Marilynne Linford. Remember, I am not a professional!

NancyDecember 15, 2023

This is the most beautiful & inspiring article. I love it so much! Thank you so much to all who contributed to the writing of this story. I love reading about “conversion” stories. When hearts & souls are changed & become more like our Savior. Thank you so much! ♥️

Nancy HDecember 15, 2023

Wow. Excellent article. I'll be sharing it with others.

Diane AndersonDecember 15, 2023

Loved reading this article last night. The mission president was very wise in his counsel to the struggling missionary. Having our focus on others and their needs always is the right way to go.

HelenCDecember 15, 2023

How I wish I had thought of this while my less active daughter was living with us for the past 3 years! She did rescue a wonderful dog while she was here and caring for Tsuki has definitely impacted her life and anxiety issues. Now she’s three hours away again but I will see if I can direct her to some charity work from here. Thank you!

Gainell and Mark RogersDecember 15, 2023

It was great to hear about your early experiences in the mission. Keep up the good work. May you be blessed with good heath and strength. Feliz Navidad!!

Ann-Marie JensenDecember 14, 2023

I loved this insightful commentary on these words and concepts. I find words to be so important and am often intrigued by how particular words are used so carefully in some of the scriptures. Thanks for sharing your unique growth experience. And a thanks to Becky for knowing how to receive revelation.

HelenCDecember 14, 2023

So inspiring! Is your Book of Mormon YouTube channel still up and available to us?

Andrea (Osinchak) BartleyDecember 14, 2023

I am loving your mission letters! I've read Meridian Magazine for years however there is really something special about your mission experiences to date. Perhaps its because I'm a professional family history consultant, and Director of our FSC, and love helping people, especially the new members. We have a similar process to get new members to the temple doing ancestral baptisms in our stake here in Columbia, SC. I give out pass along cards all the time and hope people are using it. As I'm reading your experiences I'm thinking about a high school friend who passed away and I'd need permission to do her ordinances but there are no parents, siblings, children or spouse to get permission from. Her sister was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico 19 Sep 1959 and died in the US in 2021. Her mother was born in Puerto Rico and her name was Laura Padro but I have no dates or place. She married Jack Kosharek probably around 1953. I believe Laura died in Puerto Rico as Laura Kosharek. If I could get this back just one more generation and come to know Laura's parents I could do some research and submit my high school friends family even though I can't submit her. Any chance you might have some ideas for me how to find something out about Laura Padro? Jack was born in 1927 in Penna but I don't know if they married in Puerto Rico. I just felt while reading your article I should at least write and ask. If there are no ideas that is just fine, but I just want to follow my prompting to ask. Heaven's blessings on your both! By the way we used to live in the same stake many years ago - Annandale, VA. What great memories there!

LoraDecember 14, 2023

Is it possible to watch those Book of Mormon lessons on YouTube?

Linda WestoverDecember 13, 2023

What a sweet experience! Too many of us fail to "have eyes that see and ears that hear." How disappointing is must be to the Lord when He sends us miracles and they go unnoticed. Thanks for the reminder to put our faith to work!

Mark MathesonDecember 13, 2023

Gary Lawrence has a fresh view of how we should do missionary work. I wish more people followed his advice. Thanks for the practical wisdom.

Carol StephensDecember 12, 2023

I think it sets them apart from other people with the same first and last name. It’s easier to identify which person, with that status, is being talked about.

LanaDecember 12, 2023

Hi will you please send the first page that goes with the nativity scene in the article about Christmas resources? Thank you.... one can't do the activity without page one

KathleenDecember 12, 2023

Thank you for including us in your daily experiences. May the Lord continue to bless you in this great work and wonderful opportunity of your lives.

HelenCDecember 12, 2023

Thank you for reminding me that my glacial journey towards comforting “those who mourn” as a Grief Coach is a sacred journey that is in His hands.

Ken HazelbakerDecember 12, 2023

My wife developed a program in Sacramento in 2010 for the 17 stakes of N. CA mission called "tell me about your family". Great success where missionaries used the line at door approach, get contact to fill out as much info as could recall, then family history consultant would do research, prepare a folder and return with missionaries to present and explain and nurture relationship. Members started to ask nonmember friends too! Easier for many than handing out Bof M! She trained mission and stakes on how to do it. A win win for all. She could help if you need. (She's a miraculous 4 yr survivor of cancer that gave her just 6 months! Miracles still happen!! We live in Cedar Hills!

MaryannDecember 11, 2023

I, like so many other church members, dearly love President Holland. I m sure there are a multitude of prayers that have gone up along with my own. How I love this man! I am glad the Lord has spared him and hope he will continue to be with us for a long while. Of course, this is in the Lord's hands and he knows what is best. I feel a little selfish because I am sure Elder Holland would love to be with his beloved wife, Pat, but he is also leaving it in the Lord's hands.

HelenCDecember 11, 2023

I recently spent time with my cousin who only knows of the Church through her contact with my mother and me. Believe it it not, the common ground we found was “secret combinations” which she believes is driving most of the evil in today’s world. I told her she could find the Book of Mormon online if she wanted to know more.

Ruth JamiesonDecember 11, 2023

I absolutely loved this movie for so many reasons. It keeps me pondering over the beauty of the messages it portrayed. So glad movies like this are being made.

RuthDecember 11, 2023

I am 80 years old and am very frustrated that I could not hear MOST of what was said!! Sometimes I could hear words, then their voices would get more and more soft until I could not hear anything at all!! Please be more considerate of us old folks and speak up!!! Your messages are wonderful, but most is lost!

Corey D.December 10, 2023

I really struggle sometimes with being positive or seeing the youth in a positive light in society, including in the church. They are pretty good for the most part, including many going on missions or at least starting missions but it just seems to me so many of the young adults are struggling that it makes it hard to be positive about the youth when I wonder so often, will they remain true and faithful.

Ilyan Kei LavanwayDecember 9, 2023

The Oath, by Darin Scott left me speechless in silent reverence. A true American cinematic miracle! It was so good, I watched it twice in a row the same night! Nothing out there compares to this film. Nothing even comes close! It just has to be experienced. There is so much rich symbolism woven into the story, you need to see it multiple times to fully appreciate it. Darin Scott is a true pioneer in the film industry! Go watch this film!

Joanne KalppDecember 8, 2023

The message is so tenderly Christlike - Angelic singing

Laura TDecember 8, 2023

Maurine, your article was just what I needed to hear.! “Doing my best looks different here” you know I find myself with Cancer & 7 kids & I too, thrive on efficiency & planning, to feel good about my day. I too, find myself in a “new frontier of learning & responding.” & I definitely feel like a child in this new world I’ve stepped into with my health. Thank you for your beautiful reminder to trust the Lord, let go of what I think things should look like, move forward with faith that He is guiding me, and let Him orchestrate His work I so desperately want to be a part of. Love you guys!

AprilDecember 8, 2023


Newell WrightDecember 7, 2023

Here is the link to the Neal A. Maxwell article from the last line of the article:

Dewey AllenDecember 7, 2023

Very interesting article, lead me to this paper:, which says something indirectly related to Lehi's altar. Page 8, only full paragraph, has the comments about priests from these removed sites and their legitimate but illegal activities (they weren't executed).

Robert StarlingDecember 7, 2023

One year in my hometown of Columbus, Georgia a missionary booth was set up at the county fair. One young woman named Brenda stopped by the booth, became interested, and soon joined the Church. Later she met and married Mike, who became our Bishop. They are now and forever our best friends for life.

Janice HiestandDecember 7, 2023

I have not been able to print this off, I love to read and re-read these lessons, marking them, and adding my own observations. ,

TerriDecember 7, 2023

Thank you for sharing your journey! Hello to the Larsen's from friends in Wyoming!

Carol AnnDecember 6, 2023

When we were teaching about water storage a few years ago, we discovered Water Bricks each of which hold 3 1/2 gallons of water, have a handle for transporting, a pour spout, and they stack nicely. They are a little pricey, but we think well worth it!

Denise ChristensenDecember 6, 2023

Oh my, Maureen! What a lot of challenges in such a short period of time! If anyone can overcome the hurdle, you two certainly can!ove reading your articles and enjoy all the pictures. Probably makes you really appreciate that luxury cruise in Croatia! Keep the faith, girl! You’re a strong and faithful disciple!

Sherry ReimersDecember 6, 2023

Oh how I love this message! Tears are streaming down my face. I will share this with my family and friends . Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

KateDecember 5, 2023

I needed this. I’m a mom of one toddler, who miscarried at 6 and twelve twice this year, and is a temple worker, relief society counselor, temple worker, etc and I’m soooo burnt out. Then our couples get away mini vaca might get cancelled due to a grandparent dearth. I understand that I can’t keep doing this, my kids need me.

MaryannDecember 5, 2023

YES! We need to implement this concept that love is the key to apply to ALL of our callings, or work. And, fun! I appreciate that you taught the children the difference between singing a some songs reverently and singing others boisterously. One of the greatest testimonies we can share with others, especially with children, is living the gospel with joy and love.

GailDecember 5, 2023

Loved reading of your adventures and miracles. My son is in Metro Ward so I have been to P.R. for visits. I can visualize your house with cinder block interior walls. I met you in 2018 @ Rootstech. Scott recorded my testimony of the joy of family history, so I wholeheartedly encourage using family questions. We all love our families. I will be following you.

R C CopelandDecember 5, 2023

It"s "a third part". You know the other two?

Craig FrogleyDecember 5, 2023

This brings back so many memories from Africa and Paris. You are such powerful instruments with such a huge tool box of options Father can use to open doors and hearts. I am anxious to follow your adventures in that island kingdom. Thank you for sharing them to graphically.

Annie JensenDecember 5, 2023

Gotta love that iKea miracle!

Terri CherpeskiDecember 5, 2023

My Husband Vince and I were on one of your tours of Church History sites several years ago. We loved it so much! We have been excited about your mission I am anxious to follow as you

DeNile WilliamsDecember 5, 2023

I simply love and look forward to the report that the Proctors so graciously provide to us from their mission. Thank you both.

Duane BoyceDecember 5, 2023

A fantastic post, as always. I love reading about your mission! Thank you SO much.

ayseDecember 5, 2023

This article was not just delightful to read but very profound for our day and age. Too many people today talk about fairness but what they really mean is they want things their way. Life isn't suppose to be fair. We are suppose to learn to react to the unfairness as Jesus would. I hope the kids enjoyed the candy cane in spite of the tears.

H NorthDecember 5, 2023

Very beautiful! How much did it cost?

Steve AdamsDecember 5, 2023

The last three verses were left out of your post: We see our children bleeding; We see our sons go wrong; We sense our own soul's weakness And pray to be made strong. And so when the holly reddens, And the white on the brown earth lies, And Christmas cheer is in the air, The mother in us cries: O Son of beautiful Mary, O JESUS of Galilee, Let her spirit pure in our hearts outpour That our babes may grow like Thee!

LoraDecember 4, 2023

An additional aspect of women's past reality is caring for the sick. When I read Lucy Hale Smith's book about Joseph Smith, I was surprised at how much time she spent caring for people who were ill. When I was a child in the late 50's, early 60's, there was always a kid out with measles, mumps, or chicken pox. Every mother dreaded the possibility of their child getting polio. There were people in iron lungs, and at least two people in my school with braces on their legs because of polio. Vaccination has changed the playing field for women in a big way.

Mary Alice CrowtherDecember 2, 2023

The ability to serve a Senior Service Mission with FamilySearch from home via the computer and internet. And to be able to access records from all over the world from my computer at home in order to grow my family tree and be able to do temple work for my ancestors.

LoraDecember 1, 2023

All of my children have lived to adulthood. None of them died of measles, cholera, or whooping cough. None of them got polio or tuberculosis. In the past, 1/4 of the population had TB, which they called "consumption". The pandemic was so common that no one thought it was remarkable. My daughters-in-law and I have all survived childbirth. Every single one of us. During WWI, more women died in childbirth than the men who died in the war, but it was so common that no one thought it was remarkable. My premature grandchildren are alive and growing toward adulthood. President Kennedy's premature son Patrick only lived for a couple of days, but because of him, medical science began to pursue neonatology to help premature infants survive.

Mark MathesonDecember 1, 2023

Great comment Lora! You went beyond Joni's insightful article and added to our understanding. Thank you!

MaryannDecember 1, 2023

Reference for that scripture: D&C 90:24 in my post.

MaryannDecember 1, 2023

Love, loved, loved this article! I think the bottom line is trusting in the Lord and remembering we only see a tiny part of the puzzle. He knows the end from the beginning. He has promised us that "..all things shall work together for your good..." if we are sincerely seeking Him and keeping our covenants to Him. ALL things will work together for our good! We can hold on to that promise, even when we feel our prayers go unanswered. We can trust that the final outcome will be joy beyond our greatest hopes.

MaryannDecember 1, 2023

Great advice from Brother Steurer! Silence is golden! This is also true about other relationships. People like this woman will see any response from you as an opportunity to continue to engage. When you don't give people any ammunition, they can't fire back. Do not even respond if she starts a "I'm just sorry for what happened," approach. Pretend she just isn't there, and she will probably back off. Also, be very careful about obsessing about the situation. Fill your lives and minds with positive actions and thoughts and don't allow her to destroy your peace.

VBDecember 1, 2023

Block her phone number and email on all your devices.

LoraNovember 30, 2023

James 4:3 and 2 Nephi 4:35 warn us against asking amiss. President Nelson recently told us not to turn our prayers into shopping lists. I've finally learned to stop asking for anything. Instead, I thank Him in advance for blessings not yet received. It feels more like asking in faith because I'm treating it as if it's already happened. After all, God called Eve "the mother of all living" before she had a honeymoon, much less a baby. He called Abraham "the father of many nations" before he had any children at all. Time is irrelevant to the Lord. We mortals get impatient because we have limited time and limited memories. We forget that the Lord knows all things from the beginning, and He is going to WIN. He says He can save us, and our loved ones, and He will. He's known them for a long, long time. When I stopped praying for outcomes, and instead started giving thanks for all that I have received, I feel heard and answered in prayer.

Peggy WardNovember 30, 2023

Thank you so much for this! So revelatory to me. I've been so frustrated around current conversations and not being able to put into thought or words the place of principles in our modern efforts at being accepting. (Loved the codependence and hell relationship! Clever and painfully honest)

MNovember 30, 2023

Thank you for this article! It puts in understandable terms the problem of our society (and with my parenting) and the fallacy of Satan’s argument. Thank you for bringing this to light for me! This is truly life-changing.

Joye WhitakerNovember 30, 2023

Finally an article that makes sense and answers questions that I silently ask all the time.

Peggy StallingsNovember 28, 2023

I have been enjoying all of your mission posts, but I Loved this one! Thanks for recording the missionaries singing with the added noises and gestures! It brought a huge smile to my face and heart. What a wonderful adventure you are on. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

Jenny Madsen SvendsenNovember 28, 2023

You are so blessed to be able to go on a mission together, and I love what you share! It is so inspiring! I know the Lord will bless you!

Kerry FarrNovember 28, 2023

Welcome to the mission, Elder and Sister Proctor❣️ My name is Kerry Farr. I’ve been a Meridian fan for several years. My friend Karen and I are serving on Portsmouth on Dominica Island for 3 months with Anxiously Engaged Alliance, helping in any way we can. We discovered this opportunity through an ad in LDS Living mag. Our favorite thing is to help the great missionaries, Elders Flynn and Namulauti with visits to homebound members and investigators. We bake and share a lot of cookies I was excited to see that “ our mission” is where you will serve. We could sure use clones of you in Dominica! Your backgrounds, brilliance, and firm testimonies will be so valuable‼️ God bless you in all your missionary days❤️

Denise ChristensenNovember 28, 2023

Oh Scot and Maurine...what a beautiful introduction to Puerto Rico and your welcome to the island and to the mission. The videos were so touching and the stories so inspiring! You are in our thoughts and prayers and we appreciate your willingness to share your experience with us and the world! May God bless and watch over you as you serve those wonderful people!

Claudia Henderson SmithNovember 28, 2023

I’ve been enjoying the articles about your mission. Love the pictures, too.

Steve FennNovember 27, 2023

We just celebrated our sweet "Downsie" daughter, Christine's, 50th birthday. She was also our second child, born when my wife was 23. All the characteristics you described have been part of the last 50 years of our lives. Her hugs are legendary and her usual greeting to both friends and strangers is "I love you." We're all still trying to be Christlike, like Christine.

karell binghamNovember 27, 2023

I loved this article to tears!

KathyNovember 27, 2023

As a widow of almost 2 years, ALL 20 reasons to think and talk more about death resonated resoundingly with me! Thank your son and thank you!

Corey D.November 26, 2023

Saw a bumper sticker recently that said "Too Blessed to be Stressed".

Corey D.November 26, 2023

I'm a DIY type of guy, small town raised, can figure it out, do it myself most of the time but that takes the cake, bordering on insanity. That's Fail Army worthy all by itself !

Brad AndersonNovember 24, 2023

Plan ahead, no story. I prefer the story:)

Supportive HusbandNovember 24, 2023

Very beautiful answer. My wife has recently had an unknown step-sister contact her. After some questions and some research my wife has decided that they are in fact related, and getting to know her had been a blessing in our life. I was happy to give her positive support through this, and because of it I have a new sister-in-law that I am proud to know.

LisaNovember 24, 2023

Elaine, I'm wondering how many adopted people you have been close to? I have three adopted children, and I can say that the pull to know one's biological family is overwhelmingly strong. When I first adopted, I did not want to believe that this connection could be what we'd call "primal", but years of parenting have shown me differently. Ironically, it has been the strongest for my child that has most been denied the opportunity. It has been a core theme of her life and her development, and there is no turning that off. I'm grateful she's had the opportunity to meet them now, and I can say with certainty that to be rejected by them would have had life-long implications for her. She already struggled enough just from being adopted in and of itself. My son met his birthmother a few years ago, and the happy reunion was almost thwarted by his birthmother's husband, who was jealous and couldn't cope with the idea that his wife had a child who wasn't his. (He knew about my son and the adoption before they were ever married.) My son is not a threat. He's an amazing young man who brings positive things into the lives of everyone who knows him. It was so sad to me that this man would choose to make his wife lose her child all over again rather than be willing to face his own issues. I hope the woman in this article is able to get over her initial shock at this news and open herself up to this new relationship , because if handled with care and openness there is a good chance it can be a beautiful thing for everyone involved. Of course if the relationship turns out to be problematic, boundaries can be set as needed. But refusing to accept this new connection is a form of denial, and it doesn't change the face that this man does in fact have a child he doesn't share with his wife. I don't believe there is any doctrine teaching that we choose our specific circumstances here on earth, only that we choose to come to earth. I know some people believe we choose our parents, but this is speculation or maybe, in certain circumstances, personal revelation given to specific individuals. Even if we were given all the knowledge about everything we'd be facing on earth, that veil placed over our eyes at birth is awfully thick. Also, if this girl did choose to enter mortality in this circumstance, that circumstance includes her biological connection to her first family.

Anonymous by choice.November 22, 2023

That is what my condition is! I’ve felt this way since I was 8. I’m in my late 60’s now. Not wanting to be a hypocrite, I’ve tried and worked my callings to show my worthiness for what spiritual gifts the Lord may grant. But was never satisfied with my efforts made the “gifts” discountable. I never felt worthy of the blessings. And that, of course, made more blessings less likely. I’ve got A LOT to ponder

Rob McGhieNovember 22, 2023

A very inspiring article but I am confused at the title "Imposter". You state "Maybe we doubt we are “celestial material” and are apprehensive about our chances of making it back to God’s presence." It could be that a person who feels this way is being brutally honest with themselves. but your article is reassuring.

vickieNovember 22, 2023

WHO WAS IT AGAIN...LARRY.....DEATH TO LARRY....LOL....THERE ARE PIANO MOVERS...he should have had that in place...hoiwever many people dont want others to know where their safe is...even though they could never carry it out or break into it...good story....

NealNovember 22, 2023

Been there, done that. You really need to think ahead on projects like this. Paying for professional help may well be the best solution.

Debrah RoundyNovember 22, 2023

WE bought a beautiful upright piano with a full sounding board and after getting it down the steps, similar story but we had to replace a huge hole in the wall, we vowed we would well the house with the piano still in it and that is exactly what we did almost 40 years and many, many practice sessions later.

Debrah RoundyNovember 22, 2023

You really ought to one day put together pictures taken at the MTC. YOurs are a lot more lovely than mine. In the future, at different times of year, it would be awesome. Maybe a calendar would be fun.

Marilyn ThompsonNovember 22, 2023


Matt BeecherNovember 22, 2023

Wow - this is such an important, timely thought-provoking piece... It is SO easy to think that I am the one who has to figure out how I fill all the gaps that feel so glaringly and painfully obvious...the things that make me feel like I'm an imposter--and so far away from the ideal. I love love this simple truth in this piece, "God offers us a partnership with the only One who was not an imposter." Amen.

MikeNovember 21, 2023

Did I miss seeing something in the article? Where can our youth go to view the videos? Thanks.

Janene ZimmermanNovember 21, 2023

Thank you for this thoughtful prose on Thanksgiving and which fork or path it can lead us on.

Marilynne LinfordNovember 20, 2023

Somehow the numbers for the final list of the top eleven hymns printed incorrectly. I don't know whether to blame A.I., autocorrect, or simply moving one document into another. The numbers should be in reverse order, starting with number 11 and going to number 1, which is the top hymn.

Doris WilliamsNovember 20, 2023

Love these precious stories, Mariah. Keep them coming.

Rodger Dean DuncanNovember 20, 2023

I love this article. We need to pay more attention to the uplifting messages in our hymns.

Jim DorigattiNovember 20, 2023

I, too, like "How Wondrous and Great". I also like another old hymn which used to be in our hymnal, but for some reason was omitted from the 1985 book: "Though In the Outward Church Below", attributed to Mozart. I liked it because of the cool bass part in the chorus. On my mission, I found that the German Saints also liked this one!

Joy LundbergNovember 20, 2023

I love this article! I watch for Lynne's articles every month. What a gift she has for writing and coming up with just the right inspiring message. Well done once again, Lynne. Thank you!

Kandra WilliamsNovember 19, 2023

I would love to get a copy of the sheet music that includes the Bridge with harmonies, where would I be able to get that! I want to sing it with my girls at our priesthood/temple Preview..

tfNovember 17, 2023

I suggest that folks in this situation read a personal example related by Robert Fulghum (author of "Everything I really need to Know I learned In Kindergarten"), in another of his books "From Beginning to End" pgs 70-78; titled "Adoption". It's a great point of view.

Doris WilliamsNovember 17, 2023

Geoff, I am so grateful for your articles each Friday. It's just so comforting to read your thoughtful, reasoned, educated responses to so many really difficult problems people are faced with. What comfort in this day of division, impatience, condemning in the world to listen to the quiet voice of truth. It strengthens all who read and share in your wisdom. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

ElaineNovember 17, 2023

I disagree. There is a biological relationship but no family relationship. That is a choice that can be made either way. Yes to have one or no to not. I am afraid for me this is a no. And as a Latter Day Saint, I take exception with the idea no choice was made by this girl. Did she not decide to enter mortality in this circumstance?

LewisNovember 16, 2023

What an extraordinary story. I am grateful for the solace and peace that comes through the gospel and its principles. You have a wonderful gift. Please keep using it to inspire us to be better.

JeaNette Goates SmithNovember 16, 2023

Suicide is never the fault of someone else, whether the person who commits suicide is LGBT, trans or simply depressed. Threatening to commit suicide if someone doesn't comply with one's wishes is the ultimate manipulation.

BarbaraNovember 15, 2023

I always read your articles. I find them very inspirational. Thank you.

Mary JurgaitisNovember 14, 2023

You did such a great job of bringing back all of the memories we experienced in the MTC. The building with the murals was just being completed. It wasn't fully opened yet, but we were able to go in (with a guide) to see the beautiful murals. Loved eating with the young missionaries. Oh, so much more. Thanks for the memories. Great blessings to you on your mission!

Linda ShubinNovember 14, 2023

Our son, Clay Shubin, and his wife, Kelly, are in your district at the MTC and both of them have commented on how incredible the spirit is at the MTC to prepare them to go out and serve the Lord once again. Thank you for this article as you described so beautifully the purpose of the MTC and the spirit that is there. May you all be blessed to go forth to serve and teach others about the abiding and strengthening spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ and that we are first and foremost literally children of our Heavenly Father. What an incredible knowledge. May you continue to be blessed in all you do as you are in service to our Lord.

Laurie Claeys BoydNovember 14, 2023

Thank you both for this incredible look into the first few days of a senior couple mission experience at the Provo MTC! We too are planning to serve a mission together after my husband retires and finishes his service as bishop of the most wonderful ward of YSA members and after I finish my family history service mission. We love serving the Lord, we live our family, and we love you two! You invite the Spirit of the Lord everywhere you go, and we are delighted that you're documenting your main experience with us!

Laurie Claeys BoydNovember 14, 2023

Thank you so very much for sharing this incredible experience with us! My husband and I, who are avid podcast listeners and who holds you both in the highest regard, are planning to serve another mission after he finishes his service as bishop and after I complete my senior service mission with the family history department. We love you both and can't wait to read your next beautifully written mission "journal entry"!

SamanthaNovember 13, 2023

Just wondering if you two are part of the 144,000 senior couples who will perform the final sweep of the earth?

Kenneth R CoburnNovember 13, 2023

Thank you so much for these last two articles. They were informative, thought provoking and well done. I'm constantly wondering why the "Church" isn't more forcefully involved in political/social debates and these articles give me some reasons to ponder the true mission of the Lord's work. Thank you for writing about these potentially highly charged topics. Keep it up as I look forward to reading more of your articles

Kenneth R CoburnNovember 13, 2023

My heart is filled with joy as I read this story. I'm reminded of all the wonderful missionaries who have influenced my life and of the twin daughters of my best friend who are now serving in Japan. The gospel is beautiful and true and reading this story excites me to continue to share it. May the Lord bless you and all those with you there to continue to enrich your lives in the gospel. Stay safe and enjoy every moment

Jan Mulvay StrongNovember 13, 2023

Praying for your success as missionaries and wishing you all the best! A mission is the best thing my husband and I ever did! We deepened our relationship and commitment to our Savior. We treasure our time with Alaska YSA, the Institute and the Temple there. What a blessing you will be! Godspeed. Love Jan

HelenCNovember 13, 2023

So exciting! My husband left the Church after his mission to South Africa from 1979-81 so I can’t duplicate this experience - yet. I’m looking for ways to serve on my own in our Stake and will share a bit of this story to see what he remembers of his time at the MTC. I invite the missionaries over from time to time and make sure he shares some of his memories with them. You keep writing; I’ll keep reading. Who knows? Maybe by the time you’re finished he may well be back in his Savior’s arms.

Ann PapwortNovember 13, 2023

Didn't realize I was signing up again! I'm already on your list. I just wanted to comment and wish the Proctors well--we all know they will be amazing!! Have loved following them for years and have sent many others their way.

Kare HaeringNovember 13, 2023

I so loved reading this, I’m so excited for you both! I know you and your family will be taken care of as you serve. I would love to be added to your family email list, I think you have it from past communications together. My thoughts and prayers go with you and someday…. I too will join the ranks of Senior missionaries!

Helen H.November 13, 2023

Thank you both for such a beautiful recording of your first few days in the MTC. Filled my heart with joy and gratitude. God bless you both and the other senior missionaries joyfully serving.

Tracy TippettsNovember 13, 2023

Wonderful! Thank you. I can feel the strong spirit of love, joy, service, and sacred calling of your experience just by reading the words and seeing the photos! I especially liked the list of your seven children, and where they served. I am reminded of the parting scene when Elder Groberg left his Polynesian companion on the dock, in the movie "The Other Side of Heaven", with the joyous shout, "Hurrah for Israel!" Also the Latin motto of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lakes City, "Citius. Altius. Fortius". "May the Force be with you!" (Spirit). I don't know how anyone can resist your positive, glowing spirit and energy!?

Barbara L WhiteNovember 13, 2023

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. It is such a joy to read what to expect and how it has affected you.

Patty ListonNovember 13, 2023

Thank you for this deeply enlightening article. There is so much truth to unpack in every paragraph. I am keeping this paper so I may refer to it often. find that I glean more from the spirit and truth of your words as I read and reread and reread. I do believe that our time of sitting comfortably, ideally, on the sidelines as the great and terrible days approach, is nearing its end. There is only so much darkness that can be stayed by merely lifting a hand. The times are and will require the full armor of God and all the power that comes with it.

Wendy LanderNovember 13, 2023

Ha ha! Good one!

Rebecca WalkerNovember 13, 2023

Thank you for this. We have been contemplating a mission and this is very helpful! I know that you will do great things on your mission. We have a young sister missionary from our ward that is at the MTC right now and she also sang in the 800 voice choir. Love from us to you!

Corey D.November 12, 2023

Excellent article, very well said and certainly thought provoking. Seems like everyday in all the different forms of media something is being said or commented on about how " contentious" public and political discourse has become. Many religious leaders from various churches have brought it up, certainly has been a subject in recent general conferences. The article subtly mentions it but here is what the difference is between now and any other time, what is going on in society, politics, education, even in churches/religions is not just a difference of political, social, economic views, etc., it is a total change of moral values and that always has and is and will cause problems, particularly for good Christians who believe there is a god given mandate to stand up for what is morally correct, no matter the price one has to pay. And certainly for members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that is considered a sacred duty.

Corey D.November 12, 2023

I'm 66 yrs old so I've had a reasonable bit of life experience. I think about the things Brother Wilcox mentions in his article all the time, particularly vulgarity and how it has become so common place and so accepted. Certain words were not tolerated or accepted in public discourse years ago and are now openly used in news interviews, public debate, classrooms, etc. To me one of the root causes for the incivility is societies tolerance and acceptance of vulgarity and profanity.

Corey D.November 12, 2023

Actually it is a moral issue, spending money you don't have or taking or shifting money from savings accounts meant for different purposes unless it's an emergency is not right. Money/Financial issues is one of the major causes for divorce, it's also from what I have observed in my lifetime a driving factor or root cause for inactivity in the church or worse leaving the church altogether. Not only that this man's habits and feeling of entitlement so often lead to dishonest obtaining of money (as a number of recent news articles have shown). I feel for this poor sister, most likely not going to end well.

AnonymousNovember 11, 2023

There are only two men named 'James' in the New Testament. 'James, the less' is just the name of James, the brother of Jesus, named thus to differentiate between James Boanerges, John's brother, who was in the presidency of the Twelve. James Boanerges was the 'greater' and James, the brother of Jesus, was the 'less'. Simple.

Kathleen AndersonNovember 11, 2023

Thank you so much for your insights into the verses of the book of James that you discussed this week. You gave me so much to think about and remember.

EricNovember 10, 2023

Regarding loneliness, it's instructive to think of what the word "telestial" means. The prefix tele- means distant. Telestial glory is compared to the stars, and stars are light-years away from each other. The behaviors of those who inherit the telestial kingdom (lying, adultery, etc.) are the sort of behaviors that drive others away. Another thing about loneliness is that solitary confinement is considered a form of torture.

MaryannNovember 10, 2023

Thank you for a wonderful article on a timely subject. However, I do not believe this is Satan's greatest lie. I believe his greatest current lie is his pollution of the word "love." He tells us that "love" justifies every form of unrepentant sin. He tells us that when we teach principles of chastity, and that marriage is a divine institution between a man and a woman only, that we are "hateful" and without love. He tells us that love and compassion for those in difficult situations justifies continuing in serious sin, including the the sin of abortion. He tells the world that when the principles of truth prick their consciences, that those who speak truth are unloving. How many have left the church because they feel that if we truly love one another, we will accept every form of "marriage," or "relationship?" We truly live in the prophesied day when "evil" is called "good," and "good" is called "evil." He tells us that in order to be loving, we must not only accept, but support every form of behavior with loud and demanding voices. Satan's distorted doctrine of "love" makes every behavior "good." Unfortunately, he is very successful because believing these things causes people to feel an false sense of compassion, and lays the foundation for them to feel superior to those who cling to truth.

MaryannNovember 10, 2023

Whatever the cause, this is an addiction. It is neither normal nor healthy behavior. This woman needs support, since she is not getting any cooperation from her husband, and he refuses to change. Counsel from a Bishop and a referral to LDS Social Services counselling are essential. If he won't go with her, she should go alone to learn how she can protect herself and her children financially, and for emotional support to learn how to deal with this situation. This is NOT disloyal. It is necessary.

Kandace HardenNovember 9, 2023

Perhaps that wrapping has changed, but the underlying temptations are the same as they were 30-40 years ago. At that time I was collateral damage in a relationship where the husband decided "He needed to be happy", at the expense of this family. No cell phones involved and no online porn, just old-fashion lust. It might seem comforting to think well, "that person gets their due." But actually he has had a very successful and happy life. The bottom line is that many of us will be collateral damage, but if we have a strong relationship with the Lord and a good understanding of what He expects from us, I think we will all benefit from these buffetings of Satan. It really is part of the plan. I wish I had taught this lesson with more completness to my children. Teach and love one another, put the Lord first in your life and it really doesn't matter what trick Satan is up to.

Kathryn StonehockerNovember 9, 2023

Thank you for this beautiful, hopeful, glorious essay!! It touched my heart deeply, and I sincerely appreciate you taking the time and heart to be a conduit for the Lord. Truly a precious gift, Brother Goddard.

JanNovember 9, 2023

This is a thought provoking and very timely article and I totally agree with every point. The last part about loneliness is startling and is just what will help me continue to try to reach out to others and show more love and caring than my shyness often prevents. We all need to study this great list of Satan's lies and strengthen our defenses!

Gary OliverNovember 9, 2023

Very well said, Joni.

Steve DoneganNovember 9, 2023

There's a contemporary Christian song that has the singer asking, "God why don't You do something!" after noticing the bad in the world. The answer from God is, "I created you." Brother Goddard, I'm glad God created you. I'm thankful for the creations you share with us. Thank you for your thoughtful reading of the scriptures. Thank you for interpreting the word of God for us...who "wallow in it."

KathleenNovember 9, 2023

Engaging, as always!

Ralph HancockNovember 8, 2023

Thank you, Jacob, for beautiful reflections, both personal and doctrinal. I confess I was reluctant to read this, since I didn't want to confront the challenges and perplexities you face, or be reminded of different ones that affect my family. But you made it worth it to try to travel just a bit with you in your journey.

DRobNovember 8, 2023

Would like to see your citations (Madison's Federalist 51 and Tocqueville's Democracy in America, etc.). There may have possibly been one visible as "18" near the end of Part One. I appreciate your thoughts about a very critical topic for our day.

RalphNovember 8, 2023

Great article! Thought it was foreshadowing the 2024 election, then I saw the comments. Hoping the nation doesn't make the same mistake as we did in 2016.

RandyNovember 8, 2023

I do not understand how anyone could think that this was an article on politics. If anything it was helping to keep you away from the political arena. I remember working in Seattle in the late 60s when there was a lot of racial unrest. People were bussed in to cause problems because there wasn't any before they showed up. When it starts it is like a wild fire and if you are not ready you could be in a lot trouble.

CarolNovember 8, 2023

I love your ability to tell a story and keep me engrossed the entire time. We flew a private plane to get to the temple and for our honeymoon. Lots of misadventures on a Memorial Day weekend with no reservations . back in 1965.

BeckyNovember 8, 2023

Thank you for sharing this. It's really concerning that so many are beginning to embrace violence and reject peace, but we've been warned that there will be no peace or safety in the world in the days leading up to the Lord's return. Even the righteous may be affected at times. These are some good common sense precautions so that we will be more prepared, having more presence of mind with less fear, in the case of unexpected danger.

Meijken BooneNovember 8, 2023

What a beautiful story, it tickled my heart. I have witnessed many miracles large and small that could only come from a loving, personal God! My favorite primary song is The Miracle. He truly is a God of miracles and he knows us personally! Thank you for sharing this story with us.

Sarah HinzeNovember 8, 2023

Thank you for your inspiring story about your ancestors. It brought tears to my eyes as I felt the spirit of the Lord. My husband and I served a mission at the London England Temple. It was one of the highlights of our life. Our unity and our love together grew by leaps and bounds. There are blessings that have come to us in the years afterwards that are spiritual. God bless you. I look forward to following your posts!

ChrisNovember 7, 2023

So often the focus has been on the iron rod...we even have the song about it...and as a result we lose focus on what's most important. The Tree. The Love of the Savior. We know that Lehi didn't use the iron rod to get to the Tree, but maybe he simply didn't need to. He was a prophet, after all. But what if we changed the focus from the rod to the Tree, and taught the Love of Christ first and foremost? A Love not earned in any way. A Love that cannot be diminished in any way. A Love that leads to real joy in this

Fan for yearsNovember 7, 2023

You will be missed. "May the Lord bless you and keep you and the devil miss you." Pres. Ezra Taft Benson. God bless you that all your experiences will bring you and those you serve closer to our Savior Jesus and His restored church.

Stephen W. GibsonNovember 7, 2023

Great! You are going on a full time mission when you are both young and in good health. I believe, however, that you have been on a mission for the Lord for decades with your great magazine. On a personal note, if you find that you need some great curriculum to help the poor start their own little businesses, feel free to reach out to me. The Academy for Creating Enterprise has 25 rules of thumb for MicroEnterprise Success we would love to share, for free, of course, to help those those in Puerto Rico find their way out of poverty. You two will be great in what ever and wherever you serve the Lord.

ReNae WoolseyNovember 7, 2023

My husband and I are avid weekly followers of your wonderful podcast. We have also served a senior couple mission in Germany. It was amazing and we encourage senior couples to serve however they can. You will not regret following the spirit which encouraged you to go on this mission to Puerto Rico. God bless you in all you do!

Joy LundbergNovember 7, 2023

Well done. This poem "Late Autumn" paints a vivid picture that penetrates all the senses. Thank you for sharing!

JaneNovember 7, 2023

Thank you for all your have done for us with your podcast and articles. You will be wonderful missionaries. Enjoy!!! May the Lord bless you!!

LoraNovember 7, 2023

The irony of all of this is that most of the universities in America began as institutions for divinity instruction, to educate ministers of religion. Their understanding of God and the intelligent design of the universe was the foundation of the now-secular science we know today.

Eunice RobertsonNovember 7, 2023

That is so evocative. I can see perfectly well, but the change of the seasons is an absolute pleasure for me as natures colours change.The remind me of our Saviour's mortal life Autumn reminds me of his tribulation in the days before his crucifixion, Winter, his time in the tomb, Spring, his resurrection. He is in the details of our lives.

Sasha KwapinskiNovember 6, 2023

Marriage is either a moral construct with a moral definition or, for all practical purposes, it become a non-construct with no definition -- basically just a random lifestyle option among many. Moral standards are, by definition, discriminatory, differentiating between various patterns of choice, action, and behavior. To remove the moral definition from marriage is essentially to confuse love with relativism.

Carol BriwnNovember 6, 2023

I love how you both support each other in your podcast. You will be wonderful supports to each other in your mission.Congratulations on your mission call!

TJNovember 6, 2023

It is actually worse than this. In a conversation with a friend who lives in Northern California, she told me her neighbor had assured her that Hitler had needed to kill the Jews because they were persecuting him. This had been hidden from us, but she could read about it. I was stunned. Bad enough to deny the Holocaust. Unbelievable to tell people the Jews caused it and Hitler was protecting himself from persecution

Sandra FyffeNovember 6, 2023

Thank you Protors for your willingness to serve a mission in Puerto Rico! Grateful for your faithfulness! I read this article today, Monday, November 2023...the day you entered the MTC...much success! Blessing be with you both as well as your family at home!

Boanerges RubalcavaNovember 6, 2023

I am at home with my wife and my three children, and after praying we went to sleep. At around 2 am we heard a noise, I went downstairs and see two masked tugs putting as much as they can in a big bag. From here I can think in two possible situations. One, I do not have any weapon and told them to leave my home; they come to me and force me to go into my bedroom and start abusing my wife. I cannot tolerate that and sent myself again one of them while the other using his weapon kill me. The second situation, I have a gun and when I saw them told them to leave my home immediately one of them use his gun against me and fail and then I use mine ant hit him, the other one left my home through a window. I use my gun two more times hitting a van that is leaving the neighborhood at great speed. Next day we found out that a child was inside the van that was with many other weapons. I was accused of murdering the poor child and that I am worse than the thieves, since besides of killing one of them I also murder a child.

Chuck NielsenNovember 6, 2023

“every generation has its tests and its chance to stand and prove itself“ This quote by President Ezra Taft Benson that Duane included is, in my opinion, the clarion call to all followers of Christ to stand up, speak up and lovingly declare the only way to fight evil is to establish homes where the Master can reside. As the family goes so goes humanity. Thank you Duane for addressing one of the biggest criticisms the Church has right now. The war on families is real and that war has landed on the shores of the Latter Day Saints.

Wendy LanderNovember 6, 2023

There is wrong and there is right on both sides. There is only one answer - our Saviour will come and wipe away the tears from all our eyes. In the meantime, we can only live the way he and his prophets teach us and love all of our sisters and brothers.

Fay & Layne CroxfordNovember 5, 2023

You two will be amazing missionaries! You have already been serving and bringing people to the Savior through your tireless work on Meridian Magazine and your podcast! Best wishes! We are headed to Illinois Church Historic sites in early March, humbled but willing and SO excited!

Dianne Letsch ThompsonNovember 5, 2023

What a blessing for you and for the ones whom you will serve! Warm wishes and may you receive God’s best blessings on your mission to Puerto Rico!!! Dianne Letsch Thompson

Michael and Diane LoveridgeNovember 5, 2023

God bless you! My wife and I are in our fifth year as Senior Missionaries (Salt Lake Inner-city Mission), assigned (willingly!) to an Hispanic Ward. We feel so blessed and are trying to perfect our Spanish. A suggestion: As soon as possible, "forget" English and speak as much Spanish to each other as possible. use the wonderful translator smart phone apps and learn the phrases that are useful in daily life. Also, practice listening, listening, and listening. Best wishes!

Jill AntuarNovember 5, 2023

What you have done with Meridian over many years has seemed like a self-appointed mission! You've had plenty of practice and now will do marvellous things, being formally set apart in His service. Speaking from personal experience, serving a senior mission is a wonderful, life-changing opportunity.

Rae GreenstreetNovember 5, 2023

Thank you for sharing the next chapter in your lives. Having served many missions (and still serving one now) has been a blessing to those we have left behind. We are wearing out our lives with joy. "When you rest, you rust".

Karen Walker McMinnNovember 5, 2023

We just came home from our 4th mission and we miss it already. Such joy and gratitude we have in serving. You will, at the end of your mission, find out why the Lord has sent you to that mission. May you be blessed in all you do.

Anna FeatherstoneNovember 5, 2023

i was hoping you were going to say you were coming to New Zealand!! Your great grandparents have a touching story. You would have had big hugs from me had you been on your way here to Aotearoa! I love all our senior missionaries who come to serve in our Stake. they are exemplary. You guys will have a ball! Best wishes!

Cecile ScribnerNovember 4, 2023

Congratulations! Doug and I served in New Zealand between 2004 and 2006, and loved every minute of it. And our family was greatly blessed while we were gone. We came home to six new grandchildren!

JPB SwainNovember 4, 2023

Congratulations and safe travels!

Kathy SandersNovember 3, 2023

Can’t wait to hear your experiences and can’t wait to have some of our own two from Box B. Love you both and God bless you!

Ana Belen SierraNovember 3, 2023

Welcome to our paradise. The enchanted island.

P & T HarrisNovember 3, 2023

Happy to hear of your call. My husband and I returned from our mission to DC South 10 years ago this October. There are many ways for seniors to serve missions. We are glad we served.

Val JonesNovember 3, 2023

Thank you for your example. I am glad you have capable children and staff to carry on at Meridian. And I am glad we will get to read of your adventures. May God be with you.

Eduardo MelendezNovember 3, 2023

Congratulations for your mission calling and for your willingness to respond to our prophet's invitation to join to the Lord's army. I wish you the best during this time of service and sacrifice as our Savior Jesus Christ representatives. I have no doubt you will impact many lives in an amazing way. Hurrah!

CAROL THOMASNovember 3, 2023

FABULOUS!!! So proud of happy for you. We love senior couples...they are the glue that holds a mission together. Ray and I have been on several senior missions...we only wish we could go again! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!

Lorrie B ThomanNovember 3, 2023

I so Love your Podcast each week it truly builds my Testimony I have come to Love you both and your sweet family. Love your history and how you met and how dedicated you both are to the Savior. You will both be dearly missed and we pray your Mission will be a huge success you will both turn many hearts and souls to their Savior they may not even know yet. You are very Loved sending lots of prayers

JulieNovember 3, 2023

What an amazing story from your ancestors. Wow. And that you can read it and know of it. So incredible. Congratulations on your mission call!! Excited for you two. Best wishes!

Alisi Iongi FiliagaNovember 3, 2023

The stories you share brought tears to my eyes, and the encouragement to serve a mission together with my eternal companion. Thanks for sharing I shall never forget of mail from Box B.

Linda A SmithNovember 3, 2023

Beautifiul story. I always wanted to serve a senior mission but my husband didn't. Instead we got called to serve in the Spanish Branch for 5 years and in a way my wish was granted.

VaLoye & Dean OlsonNovember 3, 2023

You are needed. You will love serving and the missionaries and locals will love you. Have a wonderful time even when exhausted. We loved our four senior missions which included being Mission President in Norway.

NicolaNovember 3, 2023

Congratulations!! And I live in Invercargill, we have a ward here and our stake centre is 3hrs away. Your family created that!! Nicola in NZ

Ken & Yvonne CottrellNovember 3, 2023

Hooray for you and Godspeed! We will miss your Come Follow Me broadcasts but I’m sure you have that taken care of.

Paul HNovember 3, 2023

Bless you as you go serve. If you follow the advice Bryant Hinckley gave to his young missionary son, Gordon, you will be successful: "Forget yourself and go to work." While I enjoy Meridian Magazine immensely, I hope it isn't a distraction to you in doing what you have been called to do. My wife and I served for 21 months in Texas and because all we concentrated on was the Lord's work, we were blessed beyond our greatest dreams. We helped bless te lives of others in our mission during that time. A similar experience happened again as I served in a Utah mission office for a year post Covid. Good luck.

Karen CasosNovember 3, 2023

Have a great time. It can be challenging but just so the rewards are great.

Sharon SmithNovember 3, 2023

You will be such great missionaries as you share your testimonies and teach the people of Puerto Rico. What an exciting time! May the Lord continue to bless you in your righteous works.

LindaNovember 3, 2023

Best of luck. My husband and I served a mission for the church and it is truly the best and most special thing we have done as a couple. I am sure you will love your mission, your people and giving to the Lord 100% of your time.

Rochelle HaleNovember 3, 2023

Congratulations! You will be wonderful missionaries.

Lawrence RookhuyzenNovember 3, 2023

I had a premonition a few weeks ago that you would be called on a mission--so no big surprise. You'll be great missionaries. Larry & Kay Rookhuyzen

HelenCNovember 3, 2023

Thank you for this story and your dedication to the Work. Blessings upon you and your mission. I’m sure grandpa is smoking down on you.

Gayle WNovember 3, 2023

Wonderful! You both are great witnesses for Jesus Christ. The people in Puerto Rico will love you, as you love them! I'm so pleased for you!

ValNovember 3, 2023

This is so exciting!! The story of your grandparents made me cry. I, too, am in profound awe of the Saints who came before us. Their sacrifices were deep. My husband and I hope to join the ranks of other Senior missionaries in the next couple of years. Thank you for all you do. You bless the lives of so many!!

Charleen FeltNovember 3, 2023

you will love it and even though somethings will be difficult the memories of the wonderful people you serve will remain with you forever. We have served two and are considering a third one. The Lord will lead you and bless you so much as you serve. Congratulations.

Gale BoydNovember 3, 2023

We love this story of sacrifice and conviction and will love yours too!

Breck EnglandNovember 3, 2023

Mis mejores deseos en tu misión!

Gaye WillisNovember 3, 2023

What an amazing example you have from these faithful ancestors! I wept as I read their story. And what an amazing example WE have in both of you! Thank you for your service, testimony, and faith. Thank you for Meridian Magazine and the podcasts, which have been such a blessing to so many. God bless you and your family through you service, just as I know you will bless the people of Puerto Rico.

Michael S. KartchnerNovember 3, 2023

How exciting! Thanks for sharing!

Audrey YanNovember 3, 2023

I don’t know you personally but have enjoyed your come follow me podcast for the last 4 years. My husband and I had been on two senior missions, in fact just returned from a 2 years service in Cambodia; so glad you have decided to serve and it is true, you are in for an adventure! Can’t wait to hear or read about your experiences!

Michael SCRIMSHERNovember 3, 2023

I served in New Zealand in the late 70s. And yes, even to invercargill in the dead of winter which there is in July. I can relate to those wet, damp winters there. The Proctors have rich heritage. What a legacy and example to follow.

Susan NielsonNovember 3, 2023

That is so wonderful and exciting. I’m so thrilled you found a way to make it work. And I’m glad I won’t have to go without Meridian Magazine. Best wishes! Susan

Ron KjarNovember 3, 2023

I served in Puerto Rico 40 years ago. It was the foundation of my life and I love the Island and the people more than I can express. You will love it there!

Shannon HillNovember 3, 2023

Thank you for this beautiful story and for choosing to serve a mission. Hopefully soon, my husband and I will be able to serve. Your daughter Micheala was my daughter's HEFY counselor in Fiji and her example of missionary service influenced my daughter to serve a mission. May you continue to be blessed as you serve the Lord.

Lynn GardnerNovember 3, 2023

One of the best decisions you ever made! You’ll be awesome, but you’ll also love it more than you can ever imagine!!

Donna ColyarNovember 3, 2023

We are delighted for you. We have served two family history missions. You’ll never regret it! Buena suerte!

Becky S.November 3, 2023

Congratulations on this new chapter and keep working on the language! We will pray for your success as you share the near and dear things of the gospel in a foreign country! Thank you for Meridian Magazine all these years and the insightful podcast for come follow me!

RonyaNovember 3, 2023

So proud of you for your willingness to serve. I too have many ancestors that sacrificed all for the building up of God's Kingdom here on earth. God speed and keep you and your family safe. You will be so blessed. My parents loved their time on their mission. Our family was so blessed by their service.

Cynthia CNovember 3, 2023

So exciting! So glad that you are able to serve! You will be great missionaries and everyone who meets you will have new friends!

Vera DooleyNovember 3, 2023

Congratulations on receiving your call to Puerto Rico! I love reading all your articles in the Meridan! We lived in Ferron, Utah for almost 25 years! We knew the Steven's family who lived there. Thank you for sharing that part of your family history!

Joyce GlaettliNovember 3, 2023

God bless you both as you begin this mission. Thank you for all you have done with Meridian Magazine. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you.

Laurie Claeys BoydNovember 3, 2023

Oh Scot and Maureen, I am soooo happy for you and excited for the people in Puerto Rico who you'll be serving! I can't imagine my life without you two and your incredible podcast and Meridian Magazine. THANK YOU for blessing my life and my family's life with your time and faith-filled, positive perspective. You are the personification of D&C 50:22. I wish you the very best as you begin this new chapter of miracles! Thank you for sharing this moving story about your grandparents. Wow. Their faith!!!

Claudia Henderson SmithNovember 3, 2023

Congratulations on your mission call! That’s where Camille Helmick went on her mission. You guys are going to be great!! Put me on your email list.

Rebecca WalkerNovember 3, 2023

What an inspiring story! Wishing you all the best on your newest adventure! May you be greatly blessed as you bless the lives of all you serve! Love you guys!!

Joel MarksNovember 3, 2023

God Bless the Proctors. Thanks for all your teachings and wisdom! God be with you ‘till we meet again! Pray for Israel…. and Israel

TiredNovember 2, 2023

There's no support for an abused husband in this church. I know from experience. The general leaders make their inspired statements, but the local leaders are the ones who have to implement it, and too many of them still believe women are above reproach and if there's a problem in the home it is definitely the man's fault. I'm getting ready to not only leave the home but leave the church because I'm so tired of my leaders telling me that it's all my fault simply because I'm a man. "If you were a 'real' man you wouldn't allow it to go on, therefore it's your fault.' - as if a man has the authority to 'control' his wife. My children have each promised me a bedroom, for which I am thankful. I won't lose my testimony, but I can't stay in the toxic environment local leaders make for an abused husband.

K. GuffeyNovember 2, 2023

The iron rod was always explained as the truths of the gospel and the liahona as a guide to follow truth (1Nephi 8:30 continually holding fast = means never letting go of truth) so I've always felt that the two were joined together to keep us safe in God's love and God's truths.

SteveNovember 2, 2023

Nice article, many good points. Of course, we also want to know what the limit population would be and how to distribute food to the whole world equitably. Any suggestions?

Michael SessionsNovember 2, 2023

My wife's maiden name is Boyce (Father was Dan Boyce) descendant of John Boyce. Are you a cousin?

Lynn ChattertonNovember 2, 2023

John chapter 1 says that in the beginning was the Word...and the Word was God. Christ is the Iron Rod. He is the Word of God. If we are converted to Him we will never fall or fail.

MarkNovember 2, 2023

For me, they both are simply symbols of Christ. No more, no less.

Marlee MeyersNovember 2, 2023

Another dimension of the Iron Rod is the word of God: John 1. Jesus Christ is the Word. It is to Him we must hold fast to reach the Tree of Life. Then, the Liahona is a tool for hearing the Word thru the Spirit of God

Boanerges RubalcavaNovember 2, 2023

The argument that the Church (The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ) is unfair to those who cannot get married in the Temple, and consequently cannot obtain Eternal Life, is absurd, since the Lord and His Apostles clearly told us (all of us) that sin is not accepted with a minimum of allowance. Sexual sins, adultery and fornication, unless there is a repentance, exclude any one doing them to enter the Temple. But, this is exactly the same for everybody, men, women, heterosexual or homosexual ones. Therefore, ALL of us no matter our assumed conditions, must stop sinning, and repent. And the situation is the same for those NOT committing the acts mentioned, when for whatever reasons they were unable to find the eternal companion, if they remain in the Gospel keeping the commandments, and with a since repentance when the did not do, our Loving Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ will provide a way for them to enter Eternal Life.

Stefanie EskanderNovember 1, 2023

Such a touching story. I truly believe that many receive messages of the Spirit through the arts- music, artwork, dance, etc.

Debbi M.November 1, 2023

I had never heard this song, and it is so beautiful! Thanks for this article and your previous one. Stirring and joyful and worshipful! I love this phrase--Signal fire of grace. Your articles WERE a signal Fire of grace for me! And left me in tears...

Elder Russell Rich CannonNovember 1, 2023

As Service Mission Leaders we frequently work with young men and women who “transfer” from teaching missions to service missions. Many are returning home to parents where they remain as service missionaries for the remainder of their missions. I like to think of my deceased loved ones as “transfers” who complete their earthly missions and “transfer” home to their Heavenly Parents” for their heavenly mission assignments. Just like with our service missionaries, it is a step forward, not a step back. Enjoyed the article and the discussion with my siblings about this topic.

Carlos RoundyNovember 1, 2023

I like the word commenced, like going to a commencement, a new beginning .

Laurel DraperNovember 1, 2023

This was a wonderful article! At a time when I am still trying to figure out how to not only survive, but thrive, in this still-new to me empty nester reality I'm facing, this gave me some good food for thought. Maybe my life isn't really "over," (*wink) and I can still find ways to be a blessing and valuable contributor to my children and those around me. For ME, it continues to be challenging to find my place now that I am no longer a full-time mom to my kids, who have created families of their own. I want to find ways to still be a teacher, an example, a blessing and to play an important role in the lives of my grandlittles.

MaryannOctober 31, 2023

Do you really want to keep living like this? Not only has your husband betrayed you over MANY years, but then he places an additional burden on you by blaming you for not trusting him! There is a better life waiting for you---go find it. A good therapist will help you move forward with your life (WITHOUT your husband), and also help you to rebuild your self esteem. You have been carrying this heavy load on your shoulders for far too long and if you continue, it will manifest itself in your physical, emotional, and mental health. You already sound completely exhausted and depleted. Anyone who has suffered this kind of abuse, and it IS abuse, from a man who refuses to change needs to end the marriage as quickly as possible.

Michele SOctober 31, 2023

I imagine it breaks Heavenly Father's heart to see some of his children pursuing relationships here in mortality that he cannot make eternal. He too is bound by Eternal law.

Rob McGhieOctober 31, 2023

I look forward to the day when the Proclamation on the Family is included as a section in the Doctrine and Covenants.

Bob KernsOctober 31, 2023

Thank you for sharing this much needed article.

James O Brown IIOctober 31, 2023

If a person has a problem with The Proclamation on the Family, they do not have a problem with church leaders. They have a problem with the Lord.

Richard HillsOctober 31, 2023

Of course we all sincerely accept that the very truths and principles revealed by our Prophets that our Father has established for our happiness can be changed from time to time by our Prophets upon receiving more revelation.

Rochelle HaleOctober 31, 2023

What we sometimes forget is that the Family Proclamation was inspired through the Lord's Prophet and apostles. Perhaps a comparison would be the Word of Wisdom (D&C 89). CBD, green tea, vaping, and a plethora of alcoholic beverages did not exist (or not in the same forms) in Joseph Smith's time. Nevertheless, we cannot justify our desire to experiment, follow worldly enticements, or altar what the Lord has ordained for us. However, the Atonement of Jesus Christ applies to all of us to help us overcome our sins, addictions, loneliness, mourning, heartaches, illnesses, and all things that are challenges to us. Our Heavenly Father is more loving than we can comprehend.

Jim AndersonOctober 31, 2023

Amen, Amen, and Amen! We are on a path to return to a Loving Father in Heaven. The very essence of love is that He has shined many lights on the covenant path that will lead us there. The tares are living among the wheat in our very wards and families. How painful it is to witness the reality that many we love will not bear fruit. At least not in the moment. Eternity is a very long time and God and Christ are merciful. That does not mean that we can simply look the other way and allow the good fruit to be spoiled by popular ideology. To love another person is to help them heal and walk in the light. The light will always illuminate the tares as well as the wheat. It will show the net is full of fish. Some will be kept and some will be tossed back. We as faithful LDS will adjust it to illuminate the Pearl of Great Price that we have sacrifices for and our ancestors have paved the way for us to have.

Cynthia COctober 31, 2023

Very compassionate and well-written article. Thank you!

Mary TarbetOctober 31, 2023

MANY THANKS for reinforcing that what ever thwarts the Lord’s plan of salvation is what Satan will advocate. I remember when the Proclamation was first introduced to the women, we all said “of course”. I continue to follow the Lord’s prophet and His apostles in His Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Chip SnowOctober 31, 2023

when the proclamation first came out, my first thought was "Duh". I was a kid. little did I know what the Prophet and Apostles were seeing. that was the last time I did a figurative eye roll at something they've said.

Debbi M.October 30, 2023

LOVED this article! I moved this article to my Pinterest and called it--Life After Life. Seemed appropriate, as well as "graduated."I love feeling my graduated loved ones around me, and often think of them and what they would advise me. And I tell them how much I miss them, even knowing that they are still around and watching out for me.

David KendallOctober 30, 2023

You inspired me to write a poem, I hope you like it! Out of Sight, Never Out of Mind Family, friends and loved ones Having lived there lives on Earth, Still touch our hearts by spirit Ever from their days of birth. They continue as guardian angels From the other side of the veil, Having graduated from mortality And in God's presence now dwell. They are forever trying to help us For joy and peace on earth to find, And ask to be remembered fondly As only out of sight, never ever out of mind.

RaLee HallOctober 30, 2023

Thank you, thank you for your thoughts and insights.this truly is an inspirational article.

LoraOctober 30, 2023

Since they are more alive than we are, since we are mortal and they are not, I suggest that we call them "immortal". "The immortals" describes them better than "the dead".

Rochelle HaleOctober 30, 2023

Why don't we call our departed the "reunited ones?" I recall reading an article recently where we were reminded that, even as we mourn, our loved ones are greeting their own parents, grandparents, or even some of their own children who departed mortality before them. We should be happy for them. Some friends of other faiths teach that "believers" go directly into the arms of God or Jesus. So "reunited one" would be applicable across many religions.

Abbie VianesOctober 30, 2023

Thank you for a lovely article. Im So glad the language in the temple no longer uses the term dead. I have thought for 10 years now that they ought to change that because those who have passed on are VERY much alive and, according to Joseph Smith, enjoy the same degree of sociality as we do here. Im.sure they find the word "dead" to be a bit insulting.

Sherree LounsberyOctober 30, 2023

I favor the term 'passed on' Additionally, I always strive to refer to my family and friends in the present tense, as in "she's beautiful" or "he's brilliant" because they still are!

Jackson PembertonOctober 30, 2023

Loved this explication! How about "moved up"?

Chris HowellOctober 30, 2023

I have fought calling my mother dead for years. I never refer to her as dead today or speak of her in past tense. I think "graduated" or "transitioned" to the next stage of life says it for me. When she graduated it was unexpected and sudden. My coworkers accused me of denial and that I would go through a serious depression later. Later I had the impression in prayer that she had completed her experience her and was granted to transition. (she suffered from arthritis)

Ronald BarnesOctober 30, 2023

I don't understand this reluctance to use the word "dead" The word refers to the temporary separation of the body and the spirit. Any other terms that we may use have the same meaning. The fact that the dead move among us does not change the fact that they do so as spirits that are separated from their bodies,

Lynne BarryOctober 30, 2023

What about relocated?

Corey D.October 28, 2023

My heart goes out to the Hess family and to all who have experienced the loss of loved ones, especially seemingly untimely or unexpected. Where would we be in such difficult times without the hope our savior brings.

JeffreyOctober 28, 2023

Thank you for sharing this poignant and difficult family experience with us.

JuliannOctober 27, 2023

My heartfelt condolences. No parent ever want to bury a child. Emma is well and whole and you now have an angel in heaven. She thanks you for your love, and sacrifices, and faith. Now it’s her turn to watch over all of you. And she will.

Gale BoydOctober 27, 2023

Thank you, Jacob, for sharing this. It's inspiring, beautiful, and helpful in all the best ways.

AnnaOctober 27, 2023

A thousand blessings to the author and his family.

EveOctober 27, 2023

I'm truly sorry for your loss! And I'm truly grateful that we, as Meridian readers, get to read such precious truths. It's inspired me in the trials I'm facing at the moment. Thank you!

Carol MaskOctober 27, 2023

What a beautiful perspective. I believe it w all my heart.

TanaOctober 27, 2023

Thank you so very much for sharing this sacred family moment with your extended family of brothers and sisters! Your great faith and knowledge of the Savior is an example for us all. He does Live and because He does, your sweet Emma lives! What a perfect plan! Prayers and continued peace to your sweet family and friends as you mourn all that is missing right now.

Steve DoneganOctober 27, 2023

I write this after wiping the multitude of tears from my face... Thank you for putting into words what many of us cannot find words for. Thank you for sharing your outlook with us who suffer and can't see as far forward as you have. Our love to your family and supportive friends.

LaNae ShawOctober 27, 2023

Thank you for sharing this incredible journey you have been on - our 20 month old grandson passed away last year unexpectedly and our daughter has had such a hard time - she has been so angry that they didn’t get the miracle. She has finally come to realize that the miracle is that Heavenly Father and Jesus mourns with us. We do not understand why these things have to happen but we have to trust in His Plan and know that we will be with them again. I could not go on without that knowledge. So grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and Jesus who love us all so much and will wipe away all tears and all things will be made right!!! Thanks again for sharing.

ShaunaOctober 27, 2023

I am a better, stronger person, even filled with more light because I read your story. I tasted the goodness and truth of it all. Your writing is so beautiful and your testimonies were a feast. Thank you so much for sharing.

Kathy SandersOctober 27, 2023

Jacob I have eagerly followed anything you write when I find it as your gifts and inspiration have lifted and helped me so much. Thank you for sharing the tenderest feelings of your heart and yours and Monique’s beautiful faith in Jesus Christ and his tender mercies. I feel a oneness with you all and pray for your family as you miss sweet Emma. A oneness in Christ who is our hope and our salvation. Thank you for sharing and blessing us all with your story. Thank you Emma for the blessing of your life that lives on.

Ben PackOctober 27, 2023

Thank you Jacob for you and your wife’s beautiful words and for your faith. Thank you for helping me see and feel deeper. I’m grateful for God’s plan of happiness and progression. That he gives us experiences and relationships to make us like his Son. I loved your comments on Jesus in Gethsemane and Golgotha and the reason for his and our suffering. Thanks be to God for his Holy Son in bringing us a glorious tomorrow.

ChristineOctober 27, 2023

Brother and Sister Hess, your testimonies have blessed me today (and many times before). May God continue to bear you up. Through my own dark nights and days of grief, I also received comfort, peace, and hope, and I testify of the truth of your beautiful words. God does love us, and those we love who have passed through that quiet veil, are close, and you will feel their love, their light, their peace, and their joy in the days and years ahead. Glorious truth, beautiful hope, peaceful light, divine love.

Elizabeth LeBlancOctober 26, 2023

I just love your articles. They are so full of personal, faith filled, examples. I'm glad that you remember them with exactness and how they impacted your soul; because, it's as if I get to live that same experience too. Those feelings are as real to me as they are to you. I just love you. Thank you for bringing unity of faith to the Church:)

MarkOctober 26, 2023

I cringe when the youth or anyone else bear a testimony saying they know the church is true and never mention the name Jesus except at the end when they close in His name. The church is only true because of Christ. The prophets are only prophets because of Christ. The Gospel is only true because it is the Good News of Christ. Seems to me we kinda get it backward when we testify of the things instead of the person, Jesus, who is the reason for all of it. I go back to President Nelson’s talk of the Atonement of Christ. The Atonement is the thing, but without the connection to the power of Christ, it is ineffectual.

Harold RustOctober 24, 2023

This inspiring story is one that my brother while living in Heber has been able to follow---and actively participate in for the last several years. His enthusiasm for and encouragement of this project have been matched by dozens of other leaders in the Heber valley. Thanks for this descriptive summary of how the location came to be finally finalized. It has been an inspiration for all who became part of the large team.

MaryannOctober 23, 2023

The only reason I can think of for divorced people to maintain contact after they have married someone else is if the divorced couple have minor children. In those cases, the divorced couple should have an amicable relationship for the sake of their children. If the children are grown, in most cases, I would think the current spouse would be very uncomfortable if contact was continued with the Ex-spouse.

Paul HOctober 23, 2023

Where is this statuary park located? (The article asking for donations doesn't say.)

Scot ProctorOctober 23, 2023

The links have now been updated to the correct campaign. Thank you!

Scot ProctorOctober 23, 2023

The links have now been updated to the correct campaign. Thank you!

Scot ProctorOctober 23, 2023

The links have now been updated to the correct campaign. Thank you!

Jeff BellOctober 23, 2023

This sounds like a worthwhile endeavor. Where will the ten acre park be located, is there an entrance fee, how does one know the administration costs associated with such a large project? Where can one mail a check? Does it go to Dr Neal or Meridian? The article should include all of this information plus the projected date. PS: I loved the video

Joe HopkinsOctober 23, 2023

Thank you Kay Wiemer Gerke for stating so clearly what so many are condemning as CRT. Yes there are marvelous parts to our history and people who have stood tall. But there are also those who have cheated, lied, and destroyed. We need to know their motivations so we can avoid them. The positive needs to be enshrined but to avoid teaching the negative Is foolhardy.

Gary KohlOctober 23, 2023

The GoFundMe site that this link directs us to is from 2021 and says it is no longer accepting donations.

Sherrie RaynorOctober 23, 2023

Can you check the link? On 10/23 it was no longer active.

Teri N.October 23, 2023

I went to the fundraiser on GoFundMe and it states it has been DEACTIVATED. HELP PLEASE. How can we donate? I so much wish to donate to this.

Ed RehderOctober 22, 2023

As always; Good Stuff!!

Joan G. SmithOctober 20, 2023

A basic truth, long ignored, asserts that the purpose of education is to teach a student how to THINK. It appears that the "Fathom the Good" curriculum may well provide the way to accomplish that goal. I've sent a link for this article to my wonderful home-schooling daughter.

Kay Wiemer GerkeOctober 20, 2023

I am surprised that Meridian would print this Op-Ed. I have enjoyed Meridian for many years and have always counted on it for informative and inspirational reading. It plays an important role in spreading the Gospel in its unique way. John C. Hancock's opinions are very concerning to me. He has latched on to sound-bite catchphrases that are inflammatory and not fully accurate. CRT, Critical Race Theory, is NOT taught in general education. It is a subject that has been inaccurately vilified and is misleading. CRT is a curriculum that is taught at a graduate school level, not in elementary schools. The danger of this overreaction can lead to omitting vital historical truths regarding our country's past which has created a climate of racism that still exists today. We cannot change history but we should learn from it to not repeat its mistakes. America’s racial past is not only about the horrific treatment of many people of color, it also includes accounts of good people standing up for what was right and fighting against bigotry and hatred. Valuable learning can occur in classrooms when these topics are discussed with accuracy and truth. Students can learn to evaluate society’s mistakes from the past and make informed choices to commit to do better. I have had the unique opportunity of substitute teaching for 20 years in public high school and middle schools. I have seen, first-hand, what curriculum is taught and I have grown close to the faculty and staff from these schools. It is very rare that I have ever felt concerns about the information that my co-workers are teaching. My own children grew up in this school district and I began subbing after our youngest graduated from high school. I have been extremely involved with our educational system for 41 years. Yes, there are some things that are taught that are not consistent with our belief systems, but that is life, that is living in the world. My husband and I always felt that our job was to stay close to our kids and have frank discussions at home about what they learned at school. This way we helped guide them through life’s challenges as they went along and as they faced controversial ideas, on their own level. We empowered them with a feeling that they could handle whatever the world threw at them without fearing it. They were able to develop confidence in knowing that they were strong enough to withstand the confusing influences of the adversary through discernment. Their protective armor was based on gospel principles giving them insight and strength to make good choices as they looked to Heavenly Father for help. Personally, I am a supporter of public schooling with home support and I have really enjoyed the opportunity to be a substitute teacher. It has allowed me to really get to know the youth of our community for decades and hopefully be an influence for good in their lives.

Dawn BrysonOctober 20, 2023

I took American Heritage from your Father, Ralph Hancock, at Brigham Young University in 1994. He made history so applicable to us. I looked forward to his lectures as each lecture was interesting and engaging. I learned to think more critically too. Honestly, one of my favorite classes. I look forward to learning more.Thank you!

Brad OatesOctober 19, 2023

I have followed V.H. Cassler thought leadership articles for multiple years, and appreciate her brilliant insights. She has a gift for seeing the non-obvious…and, the obvious in non-obvious ways. I agree with her assessment that we have reached a cultural tipping point. It would seem that 2020 was such a year with 4 “Super Shocks” of a global pandemic, global recession, worldwide social justice protests, and divisive election cycle. But, in my opinion, 1968 is likely the tipping point year that defined the pervasive cultural erosion we are now experiencing…a “scattering” as prophesied that 2020 accelerated. For me, this is the big picture context that gives meaning and purpose to the “gathering” theme that has been emphasized by Latter-Day Prophets. Thank you Valerie.

Kent BrooksbyOctober 19, 2023


SageOctober 19, 2023

I appreciate your wise words and courageous attempt to educate. I will be sharing this everywhere I can.

MistyOctober 18, 2023

Surrogacy?! That’s a weird one to lump in there. So many families and people in general have been blessed because of someone else’s love and sacrifice through surrogacy!

Sue AntuarOctober 18, 2023

In a quiet moment this morning I noticed your article and decided to read. I read words that I needed to hear and words that have resonated with me. Words that have brought me great peace and comfort. I lost my husband last week and had his funeral yesterday. Even though this has been a life altering, heartbreaking whirlwind in time, I have absolutely felt and feel my Savior's peace and love and strengthening power by submitting to HIS will. Hard days will come but I absolutely know he will continue to protect and strengthen me in my storm.

Tim FlahertyOctober 18, 2023

I'm afraid I am not familiar with this Bianca Palmieri Lisonbee, 1953-2023, for whom this article was dedicated.

Jamie QuistOctober 18, 2023

Thank you for the backstory and history of these areas. It's like, "Oh, wow, that makes so much more sense." How can a lay person access this kind of information?

JulesOctober 16, 2023

Great analogy and food for introspection. How refreshing it would be to attend a RS where the sisters felt they could be honest and would actually validate each other. Way too much competitiveness in my association with women. How easy it is to give a compliment or a hug, but too often reserved and withheld by those who have not yet learned that their sense of worth comes from God and he gives freely.

MarkOctober 16, 2023

Thank you for sharing this! What a great analogy

KerryOctober 16, 2023

Thank you! I am also a widow who watches a K drama at the end of a busy day - sometimes feeling guilty. I am careful to do the “ clean” ones. They are delightful and so well cast. Now I can feel ok about it. Excellent article otherwise also.

LBOctober 14, 2023

You need to see a marriage counselor.

KathleenOctober 13, 2023

That's all it takes!

SandraOctober 13, 2023

Finally! An update on this production. I donated to the work back in August, 2022 and have heard no more. I'm pleased to learn its moving along.

JuliannOctober 13, 2023

Good cartoon. It only takes one. Thanks for all the chuckles.

Ann A.October 13, 2023

Hi name must be Calvin!

Jeff DrakeOctober 13, 2023

Thank God for small nurseries! Our oldest two are 15 months apart, so our daughter was too young for nursery when our son was born. Since the nurses in our ward was only about ten kids, the Nursery Leader invited our daughter to join them a bit early. It was an incredible blessing for our family.

GinaOctober 12, 2023

We can also learn that your mortal life can be over in a minute. And look at what tha Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are once again having reinforced. Water can stop coming out of our taps. The ability to purchase food can be curtailed. The power can go out. We need supplies as well as faith.

Debbie KentOctober 12, 2023

Excellent article. Thank you.

Wendy ManwaringOctober 12, 2023

I appreciate the thoughts and scriptures associated with this story. Thank you. There is a lot of truth in it. I wish it was not associated with a product or sales of any kind. When I listen to general conference, I never go away with fear in any way. Things that insight fear, I shy away from. Just a feeling that comes to me as I read articles similar this one. I appreciate the topic written of here, being prepared, and I am grateful we have Jesus Christ leading and guiding us through prophet, seers and revelators. President Nelson counseled us this last General Conference to "Think Celestial." Included in his counsel were these words, "Seek guidance from voices you can trust—from prophets, seers, and revelators and from the whisperings of the Holy Ghost, who “will show unto you all things what ye should do.” Please do the spiritual work to increase your capacity to receive personal revelation."

LewisOctober 11, 2023

Bless you, and bless the children, for this beautiful story of faith.

Jim ThorleyOctober 11, 2023

What a great story! And what a great lesson to be learned. How do I get all in my Elders Quorum to read this?

HelenCOctober 11, 2023

Well research and crafted examination of scripture. Thank you.

KathleenOctober 10, 2023

AMEN, Sister!

Lola B.October 10, 2023

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I too have had a spiritual experience years ago that I consider very sacred and have not shared, but I do feel the need to, for the benefit of future generations. "Indeed, you can have sacred, revelatory, profoundly instructive experiences with the Lord in the most miserable experiences of your life—in the worst settings, while enduring the most painful injustices, when facing the most insurmountable odds and opposition you have ever faced" - Elder Jeffrey R.Holland

Douglas NadybalOctober 10, 2023

It is well thought out article exploring what a balanced prosperity looks like. Even more remarkable is that is was done without invoking the tried, tested and overused mantra "seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things will be added to you", which I sometimes tire of hearing over and over again.

Harold RustOctober 10, 2023

Thank you! The impact of personal stories is a theme I've been actively encouraging my ward members to collect for many years. I remind them that although there may be only a limited few stories recorded somewhere for great grandparents, there should be more for grandparents and definitely more you can find regarding your parents. And then, with regard to your immediate family......the sky is the limit! The key is to record them; big and small, seemingly trivial as well as monumentally pivotal.

Chip WhitmerOctober 9, 2023

Always worth pointing out that Helaman only had two brothers: Shiblon and Corianton. The phrase "Helaman and his brethren" necessarily includes Corianton, who apparently got his act together and became a great leader in spite of his youthful transgressions. There is hope for all of us!

Colleen CorbridgeOctober 9, 2023

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this inspiring story.

HelenCOctober 9, 2023

Bless them all! And bless you for being there for them. An awesome reminder that some things only come about “save by fasting and by prayer” Matt 17:21

sdgOctober 9, 2023

I'm so grateful to hear that Rising Star can continue. I've been able to support one child for a few years after learning about your great work through my niece. Thank you for sharing this miracle. I look forward to reading about those other two miracles. God is amazing.

Sarah HinzeOctober 9, 2023

Thank you so much for your inspiring article. Thank you for the courage to share your testimony. I have been taught deeply by your tender experiences.

Greg SmithOctober 8, 2023

Well said. Thank you.

W. Jay GoldthwaiteOctober 3, 2023

I agree with what you said, Mariah, and also the wonderful comments that were posted. I really need to spend the time I spent on the April conference messages over the past 6 months. By doing so I will gain a lot of special spiritual treasures. So far, I have studied Pres.Nelson's overall "Think Celestial", and Elder Stevenson's on hearing the Spirit. I was so touched at the latter part of his talk, that I paused probably over 50 times writing down his words, and then, when he said to get in front of the mirror, tears flowed! That personal "look at me" statement I believe will help millions of members! What a way to start each day! What a way to feel the hope of what God has given each one of us as HIS CHILD! It's as if we had just gotten off of His knee where he tells us of His love for us and how important we are, and then we get up excited and look at our face in the mirror and begin and say the "LOOK AT ME" statement.

HeidiOctober 2, 2023

It's amazing the things that stand out to us! I saw a lot of invitations to let the Holy Spirit guide us to truth. Truth was a big theme through many talks. In a world where truth is hard to find we need discernment to make good choices.

Jim ThorntonOctober 2, 2023

I don't know about anybody else, but I think I have said "think Celestial" about 10 times today. What a wonderful, simple, two words that encompasses President Nelson's entire address. I have come to the conclusion that thinking Celestial may be the only way someone like me will make it back to Heavenly Father.

Roger DavidsonOctober 2, 2023

President Nelson talking about focusing on celestial. When confronted with temptations or whatever comes into our lives that takes our focus off of the Savior then think Celestial. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed in the last few years the talks have been more centered on Jesus Christ. And coming to him, because it is only through him we gain our salvation. I would love to hear others thoughts regarding more emphasis on Jesus Christ. President Nelson, during his talk I felt something while he was speaking, that maybe I need to make my prayers more conversational than a check list "Ok I have said my prayer like I am supposed or I have read from the book of Mormon like I am supposed to. Again, what a wonderfjul conference.

Lynette J MilliganOctober 2, 2023

The themes that stood out, and which our family discussed afterwards, were those of preparation, both temporally and more importantly, spiritually, for the degree of glory you want to achieve. Several Apostles talked about this topic, as did our Dear Prophet. Several talks spoke of the 10 Virgins and their model of preparation, both temporal and spiritual. We all agreed that the overarching theme was Coming to Christ and how we do that by, beginning with the end in mind, and obedience to His commandments, including providing assistance to those in need. What a fantastic Conference it was! We all felt so richly blessed to receive such instruction and wisdom from those whom the Lord has prepared to lead and guide us. We are so grateful to have access to them and the treasures of the gospel library and Church website.

Pat BluthOctober 2, 2023

Thank you, Mariah!

Erika PechacekOctober 2, 2023

This Conference was significant because all the speakers reminded us to come unto Jesus Christ and grow spiritually. We have to prepare ourselves and the coming generations for the coming of the Lord and without that preparation we will not be able to stand that event. The world is in commotion right now and if we imagine how much worse it will get, without spiritual preparation and centering our lives on Jesus Christ, we will not be able to stand. May we all take this serious and be always ready to welcome our Lord and Savior!

Lisa ReisingOctober 2, 2023

One of the strong themes I heard was about the power in and need for creating communities of Christ, where we feel accepted, needed, heard, peaceful, and some protection from the onslaught of the world. Many of the gathering messages contained the plea to learn how to love each other more completely - all part of Zion building.

Patricia LambOctober 2, 2023

President Nelson used the word MORTALITY, which was important to me. Mortality is a master class in learning to choose the things of greatest eternal import. Far too many people live as though this life is all there is. However, your choices today will determine three things: where you will live throughout eternity, the kind of body with which you will be resurrected, and those with whom you will live forever. So, think celestial. When you make choices, I invite you to take the long view—an eternal view. Put Jesus Christ first, because your eternal life is dependent upon your faith in Him and in His Atonement. It is also dependent upon your obedience to His laws. Obedience paves the way for a joyful life for you today and a grand, eternal reward tomorrow. When you are confronted with a dilemma, think celestial! When tested by temptation, think celestial! When life or loved ones let you down, think celestial! When someone dies “prematurely,” think celestial. When someone lingers with a devastating illness, think celestial. When the pressures of life crowd in upon you, think celestial! As you recover from an accident or injury, think celestial!

Iclea Megre LannesOctober 2, 2023

Thank you for sharing those thoughts. I started my day thinkng about the theme that stands out in the conference talks, then I was blassed with your words.

TeriSeptember 30, 2023

I love you President Nielsen as I help those who read and listen to the conference. Love Jesus and our heavenly Father. Prayers for blessings are headed your way by so many of our congregations. I pray that thou will feel them and that they will help you to heal as quickly as possible. Thank you for all you do and your service and ministry.

CarolSeptember 29, 2023

Get a physical exam and check for blood sugar, autoimmune, mental decline or mental illness issues. Sometimes that can cause a change.

MaryannSeptember 29, 2023

Good advice! I would also suggest a focus on constantly looking for the good in one another and voicing many sincere complements. We have been married for 53 years and I have found it is best to bite my tongue when I am tempted to say something critical, or to give too much advice. I feel like my Spirit is working at disciplining the "natural woman," and overcoming mortal tendencies and weaknesses. It doesn't really matter if we feel our spouse is being too sensitive. What matters is our willingness to change ourselves and our approach. It doesn't feel stifling, it feels like victory! I am grateful for the Lord's Spirit to enable me to do this.

vickieSeptember 29, 2023

also, when two people were married that long and then retire...that changes everything. the husband now stays home all the time. where he was in charge at work he wants to be that way at home and when the wife tries to have input husband doesnt take it well because hey he is the one in charge...actually the woman ruled the roost and has been for years...suddenly she has no say.....believe me....its mainly the husbands issue that he has to deal with ...wife has to realize this is what is going on....he wants to lead at home..but home is more a womanly work....sharing tasks is the best ...but only if they share it and no one rules over it all...

CW2 DoneganSeptember 28, 2023

I read because I want to see if someone else’s perspective can change my own. Your using the second act of plays changes my way of processing how to speak about preexistance to others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

KathleenSeptember 27, 2023

All's well that ends well!

Sherrie BurdickSeptember 27, 2023

Thank you for this wonderful article. I couldn't help but compare Washington with the leadership our country is experiencing today...Actually, there is no comparison.

M. M. HansenSeptember 27, 2023

I'm very disappointed in your article. I'll give one example. You said the teenager wearing a maga hat.... It was a Catholic student coming for a March to Life rally not a Trump rally as you imply. You said they had a stand off. Actually I've watched all the many hours of video and Sandman was minding his own business when the guy came up to him banging on his drum. Sandman was trying hard not to do anything or say anything to diffuse the situation. He exhibited great restraint. So it was NOT a stand off. The guy was a jerk. Your final sentence was completely false and would lead people to believe that the right was as bad as the left was for making up a story that the media portrayed Sandman bad. The media did indeed do just that and his name was ruined in the press for what? Showing restraint? So yes because he was standing for the unborn and had a maga hat on the media DID attack him viciously. So much so that he lost scholarships. He eventually won many lawsuits against the media. The right did not craft a new narrative. It WAS the narrative. The media smeared and innocent kid because he rallied against abortion and they have done it to many people besides him.

Katrina DonaheySeptember 27, 2023

Daris, I always enjoy your stories. Thank you for them. I love the messages they convey.

Kay RookhuyzenSeptember 27, 2023

I needed a good cry today! I so enjoyed this "serial" storytelling! Thank you so much!!

JessicaSeptember 27, 2023

So sorry for the separation of your mother. I hope you are finding that peace that passes all understanding. I always look forward to your articles! They have just the right amount of humor in them. But I especially enjoyed reading about your mother’s adventures with Old Bob. What sweet and tender stories. Thank you so much for sharing them. I really hope that I can meet Bob one day.

Barbara RukaSeptember 27, 2023

I have enjoyed reading these stories of Bob and Joyce. I looked forward to every installment. I'm sad that it ended. Beautiful writing. Thank you!

JanelSeptember 26, 2023

Why did Chad Daybell not make the list of fallen heroes? He definitely had a following and disappointed said followers.

Lynne FlakeSeptember 26, 2023

My husband's ancestor, Samuel Flake, was among the Regulators at the Battle of Alamance. After the battle, he was forced to take an oath to not fight against the Crown ever again. When the American Revolution began, he sent his sons to fight on the American side. We have visited the site of the Battle of Alamance and consider Samuel a great patriot.

Robin Isley BickfordSeptember 26, 2023

Very well written! I, too, am a descendent of Capt. Merrill (mother's side), a native North Carolinian, and a Latter-day Saint. I have visited Alamance Battleground and Hillsborough several times - these places are indeed Sacred Ground! What a great Patriot he was!

BarbaraSeptember 26, 2023

In addition to these excellent suggestions for coping with grief or fighting depression from other causes, I would add two: 1. find something creative to do. This helps absorb your mental energies into something positive. 2. Do regular service. It can be as easy as using Familysearch to find names of people waiting to have their temple work done or going to the temple and doing ordinance. Or it could be serving someone in your family, neighborhood, or ward. And, as I write this, another thought comes to mind. Make sure you are not isolating yourself. In the suggestions that Jeff made or that I have made, make sure some of the things you do require interaction with others.

Robin Isley BickfordSeptember 26, 2023

Thank you so much for writing about Capt. Merrill! I am also a direct descendent on my mother's side, a native North Carolinian (parents & ancestors from Alamance County), and a Latter-day Saint. I, too, discovered his story several years ago and have visited the Hillsborough site several times. I also grew up near the Alamance Battlefield. These sites are indeed sacred ground. It is also great to know that I have relatives in Utah, where our daughter is attending University of Utah. Feel free to email me. It would be awesome to hear from you or connect in Utah or NC! ❤️❤️

dan douglassSeptember 26, 2023

great advice,we are all weak...i look at the good tim did for thousand of children,maybe somewhere on his journey he slipped up, i will still vote for him as long as his sin doesnt involve a child..maybe somewhere along the line some woman pressered him,got in a bad situation..didnt want to blow his cover ect..ect..also leave the church out of it ,we got enough enemies..forgive..look at the good

Teresa DavisSeptember 26, 2023

Over the years I have loved ALL your stories and insights. I especially love the story of Bob, the dog and Joyce. It teaches even if a person comes from a rough abusive background, one can be rise above all that to emerge as a virtuous, strong, loyal, hard-working character. How he blessed the life of Joyce's family! We can do the same. These are the stories we need back into our schools.

TreyeshuaSeptember 26, 2023

Luke 6:22 Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man’s sake. 23 Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for, behold, your reward is great in heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets. Tim Ballard appears to me to be yet another of the falsely accused. Jesus said that will happen to true saints.

Charles McClellandSeptember 25, 2023

Thank you for this informative, thoughtful and well written article.

MaryannSeptember 25, 2023

You wrote, regarding the Tim Ballard story: "For a still developing story, withholding judgement can be appropriate." So, why are you jumping the gun and including it in your article NOW?

Ned SvarisbrickSeptember 25, 2023

Ah, guilt the gift that keeps on giving. Let me pose a question. When the Savior performed His atoning sacrifice how many of our sins were in the future? ALL of them right up to and including the final second at the final judgement. Once you decide to put your trust in the ever living God your life will change forever. Life then becomes a relationship that grows us up in Godliness and sin over time fades into the dust and follows us no more.

CASSeptember 25, 2023

I have listened in person to Tim Ballard explain his role in OUR many times. Most were at the peril of his own life! I believe that he is innocent of these charges and encourage people not to rush to condemn him on public opinion. I believe that Tim is a good and honorable man!

JuliannSeptember 25, 2023

Great follow up to a great conference talk. Elder Holland shared a similar story but without a happy ending. A young man sinned, repented, became a wonderful husband, father and successful businessman, but upon moving back to his hometown found that others would not let him forget his past. I don’t believe we , as individuals, forget our transgressions, because remembering helps to keep us from repeating and also helps us to empathize with and teach others. But we can be released from the guilt and shame. Which brings up another point: guilt is a gift from god to make us aware of when we need to repent. Shame is always Satanic. Guilt is ,”I did something bad,I need to repent ,and change”. Shame is “I am a bad person. I will always be a bad person.” It is not our place to guilt or shame another. It is our place to let God do His work. If we do not condemn others, we shall not be condemned by others — hopefully.

Paralee EckmanSeptember 20, 2023

I donated to OUR several years and was proud of it. I stopped only because of financial reasons. I totally support Tim Ballard, and will vote for him if he runs for the Senate ! I hope you will notify him of my admiration for publicly expressing his support and testimony of our Church!

JeffSeptember 19, 2023

Excellent points and thoughts. I think the elimination of former YM and YW presidencies and the calling of younger bishops has lead to a lack of shepherding among adult members. The ideal of the EQ and RS presidents counseling adults is not reality. Meanwhile the older adults languish without someone they trust. Good points on Come Follow Me and other items. MP quorums are definitely struggling with ministering and in their class time. Somehow the Church needs to be a safe place for all who come regardless of where one is on the faith journey. Our meetings need to allow for others with difficult questions. If f not, people will gather with like minded on forums and avoid the ward family.

KatrinaSeptember 19, 2023

Craig, I loved your candid honesty manifest in this article. I LOVED your point about the rameumptom becoming our small devices now in our world. That was brilliantly on point. Thank you for your observations and thoughts on making your powerful point that unity does not require sameness. Well written! Thank you.

karell binghamSeptember 19, 2023

I still kind of wish there was more doctrine taught in gospel doctrine. More ideas.

Lawrence M. Barry Chaplain, Colonel, US Army (Ret)September 18, 2023

Thank you for your insightful and informative article. As a lifelong member of the Church and a retired LDS Army chaplain I sometimes cringe at the loud opposition voices. Your article is sorely needed. Thank you.

Bryan StinocherSeptember 18, 2023

Exactly on point. I have long held the belief that once I have paid my tithings and offerings I have fulfilled my end. I believe I will be blessed for that act of faith and obedience. If the Brethren then misuse the funds that is on them and not me. I don't have the ability to decide if the church 'needs' the money. Tithings and offerings have NEVER been about money. It is all about faith and obedience. I echo the sentiment in this article that most of us have little to no concerns about how the church spends its money. But the media loves an agitator and someone who can casts aspersions on anyone, particularly a religion.

Richard G F TophamSeptember 18, 2023

Thank you for a very informative article and the thoughts of every day Latter Day Saints. My thoughts entirely. I have friends that are very much on the edge at the moment and need to read this article and to be able to put things in perspective.Truth Will Prevail.

Sally SmithSeptember 18, 2023

This was an excellent commentary and rebuttal against the Washington Post article. I don't usually spend time looking at articles such as the one written in the Post because,inherently. I know it will be filled with slander, lies and misinformation.

David ShafferSeptember 18, 2023

Well said, and politely. Thank you.

Joel MarksSeptember 16, 2023

At this moment in American history many citizens who are not members of the Restored church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints are ready to bear up the Constitution of these states united. Thank you Tad Callister for your many articles concerning our original constitutional democratic republic which members of the holy Priesthood are not quite ready to bear off. It is now time to ready ourselves to defend and protect that which is governmentally sacred and profound. Watch and pray as He cometh quickly to save what the framers and founders created by the hand of Divine Providence!

Robert StarlingSeptember 15, 2023

Amen, and Amen. Thank you Elder Callister for compiling these wonderful thoughts and quotes in support of our divinely-inspired Constitution. I think we can all agree that it is indeed now hanging by a "brittle thread", and we all must do everythng in our power to support it and defend it. For most of us, that means campaigning and voting for elected officials who will support the Constitution rather than trying to supplant it.

Jamie QuistSeptember 15, 2023


KathleenSeptember 14, 2023

So well worded and supported with 'real' life experiences, ancient and modern.

Cathy Rowe MarlerSeptember 13, 2023

A few years back I made bug out bags for our two vehicles, plus each of our three adult children and their spouses. I sleep better knowing they are somewhat prepared for emergency situations. I highly recommend Jeff Motes’ series, Once Upon An Apocalypse. He has included the necessary elements to sustain and protect you in a serious event.

MarciaSeptember 13, 2023

Excellent article, Nicholeen! My husband has often stated: One of the most important skills a person must learn in life is to develop the ability to tell themself "no." The consequences of not learning that skill can be very dire - while developing the skill is empowerment. Perfectly explained, Nicholeen. Thank you.

KatrinaSeptember 13, 2023

Wally, You are on my favorite authors! I ALWAYS learn SO much from you. Thank you for this beautiful article. Thank you for detailing the deep meaning of a covenant relationship with Deity so beautifully. You are truly wonderful.

DoreenSeptember 13, 2023

Thank you for sharing these inspiring comments.

MicheleSeptember 13, 2023

I look forward to every episode about this courageous dog! So glad he made it home in this one. Thank you for sharing his amazing story.

Edna A Zurcher MaySeptember 13, 2023

Thank Thee Lord for the faith & courage that many showed in this beautiful story! Thank Thee for Thy guidence, for the privilege to recently meet Josh & his family & for the privilege of participating on the filming of his story.

Ben JonesSeptember 12, 2023

Alan Turing said that if. you could communicate with a computer for an extended period and not be able to tell you weren't talking to a human, artificial intelligence would have been achieved. I don't believe that mainly because computers are programmed by humans and those humans try really hard to make the computer seem human. Any good author can create characters that seem more real than the real people we know.

Karen HeathSeptember 12, 2023

If we do not teach our children and grandchildren to think and reason AND recognize the voice of the Spirit in helping them distinguish between good and evils, true and false, then this could well lead to Harari‘s conclusion. How important it will be for us as well as future generations to understand the power of God in our lives! Perhaps this is part of the reason President Nelson has been emphasizing how to “hear Him”. To emphasize our ability not to be deceived by what AI may try to tell us in the future.

Mark MathesonSeptember 12, 2023

What a BEE-utah-ful story! Thank you for all the service you have given all over this Earth.

LyndaSeptember 12, 2023

Thank you for this article. I have been feeling lately that I am a religious person, but questioning if I am a righteous person. I love the perspective of religion vs relationship and considering that must have been what I have been feeling. I am for certain going to improve all my checklist daily practices with this new mindset.

JulieSeptember 11, 2023

Elder Russell M. Nelson, in the February 2003 Ensign, said, "While divine love can be called perfect, infinite, enduring, and universal, it cannot correctly be characterized as unconditional." I learned a lot from studying his article. I had originally thought God's love was unconditional, but there are many scriptures that he quotes that say otherwise.

Jennifer SchowSeptember 11, 2023

As always, I appreciate your insights and testimony. An in-depth reading of The Book of Mormon, combined with a desire to learn and build faith, leaves no doubt that Joseph Smith was not the author. I look forward to reading some of the other books and resources you have shared.

MLarsonSeptember 11, 2023

Great Article! Just a thought to further document this and provice evidence for this view comes pretty strongly from the Book of Mormon. In it we find multiple examples of teachers that promote life without consequence for action. Alma 18:5, 30:17 Are two examples of a teaching that there is no sin. In Helaman 14:30-31, consequences are clearly taught as an element of of Agency. Consequences are essential to agency. Alma 1:4, 21:6, 2N. 28:8, Alma 11:34-37, Helaman 5:10, All taught saved IN sin. This idea of being saved without reference to works is a dangerous concept.

Julie MckinneySeptember 11, 2023

Thank you so much for this special opportunity to read about our dear prophet, President Nelson. You did a beautiful job of research on him and his special talks to lift, inspire and lead us onto the path to home in heaven. I enjoyed this very much and feel the spirit with me strongly. Thank you Happy Birthday President Nelson and May the Lord continue His blessings upon you.

James ScottSeptember 11, 2023

Thanx for the heads up on Book of Mormon proofs.I especially liked the Midgley anecdote. Often the oppositional characters make chargesnot against the doctrinal revelations of the Book of Mormon but the characteristics of those presenting it . The charges of errant activities of today’s leaders,be they teachers or bishops when they sin and their sins become public it casts aspersions upon the whole including the Book.

James Stuart BrownSeptember 11, 2023

President Nelson has kept open the channels of communication with Heaven since childhood. His insights and discoveries as a physician revolutionized the field of cardiothoracic surgery and heeding the words of our Savior through him can have even more impact on the world. God knew whom He could trust him to speak His words and we are blessed by having him as our Prophet, Seer, and Revelator. Come Follow Me and being less contentious have blessed me and my family. There is more to follow.

JillSeptember 11, 2023

I'm so glad this wonderful apostle of The Lord is home from the hospital He has endured much pain in all respects. I hope he recuperates unhurriedly, but I look forward to hearing from him when he can. I love President Holland, his direct teachings, and his gentle empathy! I have prayed continually for him. I hope he has the best care possible over the coming days and bless all those who have the blessing of serving him at this time.

Aileen HamptonSeptember 10, 2023

How edifying this article is! And yet I knew before reading that God is in control and can oversee the direction that AI takes, that we each can discern truth through the Holy Ghost, and that it is not in God's plan for AI to overtake and control humankind. We, as humans, have ways to know the things we need to know by connecting with God, our Heavenly Father.

Michael ColemanSeptember 9, 2023

God’s love for his children is unconditional however he does not always approve of what we do or bless us unconditionally.

DianaSeptember 9, 2023

How positive and uplifting! I appreciate the deep thinking that fostered this commentary and forces us to reread it several times to grasp its hopeful message.

KathleenSeptember 8, 2023

I'm so glad that what goes around for you, comes around 'sometimes'. You are some of the most giving people I've ever watched. Although I reluctantly use the phrase, "you deserve this" tender mercy, I'm so glad that the Lord chose to bless you with what was needed.

kcSeptember 8, 2023

The belief AI somehow will control the world and each individual in it is well founded to the extent those who provide our goods and services and governments fully adopt it. However, the actual downward spiral of society and regular natural disasters cause disruption of goods and services which includes electricity and internet. Once we are "unplugged" by choice or circumstance, there is no AI for us. Sure the whole world will not be unplugged at the same time but it will be an eye opener while we are lucky enough to "endure" it. Our self-sufficiency and willingness to follow the prophet--and KNOW we are not following a fake through the Spirit is key to enduring well.

Nerita Flake PetersonSeptember 8, 2023

Wonderful, intuitive and encouraging. Thanks so much for your thoughtful and encouraging article.

GTOSeptember 8, 2023

I would add that this discussion or future discussions could turn financial. There's a red flag in the daughter-in-law's anger that money went to lawyer's fees and not to her. This is an added wrinkle that could cause all sorts of problems in addition to those on an emotional level. Maybe decide ahead of time what you would be willing to do financially moving forward.

Bob SpielSeptember 7, 2023

Love these ideas. Years ago an inspired institute teacher taught me to 1) read slowly, 2) ask questions and 3) keep a journal of what I was asking and learning. Those three simple steps changed everything in the scriptures. They suddenly came alive and the greatest thing was the spirit then became the teacher — of even things that weren’t on the page. Thank you for these great examples of these skills.

Wally GoddardSeptember 7, 2023

Beautiful writing and lovely insight! Thank you, Mariah!

KathleenSeptember 6, 2023

Many truths

WeezieSeptember 6, 2023

Oh man! I needed this article 25 years ago! So good! I have been in those moments so many times like you were when your husband told you he was going on a fun trip. Such different lives. But it all changed. Like now for me the kids are all in school and I can do whatever I want, even though I don’t do many fun things because of habit. I’m curious if your husband didn’t go on the trip because he saw your face when he told you. ;)

CSeptember 6, 2023

Thank you so much for this! This hits too close to home for me. I will try to keep this perspective from now on.

Valiant K. JonesSeptember 5, 2023

Thank you for spreading a deeper understanding of this important temple covenant, the Law of the Gospel. I like the way you have shown the need to use this law as a long-term transformation process rather than just a one-time event. Your link to the first and second great commandments is also insightful.

Jake MartinSeptember 4, 2023

Also, none of these were "jewish" laws!!!! The word of God was the laws of the HEBREW people, later the laws of Israel.

HelenCSeptember 4, 2023

Thank you (again!) for your willingness to share inspiring stores. As I continue to strive to coach those who grieve I have found myself worrying about the continued lack of paying clients. I am newly committed to helping all who ask, whether they “sign up here” or not.

Mark DonaldsonAugust 30, 2023

The thoughts found in this WHO document may appear to be obvious and open and thus, not be characterized as a secret combination. However, there is no explanation as to the 'INTENT' of those who published this document. Therefore, in my opinion, this is very much a secret combination. Secret combinations don't have to materialize immediately such as a chief judge being murdered on the judgement seat. A secret combination can be incited and carried out over many years. Thus, this secret combination in it's 'INTENT' would appear to desensitize and break down even the most alarmed among us...over a number of years. How the 'Woke' line of thinking will effect the United States and the world at large may not be seen today or tomorrow. But, 10 years from now we may realize that the 'INTENT' was the secret combination all along and has brought nothing but moral destruction.

BeatriceAugust 30, 2023

I feel the title of this article is very misleading. The WHO in my opinion, is a corrupt entity. And yes! Their ‘instruction’ is perfect for groomers!

TomAugust 29, 2023

Transcript for those who are deaf?

Bonnie HoltAugust 29, 2023

This is the most poignant beautiful prose--poetry--hymn of the heart I have ever read! So many of us are losing children to the world! I have been in the depts of grief over one child who has absolutely cut our entire family off--from grandchildren and cousins who we love with all our heart. None of us has heard anything from them for the last two years as we've agonized--how did this happen, what did we do wrong? With no contact it is as though they are dead! From your Hymn, I relate so completely to this honest poignant line from your hymn "I ask myself, was that it? Was that the moment I failed her?" And so my husband and I ask, was it this thing? Or that time, or another moment we can't even remember? We have the promise and have felt the peace from prayer that all will be right one day and pray that she will come to herself and "forgive!" We love the Lord with all our heart and thank Him for His amazing atonement daily, when again and again the waves of grief come.Thank you for this lovely reminder of His promise and grace! May He bless you for sharing your wonderful talent! You have a gift and I want to hear more from you!!!!!

Robert StarlingAugust 29, 2023

Well said, Brother Wallace! Your article, combined with Dan Peterson's "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made", gives us a faith-filled and delightful perspective on our Heavenly Father's amazing creation. It is indeed a "marvelous work and a wonder".

Robert StarlingAugust 29, 2023

Perhaps it is unusual to comment on my own article, but as I read it here online, it occured to me that the Oliver Wendell Holmes quote contains an interesting word play: He wrote: "we should be eternally vigilant against attempts to -check- the expression of opinions that we loathe". His usage of "check" means "stop", as when a hockey player "checks" another player by blocking his path. We should not do that, but we should indeed fact-check not only "opinions that we loathe", but especially our own opinions as well.

Tanya NeiderAugust 29, 2023

Absolutely stunning and serene!

Anne WilkinsonAugust 28, 2023

Even though everyone needs to be local is it possible to use different accents - it is so nice to hear an English accent and others might feel the same about their accents

tfAugust 28, 2023

Do we have a publication date yet for the new Hymnbook?

Donna Nelson TalbotAugust 28, 2023

The Kent, the Thomas and the Luce familes are my husband's mother's people. She comes through Martin Washburn Thomas who was the son of Nathaniel Thomas and Susan Luce Thomas.. Nathaniel sold his farm and paid for wagons and supplies for several of the Saints so that they could come to ZION. They buried a daughter in New York while traveling through. Another daughter died in Nauvoo. Then Nathaniel died in Nauvoo ,nine days after the Prophet Joseph Smith was killed by a mob. His wife was expecting her last child when Nathaniel died and the baby girl died also. So, she buried her last baby girl ,along with her husband and the girl who died earlier, in the old Nauvoo Cemetery and took her two remaining boys to Utah with her. Martin Washburn Thomas was one of those two boys.

Lorne FersterAugust 27, 2023

The Gospel according to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints lets us know what is expected for us to be able achieve Celestial Glory as the Lord would want us to. I remember thinking to myself one day many moons ago: " The Gospel does not tell me how to do it." Then it occurred to me:" How blessed I am to have been involved with the "Addiction Recovery Program" for it provides step by step instructions and information to achieve the Humility required to please the Lord to a greater degree and of course this is a life long Program, not just for a specific problem or weakness for we all have many. Unfortunately "natural man" has many weaknesses and usually is reluctant to face them honestly so the Program is not as fully utilized as it could be. I would like to suggest that as many individuals that would attend the Recovery Program and gain the understanding it provides, the Saints would have a deeper understanding of the Gospel and it's Principles which would unify them to a greater degree because of a bigger understanding. At least, this makes sense to me. But it takes courage for people to face the truth about themselves and their weaknesses, hence not many take up the Program. The word Addiction also scares a lot of people. Also, it is important to realise that people are at various levels of understanding at any given time and we need to be prepared to love and forgive each other unitedly. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

Corey D.August 26, 2023

That whole scenario probably describes more marriages than you think. My personal belief is that commitment is more important than love. But having said that, this situation and the words she uses sounds like an affair waiting to happen.

Teri N.August 26, 2023

I see this page hasn't been updated. The last CFM lesson is #24, but we are now beginning #33 (Aug 24). Are you going to update this page any longer? I love following along so that I can snag quotes from the podcast. I miss that.

Sue AndrewsAugust 26, 2023

I feel so sorry for her husband. His feelings should matter as much as hers. I wonder if he even realizes that she doesn’t love him?

Alex BarclayAugust 26, 2023

A comprehensive review of this incident. It did indeed "confirm and even inflame the murderous determination of the enemies of Jesus." Not content with merely determining to kill Jesus, they even decided to kill Lazarus as well in order to do away with the undeniable evidence of this, arguably the mightiest of Jesus' miracles. Such sheer wickedness is breathtaking.

Ann-Marie JensenAugust 26, 2023

Outstanding! Thank you for sharing the incredible lessons you learned. Well done.

Robert BaileyAugust 25, 2023

What a beautiful story and testimony! Your hard experiences are a witness that Heavenly Father iknows the end from the beginning and all things work together for those who love the Lord. Thank you so much for sharing your odyssey.

Bob KernsAugust 24, 2023

I love the painting of the Savior in the Celestial Room. Almost as if He's saying "Welcome Home".

JeanAugust 23, 2023

Beautifully written article. Just yesterday I was visiting with my neighbors and their adult daughter. The daughter asked me what I thought of the upcoming political debate that evening and I tried to be as non committal as possible. I so want to be informed on the things I need to know but without the contention that goes with so many issues. Thank you for publishing Meridian Magazine and helping me stay informed. By the way, my neighbors are top notch people.

Dean FisherAugust 23, 2023

In 1972 or 73 a then-junior apostle Thomas S. Monson visited our mission in central Germany. Afterward, he was to visit Turkey to speak with officials about official recognition for the church - a daunting assignment in that muslim country. He told us he was "concerned, but not worried."

Paul HAugust 23, 2023

I am going to suggest the Lord has given us the answer to being unified and unfortunately His answer is often diluted by taking it out of context by only reading one verse. In Doctrine & Covenants, Section 38, we often hear that if we are not "one" we are not the Lo0rd's. We interpret that as needing to be the same, thinking the same, having the same culture, politics, education, spiritual understanding, etc. The real lesson is given starting in verse 24, then it is re-stated by the Lord again! He explains that He has given us a parable (contained in the next few verses) so we may undferstand the principle he is teaching. It is not very similar to what social scientists and those who are popular say about the subject. It's very easy and to the point and if we read and incorporate the parable into our lives, divisiness will evaporate. Thanks for this article. It caused me to reflect on Section 38, which when taken in context, I find to be very instrumental in addressing the topic.

Jacob CrapoAugust 23, 2023

D H: Exactly right. Building temples brings an incredible opportunity for the construction workers in an area. I remember on worker on the Dallas temple (if I remember that right) who was a Baptist and said that the temple was his Masterpiece, the project he is most proud of. I think one thing that we can’t forget is the potential to change lives. A man I taught on my mission once said “The Freemasons make good men great but the Mormons make good men Saints.” That happens lately in the temple, and those Saints make promises to live better lives and build a better world.

Heber FrankAugust 23, 2023

Excellent,. However, to be more accurate about the last point made, consider this: : “ whom I have committed the keys of the ***RECORD*** of the stick of Ephraim;” --D&C 27:5 The Book of Mormon is NOT the Stick of Ephraim according to this verse. It is the RECORD of the stick of Ephraim. So the stick is Ephraim and those tribes that went with Ephraim at the time of the division. Likewise, the stick of Judah is the tribes of Judah and Benjamin and many of Levi,. And the Bible is the RECORD of the stick of Judah. The prophecy in Ezekiel 37:15-22 is talking about the unification of the tribes again. But when the tribes are united the sacred RECORDS they kept will also be united. So the unification of the Book of Mormon and the Bible is implicated in this prophecy just as Mormons have been saying.

ChrisAugust 23, 2023

Awesome article! We were told the same thing in a presentation at church on suicide and suicide prevention. And yet, all the group discussion was about our youth. Most people don't know these statistics or don't believe them. Men are under attack in our country, and are portrayed in media as idiots or as unfeeling oppressors. I believe a small part of the answer is the availability of small men's groups who meet on a regular basis in which they can discuss both spiritual/gospel topics and just share what's going on in their lives. We have a group like that meeting once a month in our LDS ward..."Battle For Your Heart Men's Discussion Group. Also, weekend retreats such as Warrior Heart Boot Camp, and others are amazing opportunities for men to bond, to learn, and to get very real about their lives and their stories. Promisekeepers is also a great Christian resource for men... It's great that there are so many programs, etc., which support women (and there should be) such as "Time Out For Women" or BYU Women's Conference in the LDS community, and others elsewhere, but so very little for men. Once again, thank you for a very needed article.

Karen L.August 23, 2023

AMEN. Thank you so much for this article. I have been saying it for years, there is an on-going war on men to devalue them in society. We women, mothers, wives, sisters, etc better start speaking out and standing up for the men of this generation. I have five boys and I fear for them and their futures. This world is out to destroy them and enough is enough. We must have courage and make right for all of God's children, not just the ones that suit our political narrative.

CarnenAugust 22, 2023

I feel that most of the comments miss the point. Barbie is a child's world. Seeing yourself as beautiful with pretty clothes, dates to all parties, with a beautiful place to live, surrounded by other little girls. The ending is little girls choosing the real world, with all that includes, the good and bad. Mature body, sexuality, real challenges. While the opening was disturbing if you did not realize it was partially black humor, it reflected a real choice most girls want, to focus for a time on her own wants and needs, not the future role responsibilities of adulthood. We never criticize young men for playing soldier or astronaut. Why do we limit young girls in their trying on their dreams by playwriting them? Why would we insist little girls must playback motherhood but not insist little boys playback the responsibilities of fatherhood?

Shantil M RandolphAugust 22, 2023

It sounds like you had a very special mother as I was blessed to have. I, too, lost my mother. She passed in 2020 from an aggressive cancer. Her influence has been real and palpable in her touch at one time, her words to me when my dad remarried, and in a dream that helped me tremendously. Angels are all around if we are worthy to feel them near.

Tamra DodgeAugust 22, 2023

The opening scene was disturbing. Little girls portraying mothers, are suddenly dissatisfied after seeing ‘the perfect woman’ … then smash and destroy their baby dolls. That was dark, and uncalled for. The opening scene in BarbieLand was every little girls imagination come to life. Remember, these are dolls. After we left the theater, I asked my husband how he would have changed the storyline. How do you write a storyline for toys, that holds interest, involves characters, has a goal to accomplish, while staying true to the subject? The problem was that Mattel didn’t integrate their toys to portray a family. They were sold separately. It was up to each child to turn them into families… We played dating; friends; weddings and babies arriving. That, was what we knew to be real in life. This storyline was confusing, and disturbing. I didn’t like that the Kens were not important to the Barbies, or that the Barbies were so in love with being perfect. The ‘Ugly Barbie’ seemed to be the problem solver, perhaps because she’s been through a ‘non-perfect experience’ at the hands of her Child owner. In the Toy Story series, some toys are abused and forgotten. The human element in the Barbie movie were sad, bumbling depictions of people. Over-the-top in portraying real life. That was obviously a fantasy within the fantasy. The expectation from the public was high! People dressed up as Barbies to attend. What a let-down. Overall, I wouldn’t take a child to see this movie. It could have been so much better. More like how we actually played with these toys, and had a happy ending, that didn’t conclude with a gynecologist.

DeidreAugust 21, 2023

I think you are seriously lacking a sense of humor. I loved this movie. Unfortunately, the empowered Ken's reminded me of every bad date I ever had in an LDS Singles Ward. Kens, wanting women content to spend hours just sitting there admiring them. Ever been invited to go on a date that turns out to be a man playing video games for hours while he wants you to watch him? Or a man inviting you to sit around the ward building alone for three hours so you can be in the audience while he gives a talk? And he dumped you three months ago without a word after dating for seven months. But Mr. Narcissist still wants you to fulfill your assigned role of admirer and audience member. The Kens, once they see themselves as being in charge. The director nailed it. I highly recommend this movie.

Linda HawkeAugust 21, 2023

I agree this is not a movie for young children. I took my 16 year old granddaughter to see it, though, and she understood just fine. The story I got from it was that neither the "girls' night every night" Barbie nor "mojo dojo casa house" Ken was good, but that they would learn to integrate - share - compromise, whatever. I found it to be an amusing timeline caricature of attitudes, a funny and enjoyable movie for teens and adults. Sure we can and should discuss the ideas and portrayals, but we don't need to turn every movie into a deep dark depressing psychological drama with hidden motives. Ah, maybe I'm just tired.

RLRAugust 21, 2023

This is all true about the Atonement as far as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints teaches. However, on the Church's own website, under "murder", one of the scriptures is: He that kills shall not have forgiveness, D&C 42:18. So as the above comment asks, how does that fit? I was always taught in seminary and in the temple that the two sins that could not be reconciled/forgiven were: denial of the Holy Ghost, and murder. Please explain, as I would like to understand.

JuliannAugust 21, 2023

Parenting, the only real way to know God. Thank you to all the commentators for your honesty. Thank you to the author who voiced our regrets, our repentance and our restitution. Thank you Jesus for saving us from ourselves. Thank you for the healing you have brought to my kids. And thank you for making me a much better grandparent .

HelenCAugust 21, 2023

In other words, we need to trust ourselves and our God more.

Jenny Madsen SvendsenAugust 21, 2023

Thank yuou for your very insightful article about the Barbie movie, and examples of what happens in the movie. I live on an island in British Columbia, Canada, our 99 person Movie Theatre owner just posted that the tickets are sold out an hour before show time. He also posted, thank goodness, that they are in the proccess of getting the digital verison of Sound of Freedom, that is a movie I've seen, and will tell all my friends about it.

Susan RoylanceAugust 21, 2023

Thank you Nicholeen for alerting parents to the problems of this movie, and the negative impact it can have on the girls of today. Negative presentations of girls as mothers is very dangerous, and is contributing to the seriously reduced attitude toward motherhood. We need more women like you to stand up and speak out about the value of marriage a d motherhood.

Adela MusgraveAugust 21, 2023

I am happy to have read this article. I completely agree with the author. My 28 year old grand daughter saw the movie, and thought the movie had a great message for women, that the modern woman is expected to work full time, have children, run a home, etc, instead of being her own self and pursuing her dreams and not being enslaved by marriage and motherhood.

MaryannAugust 21, 2023

Wow! I didn't see the Barbie movie, so I had no idea about the contents. My children are grown, so I certainly was not taking them to this movie. Thank you for shedding a light on the false and dangerous concepts portrayed in this film. I certainly hope moms with young children will heed your warnings.

Judy PetersonAugust 21, 2023

This definitely is not how I saw the Barbie movie,, but then I didn’t think it was for kids. To me it was a very strong message of one of the unfortunate impact of the Barbie doll and what it has done to our culture. It painted a very negative view of feminism, and the fact that the feminism that has been so influential in our culture, has been destructive in many ways to both men and women. I got the message that fundamentally the family is the source of true happiness, and everything else that had gone on in the movie was a sham and a poor imitation. Maybe we see what we want to see? One thing, I will definitely agree with — this is not a movie for children! And with that agreement, it is apparently a movie for discussion in our families, if any of us choose to see it. I’m glad I did. Greta Gehrwig is not a shallow movie maker. Maybe we mothers could be better informed.

Ben JonesAugust 21, 2023

CS Lewis once said that arguing about whether faith or works is more important is like arguing about which half of a pair of scissors does the cutting.

Mark W MinerAugust 20, 2023

So powerful! More poetry than prose, a soul-song that captures so well my own inadequacies, which are more than matched by our Savior's redeeming grace and love. Truly with Him, all is well!

Sally SmithAugust 20, 2023

After I felt that regret for so long and I repented and apologized, I finally said I have done all I can do it is now up to them.

CarolynnAugust 20, 2023

Oh my goodness! This was raw and moving and vulnerable and poetic. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

Ellie GoodareAugust 20, 2023

I just read this to my family, and I could barely read the words for the power of them. Kimberley, thank you for bringing such sacred feelings to the surface. What a gift you have.

Jane NelsonAugust 20, 2023

I keep coming back to this poem that reaches the deepest places in my heart and offers healing. Thank you so much for articulating what so many of us are feeling and for sharing it with us. What a beautiful talent you have.

Pam BlairAugust 19, 2023

This was about ME. That is until I got to the last verse about the Savior and forgiveness for my long-held shame at the myriad mistakes that caused damage to my children. - damage that has lingered into their adult lives. Until now - over 70 years later - am I able to realize that the atonement covers EVEN THIS!

Rosalie Erekson StoneAugust 19, 2023

When my husband and I saw the magnificent carved woodwork in the temple in Cochabamba, Bolivia, my first thoughts were similar to those you described when you wrote, "the temples of the Church may well be the most beautiful buildings [the local members] are ever permitted to enter—and, yes, a harbinger of the blessings awaiting the faithful in the world to come."

PaulineAugust 19, 2023

Amazing grace! How can God patiently work with all of us? It’s incomprehensible. Only He knows the personal investment He has in each of us. We only need to listen to the Spirit fir we are saved by grace after all we can do. So well spoken sister!!!!!

Kerry HarperAugust 19, 2023

Great story, but the dog in the picture has a long tail. He sure is scroungy looking though.

JulieAugust 19, 2023

I can’t remember if it was Alma the Younger or Paul that made me realize this—the joy of the atonement is not just that we can be forgiven ourselves, but that all the damage we did and the hurt we caused can be healed through that same power, by that same person. What relief!

KayeAugust 18, 2023

SO BEAUTIFUL!!! WOW!!! The despair, the regret, the poignant sadness of our failures all covered by the hope, the redemption, and the love of our Savior. As a Mother, I really LOVED this hymn!! Thank you for sharing!❤️

GJJAugust 18, 2023

Tears are flowing as I read this. How many times I have beat myself up for not being the Mother I wanted to be? I am now almost 87 years old and finally allowing myself to be Forgiven and accepting the Mercy he offers. Thank you for this beautiful offering

SharonAugust 18, 2023

My tears are making it so hard to read! Yes! All of this! Yes! Thank you so much for helping me to see “ the Hand reaching out.” Thank you!

Gloria JohnsonAugust 18, 2023

Oh my did you ever hit the nail on the head. Thank you for this penetrating and poignant piece. Tears of regret, tears of joy, tears of gratitude. You said it all.

CathyAugust 18, 2023

Thank you

Bill WrigleyAugust 18, 2023

Brilliant. We need more from this woman!

HelenCAugust 18, 2023

Perfect! Thank you.

MaryannAugust 18, 2023

I agree that a desire to serve with love and commitment to our Savior is the highest form of "works." However, this article is a little bit too "all or nothing." Sometimes people approach an opportunity to serve with what might be called a bad attitude. BUT, after they become involved their hearts are softened and they begin to feel that love. We have often heard the phrase: "If you want to learn to love someone, serve them." This is a great example of the love coming AFTER service rendered. Regarding the example in this article of the woman who complained about serving at a wedding: Instead of assuming that her faith is dead, why didn't someone put their arm around her and say something like this--"It sounds like you are feeling stressed out and overburdened. I am so sorry. Is there something I can do to help?" It should also be remembered that just showing up can be a step in the right direction. We need to be very cautious about judging the quality of someone else's faith. I am grateful that the Lord's plan allows for us to develop faith in different ways. It doesn't really matter whether the faith, or love, or the works come first. What matters is that we continue to grow in love for Him and for His children.

CarolineAugust 18, 2023

My husband retired five years ago and is not really interested in doing anything but yard work. But I like to be out of the house and doing something. I started taking pottery, which I love! I joined a book club. I also started volunteering for a local food pantry, and after a few months, he started going with me too. I'd advise you to find what you love to do or have always wanted to do, and just do it! (I also told him I'd buy him stuff he could make for lunch, but I wasn't going to be cooking or serving another meal post-retirement!)

Kerry FarrAugust 18, 2023

My feelings put into words. Beautiful, true, poetic words. Thank you❤️

BarbaraAugust 18, 2023

Thank you. Thank you. How often we forget the greatness of that atonement for all of our inadequacies. So beautifully expressed.

Steve DoneganAugust 18, 2023

What a powerful message. I sit here in tears knowing I am no longer alone in the hurt I caused my children. You’ve moved my heart. I thank you…

Anna FeatherstoneAugust 18, 2023

Thank you, you have touched my truth. I have tears....

Judy PetersonAugust 17, 2023

I once asked my mother why she never bore her testimony. I knew she had one--a very strong one, which she lived. Her reply? "Because I know I'll cry, and I don't want anyone to see me cry." She also stoically endured life's inevitable pain because she didn't want to expose her emotions. What a shame! I admit I kind of shudder when speakers apologize for crying--or almost crying! It seems to be a deep imprint in our culture. Hurrah for this article! Thank you!

David InnesAugust 17, 2023

My wife was a very kind person. Her favorite expression was quote attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson which said, “ You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.

MaryannAugust 17, 2023

If you can afford it, make arrangements to stay somewhere else nearby. OR--it really is ok just to shorten your trip. Obviously you want to be there for the wedding, but you don't have to stay for the entire trip.

Rochelle HaleAugust 16, 2023

Often, in the examples you have given, we don’t exercise our faith beforehand. I take my turn to clean the church, hoping I wipe away all of the call dust or clean the fingerprints off the windows. I don’t think I ever hoped for faith to fulfill that assignment, but I usually pause while I’m in the building and hope the Lord is pleased with my efforts. I don’t recall exercising faith to prepare a meal for someone, only that I have ingredients on hand and can help with whatever is needed. Many decades ago as a young woman I was taught to make certain decisions ahead of time. That is the nature of faith as well. As we constantly build our reserves, then we can “work” in some situations without having to again ponder our abilities or intentions. We just go and do.

KeithAugust 16, 2023

Not so fast....please read

KeithAugust 16, 2023

I really like Skousen's work on the JSP, but when it comes to how he depicts the translation process, I am skeptical. It dismisses Joseph and Olivers own testimony about with the Urim and Thummim and raises the teleprompter in the hat to the forefront. I believe Josrph and Oliver

KathleenAugust 16, 2023

The audio does not come in this week. We have the transcript but hitting the arrow with a green line through it to start the podcast, does nothing. There is a message that says the audio is playing, but it's not.

Merlyn de la MelenaAugust 16, 2023

Excellent article and so easy to apply to our every day lives!!!

PatAugust 16, 2023

What delightful insights to a 'true story'. I have seldom noticed stories about faith and works and this is one I will surely share with others. Understanding comes with faith so maybe this one will be effective. Hmmm! Thank you very much.

craigAugust 16, 2023

Couldn't agree more. A lot of people don't realize that faith without works is dead , and works without faith is dead as well

Arlene WelkerAugust 16, 2023

Super sweet, feel good story. Thank you for sharing it. That dog saved her life! That's no little thing.

KalEl Anakin SkywalkerAugust 16, 2023

Thank you for that True Grace Empowered article. Faith anciently meant - allegiance, commitment, confidence, dedication, devotion, discipleship, faithfulness, fidelity, follower, loyalty. obedience, trust and in the scriptural context it was meant to be to the person and work of Christ Jesus on our behalf. True if one is doing all these works not for Christ Jesus they are empty, null, void. Even in one of the protestant father of the reformation, Martin Luther's writing's he basically said the same as you did. Thank you again. The Atonement, It Is The Central Doctrine, In His Eternal Debt/Grace, Accessing His Grace By Faith, Washing My Garment In His Blood, He Died To Make Man Holy, Its Not Just 6 Words To A Song, They Have Eternal Meaning, Salvation Comes In And Through His Atoning, Blood An In No Other Way.

Kal El Anakin SkywalkerAugust 16, 2023

Thank you for that True Grace Empowered Article. Faith in Greek is pistis which meant Anciently - Allegiance, Commitment, Confidence, Dedication, Devotion, Discipleship, Faithfulness, Fidelity, Follower, Loyalty, Obedience. Trust and in the scriptural context it is to the person and work of Christ Jesus on our behalf. Anciently Faith was a covenant word of action like in a marriage. So, you are 100% correct that if you are not doing these works of Faith for Christ Jesus, they are empty, null, void in his eyes. I have even read that even the Father of the protestant Reformation Martin Luther in one of his writings stated that same as you did. Thank you once again. The Atonement, It Is The Central Doctrine, In His Eternal Debt/Grace, Accessing His Grace By Faith, Washing My Garment In His Blood, He Died To Make Man Holy, Its Not Just 6 Words To A Song They Have Eternal Meaning, Salvation Comes In And Through His Atoning Blood And In No Other Way. Amen, Amen, Amen.

BettyAugust 16, 2023

I hope it does continue. I have been disappointed when I can’t find the rest of the story in future days…love hearing about Bob.

MichaelAugust 15, 2023

What are ways that FamilySearch / Family Tree accounts can be accessed or transferred when a family member passes on? Is there a chance that a lifetime of valuable research could unintentionally find its way to computer outer darkness?

Virginia RockwellAugust 15, 2023

What a beautiful article. Thank you.

Marsha NewmanAugust 15, 2023

Thanks for sharing this essay on “Grace”! I have many friends of other faiths who have a narrow understanding of the meaning of the word. In actuality, our church with emphasis on salvation for the dead is perhaps most “gracious “ of all. We understand that the Atonement is for every soul who has ever lived on this earth- a gift of supreme Grace by a supreme Creator!

KatrinaAugust 14, 2023

As always, you delivered another exceptional article. I love your articles. Thanks for your wisdom, honesty, and inspiring stories.

ShaunaAugust 14, 2023

Thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed your thoughts and focus. And I appreciate the admonition to reflect more intently and personally, about the role of a temples in our lives, if we are getting a new one. I am in that situation. I have attended the workhorse temple, Jordan River, for years now. And have come to love it. But when the Taylorsville temple is dedicated it will be my new temple. I think we'll focus on your message for FHE tonight to motivate us and get us in the right mind set of gratitude for a new temple

Claudia Henderson SmithAugust 14, 2023

Great article, Mariah. I feel the same way about our new Richmond temple where my husband and I work every Wednesday evening. I loved this - Temples are indeed the intersections where heaven and earth meet and where the Lord can dwell with us.

Richard EyreAugust 13, 2023

I love Maurine for this great article and for the dialogue it is starting right here. These are marvelous comments and I hope they keep on coming! The book suggests that just reading its essays will not be much of a solution. But discussing the essays with others, and examining ourselves and opening up to friends and associates will begin to move us toward the kind of unity that we want (and that the Lord wants.) If you liked Maurine's article here in Meridian as much as I did, just wait until you read her longer essay in the book! And then wait until you read the other 13 essays! The amazing (guided) thing is that each essayist brought such a unique and different slant on this subject of unity and diversity, and helped me to realize that no one writer has enough perspective to write a book on unity--but perhaps fourteen writers do!

Lynette MillsAugust 13, 2023

This will be an ever more important topic as we get closer to the second coming I think. I look forward to reading and learning more about how to become more focused on Unity.

Corey D.August 13, 2023

I have a son who came home early from his mission, he no longer goes to church, in fact most I know at least in my ward and stake who came home early are not active in the church, it would be interesting and helpful to know more about the young man you mention in your story and more in depth of his story to remain faithful.

Corey D.August 13, 2023

I had a co-worker some years ago had serious OCD, at that time those things were just starting to get recognized. His wife eventually left him and took the kids and ultimately it cost him his job. I wondered how he kept his home and someone told me they thought his family was paying his mortgage because they didn't want him back. He got in trouble with the law I heard, shoplifting or something like that which is fairly common with people like that. Here's the thing, he didn't think he had a problem. I have a younger brother, he just turned 60, he's been in and out of jail/prison most of his adult life, substance abuse has been a big part of that but he also has ADHD/ADD but refuses to admit he has a problem, will not take medication and will not go to any substance abuse programs. You can't help people who don't want to be helped or won't recognize there is a problem.

BaldyAugust 12, 2023

2 Nephi 30:10 the time speedily cometh that the Lord will cause a great division among the people…one cannot compromise with or play nice with or give a nod and a wink to evil. It must simply be defeated.

Carol ButlerAugust 12, 2023

Rita, a partial answer to your question for me is that loving our enemies does not include submitting to their harmful actions. We can love and pray for our enemies without agreeing with them or even being near them. The key for me is staying close to the Spirit, or striving to do so. The Spirit can guide us in our individual circumstances and efforts to both love our enemies and protect ourselves and our family.

Rita winmillAugust 12, 2023

My question is this, why was Nephi commanded to leave his evil brothers, if loving our enemies is a law?

aussiebobAugust 11, 2023

what you have said here is so true.People including my own children do not really want the Church to be true for if it is then they have a need to change their habits and that is something they do not want to do. it is is not easy being a member but it is truly worth it.Keep loving them.

Kent BrooksbyAugust 11, 2023

Whenever I think of the Celestial Kingdom, I am reminded of C. S. Lewis' book The Great Divorce, in which he clearly describes those elements that will keep us out of God's presence. They are, simply, those things that divide us on earth; the little differences and irritations that we are not willing to part with, even for a life of greater joy. I look forward to reading the book.

Jen BiberstonAugust 11, 2023

This seems to fit right into what Dr. Miller was saying on the "Follow Him" podcast, that to love God, love your neighbor, and love your enemies is THE LAW. Love is the law, not the reward for our actions or achievements. We are not commanded to become lovable or worthy of love; we are already loved by God and are commanded to do the same with others. Through the lens of unity, if we stopped running around trying to be understood or agreeable (depending on our emotional wants) and focused on loving others regardless of their views, how much more unity would we have?

HelenCAugust 11, 2023

“. . neither were there Lamanites, nor any manner of -ites; but they were in one, the children of Christ, and heirs to the kingdom of God.“ 4 Nephi 1:17 I have often wondered how I might better remove the “ites” and “isms” from my life. It started when I chose to be a “female” rather than a “feminist” But it had to go broader and deeper than that. I have a long way to go and an well aware it took the physical arrival of the Savior for the ancients to get there.

Becca HowardAugust 11, 2023

What a timely article. Did you discuss technology? As much as we value our technical devices, using them can still cause problems. A relative texted me last night to try to clear up an earlier miscommunication, and texting, in my opinion, made the situation even worse. A phone call or in-person visit might have spared the miscommunication and more easily resolved the issue. I was on my way to the temple, and this bothered me for a good portion of the session until I could finally focus, pray to be calm, and pray to find answers in what was being taught.

KathleenAugust 11, 2023

How vast and varied have been your experiences. Thank you for sharing and turning them into modern day parables.

MaryannAugust 10, 2023

Thanks so much for continuing to post Darla's articles. I am sure she is continuing to teach and enlighten others in the Spirit World. I am especially thankful for her topic regarding change. Change has always been especially difficult for me, and I found some real gems in this article to help me more fully embrace whatever comes, and to learn to live with joy in changing circumstances.

erikpeterhansenAugust 10, 2023

Good article! We can think of other churches as partly true and a preparation to be saved or the first steps for some to be brought to the full truth. No matter what one's faith is, that person who follows the Light of Christ can be brought to maturity and receive the fullness of the Gospel in the Spirit World. Even Latter-Day Saints will need to be more mature and receive a full knowledge there. Joseph Smith said that a man cannot be saved faster than he receives knowledge. If there was no continued missionary work in the Spirit World we would have a very small family of people sealed to each other at the end of the Plan of Salvation. There would be limited joy not fullness of joy. And in the end the One True Church of Christ will be full of joy.

Paul SmithAugust 10, 2023

Consider three workers all engaged in roughly similar tasks. One might say, “I lay bricks.” Another doing the same job might say, “I am constructing a building.” And the third, likewise engaged in the same basic work, might say, “I am building a house of God.” The first describes a job; the second describes a career; the third describes a calling. All three work with bricks and mortar, but the third works with vision and even heavenly purpose as well. -Identify the larger, longer purpose of behaviors and choices.
-Keep the big picture in mind for vision and motivation.
-Do more than simply go through the motions.
-Don’t give up too soon. Go the whole distance. I’ve been dearly needing to reconnect with my eye for eternity. I need the bigger picture, because the small picture is just too hard. If your husband would like to talk, feel free to reach out to me by email and we can connect. I give Scott & Maurine Proctor permission to share my email address with you. And if you’re in Utah, I have a group that I call the Guild of Striving Brothers, where we offer support to one another through these kinds of challenges.

Kandi GuffeyAugust 10, 2023

Wonderful insights and wonderful analogies to problems that everyone faces in life! Thank you, for sharing your wisdom, Sister Clayton.


Thank you Sister Clayton for your inspired thoughts.

Mary TarbetAugust 10, 2023

Thank you for standing for truth. We pray for you and your success continually!

ChrisAugust 9, 2023

As a life-long member of the church who struggled with the disease of addiction to pornography and unwanted sexual behaviors for some 50 years, and who is now serving with my wife as ARP missionaries leading a weekly couples group, I love your willingness to support and to love your husband, even in the midst of his struggles in continuing recovery. It is so important to understand that sobriety is not recovery. It's certainly an important part, but even though there are slips and maybe relapses (not the same thing) recovery can and will continue...if he chooses it. My wife and I share our story often both publicly and privately because there is great power in our stories...every person's story...and sharing them is what gives a 12 step meeting it's power and spirit. It's time to let go of the shame, the guilt, and the embarrassment and to get very open and very real about this addiction, which statistically is a problem for 70% of the men in all Christian churches, including ours. Maybe being in the temple, even when he may not feel worthy, is exactly what your husband needs! Repentance and change are necessary for each of us, and most recovering addicts understand that more than most a very real way.

Boanerges RubalcavaAugust 9, 2023

The more people does not mean more problems, but more hands to produce. Production is the distinctive characteristic of the free market. The free Market in association with a kind of government like the one designed in the USA Constitution, and the use of FOSSIL FUELS, will bring enough food to feed not only the 8 billion people now, but many more billion in the future. Of course if we go against these three conditions, we will have more problems. We must try to bring down the pollution due to the combustion of fuels, but NEVER to ban them, since for sure CO2, no matter what those who want to starve the world and reduce its population IS NOT causing the awful problems attributed to the use of fossil fuels. The opposite is true, we need constantly CO2 to feed the world, but without the fossil fuels, millions will die due to hunger, and the few surviving will be very clean.

John R CarpenterAugust 9, 2023

Excellent article. Satan since the Grand Council in Heaven wanted to save everyone collectively so that none would be lost. When we choose the plan having Jesus as out Christ, Satan rebelled and we lost a third of the host of heaven. Anyone that says we need a collective salvation before any personal salvation denies the plan of God and that Jesus is the Christ and savior of Mankind. Those that deny this are Anti-Christs by following the collective salvation wanted by Satan. Imagine an earth run like the Star Trek Borg collective. "Resistance is futile." You will be collectively saved because we will force you. That would give you an idea want Satan wants for mankind. We do know from the scriptures this authoritarian collective approach is evil and we need to chose God over Evil. We really need to teach our youth about the alarmist myths, propaganda and the evil in the world.

JenniferAugust 8, 2023

Reply to @Author, thank you so much for your clarification and thoughtful response. That’s helpful to me in understanding the article better, to know you wrote under a pseudonym, and have your husband’s approval to share. I’m so grateful strong, faithful women such as yourself are sharing your stories and your journey in dealing with porn addiction in your family. These are things that were never talked about when I was a younger woman, so I’m very grateful things have changed. I have a few dear friends and family members who will benefit greatly from the wisdom you share, so I’ll be sharing your article with them. Much love and blessings to you and your family.

AuthorAugust 8, 2023

Reply to @Jennifer. I definitely agree that is should be kept private--or at least that the terms of disclosure should be his, not mine. This article is published under a pseudonym for just that reason. Sometimes these things need to be kept private though, and sometimes people need to be able to hear that someone else is experiencing this process too and they are not alone. If you keep too many things private for too long, you start to wither in isolation, not realizing that the person next to you in Church is struggling in exactly the same way. I discussed it with him and we felt comfortable sharing now as we had the two other times I've written here.

Not givenAugust 8, 2023

Thank you so very much for the article. I went to talk to my bishop about somethings and didn't feel worthy to go to the temple. During the course of our discussion the bishop has received inspiration from the Lord that I needed to be in the temple. So I have committed to go to the temple at least once a week. Sometimes I make it and sometimes I don't. I go without my wife because she doesn't have a recommend and won't or refuses to get one. So I really appreciate your thoughtful article. It's not always a male that can't or won't go to the temple.

DanAugust 8, 2023

There is another side to this. My wife was an alcoholic and I had to go to the temple alone. She would put a card in my temple bag promising to be worthy to go "next time". She died inebriated. I still have those cards in my bag, and when I go, I hope she is there, now that she is sober.

WithheldAugust 8, 2023

Thank you for this article of wonderful and insightful perspectives. I continue to feel those same feelings of occasional loneliness when I attend the temple alone. I waited 28 years to receive temple covenants and blessings because the idea of going alone was overwhelming for me. As I listened to, and followed powerful spiritual promptings to receive the blessings of the temple, I was reassured by the Spirit that feelings of loneliness would be tempered and I would instead, feel peace. This certainly has come to.pass. I am continually humbled by the love and peace I find in the temple. I too, feel that everything will one day work out for the good of my husband and I and our children. Heavenly Father wants us all to come home to Him, and I have a strong testimony of eternal progression for ALL. I also so appreciate the comments made to this article. You too, are wise and loving sisters in the Gospel. Thank you.

JenniferAugust 8, 2023

Thank you for sharing this important and beautiful message about temple attendance. As a single sister until I was in my 40’s, going to the temple alone was my norm. I’m now happily married to a wonderful man who is a member of another faith, so I still attend the temple alone. I also have the privilege of serving as a weekly temple worker, and there are many on my shift who attend the temple alone. . There are many in the church who are in your situation, and your example will help others, so thank you dear sister. Speaking with love as one older sister to a younger sister, I would ask you to consider not publicly sharing your husband’s reasons for not currently attending the temple, and not publicly sharing about his current struggles with a particular sin. I say this because I know for myself, it would be humiliating and debilitating to have my spouse publicly share my sins and my struggles. Repentance is a sacred, personal process and best managed within your marriage and with your Bishop. It’s for me to decide when and to whom I’ll confess my sins—not my spouse. I believe it would make it so much harder for me to feel the courage and strength to repent if he posted my personal struggles on the internet or shared them with our friends. I’m not advocating an unhealthy secrecy which can sometimes allow sin to continue, but I feel strongly we must always be wary of publicly sharing the sins of our loved ones. It is no one’s business as to why your husband isn’t attending the temple at this time, except the two of you and your Bishop. Bless you for attending anyway. Your family will be blessed through your continued attendance.

AnonymousAugust 8, 2023

This is such an important message for so many. I was also in a marriage where pornography was impacting temple attendance.... unknowingly. Number one, it is a great blessing that your husband is being honest and transparent - and his behavior indicates he truly is working recovery. That is beautiful to me, honestly! Number two: when I finally did learn enough to realize what was going on and how often I had likely missed going because I was waiting to go with my husband, I was very sad - because I love the temple. I made a firm resolve then that I would never again wait for anyone else to go to the temple. I would go as often as I wanted to, alone when that is how it worked out. That was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself and my children! And the truth is, I actually enjoy going "alone" as much as I do going with others, because I never actually feel alone and have had beautiful spiritual experiences, such as the one you describe in the article. And I can stay in the celestial room for as long as I want. I really do feel that I come away armed with literal power and greater light and peace for my life. I am a second witness of what was shared here - only I have 15 years of testimony as to how this will bless your life!!

HelenCAugust 8, 2023

Since my second husband left the Church before we married, 29 years ago, going to the Temple alone has been my only option. There have been times when he has expressed concern over the cost of the three-hour drive but generally he doesn’t mind. When I said I needed to go a week ago to the Medford, Oregon Temple because Portland was closed, he said it was better than having to sell our house to go as those who lived in South Africa, where he served his mission, had to. We don’t do it for them but they notice.

Anonymous Brother in CaliforniaAugust 8, 2023

It’s not just Sisters that have this experience. I waited several years before I went to the temple by myself. I had always taken my children for temple, baptisms, etc. But I had felt like I wanted to wait to do an endowment session until my then wife was ready to go. It was several years. When she left me, I started going. The things I learned were many, varied, and just what I needed. What strength of the temple gives to us!

SusanAugust 8, 2023

There are so many sisters, who feel reluctant to do Temple work by themselves. as you so beautifully pointed out, they and their families are missing much-needed blessings. I have a 54-year-old marriage and I’ve been attending the temple alone quite regularly for 53 of those years. My spouse will not say why he will not go to the temple, and I cannot see anything in his life holding him back. Just the last couple of years we have been reading the Scriptures together, which has brought a much needed closeness. There are many years when resentment, pity and disappointment blocked my spiritual insight, but I kept going. More recently my heart is filled with hope, and I have a much more eternal outlook on this man I married forever. There is no animosity, and spiritual growth and insight continues. I still feel a great longing to be one of those handholding, smiling couples who enter and perform ordinances together in the temple. I feel quite certain that someday my dream will be realized of being present there with my husband. But I also feel peace that perhaps if that day does not come somehow it will all be OK. The Lord knows my efforts and our family has been greatly blessed, I hope in some part through my devotion to keeping and practicing my temple covenants.

WithheldAugust 8, 2023

So beautifully written, lovely thoughts and inspiring article. I served as a Sister’s-only Support Group Leader in the ARP program for years, with the most tender, extraordinary women I will ever meet. They also are active sister, smiling, ready to serve, yet hiding broken, lonely hearts whose husbands also struggle. They’re walking wounded through life — and need to read this powerful article! I can’t wait to forward this article on to them.

MaryannAugust 8, 2023

I am so glad you have found such joy in returning to the temple. It will not only be a blessing for you, but for your husband, even when he doesn't go with you. The temple is a house of prayer and you can offer up your silent prayers for him in the temple, and also put his name on the prayer roll. I feel strongly that when we attend the temple, we receive blessings not only for ourselves, but our families are blessed as well. All of us have differing circumstances, but President Nelson has asked us to go as often as we can. I am so grateful to find refuge in that holy house, to renew covenants, and to feel a special relationship with those on the other side as we do their work that they cannot do for themselves. The very best part of the temple is the renewed closeness and relationship I feel with my Savior.

Rochelle HaleAugust 7, 2023

I believe that Wilford Woodruff has some of the most interesting experiences in church history, beginning with his own conversion. Jonathan Harriman Hale is my husband's 3rd great-grandfather.

Lori TippetsAugust 6, 2023

Sis. Douglas-Once again your monthly letter has touched my heart. I have lots of opportunities to speak and with your permission would like to use this story when I speak on service. Thank you for all you do and for your insightful and inspiring stories. With love, Lori Tippets (Jared’s mom)

CynthiaAugust 5, 2023

So true, Joni. I had to set boundaries with some family members, in a legal situation. I wrote each of them two letters. The first letter outlined what I recalled happened, what their responses were, and my apologies if I misunderstood and my desire to understand what they viewed as important to them personally through this experience. Next I sent a letter expounding my love for each of them individually, expressing my feelings of gratitude for so many blessings and the accompanying joy that we experienced together in the past, and how I was finding strength through the current situation, which was also a shared experience and one in which we were each reacting differently, for various reasons. In one case this smoothed things over. I'm not sure about the other case yet.

Janna Stout MorrellAugust 5, 2023

Maurine, I’ve always admired your great thinking and writing but here, you have now skyrocketed to new heights. This article is so needed, even within the Church as many have been taken in, or have even preached leftist ideas in the name of love and tolerance. We need to speak out in truth AND love… not one, exclusive of the other. Thank you, thank you for this well-thought, well written piece!

KathleenAugust 5, 2023

True blue!

Daniel BakerAugust 4, 2023

A truly wonderful article. And such a beautiful voice. There are of course many wonderful and inspiring LDS musicians. And good music has such great value to the mind, to the spirit. I want to contribute two bits: Some wonderful performers just sort of fade from attention. I got reacquainted with Lex de Azevedo a few years ago, and I think it's sad that knowledge of his works has faded since I became aware of it in about '75. One here:

Cindy AtkinAugust 4, 2023

The temple is a symbol of the love we have for God and the love He has for us. Why would we want to give anything less than our best? God gave us His best. What an honor for every person that gets to express their talents in its construction and beauty. When I walk around its gardens and through its halls, every part of it seems to be singing praises to God. No matter our economic circumstances, I cant imagine wanting anything less.

Lyric LadyAugust 4, 2023

I am so glad I decided to read this article about Cherie, a long time friendly associate in the LDS Music world. I've been off Social Media for months and had no idea Ron Simpson had passed away. I second and third every wonderful thing said about Ron. I never was blessed to take a BYU music class with him, though he offered to let me as a non-BYU student but for complicated reasons I couldn't attend. I was so blessed to work with him on the Faith Centered Music Assoc. committee back in the early 2000's. He was so gracious and good with each and every musician and songwriters like me, who went to every workshop they could attend but couldn't attend BYU. Prayers of comfort for his family. What a tremendous legacy he has left us all with. Cherie is amazing and as a fellow songwriter has inspired me on many levels through the years.

MaryannAugust 4, 2023

The sad fact is that sometimes people put off having children, only to find that they are unable to have them later. We should not take this great gift for granted. We have been counselled not to procrastinate starting our families. I can say from firsthand experience that child rearing requires a LOT of energy, which we generally have more of when we are still relatively young.

MaryannAugust 4, 2023

While we know we are not required to condone the harm that has been done to us or to pretend it didn't hurt, I think it is helpful to remember that we have only seen a tiny fraction of who that person is and what they have experienced. So many times they are acting out of their own fears and pain. No, that doesn't make their harmful actions ok. But it might help us to be a little more understanding about their behavior. We can also be thankful for the fact that our pain caused by others can help us appreciate all the Savior suffered for us. He was completely innocent, yet continually persecuted, and he forgave.

MaryannAugust 4, 2023

Our temples glorify God and our Savior, Jesus Christ. The bottom line for me on this subject is that temples are built under the direction of our Prophet. I am not going to put myself in a position to second guess him about WHERE they should be built, or HOW they should be built. Questions by people who are troubled with doubt about various issues could be easily solved through trusting our divinely appointed leaders. This is not blind faith. It is an opportunity for us to humble ourselves and acknowledge the Lord's hand guiding the building of these sacred edifices, and directing the affairs of HIS church.

MaryannAugust 4, 2023

The writer mentions that her husband "can't let go of stupid things from the past." However, she doesn't say what those things are. There may be some key issues here that she is not addressing. However, good advice from Brother Steurer. I think this is a valuable learning experience for people reading this that it's never a good idea to be separated for so many months. I hope this couple can come together again, but if he continues to blow her off, she can't save the marriage all by herself.

LorraineQAugust 4, 2023

This touched my heart today. Thank you for putting these thoughts into words.

Claudia Henderson SmithAugust 4, 2023

I don't think our temples are more lavish that the Catholic and Episcopal temples I've seen around the world. Our temples have beautiful stained glass, furnishings, and chandeliers; but that is because it's the House of the Lord. We would want it to be special. As the writer said, it's like being in a realm where God and Jesus are available and we may feel serene. I love our temples!!

WallyAugust 4, 2023

Thank you, Joni!

Debbie McClureAugust 4, 2023

This is a well thought out commentary on the beauty and design of temples. My thought is that the temple provides to the world patrons who have covenanted to sacrifice and consecrate. Indeed, a royal army leaves the temple with covenants to serve the Lord and fellow man. The value of eager and willing saints to give because they have been given much, have a sincere love of Christ, and are under covenant to represent Him, to me, cannot be calculated. This is higher and holier than throwing money to the poor.

Cyndi HaddockAugust 3, 2023

I'm so grateful for Brother Daniel C. Peterson and the years of careful research and scholarship, along with many essays, books and articles he's written, that beautifully explain the restored gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and our faith in the Savior. Thank you for your lifetime of efforts in defending our faith.

BarbaraAugust 3, 2023

I served as a temple missionary in the Dominican Republic. One of the other senior missionaries wondered how we could build such a lavish building when there were so many poor in the country. I computed that if all of the poor of that country were given an equal portion of the cost of the temple, they would each receive approximately $5 each. If they received a portion of what it cost to maintain the temple, they would each receive maybe $.50/month. In other words, hardly enough to make any difference at all in their lives. On the other hand, the poorest of the poor of that country could enter that temple and be treated as honored guests of God on high. That inevitably did immeasurable good towards telling them that they are persons of great value.

CarolAugust 3, 2023

I love your stories - even the serious ones. I too have a favorite teacher, Mrs. Troutman, and as an adult I happened to run into in a store and got to thank her for being a teacher who made learning fun and exciting!

Duane BoyceAugust 3, 2023

Welcome news! He is SO deserving.

D H HamillAugust 3, 2023

When I hear complaints about the monies spent building temples, or other buildings for that matter, I think that the laborers, manufacturers, earth movers, machinists, architects, engineering, and numerous others involved in the construction process. They are grateful for the work and income earned in order to help support their families. They, in turn, can use their earnings to purchase goods & services that benefit others. Thus, many people are provided the means of preventing poverty.

Pattie SkousenAugust 3, 2023

Our family’s heart goes out to this young missionary’s family. May they find peace in our Heavenly Father’s love for them.

HelenCAugust 3, 2023

Well done “Dr. Dan”!

HelenCAugust 3, 2023

I heard this objection from a co-worker after she toured the Portland, Oregon Temple during its open house. I thought it strange coming from a Catholic and having seen their beautiful and, no doubt to some, extravagantly adorned cathedrals.

MaryAugust 3, 2023

What a beautiful insight … I love serving in the temple and appreciate the inspiration to seek for holiness while there.

Robert D StarlingAugust 3, 2023

You go girl! (I can say that, right?) Wonderful article, and much needed. We must stand for truth. Count me in with the 38% who love America. In the beginning was the Word . . .

LexaGraemeAugust 3, 2023

God bless teachers. Thank you for sharing.

LexaGraemeAugust 3, 2023

I look forward to seeing this film. Brigham, as Dr Hugh Nibley once wrote, challenges many of us Saints.

KathleenAugust 2, 2023

Heartwarming and inspiring, again!

Cornelia MadsenAugust 2, 2023

The young Holland couple moved into our Oak Hills Third Ward with their three very young children. They would file in and take their seats in the middle of the ward chapel. On a fast Sunday the mother, Patricia Holland, bore her testimony and said, "Here we sit with this wonderful group of people; but I want to go out with my husband and family to do much more, because I know we can!"

TiffaniAugust 2, 2023

What a beautiful and amazing blessing for those girls to have each other. Thank you for sharing this sweet story and your insights. As a mother who has lost a child, I must say that, although we did not get the same result Tori did, I still believe my prayers were heard and answered. I’m grateful Tori’s family’s answer was that they got to keep their daughter. I’m sorry yours and my answers were that we had to say goodbye (for now). I absolutely believe every prayer offered for Madi was heard and answered… just maybe not the answer that was hoped for. I know the Lord will make up for all the grief and pain caused by her early departure from mortality.

Suzanne PalmerAugust 2, 2023

Having our own 5 year old grand daughter that has been going through chemo for Leukemia for one year this story resonates more deeply than this Summer day I am living. Words cannot express our personal pain for these sweet, innocent and tender children who have to go through these very hard things. We, too, as a family, have experienced the kindest acts of service for our sweet little one. We are so thankful and so touched by what has been done for her and for what has been done by and for your sweet little Mad,i and her angel, Tori. I know that there is a very special place in heaven preserved for these angels that are earthbound and those that are in heaven that have, or are, experiencing these things.

ShaunaAugust 2, 2023

a wonderful reminder that each of us has the chance to make amazing differences, by small and simple acts, for those in our circle of influence. thank you

Mark MathesonAugust 1, 2023

Don't forget to tell people that the cost for a mission outside the US requires the purchase of health insurance that is roughly twice the cost of Medicare. I foresee the time that the Church will subsidize this extra cost down to the US Medicare rate.

Adrian MartinAugust 1, 2023

Great message! Inwardly digested and passed along to others!

Glen GibbJuly 31, 2023

Although I certainly agree that our language has eroded, especially where the term "inclusive" is used, I urge caution with your claim about COVID. It was not a conspiracy to rob anyone of freedom. I no longer have two friends who died from the disease. They left widows and children.

Leslie P. ReesJuly 31, 2023

The author obviously is not acquainted with Tim Ballard. Tim is one of the most honest, courageous, caring men one could know. He is “for real.” “Fictionalized”? Tim has admitted that a few things in the movie were not perfectly re-enacted. That is not possible in portraying events that took a rather long time, squeezed into a two-hour movie. However, those involved all admit the major events are very much a true-to-life account in every thing that matters. Tim did lose his job, put his life and the livelihood of his family in danger, and was able to rescue not only a young boy, but the boy's young sister, who had been sold to terrible men. In doing so, he rescued many other such children. And that was just one such event in a long string of remarkable rescues where Ballard and those who work with him have put their lives on the line-repeatedly- to rescue children from a life of horrific abuse and slavery. I do wonder how it can be claimed “The Sound of Freedom” eclipses the need for putting a stop to child sexual exploitation. Most viewers I have talked to have claimed it awakened them to the problem, and left them with a desire to, in some way, help put it to a stop. Is it really just a political divide between those who think selling and abusing children must be stopped as soon as possible - against those who first want to address poverty and drug addiction which often results in such behavior? Would not saving the life of a child take precedence over sincere, but often contentious, efforts to address the causes? Seems to me a lot of children might be destroyed if we delayed their rescue in order to debate solutions which can be the cause of such abominations. Both matter-but rescued children should take priority. Is it wrong to punish such offenders because they have such personal problems? “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Matthew 18:6) Sounds to me like the children's safety came first in His concern and judgment. I believe we all owe Tim Ballard and those who work with him a huge debt of gratitude. And surely recommend the movie.

Nerita Flake PetersonJuly 31, 2023

I appreciate so much your clear thinking and expression of truth, you are a brave woman!

Rochelle HaleJuly 31, 2023

Many years ago, when my husband was a graduate student, he taught Institute classes alongside Jeffrey Holland. He met Sister Holland a few times. After graduating, he would try to keep in touch with Elder Hollard on occasion. One summer we made several trips to Utah for family and business reasons. We made an appointment to visit Elder Holland, but he had to cancel when a foreign assignment came up. A few weeks later, we were in Salt Lake again and stopped by the Church office building without an appointment. Elder Holland's secretary was about to inform us that we could not see him, but his door was ajar and he recognized my husband's voice. We visited for just a short while. As we were leaving, he shook my husband's hand, then surprisingly embraced me. My husband said I "floated" out of the building after having been hugged by an apostle. I never had the privilege of meeting Sister Holland, but her example and testimony will live on from the many talks she has given and in the examples of the wonderful family she has raised.

RobertJuly 31, 2023

Yes, that is right. "Overcoming polarization" between God and satan "is no easy task: it demands time, effort, and a collective commitment to empathetic understanding." This is a continuation of the war in heaven. Pick your side!

Mary TarbetJuly 30, 2023

Thank you … eternally thankful for her example of a life of love for her eternal companion and devotion to our Savior.

DorisJuly 29, 2023

Wow, We can always trust you Maurine, to put into words what so many of us are thinking. Your thoughtful, well-chosen words are so appreciated. I am sharing them with all my family. Please take care of yourself. We need you where you are!

Jared RosequistJuly 29, 2023

What a fascinating article! Thank you so much for the research and insights.

Rosemarie BailleulJuly 29, 2023

I would NEVER ask my only single daughter to stay around just because I am in poor health (which I am), and could use her help. I have told her many times to follow her own path, and to go where she feels directed to go. Of course I would miss her if she did decide to move, but I'd never want to hold her back for my own purposes. I find it interesting that this lady is the one who has always been around for her dad, while her sisters have moved away, and yet she's being called selfish for wanting to be around her own children and grandchildren now. The heart wants what the heart wants; is say she needs to follow her dad's counsel - she'll know what to do. I definitely don't think that she should ever agree to stay out of guilt; she has to follow her own heart and the Lord's guidance, otherwise she'll have guilt on other levels.

Harold RustJuly 29, 2023

Thank you. The most dangerous part of the leftist push of language/debate/expression limitations is that their ultimate goal is to make it socially unacceptable and dangerous to do the very thing you accurately pursue in this article: discuss how they are attacking freedom of speech and genuine liberty itself---the very fundamentals of our God-given rights for mortal experiences that can lead us back to Him. "They" will be happy only when no one can publicly refer to our Father in Heaven as a father.

CorrynJuly 29, 2023

SPOT ON!! Thank you so much for bravely writing this article! I have shared it with friends and family ! You are absolutely right!

CorrynJuly 29, 2023

SPOT ON!! Thank you so much for bravely writing this article! I have shared it with friends and family ! You are absolutely right!

ElizabethJuly 28, 2023

Thank you for articulating the challenges we face in this nation. r I will share this with our children and grandchildren for discussion.

Ned SvarisbrickJuly 28, 2023

I thought that our country sang a song that said, "Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,. And this be our motto - "In God is our trust,". And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave."

Pattie SkousenJuly 28, 2023

“2Nephi 15:20 Wo unto them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” And then in 21 “ Wo unto the wise in their own eyes and prudent in their own sight! 22 Wo unto the mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink; 23 Who justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!” These verses are exactly what is going on now. Thanks for the wonderful article

KathleenJuly 28, 2023

Leaves one breathless, indeed!

An Old Man With a Patriotic HeartJuly 28, 2023

WOW!! That is a pretty brave piece you have presented. I wonder how many hate groups you have offended by telling the truth like that. Thank you for standing up for what is right, and not defending that which is politically correct.

Grant W. "Bill" P. MorrisonJuly 28, 2023

One of the best articles I have read on the subject. Extremely well done!

Vicki CrumJuly 28, 2023

This an excellent article and perfectly on point. You have described, in very succinct terms, exactly what we, as a society, are going through right now. And it is beyond terrifying. I worry that most of the most of the counsel coming from the church is "Be kind, be nice, have faith". Of course, we must maintain our faith as strongly as we ever have, but there comes a time when being nice and not making waves will only assist the and enable the adversary to take us over. I, for one, refuse to give up my freedoms and liberties and free will that easily. There comes a time when one must fight with whatever weapons are at our disposal. Now is that time. This is, most likely, our final and most important battle against Satan and we cannot, must not, lose.

Susan RatherJuly 28, 2023

I think your article is right on target, Maurine. Thank you for expressing your thoughts so precisely and powerfully.

Paul JonesJuly 28, 2023

I needed this article to help me refocus on my words. Words are so important to God. He can communicate to us in our words but he frequently quotes scripture to do so. Why? Scripture preserves the meaning of gospel language. That's why President Packer wanted us to use scripture, not just translate everything into current everyday language.

MikeJuly 28, 2023

I am more dense than most. I get this intellectually but cannot figure out how to apply it practically in my life. My weak things are still weak and I seem to be stuck there.

Ed RehderJuly 28, 2023

Well done! And so necessary to be aware of. Building Zion is hard work but takes the fear out of all this nonsense. Keep up your good works!

Cynthia CarlsonJuly 28, 2023

Excellent, pertinent, critical article. Thank you, Maureen, for sharing these thoughts with all of us.

MikeJuly 28, 2023

A very accurate and thought-provoking article....but one that will be lost on most people because newspeak is already working. It is very frustrating to watch it happen in front of your eyes and not be able to do anything about it. I lose my job if I don't comply. My bank accounts are seized. I'm cast into a FEMA reeducation camp. I'd like to see more articles like this on Meridian. This is first time I have even seen a hint that Covid was just another staged effort to limit freedom.

JamesJuly 28, 2023

Outstanding! Written perfectly and in a way for everyone to comprehend. I only wish more people thought this way. Thank you thank you.

QuinceJuly 28, 2023

Thank you for opening our eyes, to what is happening now and to its highly risky impact in the future of our beloved country..

SfischJuly 28, 2023

Spot on Maurine. We are certainly living in the last days in an ever delusional world. That your for your insight,

J. GreyJuly 27, 2023

Thank you for sharing your insights and for all the studying you did to gain those insights. You have explained and compared the three approaches clearly and completely. I am inspired to study and ponder your thoughts further, along with the scriptures, so that I can better overcome my weaknesses, one step at a time.

HeatherJuly 26, 2023

I loved this article and the desire and intention behind it. Patricia Holland served in the YW General Presidency from 1984 until April of 1986 when she was released. Her Ensign article quoted above was published in October of 1987, after she was released, and therefore should not include her prior calling title. I hope to see that corrected!

LoraJuly 26, 2023

I finally figured out that when Jesus says "come unto me" He means Every. Single. Day. I turned to Him and said, "Lord, I can't change. Please change me." Every single day. I ask Him to keep my desires, appetites and passions within the bounds that He has set. He has changed my desires, appetites, and passions in ways that I could not do by myself. It has been slow but steady, and I've lost 60 pounds so far. Best of all, I'm not obsessed with weight loss the way I was when I tried to do it in my own strength. When we rely on His strength, He makes weak things strong unto us.

Jane NelsonJuly 26, 2023

This is an absolutely wonderful and accessible guide to true repentance. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. This is going in my "hall of fame" folder.

tfJuly 24, 2023

Both worthwhile and entertaining stories, thanks for sharing. Maybe uplifting is a better word than entertaining in this case.

JoanJuly 24, 2023

It is enough?? I pray the inactive children will come back and receive all the blessings that the Lord has in store for them.

HelenCJuly 20, 2023

Once again the Lord has given me a message through this amazing online resource. It is exactly what I need for my day TODAY. Thank you.

PhoebeJuly 20, 2023

I’m inspired by your enthusiasm and candor. Thank you for a great article.

Beth TJuly 18, 2023

Thank you for sharing these beautiful connections between Peter & Paul's callings from God. The research & answers you found have deep & rich meaning. Your "feasting on the scriptures" has helped my hunger for truth feel satisfied through your words. I feel Father's love through these treasures of connection.

Paul HJuly 17, 2023

Larry S, I think you missed my point. Yes, the roof was flat. A great example of the types of house appears in the book "Lehi's Jerusalem" where they are described in detail. The important point is that the Lord's Chief Apostle was "praying" in a place of privacy and that he was ""an hungered." That suggests the likelihood of it being Fast Sunday is probable. My post is now 4 years old and I still don't think the fact the vision was a "sheet" had anything to do with the lesson or instruction. Rather it was that the sheet contained "unclean animals" and Peter was commanded to kill one of them and eat, which was against the customs and Mosaic Law. It's more similar to when Jesus was hungry after fasting and was offered bread by Satan. Of course as Chapter 10 in Acts develops we learn what the real lesson was: The Gospel was supposed to go to the gentiles as well. And the fact that the Holy Ghost descended upon them when Cornelias and his family were baptized, surprised those Jewish brethren accompanying Peter and was a cause of consternation among the. Church. Peter finally addressed the lack of need for new converts to be circumcized. This had very little if anything to do with Paul's vision and occupation, in my view..

James ScottJuly 17, 2023

A worthy comparison, I’ve often wondered at Paul’s citizenship as a Roman, his home town claim of Antioch, his close relationship to the Jewish leadership and Sanhedrin, maybe even membership, for which he would have had a wife and believing children I Corinthians aside, and his claim to have been from Benjamin in ascendancy. I wonder at your assumption or assertion that he and his family were wealthy Citizenship would have been purchased or awarded for some notable deed by some progenitor yet to be discovered. I just don’t see that his family was wealthy . His belonging to the school of Gamaliel may indicate some familial wealth as having been sent to Jerusalem for Jewish training. At any rate I’m curious how it was determined he or his family were wealthy or even well off.

CodyJuly 15, 2023

Thank you

Doug YanceyJuly 15, 2023

We are thankful for eternal families and fact that we will all be reunited with all our loved ones. Becca sends her love.

BETTY W JOHNSONJuly 14, 2023

Becky, thank you for sharing this. I knew from my time spent in India that you had lost a little granddaughter. I did not know her story until now. She looked just like her Grandma Douglas! I too, have lost a little granddaughter. Daisy was born with a severe heart defect and given a heart transplant when she was only 3 months old. That transplant bought her six precious years with her family. She passed away just one month away from celebrating her sixth birthday. Like your family, we are grateful for Daisy's short life and we all look forward to being with her again some day. Thanks again for sharing Madi's story. Peace to you and yours.

LewisJuly 14, 2023

What an incredibly beautiful story! The faith and powerful testimonies of your son and daughter-in-law were so powerful. I could not hold back the tears. Thank you for sharing this sacred experience with us all. We must all go through trials. I can only hope that if I were to suffer such a trial, I could do so with the grace and love exhibited in this touching article.

KathyJuly 14, 2023

So beautiful and inspirational! Thank you for sharing such personal and heartfelt feelings and journal entries. This is so helpful to others struggling with grief.

J. BlanchardJuly 14, 2023

Thank you for sharing this heart-wrenching, spirit-filled, faith-promoting story. My young son was diagnosed with cancer and I can identify with so much of what was shared about faith, prayer, gratitude and love. No matter our outcome, my belief and faith in a Savior and loving Heavenly Parents remain. Our Heavenly Father can create beauty and joy out of any situation; may we be willing to see it and experience it.

HelenCJuly 14, 2023

My youngest son was 24 when his astrocytoma begins a glioblastoma and took him Home after 5 years of treatments. Eight years later hours older sister joined him from metastatic breast cancer. Each was given a blessing. George’s was that he would be healed according to his faith and the will of the Lord. There was nothing wrong with his faith. Larissa had moved to a different Faith but was still very spiritual. Her blessing was not that she would be healed but that she would heal. Dozens of her friends felt that healing and now I reach out to hundreds, hopefully thousands. As a Grief coach. “But if not” goes with me everywhere.

Father of sixJuly 13, 2023

China's one child policy: how well has that been working for them ?

Debbi M.July 12, 2023

I was a freshman in college, and read Zero Population also. I questioned many things about this book vs. the Lord's' commandments, and I also had to wonder in my mind to what I saw as two diverging opinions. We had five children, even though people look askance at our family. Interesting to now see our dwindling population in nearly all "civilized" countries. This was a great article, and the author's experiences were worse than mine!

KatrinaJuly 12, 2023

This is a wonderfully written article. Thank you for it. I, too, believe in babies, and I, too, believe in fidelity within marriage and abstinence before marriage. Thank you for boldly declaring the truth! As one who has wanted a baby all her life and has never been able to conceive, I mourn my heart out for our precious little ones who are aborted. A society that kills their unborn is in real trouble. God help us!

Steven HuntJuly 12, 2023

My wife (and sometimes me) was also the brunt of misinformed activists back in the 1970's as she and I started our family giving birth to 5 boys from 1974 - 1980. We now have 7 children and 30 grandchildren. We lived then in Southern California. She was regularly ridiculed in public with unthinkable "solutions" to her "problem" (pregnancy). Thank you for this powerful retrospective on an evil dogma that arose many years ago. It is a strong lesson for us today as other popular philosophies appear.

Boanerges RubalcavaJuly 12, 2023

Once, somebody asked me, how many children do you have? SIX, was my answer. Then he told me, so, you did not planned them? Of course I planned them but I failed, was my remark, I planned 12 but I only had SIX

MahonriMJuly 12, 2023

Several years ago, a friend who had several children had her home picketed by Planned Parenthood.

Beth TJuly 12, 2023

I had not heard of this book and am deeply grateful for your exps & firm faith in the Lord’s plan for His children. Thank you!!!

Rochelle HaleJuly 11, 2023

These are interesting accounts. I'd like to know more about the brother who said he would rather go to Scandinavia than prison. Some good friends of ours passed away several years ago, but the husband was one of the last married missionaries to be called (early 1950s) He ended up serving for three years and returned to a toddler son he had never met. When I was prompted to serve a mission, my family was not supportive. I told my bishop that I would have the funds if I worked just a few more months. He wanted me to submit my papers immediately and told me that generous ward members would help me. From the time I first thought about serving to my arrival in the mission field was about four months. Through the kindness of friends and wonderful miracles from the Lord, I came home with surplus funds that I returned to my bishop to help another missionary.

erikpeterhansenJuly 10, 2023

Outstanding... and much needed article.

Ann-MarieJuly 10, 2023

He's always in the details, isn't He? Great share.

JodiJuly 10, 2023

Why are his "quirks" being noticed only now when he is in college?

H NorthJuly 10, 2023

The fourth paragraph from the end of this article speaks the truth. Attempting to make peace with those whose ultimate goal is to kill you is suicidal.

David ShafferJuly 10, 2023

Thank you for a well reasoned article. Every point is clear and I hope all who read it heed it. I agree with you and will try even harder to be a peacemaker, and to see others as loved by Father and Jesus. It will not be easy, but the Lord requires it of me and everyone else. It is easy to criticize and judge. It is harder to follow the Golden Rule. But the eternal reward is exaltation.

Corey DJuly 9, 2023

Wonderful story, stories like this restore my faith in the youth.

JeanetteJuly 9, 2023

Maurine was brave enough to write it. Are we brave enough to forward it?

Joyce GlaettliJuly 9, 2023

So sweet!

D. SowardsJuly 8, 2023

This was so helpful in preparing for my Primary Class. Thank you for sharing your work and knowledge.

Kay RookhuyzenJuly 8, 2023

The movie shocking,insprationl and educational! It was awful but so good! I had no idea that the U.S. was the biggest user of child sex slaves. I cried through half the film but found it wonderful despite. I love hearing about modern-day HEROES!!!

BeckyJuly 8, 2023

A film that REALLY makes you realize how blessed you life has been. EVERYONE needs to see this film!

Howard CollettJuly 7, 2023

Well done, Dan. Thank you for a concise summary. Having visited with Latter-day Saints all over the world, I have yet to come across "a cadaverous visage; greenish-colored eyes; thick, protuberant lips; or the low forehead" among them. Obviously, spin commentary was alive and well in the 1800s.

L.JayJuly 7, 2023

I have always wondered why when the mountain meadows massacre is brought up that their is not the same fervor for the haun's mill massacre or the mistreatment and persecution of the saints in Missouri or Illinois. These people were Americans and were protected by the same constitutional rights as anyone else including freedom of worship. Tell me has the states of Missouri and Illinois erected monuments to remember the saints' mistreatment at their hands. I'm just saying.

JaneJuly 6, 2023

This movie is a MUST SEE! It is informative and extremely powerful. Who knew this was occurring at this level in our own backyards. Absolutely mind-boggling! Click on the link to the full article and watch the interview with Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard - you'll learn even more! Help to get rid of this evil by educating yourself and providing opportunities for others to see the film as well.

Mark MathesonJuly 6, 2023

Sister Clayton, You have so many good stories. Thank you for adding your voice to Meridian!

Mark BJuly 6, 2023

Thank you for writing this article about questions! It was quite insightful and I will work on asking better questions.

DMJuly 5, 2023

Have you ever considered this for an on the road workshop? Would love to see you in Las Vegas!

CarolJuly 4, 2023

These stories are a great idea! They are a good reminder that all the little and big things we do to spread the Savior's love and caring make a huge difference in other's lives.

Pat HealyJuly 2, 2023

Thank you Maureen!!!! I hope your words are read by millions. I thank you and honor you for speaking out against things that are clearly evil.

WeezieJuly 2, 2023

Incredible! Thank you for speaking truth. It’s been such a long, difficult month enduring rainbow flags and their destructive agenda. God bless America. May we be as brave as our forefathers were.

MLJuly 2, 2023

Thanks for being brave enough to stand for truth and righteousness.

JocelynJuly 2, 2023

Robert Manookin, who was one of my music theory professors at BYU in 1978, was a part of that gathering. One day during class he told us the story of his gathering missionaries from train stations on his mission. He said he whistled, Come, Come Ye Saints.

Kathy GibbleJuly 2, 2023

I really appreciate you standing up for what America was created for. Thank you for your boldness to speaking out about true liberty for all. This country was established by God so all can be free, and not for some to judge and oppress others. I pray for our country and the freedoms we have to be protected. As we celebrate the 4th of July, let us be grateful for our freedoms and liberty for all. God bless America.

Jo Ann McVey OkelberryJuly 1, 2023

Well written. I so agree.

Judy ShumwayJuly 1, 2023

great and true article thanks for sharing our country is becoming a sad sad country

Andrew GiffordJuly 1, 2023

Wow! Absolutely well written! You just expressed what I’ve been thinking this whole last month spot on. Thank you.

JulieJuly 1, 2023

Amen and a million thanks for this articulate article.

Sandie MixaJune 30, 2023

Fantastic advice and acronym! I was with you in the Joy School days and now am in the grand parenting role. Thank you so much!

ShaunaJune 30, 2023

thank you.

Louise WoodsJune 30, 2023

I agree 100% with everything you have said. I'm grateful that someone has said it and will defend what we believe and stand for as a nation. We must rally around our flag before it's no longer our flag. Thank you!!

DRobJune 30, 2023

A well written piece that does a great job covering the spectrum of issues that are becoming more and more "in your face" and gaining in "acceptability" with each passing day. Thank you for speaking out!

CarolJune 30, 2023

Thank you for writing such a great article about what is happening to our wonderful country We love the red, white, and blue. May God give us courage to keep it.

Patty HurtJune 30, 2023

Such a well written essay. I feel for this nation whose cicle of pride is almost whole. I’m from Chile, & I was an adolescent when socialism took over in the 70s. It didn’t take long for the likes of Fidel Castro coming to rally the people. Little by little we lost freedoms. Everything was chaos. No food either. We had to buy in the black market. I was 13 waiting on a long line to buy some bread when a coup took over. They brought peace at a great cost of blood. Nothing good happens in a land that forgets God. I only look forward to the Second Coming of the Lord, the New Jerusalem, & having Zion in the Americas. There will be no nations run by corrupted leaders. I’m sorry to say things won’t get better until then. Stay strong in the Gospel. Miracles will happen.

LindaJune 30, 2023

Thank you for a well written truthful article!! This country is in TROUBLE. W e must not let evil take over!

Mark LawsJune 30, 2023

Awesome article Maureen. I hope the good guys wake up and pit their shoulder to the wheel before it is too late.

Barry HansenJune 30, 2023

Well said, Maurine. We can be brave and hold to the truth.

Susan S MorrisJune 30, 2023

Amen to that. An excellent synopsis of our current cultural and political state. Great to share with those whose common sense and moral decency tells them something is amiss but who don't necessarily have the background and knowledge to articulate it.

Ken RichmondJune 30, 2023

Think of the heyday C. S. Lewis would have had with The Screwtape Letters in today's happenings.

Diane BlakelyJune 30, 2023

Magnificent!!! You expressed it so well.

Curtis ArringtonJune 30, 2023

Well stated and well-written.

Paul HJune 30, 2023

The American Flag (Stars and Stripes) flies at our home 24/7/365 and is lighted at night (sunset to sunrise). Our ancestors fought to gain this freedom and we will ALWAYS appreciate it. We consider this land a "choice land" and are thankful to be living here, the way the country was founded by divine providence upon just and holy principles contained in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Let freedom ring!!

Duane BoyceJune 30, 2023

Amen! So true and so well stated. Wonderful article. I am with you 100%.

JuliannJune 30, 2023

AMEN! Beautifully and powerfully written. Stand up don’t stand down. Our future is at stake.

PamJune 30, 2023

Thank you for saying what needs to be said.

JoanJune 30, 2023

Bold and true!!

Lee HillJune 29, 2023

I love your stories! They are humorous, touching, instructive, and entertaining all at the same time. I wonder if you have a compilation of your stories and anecdote - something like the James Herriot books. Your articles are every bit as entertaining as any I've ever read. Thank you for brightening my day!

Mariah Proctor (author)June 28, 2023

@LC, So much depends on the maturity of the child. It's rated PG-13 and they do a really good job of doing things by implication instead of ever showing anything, but it is obviously still a very hard subject. I think 13 or so is probably a good age, so if she's a mature 12, so could probably see it.

LCJune 28, 2023

How old do you think is the minimum age for viewing? Would it be too traumatic for my 12 yo daughter, do you think?

LexaGraemeJune 28, 2023

Ha ha! Another enjoyable story!

S.K.June 28, 2023

Thanks for telling about this important story, Mariah. Tim Ballard is my hero. He's a true hero. I love that he's a member of my church. My spirit wouldn't be able to handle watching this story, so I paid it forward for someone else to see.

Toni LyonsJune 28, 2023

Thank you so much for doing this article. I've met Tim several times and even read his books on early American History and was on a cruise with him and his children. He is an amazing person and I put clips of the movie on FB all the time trying to get the word out.

Helen GreenstreetJune 27, 2023

B. U. S. Y. Being Under Satan's Yoke

Richard HillsJune 24, 2023

We hear a lot of categorical claims that scientists in the 1970's predicted that significant global cooling would soon occur. A few of 'em did but of climate analysis scientific papers published from 1965 to 1979 only about 10% predicted global cooling whereas 62% of papers predicted global warming and 28% made no prediction (Peterson et al. 2008). Nowadays 97% of working climate scientists agree with the view that human beings are causing global warming.

LORNAJune 24, 2023

He should read The Hitler Dilemma while Max Adam is still alive. A German citizen he was forced into Hitler Yourh and then into Hitler s army. There is a huge miracle that isn’t in the book. He needs to hear it from Max. He lives in Reunion Village beside the Jordan River Temple. He is so proud to fly his American flag every day. Max is 95…. Better hurry and at least do an interview. There is even a follow up movie with trapped in East Germany, which is his wife story during the Russians occupation of Dresden. She has passed though. Terrific books.

Kent & Jan BrooksbyJune 24, 2023

We were a part of this tour to Croatia. What a wonderful experience, meeting the Croatian people. They are so warm and friendly, and the Saints in Zadar were amazing. The entire experience was a blessing in our lives, making friends from around the country. Highly recommended trip.

JuliannJune 24, 2023

It’s Paul Wuthrich, not Peter. Wonderful actor. He portrayed Joseph Smith beautifully in The Witnesses.

Latter Day SongwriterJune 23, 2023

I've watched these brothers grow as artists over the years and they just keep getting better and better. Terrific songwriting Ben.

EricJune 20, 2023

One thing not mentioned here is teachers and leaders serving in twos or more. My dad was a scoutmaster back in the early 1990s when stories of abusive scoutmasters first started hitting the news, and policies were quickly updated to always require two men present at scout activities. I still remember when Primary classes only had one teacher, but roughly 20 years ago it became policy to always have two per class. Sadly, that doesn't eliminate all opportunities for abuse, but having two leaders or teachers, each acting as a check on the other, helps considerably.

Rochelle HaleJune 20, 2023

This article is helpful if someone is experiencing depression or other issues and is willing to talk about their challenges. Suicide takes many forms, but is often in the spur of the moment as a reaction to an overwhelming condition. An older relative took his life shortly after returning from the hospital because he didn't want to be a burden for whatever time he had left. Another was a loving mother, suffering from depression, who excused herself from a family gathering and was later found dead just a few rooms away. Still, another was someone who drove to a town where he was unknown, parked his vehicle in a remote area, and was not found until many days later. Another was a teenager who didn't have the means to cope when she and her parents didn't see eye-to-eye about something. I hope that through sincere friendships, expert professionals, and prevention therapy that many of these tragic situations can be avoided.

DH HamillJune 19, 2023

I remember the late Elder Loren C. Dunn of the Seventy using a very similar example (with a long string stretched out across the room) while presiding at a stake conference sometime in the 1980s. It's a good reminder that our time here is but a small moment in eternity and that the choices we make here are so very important to our future life.

Pamela SmithJune 19, 2023

This response is absolute gold.

Boanerges RubalcavaJune 19, 2023

...And even wiser then the "scientists" than now are telling us that we will be destroyed by the tiny amounts of CO2 produced by the burning of the fossil fuels, that is the cause of global warming.

Allison DunlapJune 19, 2023

Great article! Only one funny inconsistency. You quote at the end a Black LDS man as saying 'til death do us part" but it's part of the LDS doctrine that marriages sealed in temples under the Holy Spirit of Promise last for time and all eternity, not just for this life only. Did you really talk to him to get that quote?!

MickeyJune 18, 2023

Please protect yourself and your children from your abusive mother. She sounds very unsafe and quite harmful to you and your children. I also suggest Al-anon and looking up narcissistic abuse.

tfJune 16, 2023

Just please excuse your mother, because of mental illness; that's what you describe.

JohnnaJune 16, 2023

Thank you to the individual who asked this question a d to Mr Streuer for his insight. This is very timely for me and much needed counsel.

MaryannJune 12, 2023

What, only one picture? I want to see the inside!

Tyler KJune 12, 2023

Very interestimg design. My only concern is the PVC envelope on the concrete. If it's in the outside wont it break down fairly quickly in the sun? PVC becomes brittle and weak. It may not be long before it starts to chip away... otherwise I'm very intrigued.

EricJune 12, 2023

This reminds me of something my brother told me from when he served a mission in Scotland. There was a legend some of the people shared with him there about how Jesus had visited Great Britain, during that gap of time between ages 12 and 30, to sit on the Stone of Destiny that has been a feature of the British coronation chair--the throne of David.

Ronald BarnesJune 12, 2023

In his book, “The United States and Britian in Prophecy”, Herbert W Armstrong of the World Wide Church of God, presents an interest theory. Using scripture, history, and mythology, he claimed that, after the kingdom of Judah was conquered by the Babylonians, Jeremiah and a daughter of King Hezekiah immigrated to Ireland. There she married the king’s son. This royal family later became the royal house of Scotland and later, the royal house of England. Also, in Hebrew, “brit” is “covenant” and “ish” is “man”. The word “British” literally means “Covenant Man.”

Mark W MinerJune 10, 2023

What a beautiful witness! Thank you for sharing your precious truth. May the Lord continue to bless your every endeavor.

Corey D.June 10, 2023

She needs to drop this guy like a hot potato !

mom of 9June 10, 2023

What are you opinions on the "Gentle Parenting" movement? I've seen a lot of conflicting information.

Todd MorrisJune 9, 2023

nice, thanks for taking the time to write

Jen SmithJune 9, 2023

Thank you for sharing this story. We never know at times that we think that we need his help the most, that is when he turns it around and helps us focus on others and when we do that not only are they blessed but we are blessed. The fact that you were willing to listen to the spirit and go do something so simple, yet the impact of what you did, and your willingness to continue to foster the relationship and keep learning the language went so much further, than you thought it did.

J HopkinsJune 9, 2023

He asks us to trust him and yet our human experience tells us there is no way for our desired result to come about. If we will trust, if we will believe, even when it seems impossible miracles will happen. His hand will then be seen. The sad part for me is that faith and trust is so much like the tides of the ocean, there is a real ebb and flow to the amount of faith and trust that I have. Thank you for sharing. What you experienced resonates so loudly to me.

Mark MathesonJune 9, 2023

What an article! Thank you Sister Clayton. I see miracles as things that should not have happened in the normal routine of life. Those two songs should not have been sung and thus God's hand is revealed to help grieving people.

Cynthia CarlsonJune 9, 2023

Thank you for sharing this experience, Alexa. You touched my heart. You will be an amazing doctor! Doctors need curiosity, determination, wisdom and the help of God.

Mamie JacksonJune 9, 2023

Thank you for sharing this! What a remarkable story. We served in Malaysia and we were sent home because of Covid but we’re able to go back and finish up. We were very moved by this story and LOVE the Malaysian people.

MaryannJune 9, 2023

I don't think this situation is "complicated" at all. I would tell this woman to RUN. A man who continues to speak with a woman he had an affair with while married is not trustworthy. True repentance would be to abandon that relationship completely. She should start looking for a partner who takes fidelity seriously.

Lowell SteeleJune 9, 2023

Thank you, Mark, for sharing that very touching story with it's several tender-mercy moments. What if you had never made that trip?

Deb MackJune 8, 2023

What a wonderful article. Made my own heart sing this morning.

Boanerges RubalcavaJune 8, 2023

I agree with the author. We cannot support people in their ways, if those ways are not what we believe (WE KNOW) are the right ones. We support them by loving them but not becoming like them since we cannot be like them, since we KNOW the Way, the Truth, the Life. Yes we MUST love them, independently of what they are or are trying to be, but we cannot go against our principles, our, I would say, our six truths: 1. We know God lives, 2. We know Jesus is the Christ, He lives, He resurrected from the dead and He is our savior, 3. The Holy Ghost is real, and is there for us to help us to maintain ourselves in the right path to Eternal Life, 4. Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ that morning of 1820, 5. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is God's Church on Earth, and 6. Russel M. Nelson is a prophet of God.

Melany W.June 8, 2023

Absolutely love this! Truly Jesus is the answer to everything. If we really love those on the margins of society like Christ does, we will point them to the living source of peace, joy and comfort namely Jesus himself. Thanks for being the example that so many need in this day and age. I just wish people would see that choosing Christ, regardless of your temptations or weakness, is the happiest way. Every time.

Shauna SandbergJune 8, 2023

Thank you for a heartfelt and well thought through article. And for reminding us , that as President Nelson said in April conference:"Whatever questions or problems you have, the answer is always found in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Learn more about His Atonement, His love, His mercy, His doctrine, and His restored gospel of healing and progression. Turn to Him! Follow Him!

Jenny Madsen SvendsenJune 8, 2023

My mom had been very ill all my life, and before (I am #6 of 8 children), she was always in excruciating pain, but when she received a Priesthood blessing she was pain free for a few days. One time our Branch President asked us to fast before she received a blessing, I though why should I? I know heavenly Father can give her a respite from the pain. Twice she blessing resulted in nothing, so the 3rd. time I fasted (I was a teenager), and mom was pain free for a few days, what a testimony to me of the power of Fasting!

DavidJune 8, 2023

Wow, thank you for sharing this.

JimJune 8, 2023

Thank You! Yes. Those of us that follow Christ and share his doctrine with others are not haters and judges that should be scorned. The doctrine is the doctrine. We can do as Christ instructed his disciples and simply preach the doctrines and if not received, we shake the dust from our feet and move on to those that will find comfort in the gospel and follow the Doctrine of Christ.

Corey D.June 8, 2023

I'll have to admit when I saw the title of this article my immediate reaction was negative but when I went through it, it is well presented. For the most part, the whole LGBTQ+ movement has become radicalized, even some who are part of it are saying now that things have gone to far especially when it comes to children.

Corey D.June 8, 2023

Not sleeping together is more common than you might think and it's not just older couples and the reasons vary but snoring is a big one but sleep is important to one's overall health. Not having physical/sexual intimacy is a huge problem, if you believe all the survey's and what therapists are saying. Probably more so with older or middle aged couples but again not exclusive to those groups.

DJJune 7, 2023

Brought tears to my eyes as sharing these experiences with the spirit has renewed a rememberance of those sacred moments when I've had a special wittness too.

MaryannJune 7, 2023

I have full confidence in our First Presidency. My testimony that they are God's chosen servants to guide and counsel me brings me incredible peace. No matter what is occurring in the world, I can look to them for direction. WONDERFUL!

MaryannJune 7, 2023

Ear plugs.

WeezieJune 5, 2023

Absolutely golden material and so timely with the current “climate”. The three examples were so powerful to me and my family. 1. Excerpt from Narnia. 2. Steven Covey’s example of where true north is and 3. Wanting and needing to save people from jumping in hot boiling pools in Yellowstone. These visuals I pray will always stay in my back pocket, for a time I will need them. I struggle putting words to my thoughts, but these examples were incredible true and clear. Thank you!!!!

Walden BarneyJune 5, 2023

If you enjoyed this topic, take a look at the following article from the Belfast Telegraph. It appeared a long time ago, but is a really great article!

Ken RichmondMay 31, 2023

I think it’s more accurate to view traits or qualities on a continuum, rather than have it or not, since we all have some level of what we might consider to be a strength or weakness. That way we we can choose which ones we want to improve on, which is consistent with the gospel of repentance, change, and progression.

Corey D.May 28, 2023

Constantly amazed but I guess in some ways not surprised by the questions presented for this column. As to this particular sister she said something that is key in all of this, she says she has taken control of her life, that is good. After watching these scenarios play out and so many 2nd or 3rd or more marriages fail I would say to this sister, go slow with the dating, enjoy life, go on vacation by yourself or with a friend or child or grandchild. Serve as a temple worker or service missionary or do community service. And here's one that might seem counterintuitive at first thought, don't limit your socialization to just members of the church. I can relate several stories of sisters I know, one in particular and this is a happy but sad story at same time, a woman I know, good faithful member of the church, her husband also a member of the church but who cheated on her multiple times, finally in her fifties (her own children had been telling her to divorce their dad) ended her marriage. She met a former classmate from high school at a reunion, he was not a member of the church, they ended up getting married and in her own words "he treated her like a queen". Here's the sad part but also a good part, one day they were at the dinner table when he slumped over, he had had a massive heart attack and died, can you imagine going through that ! But here is the blessing in disguise, when I talked to her several months after this, she was getting everything ready to do his temple ordinances and I'm pretty sure intended to be sealed to him.

JeanMay 26, 2023

I followed American Idol this year and was a huge fan of Iam Tongi. Besides having a smooth voice I could listen to forever, he brought such love to this contest. Iam mentioned how much he loved his friends and how hard it was for him when they had to leave the contest. I was so impressed when a fellow contestant, Oliver Stone, had a father who was in the hospital with a stroke during the contest. He reported that Iam talked with his father in the hospital. I've watched almost all the seasons of American Idol, but I've never seen a season like this one that showed such a love and friendship for each other.

AlanMay 26, 2023

My second wife told me of troublesome experiences dating as an older person. There are some fine older men out there but there is a reason some men are divorced. Don't be in a hurry and seek guidance from the Spirit before making a commitment.

Kristen DMay 22, 2023

Thank you for saying this. Those types of comments always make me cringe. The negativity is very sad.

Belinda BrownMay 22, 2023

I consider this article to be a great one because this very habit is eating deep into the lives of some of our members. This is not happening in the United States only, but it is also happening in my ward, here in Nigeria. I have heard some members say things like ''I ran away from picking up the call when I realized it was the stake president calling'' They are bold enough to say it at the pulpit, especially when they want to bear their testimony. their running away becomes a topic for their testimony. The Lord and the world need willing men and women who will wear the worker's seal. And not some who will stand idly looking, for this need to STOP.

Teri N.May 21, 2023

Thank you very much, Mariah. Such a great and contemplative article. Very well said. Point very well made. Insights very much inspired. Counsel very much needed by all of us, I think. Not a human being doesn't fall into these traps at some point. Your "surprise ending" wasn't really a surprise after all, once the entirety of the article is considered. I have always respected and loved your parent's social media presence and their staying true & faithful to the prophets and apostles, and I see this apple didn't fall far from the Good tree. Thank you for making the choices that have made you, you, because now you are sharing eternal insights that are inspiring the rest of us, just as your parents before you. Loved this article!

Joe BrightMay 20, 2023

Great article. I do not find it in myself to criticize how others deal with their challenges as these encompass so many things. Yet I agree that a deeper understanding of our blessings that come through these challenges and opportunities is hopefully before us and a deeper appreciation for them as well.

Kayleen A HunsakerMay 20, 2023

Thank you for this article Mariah... I SO needed to hear this and contemplate these words. I feel they are inspired for not just me, but so many!

SARMay 20, 2023

Beautiful message! I'm speaking on church on Sunday on this exact theme. Reading this article was a srong confirmation this was a message the Lord wants us to know. Thank you for your testimony and willingness to know and do.

Dave GrandyMay 19, 2023

Good essay. Telling these little stories and making these little apologies sets the wrong tone and becomes tiresome after a while. Sure, some of us are nervous, but often it seems the speaker feels this is how a talk is supposed to start out.

Rochelle HaleMay 19, 2023

I, too, am bothered by those who introduce their talks with excuses or poor jokes. I have only known a few people who were truly terrified about giving a talk or prayer in public. Others, who seemed somewhat reluctant, gave terrific messages. They may not have been as articulate or scripture-based as some, but they were meaningful and heartfelt. Others are polished and well-meaning, but perhaps their messages go above the heads of many. We should find joy in service, whether it be a regular calling or a short assignment or sacrament talk. Unfortunately, the procrastination about preparing or the bad jokes do get passed on to the next generation. However, I have seen some of our Primary children and Youth give amazing talks.

BrynnMay 19, 2023

I would add another consideration. What if there is a new visitor attending Sacrament Meeting and the first thing that person hears from the pulpit is someone suggesting they don’t want to be there? It sounds like we don’t value discussing the gospel of Jesus Christ, that we are forced into participating in the meeting, and that the speaker doesn’t think he or she has anything of worth to offer. Visitors might end up wondering why they even came to Sacrament Meeting. If we hope to share the gospel and invite others to join us, we need to remember that we only have one chance to make a first impression. That first impression needs to be our love for the Savior and His gospel, rather than implying that we don't want to be a part of the worship service.

Britt FranklinMay 17, 2023

I've heard it said that the reason Jesus waited as long as he did to return to Bethany is because there was a tradition among the Jews that the spirit of a deceased person would stay around the corpse for as long as three days before moving on. If Lazarus had been resurrected within the first three days the tradition would have been credited rather than the Savior. Interesting thought.

ShaunaMay 8, 2023

Thank you for sharing this excruciating and harrowing experience! And I am with you 100% on my faith in the Gospel and how I desperately need those blessings in my life. So pathetic that Satan has made unbelief seem "cool" and "smart." Life without faith in God and in His son Jesus Christ is like trying to walk through a maze blindfolded. I choose to have faith and open my eyes so that I can truly "see."

GTOMay 8, 2023

I'm surprised not to see comments on this article. Your eloquent and compelling account of this terribly difficult experience and your spiritual lessons really reached deep into my own soul with inspiration and gratitude. Thank you.

Ann-Marie JensenMay 7, 2023

What an experience! Thank you for sharing all the good side effects. Your Relief Society sisters were true disciples and your husband was an example of living ready to receive revelation.


Becky, since leaving the Church nearly ten years ago, I have avoided reading articles good or bad, about the Church. In your case, I read every single article you send to my inbox. Your strength of spirit and your great gifts are an inspiration to so many, regardless of their stations in life. Thank you for sharing your remarkable life.

PatMay 5, 2023

What a lovely and strengthening story, each and every bit of it. God's miracles cannot be denied.

JeffMay 5, 2023

Wonderful article. Thank you!

LewisMay 5, 2023

This is an incredibly powerful story, but the lesson it teaches is even more profound. We can’t let things, regardless of the nature of those things, stand between us and the blessings of the Savior and the gospel. Thank you for your continual efforts to nudge us closer to our Heavenly Father through your powerful stories.

DanielaMay 5, 2023

Thanks for sharing your story and testimony. What an example of faith! I do share particularly your thoughts at the end of the article.You could not have said it better.

Barbara MattatallApril 30, 2023

What has happened to the text copy of the podcasts? Listening to it does not help me to retain what is said. I lose quite a bit when I cannot follow along with the printed copy.

Lucie Kayleen LoweApril 29, 2023

I love, love your podcast. Spiritual, informative, gentle, and easy to understand. I feel your testimonies as you are teaching. Each week when I listen to it, I also take notes from the transcript that you usually provide. I didn't see them with this week's lesson. I am just wondering if this is going to be the new format. I understand if it is. Again, thank you for all the time and effort you put into this podcast. It is absolutely wonderful.

Mona PronkApril 28, 2023

Is there a transcript for this podcast 16, I really wanted to keep it for a personal reference. Thanks.

Thijs DorenboschApril 24, 2023

Please attach a transcript to this podcast. I translate or for a group of Dutch saints who don 't onderstand english.

Myntillae NashApril 17, 2023


Liz AthansApril 16, 2023

Loved them from their very first song!

Mary JaneApril 14, 2023

One of my favorite LDS duos! Their voices harmonize so well and they have a pure tone and wonderful range. I look forward to many more of their videos and selections....

Ken ButlerApril 14, 2023

It isn't mentioned but some are trapped due to financial needs. A single person with insufficient income to live independently traps a person. If there are solutions to this, those escape routes should be addressed.

Lorena HolmsteadApril 13, 2023

This is brilliant! I absolutely love this idea. I have been doing some of that this very week. Thank you for sharing!

H NorthApril 13, 2023

John saw a symbol in his vision of the Arabic declaration of "There is no god but allah", which very closely resembles the Greek letters for "666", and was mistranslated as such. The "false prophet" is the caliph of the resurrected caliphate that will attack Israel in the near future. Today, Turkish president Erdogan is trying to do just that, though it may end up being someone else that finishes the task and becomes the new caliph.

JKApril 13, 2023

My prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to the family of this beloved Sister Missionary. May the comfort of the Holy Spirit rest upon them as they grieve her loss. I'm heartbroken with you. God bless.

MaryannApril 13, 2023

I loved this! How wonderful to know that the Lord answers our prayers in more ways than we might expect! He gives us what we need beyond what we ask for. Beautiful!

MaryannApril 13, 2023

There is nothing like the joy we feel when we search out our dead and perform their ordinances in the temple. I didn't start doing family history until I was in my 40s because I thought it was too hard and I just didn't feel up to it. A friend went with me to the Family History Center in our stake and her support gave me courage. The family history workers were so helpful and I was soon caught up in this glorious, joyful work. I learned how to begin my family tree on the church's Family Search website. I learned how to find records and how to search them. When we do this work, the Lord will accept our offerings, however small. I have been amazed at how much progress has been made to assist us in finding names. As more and more people engage in this holy work, the family lines are being revealed and the work is just exploding! People can begin in simple ways, such as writing down all the information they have about their parents and grandparents. Don't wait to ask your grandparents questions until they are dead. Contact all your living relatives and get as much information that you can. This will be an invaluable springboard for you to continue in the work. I can feel the Spirit of Elijah and I am so thankful to be a part of this sacred work.

Rochelle HaleApril 13, 2023

I remember this unbelievable event. We lived south of downtown, but we still filled sandbags in our neighborhood as a precaution. I was pregnant, but my husband headed out to help with whatever was needed. Our son was born later in the year and was blessed on a day when winter snow came early, a precursor to a cold, wet winter for 1983-84 as well.

SunnyApril 13, 2023

Bless you, Bless you Joni! Outstanding thoughts and quotes that truly reached my heart. Saying that your thoughts were answers to my prayer is a Godwink for sure! Keep up the good works and words, as so many people need to have hope and trust in God. AMEN - FRIEND

SusanApril 13, 2023

Thank you for this article. It came at the right time for me.

Carol AnnApril 13, 2023

Thanks for the very timely advice, Carolyn. It's time to update all our emergency supplies. Food becomes rancid over time in our kits and needs to be replaced. Water as well. Our Grab 'n Go binder/bag also needs refreshing with passwords, and up-to-date information and documents.

Kayleen A HunsakerApril 12, 2023

I agree with Elizabeth's comment. I had many tears as I read this and thought about those who I might 'tend to' or just love 'no matter what'! I loved reading gave me tremendous hope; which to me = Our Savior Jesus Christ!!!

SusanApril 12, 2023

Thank you. Perfect message for the perfect moment.

Diane RogersApril 12, 2023

That was a beautiful story with thoughts on how to proceed with obtaining permission. I loved it!!!

Elizabeth RichardsonApril 12, 2023

This was no bland, boring, "we should all do better" piece. This was engaging and even exciting. I love the feelings it awoke in me! Thanks, Br. Goddard!

MaryannApril 11, 2023

I am really surprised at the counsel given here. It strongly suggests having a conversation with the Granddaughter that will lead her to believing that a compromise can be made. There is no compromise to supporting immoral behavior under your own roof. There is no compromise when your purpose is to maintain a good example for younger children. Moral cleanliness is a very serious issue and should not be trifled with by inviting a long, drawn out conversation. A simple, kind and honest statement suffices: "I care about you and your feelings, and I look forward to having this opportunity to spend time together and draw closer. Because of my personal beliefs, no one will be sharing bedrooms on our vacation unless they are married."

MaryannApril 11, 2023

When we are speaking of Jesus Christ we are speaking of the God of the Old Testament. We are speaking of the one who organized the worlds and everything in them. Christ ruled with power and authority long before he was ever born. I find it difficult to believe that he had to wait until his birth to be anointed or to receive the Holy Priesthood. It was the premortal Christ who parted the Red Sea, miraculously provided manna in the Israelite's wilderness journey, revealed himself to the brother of Jared and touched the stones to provide light for the Jaredite's crossing BEFORE he ever came to earth. If he did not have the Holy Priesthood, by what power and authority did he do all these things and much, much more?

Debra WoodsApril 11, 2023

I built a home in Saratoga Springs when it was still part of a Lehi Stake. I remember the stake conference in the Lehi Tabernacle when they announced the first Saratoga Springs stake and I knew who the stake president was going to be right before they announced it - Chad Wilkinson. I also knew there would be a temple there someday. President Eyring was a neighbor and it was always so dear when he was able to be in town and attend our Ward. These photos capture so many things that speak to my soul about this beautiful area where I lived for 12 years. I had a very similar palate in my home there. I am deeply moved by your photo essay! Thank you so much!

TomApril 11, 2023

To see all interior views of the Saratoga Springs Temple released by the Church, and a magnificent video with additional interior views, see The Church News article and links:

Beth TApril 11, 2023

I have read Elders Scott’s account of his experience being called to the 12 apostles. I thank you so much for Sharing your insights and helping me anchor his experience more fully in my heart. Oh how we love the prophets and apostles! I know they lead us in righteousness.

steven payneApril 10, 2023

He is my personal favorite apostle who resonates with my soul in a very deep way. May the Lord watch over Elder Holland and Pat and the rest of their family. His way with words has stirred my soul on more than one occasion. Until me meet again at the Lords feet.

Karla MenhennetApril 9, 2023

What a life changing story. This story truly opened my eyes to the expanse of our Lord's infinite atonement like never before. My understanding of Christ's atonement has blossomed after this very personal story of a beautiful miracle. Thank you for blessing my Easter!

Corey DApril 8, 2023

Becky, you are the LDS version of Mother Teresa, someday when you pass from this life they will only need to put three words on your headstone, "Heart of Gold".

Sherry EthridgeApril 7, 2023

Thank you Becky!

John SnijderApril 7, 2023

A great story, but how does it fit in with Doctrine and Covenants 42:18 And now, behold, I speak unto the church. Thou shalt not kill; and he that kills shall not have forgiveness in this world, nor in the world to come.

Joe WApril 7, 2023

I am grateful that I read your article today; it has reminded me of just how important Christ’s redemptive powers are for each one of us. Your time and example have lifted many burdens carried by those who have committed grievous crimes and sins but is also a reminder to all of us that our sins may be forgiven and that our Savior loves each one of us. We, too, are able to be healed when we forgive others their sins and trespasses and leave it to the Lord. I am grateful for my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ and for His love and patience with each of us as we strive to overcome our own weaknesses.

NatJDApril 7, 2023

If you could encourage him to tell the family where her body is, that would mean the world to them

MelanieApril 7, 2023

Thank you so much for this beautiful article and for being willing to leave your comfort zone to do this wonderful work with these prisoners. I had a family member in prison once, and although I have been able to forgive him, it hasn't been easy for me or others to understand how some things can be forgiven. This really helped me have a greater understanding of how infinite the Savior's atonement is. Thanks for sharing

LewisApril 7, 2023

What a beautiful story, and a powerful reminder of the universality and power of the atonement. Thank you!

MaryannApril 6, 2023

Oh, how I love Elder Holland! I will certainly join my prayers with millions of other church members for a complete recovery for he and his wife, Pat.

Merlyn de la MelenaApril 6, 2023

This is one of the most inspiring beautiful stories I've ever read! It starts as a simple truth of God's law and has exploded into a far-reaching group of our brothers who are learning about God's Atonement for all of us. Thanks you for sharing it with us!

Kay RookhuyzenApril 6, 2023

I think everyone has had experience with thinking they can never be forgiven. This article hit home with me. No, I haven't done anything horrific but thinking of my past sins is not a happy experience. They say forgive and forget but I heard the saying you can forgive yourself but forgetting is impossible...but you can eventually remeber back with PEACE.

Heather SmurthwaiteApril 6, 2023

Beautiful. So simply and elegantly explained. A passionately testified truth -- God never gives up on any one of us -- We are His children.

Nerita Flake PetersonApril 6, 2023

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this redemptive, inspiring story.

ColinApril 6, 2023

That was a beautiful illustration of the power of Christ's Atonement on hearts.

Nerita Flake PetersonApril 6, 2023

Thank you for this soil expanding experience

Peggy StallingsApril 6, 2023

Becky, I'm continually amazed at how Christlike you are, and how humbly you serve all who the Lord places in your path - from all over the world. Thank you for sharing your testimony in action through your experiences.

Dave HansenApril 6, 2023

AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for that *sermon*, Becky. I will never forget it. God Bless You!

AshleyApril 4, 2023

Thank you! I love these great reminders. Just what I needed today!

Lorraine QApril 4, 2023

Thank you. Thank you for the reminder of the promises.

JeanApril 3, 2023

This podcast so resonated with me. I was deeply comforted as I listened to Lincoln share his experiences. Thank you, Thank you.

Peri BennionApril 3, 2023

Thank you for your honest comments. I too suffer from anxiety and depression and feel like the heavens are closed much of the time. I have come to many of the same conclusions Brother Watkins has - it is wonderful to have another person vocalize these things. It will help me continue in faith.

MaryannApril 1, 2023

It is not unusual for Bishops to refer people to trained therapists or psychiatrists. I was very blessed to have a therapist who was also a Bishop (in another ward) so he understood my foundation in the gospel. It's not always possible to find someone like this, but there are also some good therapists who are not members of the church. I highly recommend it. You may not hit on the right one for you the first time, but keep looking until you find someone who can help. It is essential that they understand your moral foundation, so be clear with them about that.

Corey D.April 1, 2023

As a General Authority Seventy who came to our stake some years ago said in leadership meeting, "I don't know where or why members get the idea that Bishops are marriage counselors". Having said that I know it's natural for many members to seek counsel from their Bishop because they recognize or feel that mantel that the Bishop has or they have been taught that's who you go to. Certainly there has been good advice and comfort given by many Bishops in regards to marriage or life problems but their main responsibility is spiritual. But that also doesn't mean a trained counselor or therapist always has answers and may even say things that are contrary to gospel standards or may make things worse.

Greg DonovanMarch 31, 2023

thanks for the message I hope we are receiving it loud and clear!

Becca HowardMarch 31, 2023

Years ago my then-husband and I had a question we needed our bishop's help to resolve. The ensuing discussion led us off-topic and into areas that we had not planned on discussing. My ex came away totally angry and surely thinking that our bishop had no insight or inspiration. I tried to reassure him. Bishops lead their own lives and are not experts on everything that might come up. Of course, we want them to be considerate of our needs and to give spiritual guidance, but sometimes they may have to refer to the Church Handbook for guidance or accurate policy as well. My ex saw that as a weakness in our bishop. For a number of reasons, we divorced a year or so later. I became a single mother, and it was not easy. In my new ward, a close friend received much support and assistance from our bishop. Though I felt the bishop knew my situation, I felt I had to figure many things out on my own. I believe the Lord knew my strengths and what I could handle, and I (and my child) survived those difficult years.

Shirley KingMarch 31, 2023

This song touched my heart with both singers. It was beautiful & enlightening

BryanMarch 31, 2023

Some highlights that I appreciated from this article: - Speak clearly about the direct impact their [the bishops'] words and actions have on those they serve ... say something directly to him. - “Good inspiration is based upon good information,” which “includes your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences.” - “there’s no requirement for you to counsel with your bishop … if … trust isn’t earned … it’s okay to move on and seek other support” - “you have the right to discern if … counsel is helpful” - “be clear with yourself about your expectations of the bishop” I have had overwhelmingly positive experiences with the many bishops I have encountered and with whom I have served, but I know people who have had negative ones as well, so I appreciate this informative article. Bishops are people, and every, single person born into this world has been imperfect, with one Exception. We grow because of and in spite of one another, bishops included. I am grateful that the atonement of our Savior ultimately applies to everyone, including bishops :)

David MohrMarch 29, 2023

I have just married after a seven year long distance relationship (Canada/Phillipines) yes there are things to work out now that we are together but it is a happy relationship we have.

Karell BinghamMarch 28, 2023

To me, this is how it should have read, considering translation problems: You search the scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life, and they are they which testify of me, but ye will not come to me that ye might have life!

MaryannMarch 27, 2023

People do NOT leave the church over doctrine or issues that bother them. They leave because they do not have a deep testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is truly the Lord's church, directed by him. If they really believed that, issues that disturb them would be set aside because of their faith. We don't have the right to demand all the answers right now, or even to understand all things right now. The Lord has revealed to us that his thoughts and ways are higher than our's. Only He has all the facts. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding." This is not blind obedience. It is trusting that the Lord reveals the truth to his servants who have been called to give us his word and to direct the church, as revealed by our Savior. It requires humility to dismiss doubt and to cleave to the Lord, by following the counsel of his Prophets and Apostles.

MaryannMarch 27, 2023

I am wondering if there is something missing in this man's request for help. He refers to "betrayed wives" and a "double life." I realize these terms are often (and correctly) used for substance abuse and covering it up.. However, I am wondering if there was also an issue of sexual infidelity. The wife's continued unyielding response would make more sense if this is the case. If so, that kind of betrayal takes a long time to heal. If not, I hope, in light of the man's recovery, she will be able to trust him again.

RozyMarch 27, 2023

I learned this on my mission (1979-80) from hearing a talk by Elder Marion D. Hanks. This truth has influenced my study of the scriptures and words of modern prophets ever since. It's so important to see how they are pointing us to the Savior!

Ruth MartinMarch 26, 2023

Over the years Nauvoo has been known by seven different names. Gideon, Quashquema, Venus, Commerce, Nauvoo, City of Joseph, Cornerstone of Zion.

RoxanneMarch 25, 2023

Hi I had watched three of your podcast on the bright and moving star finding and following Christ in the book of revelation. I can't seem to find the sight to continue. Can you help me with this. Thanks

RussMarch 25, 2023

Amazing! Thank you!

Irene BlackMarch 24, 2023

This article really touched me as I have just experienced losing a sweetheart of 55 years to a terrible disease. The savior is the answer to our grief. Maureen your gift is in touching others with your writing. Thank you!

Irene BlackMarch 24, 2023

One of the best articles ever on the atonement. You helped me understand why my husband had to suffer so much during his battle with Parkinson’s disease . You have helped me through the grief of his passing. Our Savior is the answer to our pain. Thank you Sister Procter. You have a gift to touch others through your words.

Brynly RichMarch 24, 2023

This is such an insightful article!! Thank you for providing such great suggestions to better apply those principles taught in For the Strength of Youth!

Jeanette Goates smithMarch 24, 2023

In that day they drank wine for safety’s sake. Water was often full of contaminants that would make one sick. The metaphors here are profound

JeddMarch 23, 2023

Great article!! Well written. The changes to the For the Strength of Youth program will not only help youth, but help their parents as well.

TamiMarch 23, 2023

Such a great article! I love the notebook(s) that you're referring to and I have purchased multiple copies of them! They were created by our friend, Becky Higgins. The notebooks are such good quality and are the perfect size to carry with you and jot down things on the go! We farm for a living so your article really resonated with me as I have documented something very similarly in our personal modern-day family history. Thank you for sharing your insight on "cultivating" :)

JeddMarch 23, 2023

Excellent! Love the article and explanations on the changes to the For the Strength of Youth.

Diane IrwinMarch 23, 2023

Ditto what Jim Thorley said!

Corey D.March 20, 2023

That's nice of course and to be expected because the church goes to great efforts to keep a positive public image and we should all do our part to conserve. Last year I tore out my park strip and tried to put as much of the yard as I could on drip but this idea and huge media campaign the last 6 months or so about saving the Great Salt Lake and if we don't it will be an ecological disaster is for the most part scare tactics. There is no data to back up these claims because its never happened before, the Great Salt Lake is the result of a natural disaster and the whole Wasatch Front is living on an old lake bed, we have had huge dust storms for years. It also doesn't take into account that both humans and nature adapt to change. There is some historical evidence that it has been this low before but mostly, especially for those of religious belief it leaves out the fact that ultimately all of this and particularly the weather is in God's hands.

Corey D.March 20, 2023

Just more evidence about the damage that pornography does and a necessary article and an important study, especially since there are those in the Counseling Profession, including some who are LDS and one well known former member therapist who are now saying that pornography isn't all that bad and in fact encourage the use of erotic material (code for porn) in relationships. A friend who was the police chief in our community for 25 yrs can tell you all about the damage and what pornography does to people that he has seen in his career.

MaryannMarch 20, 2023

It is difficult to see how this advice will help, when the Grandmother is already repeatedly reaching out and communicating love with no response from her daughter-in-law. The daughter-in-law is using the power play of silence to try and control her mother-in-law. It is time to put the ball back in the daughter-in-law's court: "I love you all very much, and I am saddened by your choice not to communicate with me. I don't wish to cause you any pain, so I will honor your wishes and wait until you let me know you are ready to have a loving relationship." Then, wait.

Patricia Cerisano March 20, 2023March 20, 2023

Wonderful article. I love and appreciate our leaders even more and will always remember them in my prayers.

TreyeshuaMarch 20, 2023

Thank you for this amazing post. So true then, so true today.

CaroleMarch 19, 2023

So so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing the thoughts and the exquisite song!

B. OlsenMarch 17, 2023

Those three wishes are wonderful but the first two can only be accomplished in a covenant relationship with God in and through the church. God loves us no matter what we do but reserves the blessings of covenantal love for those who are faithful. That is the part that will be missed by those who leave the church. Yes, thankfully there is yet time.

tfMarch 16, 2023

Ah, Stanford students: Free speech for everyone (except you)

MikeMarch 15, 2023

Brigham Young was an amazing prophet and leader. He led the church through very difficult times, and literally led the physical gathering of Israel in the last days. But as you point out, he was not perfect - no one is, not even prophets. This is why the principle of Councils is so important. Yes, President Nelson has started and led may changes over the past 5 years, but none of them would not have been implemented without 15 senior church leaders, from various backgrounds and experiences and opinions, UNANIMOUSLY AGREEING to the changes. Obviously Joseph Smith could not have followed this principle from 1820-1835 because there were no apostles. And even up to Brigham Young's time, due to physical separation and physical hardships, the 15 apostles couldn't or didn't regularly meet, it may not have been very formalized and consistent yet. So yes when Brigham Young stated some of these theories that we do not currently agree with, he was following his own opinion, not doctrine approved by 15 apostles. I personally believe the same thing happened with the priesthood restriction. I believe Brigham Young may have been overly influenced by the times and by racist and/or slaveholding members of the church, and political ambition, when he made his racist remarks, did not want blacks to have the right to vote in Utah, and started the priesthood restriction. We have no documentation that states the 15 apostles at the time agreed to the restriction. Perhaps they would have agreed and consented. But perhaps at least one or two or five of them would have quoted the book of Mormon about the gospel being for black and white, male and female, and the fact that Joseph Smith approved black men to receive the priesthood. And the motion might have been killed or tabled. We will never know, but it does make a strong point to how councils are wise and protective for everyone, whether you are a mom and dad leading a family, or the Lord's prophet leading His Church.

Rochelle HaleMarch 15, 2023

I played Geneopardy with my limited family tree. It was so much fun, especially since I got most of the answers correct.

Michael D. FryeMarch 15, 2023

I was amazed to find in your article today an illustration of a Mari Investiture panel from Old Babylon showing the purported goddess, Ishtar, with a lion under her foot. The illustration was striking, as just yesterday I came across a similar representation of 15th century A.D. Piers Gerard, Esq. standing on a very similar looking lion. Who could imagine such a coincidence, or might there be some medieval connection with the old Babylonian rite? (See: “The monumental Brasses of Lancashire and Cheshire,” by Thornely, James L, p.65. ).

Gary AndersonMarch 14, 2023

Wonderful article! Thanks for writing it!

John WMarch 14, 2023

I would add C. Terry Warner’s Bonds that Make Us Free

Joe CarlsonMarch 13, 2023

Thanks so much for your article i am in a situation that has driven me to some very Un Christ like behavior and have struggled to forgive and have unconditional Love!

Ann SiggardMarch 13, 2023

I love Sherri Holloman! We served together in China and she is one of God's brightest stars whom I have been privileged to know and love! She has been a light to me in my own trials! Her story is all of our stories! Faith to endure and faith in Jesus Christ and his miraculous Atonement!

Lisa ReisingMarch 13, 2023

This is an amazing article - really opens up temple symbols, connecting us to the past as well as highlighting the recent additions to our modern ceremony. God (and HIs Plan) is the same yesterday, today and forever. Thank you!!

a sister in zionMarch 12, 2023

I think the advice to try to grow closer to the mother is wise. She may simply need listening ear and voice of empathy to make it through her own experience as a mother. She also may need more help than others sense. For reasons still unclear to me, i have had multiple people nearby but at times no support for very rhavy burdens. One of my ministering teachers told me no when I finally reached out for help. Some women carry silent heavy burdens and wounds unseen. I personally have four autoimmune disease and struggle daily with my calling supporting my husband and caring for my family. Perhaps as you get to know her you will be inspired if you simply need to emotionally support her or advocate with you son and others if her needs are being unmet. You could also perhaps potentially provide physical assistance even thkgih you live far away. Arrange to read to the childrne when she need help or to do something they would interrupt, send s gift card with money for dinner, mail her paper plates cups napkins and disposable silverware with a note for dish duty after dinner. There are lots of ways to support young mothers and I am sure you will be inspired to find a way to reconnect.

R. JensenMarch 12, 2023

Where is the son in all this? Could he possibly explain to his mother why his wife is cutting off communication?

RobMarch 11, 2023

Really all we can do in these situations is to keep sending letters and texts of love. Eventually the grandchildren will want contact. I've seen this happen many times in my area with family and neighbors over the decades. The sad fact is once a person has realized they were too controlling... is because they face the same problem with their grown up children.

Mark W MinerMarch 10, 2023

Incredibly moving, thank you for sharing both of these stories. Forgiveness is truly the Atonement of Jesus Christ in action.

LewisMarch 10, 2023

This is an extraordinarily difficult principle to live, but you teach it so powerfully. I am grateful for the Savior’s example of forgiveness, and the serenity and peace associated with true forgiveness. We tend to hold on to our bitterness, even to the point where it begins to corrode our souls. If we can just see fit to let it go, I think we will find the peace and joy you speak of.

SMarch 10, 2023

Why is there absolutely no mention of this woman's son who is the father of those grandchildren? He's really allowing this to go on? As if he agrees that they should be calling the shots on where grandma lives? Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

GTOMarch 10, 2023

Two heart-rending, life-changing stories. Thank you so much for sharing these with us. I feel overwhelmed by how these situations were turned around. Endowed with hope.

MMarch 10, 2023

Enlightening and thoughful.

WeezieMarch 10, 2023

I’ve always loved her! She has such a beautiful, tender, yet powerful style. She has been an influence on me in writing music too. I love how real she is. Going through a divorce must have been so hard. She’s my hero. My fav song she’s done besides this one (this is the Christ) was she put the music in me. I have a connection with her on that. My mom also put the music in me. Thanks for highlighting her!

KateMarch 10, 2023

This is excellent advise, and I hope that this woman can rebuild her relationship with her DIL, but it seems very curious that her son was barely mentioned.She's a DIL, not an ex-DIL, so one assumes the son is still a part of this family. It seems very odd that he goes along with this treatment of his mom (especially for the reasons indicated), and surely HE should be part of this renegotiation of this relationship. Either some very pertinent info has been left out of this question and answer, or we are left to think that the husband has no responsibility at all in this situation. Why does he get to be the silent partner?

Marcela StaceyMarch 10, 2023

Great article - thank you. One question: in the story where the young girl is in Africa, what would forgiveness have looked like if they only would have badly beaten her and hurt her, but not killed her. Would forgiveness require that she go back to risk possible further injury? The parents went back at risk of injury - should the girl have gone back too if she hadn’t died?

MMarch 7, 2023

Very interesting.

MMarch 7, 2023

Love this!

AnonymousMarch 7, 2023

Lovely. Thanks.

Myntillae NashMarch 7, 2023


Myntillae NashFebruary 14, 2023

This is great!

RussFebruary 4, 2023

So, so true! Thank you!

RussFebruary 4, 2023

Yes!! Thank you!

RussFebruary 4, 2023

Nice!! Thank you!

MaryannFebruary 3, 2023

What a beautiful way to honor your birth mother and also the sacrifice she made to place you in better circumstances than she could provide. While she is obviously not your "real" mother, she did give you life and cared enough to seek out the best life for you. That must have been a very joyful experience for you and I'm sure she will embrace you with thanks one day.

MaryannFebruary 3, 2023

How often we are instructed in the scriptures to "remember." Every one of us can choose to remember that the Lord loves us, and that we can fully TRUST him to grant our righteous desires when the time is right for us. We may feel frustrated, but we must never believe that he has forgotten us. The Lord ALWAYS keeps his promises. No blessings will be permanently denied if we sincerely seek to follow Him. In the meantime, there is great comfort in counting our blessings, building our relationships with family and friends, and serving. These things will help us keep a true perspective and bring us joy.

Rochelle HaleFebruary 3, 2023

I believe the Lord's miracles (including personal revelation and inspiration) are all around us. Too often, however, we find ourselves waiting for the "big" things. Several years ago I was assigned to minister to an elderly friend. I already knew her and her adult children with whom she lived, but she had suffered an impairment of some kind and I was deeply concerned about communicating with her. I telephoned and we had a delightful conversation. We could both clearly hear and understand one another. Just this week I had to have some old dental work re-done. The procedure with the endodontist was pretty trying, but when I went to my dentist for my final filling I was in and out of his office within fifteen minutes after a quick, no-numbing-required procedure. In both of these situations, so many prayers were answered.

LisaFebruary 3, 2023

My great-great grandparents, Charles Clark and Sarah Sloat Burr, were among the Brooklyn passengers, so I've grown up hearing the stories of these saints and am now telling them to my own children. The Burrs were one of the families who buried a child at sea during the early part of the voyage and John Atlantic Burr, mentioned in the article as being born on the ship, was their son. He has gained fame of his own as being the one whom the Burr Trail in the Grand Staircase Escalante of southwestern Utah is named for. Charles and Sarah were among the 1/3 of the Brooklyn saints who pressed on to Utah, eventually founding the town of Burrville in Sevier County, where my mother spent her childhood. My mother's maiden name is Burr.

Hockey MomFebruary 2, 2023

Hanks is a mental lightweight and dime store therapist. When affirmation is the basis of your therapy, you’re doing it wrong. The profession has gone off the rails taking this approach. And her inconsistent positions are the fruits of it.

MaryannFebruary 2, 2023

I was disappointed that this article didn't provide us with more specific ways that enabled people to overcame their depression.

BoBFebruary 1, 2023

The section "That's from God" makes a whole lot of things make sense. All those times I wonder, "why don't y'all understand this."

KCFebruary 1, 2023

Thank you so very much for helping me to see. So many times we expect the Spirit to "feel" a certain way while it's happening. Often, it's the process, like a bible story, of the eventual outcomes that we can look back on to see God's hand and Spirit in it all. Thank you for the reminders.

KathyFebruary 1, 2023

I always love your insightful articles. So inspirational and so uplifting. Thank you Anne!

Rochelle HaleJanuary 31, 2023

As we wait we should never hinder our progress. When I married at the very old age of almost 25, I thought I was way behind many of my friends and that I had, somehow, missed the boat. However, I reflected on what I had done prior to my wedding. I had gone to college, I had served a mission, I had traveled, and experienced other things. Again waiting came when motherhood was delayed, but I moved ahead as best I could "mothering" nieces and nephews and the children of friends, seeking the best medical care, and adoption or other resources to bring children into our home. The Lord has many blessings in store for us, many much greater than we can hope for. Years ago, probably at a college devotional, we were counseled that it is ok to dream and maybe even buy a wedding dress, but don't get so stuck on what is not happening that we diminish the personal growth of our talents and testimonies, and opportunities to serve others.

LoraJanuary 31, 2023

Norman Vincent Peale counseled a wife whose husband was in a war zone to thank the Lord in advance for her husband's safe return. That is good counsel. We can thank the Lord for blessings not yet received. This reassures us that He's working on it. He's holding it in reserve. It helps us to be patient while we're waiting, and helps us to be grateful for the blessings that we do have now.

JoanJanuary 31, 2023

In referring to Sister Kapp, you said she was "denied" motherhood in this life. She was not denied, she chose to wait, for her own reasons. She had freedom of choice. She certainly will be a wonderful Celestial mother. I am a mother of four, grandmother of 14, and great-grandmother of 7, because after 5 years of "waiting", God placed our babies in our home through adoption. They are sealed to us and are our own for eternity...depending on our righteousness, as is always the case.

Becky DouglasJanuary 30, 2023

I absolutely loved this insight into the story of Peter's call to be one of Jesus's Apostles. What a humbling thought for all of us to contemplate. Thank you!

AnnaJanuary 30, 2023

The law of sacrifice and consecration can be tested when our nets are full. However, I know people who accept church callings, because they have been told to “never say No”, and then do nothing to magnify that calling, not showing up to commitments, claiming no responsibility and making other excuses. There are times when the test is to be honest with the Lord, the Bishop, and ourselves and to let go of that calling rather than bring condemnation upon ourselves by not fulfilling the calling.

Marla SmakaJanuary 30, 2023

I never understand the need some adoptees have to search out a biological parent. I am an adoptee, as are all of my siblings. One day my brother, Scott, said he wanted to know if I could give him copies of pictures I have of him as a child growing up so he could share them with his sister. The absolute kick in the gut. Foolishly I assumed he felt I felt he and I were brother and sister. In his mind the women he was planning to meet was his sister. I gave him the pictures and he shared them with his birth sister. My brother is now deceased. At the end of the funeral a woman came to me and introduced herself as Scott's sister. To my knowledge, this woman had physically been my brother's presence one time. I am 14 years older than Scott. He came into our home when he was just two days of age. I was present in the Mesa Arizona Temple when Scott was sealed to our parents. Does anyone feel my pain? In the current time, it seems the accepted thing to do is gush with joy over adoptees seeking their biological families. The other accepted attitude is basically to say thanks for the relationship, but I need my real family. I advise my childless friends to adopt a cocker spaniel unless they have hearts of cast iron so they can face the moment when their loved one says they want to find their real family.

RachelJanuary 29, 2023

I bought an Alexa for my husband for his birthday so he could easily listen to his music (he is disabled). A couple of months ago, a friend came over with a new gadget to show my husband. We never looked online for any information regarding this gadget. It was only the conversation between my husband and his friend that contained any interest in the gadget. The next day in my FaceBook feed and Amazon advertisements, there were all kinds of testimonials and advertisements regarding this gadget. I'm convinced Alexa was listening to the conversation. Otherwise, why would this have happend?

Corey D.January 29, 2023

As scared as she is of being lonely or affecting the family she needs to divorce this guy and when any family members ask her why, she needs to concisely and honestly tell them why. He needs to be shown to the family what he really is, a serial adulterer, dishonest and a liar. A one time honest mistake with sincere repentance is a whole different thing than what this guy has done. No one can blame another for breaking their covenants. Being in a sexless or non-adventurous or non-affectionate marriage, which is what the comment by H North is implying does not justify infidelity or breaking ones covenants.

EmJanuary 29, 2023

I can understand that therapists like Dr. Hanks, when walking with someone one-on-one, may need to find ways to meet them where they are. I've experienced this in some of my ministering experiences. Each person's journey is unique, and since I believe God meets us where we are, I think we can model that in one-on-one situations. But as the saying goes, God never leaves us where we are. And when it comes to public positions, I think the risk of doing harm by undermining doctrine and commandments is very real. "Christlike love is the greatest need we have on this planet in part because righteousness was always supposed to accompany it. So if love is to be our watchword, as it must be, then by the word of Him who is love personified, we must forsake transgression and any hint of advocacy for it in others. Jesus clearly understood what many in our modern culture seem to forget: that there is a crucial difference between the commandment to forgive sin (which He had an infinite capacity to do) and the warning against condoning it (which He never ever did even once)." -Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Don LJanuary 29, 2023

It's not news to learn we are living in the final days of the last days. If I were the adversary, I'd be blurring the lines between light and darkness, good and evil, truth and lies, and how we can safely navigate these perilous waters. Elder Boyd K. Packer once warned the youth that they are being raised in enemy territory, and it is no less true for each of us than it is for our youth. My concern about Julie's podcasts and social media posts is that in her attempt to position herself as a helpful social counselor, she is part of the blurring that is taking place. The gray area in the middle of questions becomes enlarged and more murky. There are no moral absolutes. I am not her judge and I do not know what is in her heart. I understand she is a popular speaker and social media presence. I'm sure she helps a lot of people with complex problems. But she cannot be both a mainstream secular counselor and a faithful spiritual one at the same time. And although I hope I'm wrong, it seems to me that she's trying to do exactly that.

MeaganJanuary 28, 2023

Very well done. Thank you! A few years ago I started following her Instagram account, but it ended shortly after because I quickly realized it was not a place for me to grow as a disciple of Christ. Her posts just left me with very negative feelings. I officially unfollowed her when she said the Family Proclamation wasn't doctrine, when it clearly is.

CassidyJanuary 28, 2023

As a convert of just over 5 years, coming from a non-religious family, Dr Hanks has made me feel truly seen in dealing with more complicated issues of faith, culture and family that I have not been able to get from a typical religious-background family that is most often found in bishops and church leadership. I have wondered often if I truly do fit in with the church, but when I see a community such as Dr Hanks, I realize that humans are beautifully and deeply complex, and feeling less alone on the edges of the church has helped me to stay. If you cannot relate, you simply CANNOT RELATE and that is the whole point. There are different people with different backgrounds and they all should have a place in the lords church. My question to these authors is, if you have never had experience or wrestling with many of these issues presented, do you realize that criticizing and disregarding or discouraging these things will actually nudge more people AWAY from the church? Do you realize that marginalized members are being saved by this more open minded, nuanced thinking? When I see this article, it again makes me wonder if I’m truly not as welcome as I’d hoped. And perhaps I do need to find a place that my whole self, nuance and complicated background and all, can feel I have a space. Dr Hanks is creating a safety net for people who need one. If you are asking her to cut the net, you will lose cherished brothers and sisters in this church. I hope you can ponder and pray and find the softness in your heart for these kinds of members, members like myself.

CherieJanuary 28, 2023

It’s really so bizarre to ask questions to Julie and then answer all of them yourselves. It’s pretty revealing that you never meant to listen to her responses if she had agreed to be interviewed. So many of her critics want her to be a church leader instead of a therapist. The whole mid section of your article was disparaging psychologists as having ulterior motives. But it’s actually very dangerous to tell people that therapists are all suspicious and that you can only trust your bishop. Some people genuinely need mental health services and if your bishop is a farmer or an accountant, he’s not going to be of much help with mental health issues no matter how much priesthood he holds. I’ve actually seen pretty neutral responses from Julie when people try to get “permission” from her to do something contrary to church commandments. (Not something she claims any authority to grant to people) One time a person asked her about whether or not drinking coffee is a big deal. She simply answered that the word of wisdom is on the temple recommend interview and you won’t be able to get a recommend if you drink coffee. The person had to choose for themselves what to do next. That’s classic therapist. If you want her to dictate to people exactly what to do in every situation, a bishop might do that, but it is not how a therapist would work. The questions you’ve asked her are all ones she has answered repeatedly in several different settings. Again, it seems pretty odd, and misleading to publish this as a conversation with her when it is clearly just a chance for you to use her name and photo(!) to pontificate your own views. For example, if you believe women should only aspire to be mothers and not seek out any other work outside the home unless it’s an emergency, just say it instead of shuffling around some strange pseudo question to Julie that she isn’t even here to answer. I was surprised to see such a weird hit piece like this on Meridian.

HuguetteJanuary 28, 2023

I love Julie Hanks and the work she is doing on internet ! She helped me feel less alone in my views and understanding of church related issues and has played an important role in the fact that I feel there is a place for me in this church. It seems to me that the people who wrote this article are also very biased even though they write that their questions are just " sincere questions", you can easily see their own opinions and despite the efforts they are making to look "nuanced" they really seem annoyed by what Julie Hanks is doing and saying. It doesn't seem that they have understood the messages Julie Hanks is trying to convey, which are deep and based on psychological knowledge of the human mind. To me her work shows great respect, understanding and trust for people. She helps people connect with God and value this aspect more than the relationship we Can have with an imperfect institution and with imperfect leaders. What a blessing it is, it helped me reinforce my personal relationship with God and pushed me to connect more with the divine. Overall I feel a better disciple of Christ, a more loving and compassionate person. Isn't it what it's all about ?

Judy PetersonJanuary 28, 2023

This is an excellent article which gives hope. However, I assumed there would be some hint as to what people have done to permanently overcome their depression. This was a teaser without anything that could really help me or give me direction towards healing. Is that coming after years of addition research? It was hollow hope for me.

KristynnJanuary 28, 2023

Such a well written article and one that is informative.

EricaJanuary 28, 2023

These points are very needed. Thank you for putting this together.

RebeccaJanuary 28, 2023

Thank you, thank you, thank you for addressing this. It's just a bonus that you did so in a very thoughtful and sensitive manner. Now I have something to share with friends and family that fully explains the concerns I have had over her ideology.

JulieJanuary 27, 2023

Thank you!!

AnneJanuary 27, 2023

Excellent article. Thank you for doing your homework and asking questions that require answers and discussion. Julie has a huge following and it’s too bad she wouldn’t weigh in on these questions herself.

EveJanuary 27, 2023

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Marie RJanuary 27, 2023

I'm not sure you are adequately addressing the membership of the church as a whole. There are members on a wide spectrum. The idea seems to be posed that following one's personal internal thoughts and feelings about what is best for them and their life is wrong, and I see that causing more harm on member's mental health than good. Just a different perspective. There's a place for everyone in the world and we're all children of God with unique needs and life maps.

BobJanuary 27, 2023

My, my, my said the spider to the fly. . . Thanks for the needed, probing, considerate, spot-on discussion.

Karell BinghamJanuary 27, 2023

I love that whenever God the Father introduces His son, he says, "This is my BELOVED SON!" Not this is my Son. My BELOVED SON! How the Father must love this being that sacrificed so much for the rest of his children. He is indeed Beloved!

CindyJanuary 27, 2023

H North's comment is disgusting! Don't blame the victim. Even if his statement were true, lack of affection, or anything else a wife may or may not do, does not give a husband the right to cheat nor excuse his behavior. There are many ways to handle an unhappy marriage and cheating is never ok.

KateJanuary 27, 2023

Oh my, H North's answer is the classic spiel of an adulterer--it's always the wife's fault: "I couldn't help myself, you weren't meeting my needs!" What a bunch of self-serving baloney. I wonder if he (and i'm 99% sure H. North is a he) is aware of how clearly and obviously he outed himself? I sincerely hope there is not still a MRS. H North. Yikes.

DianeJanuary 27, 2023

I'd love for Julie Hanks to explain her pro-abortion stance

S. HillJanuary 27, 2023

Thank you to Meridian Magazine for publishing such an important and needful article and for whomever took time to transcribe all of these Instagram or Podcast videos. It's extremely useful to see exact quotes. Every bishop, stake president and stake and ward RS/YW/Primary presiency needs to read this article.

Shelley RhoadsJanuary 27, 2023

Loved the article and how it balances views on many important aspects of Julie’s social topics. I’ve often felt there are more nuances to the issues being discussed than Julie powerfully asserts. When people are struggling with these important values & decisions, it’s human nature (natural man) to want someone who is credentialed and socially supported to advocate for the inclined path of the individual(s) facing that challenge. As a Church member, I know I came to earth to be tested in many ways, to choose the sometimes less inclined path, at times to be offended, to be judged & scorned as I am offered the opportunity to choose repeatedly to validate my faith and develop my divine greater self. I value that Julie brings hard topics about faith, sociality and the church for open discussion. I’ve often wondered about her testimony and commitment to gather Israel as we covenant to contribute to. At times I feel her over validation (as you put it) of one viewpoint thoroughly & drastically omits the various other viewpoints - especially for individuals who are not only developing their faith, but also their intellect and emotional maturity. The boundaries topic is an excellent example of this. I’ve seen & heard individuals leverage this as a way to avoid important discussions that should remain open within family or other valued relationships (sans abuse or coercion). There are ways to set boundaries around how we talk about topics versus if we talk about them at all. I’ve often thought Julie (perhaps inadvertently) usurps parental and other roles to eliminate the various influence options individuals can have at their disposal to exercise their agency in making personal decisions and choices. Thanks for asking some hard questions.

H NorthJanuary 27, 2023

Oftentimes, an unfaithful person's actions are initiated by long-term lack of affection from one's spouse. It takes two to tango. It's tiring to hear one spouse complain that the other cheated, without taking any responsibility for their actions, or inactions, that contributed to the situation. A spouse who receives more love and affection than they can take in will seldom stray, and will have no motivation to do so. There's an old saying: a woman marries a man hoping to change him, and he won't; a man marries a woman hoping she won't change, and she does. Don't throw stones in glass houses.

Kerry FarrJanuary 27, 2023

GREAT article. Thank you!

Nina EJanuary 27, 2023

Thank you for this. As a former YW President, I had followed Dr. Hanks, but started feeling uncomfortable with the things she was posting. Your questions to her and explanations are valid and worth asking.

Marilyn HaddJanuary 27, 2023

What an awesome insightful response to a most painful question. Bless you, dear sister. Heal.

Ann-Marie JensenJanuary 27, 2023

Thank you for this thought-provoking article. I especially appreciate your kind approach to asking excellent and vital questions and for sharing your own thoughts in a positive way.

JulieJanuary 26, 2023

By virtue of His moral life, as well as the Atonement which he wrought at its end, he was able to know how to succor us I just wonder if this sentence has a meaning for moral life over mortal life?

Kerry FarrJanuary 26, 2023

Such good thoughts! I have been telling grands how amazing they are. Now I see it differently. They are receiving Heavenly help. Praise belongs to God !

LynnJanuary 26, 2023

Alexa helps with everyday tasks. Turns on or off lights without getting out of bed, Turns on/off fans and opens/closes my driveway gate. Reads me daily verses from the Book of Mormon every morning, completing it every year. (done it for several years now). Gives me a "Flash Briefing" weather and national news from CNN, FOX and Public Broadcast Radio while I'm getting dressed and shaving. Indispensable!

LexaGraemeJanuary 26, 2023

Thank you, Brother Hess. Thank you to those who have opened up and shared their experiences. My heart alternately wept and soared.

LexaGraemeJanuary 26, 2023

Thank you.

Mimi WJanuary 25, 2023

A brilliant analogy. We must first learn obedience in order to progress. Thank you so much Kimberly for making the connection and sharing the wisdom you learned.

JJJanuary 25, 2023

I think ministering can be important, but we also need to do better about respecting peoples boundaries and not visiting if they don't want us to do so. I've heard numerous talks where the speaker shares a story about how they continued to visit someone who clearly wasn't interested and didn't want them there. Its always framed as being a feel good story, (like they should be patted on the back for repeatedly ignoring this persons wishes), but its really not! It always makes me cringe. Showing up at someone's house when they don't want you to is actually really inconsiderate. If someone asks you not to visit or says they are too busy, LISTEN to them and respect that! Otherwise you will just irritate and drive them away. We are all different and have different needs.

DebraJanuary 25, 2023

Amazon does assure us that unless you say the wake word (Alexa)she does not respond nor is she hearing your conversation. You can try asking a question without the wake word, but there will be no response. Logically if Amazon were listening in on private conversations that would entail a huge lawsuit that would ruin the company. Of course you would have to prove that, but I'm sure there are employees who would gladly speak up if that was going on. That's my belief.

MaryannJanuary 25, 2023

I don't believe I could ever make it back home to my Heavenly Father without the support of the Church, Prophets, Seers, and Revelators, and my ward family. The church and the temple are a refuge from the world, and we are enabled with power from Jesus Christ through our covenants to overcome our weaknesses and the storms of life. We cannot do it alone.

MaryannJanuary 25, 2023

Great analogy. There are people who have been seriously injured or even lost their lives because someone did not train their aggressive dogs. We, too, can suffer spiritual injury or even lose an exalted, Eternal Life if we do not submit to the Savior reigning us in.

MaryannJanuary 25, 2023

I can't wait to get Alexa. I am not worrying about somone discovering my secrets. I certainly won't be discussing account numbers, etc. AND--you can always turn her off.

Diane IrwinJanuary 25, 2023

I totally agree! Too creepy.

CynthiaCJanuary 25, 2023

Amazing and thoughtful analogy to our life experience!

AnonymousJanuary 25, 2023

I was at a friend's house who had recently bought a couple Alexas for the house. A few minutes after I arrived, another friend arrived. She came in exuberant and laughing and the Alexa immediately says "I love when (name of the friend) comes so I can record her laughing". It was insanely creepy and we asked if somebody from another room had told the Alexa to say it, but they said they didn't.

Sally SmithJanuary 25, 2023

WOW. What a comparison. There are times when I felt the Lord wasn't listening or I didn't deserve a blessing. This article gives me a whole new understanding. I will not complain.

Donald CyrJanuary 25, 2023

So many thoughts can be said and written with an infinite use of words and arrangements like music and songs for the enchantment of our whole soul's... I really appreciate this inspiring idea and comparison about "Breed ", responsibilities and patience that are required : to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. (Moses 1:39)

Paul HJanuary 21, 2023

Here's two more witnesses: Paul (See I Corinthians 15 as he lists several others bedides himself) Joseph Smith's account of the First Vision

Boanerges RubalcavaJanuary 21, 2023

Although I enjoyed discussion like this, and it is important all the data shown, to tell us if the Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ, what anybody really wanting to know it, just follow the admonition from James: "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed."

Jennifer ChurchillJanuary 20, 2023

Thank you for such a well-thought-out and laid-out article. I was intrigued from beginning to end. I have not reached a conclusion yet on Legend. While it is true, I am not sure that I want to throw Christ out with the like of Marvel Legends and Heroes. That is my drawback and such a modern one at that. For if you take it in the context that you have given it really is not an issue. Thus, why I have no conclusion currently.

HelenCJanuary 20, 2023

Wow, wow and WOW! Thank you, Dr. Peterson, for such confident illumination! I’m keeping this article for future reference.

DavidDJanuary 20, 2023

"Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls" (John Bergsma 2019) is an extremely interesting and well-documented book in which the non-LDS author argues convincingly that recent analysis of the Dead Sea Scrolls -- written contemporaneously with the life of Christ -- undermines the argument that the Gospel of John was written long after Christ's ministry.

Julie MajorJanuary 18, 2023

I appreciated your willingness to share the struggles you have experienced with ministering. As a RS president, my sisters will often share with me similar struggles with ministering. But I have truly learned the importance and blessing of ministering. Thank you for this story!

CynthiaJanuary 17, 2023

I LOVED this article. I am preparing a talk for this Sunday and have felt prompted to speak about ministering. This popped up in my in box today and it was perfect to complement my message. Thanks so very much for your message. I also leaned the importance of ministering aka visiting teaching years ago when I was serving as the Relief Society president. I knew the bishop couldn't possibly keep up with everyone in the ward and I calculated that between visiting teachers and home teachers there were many who would be available to help any one family. It was a real eye opener. Such a gift to members of the church to have this blessing in our lives.

Lee HillJanuary 17, 2023

Wonderful article, thank you!! I just got a new ministering companion who is young enough to be my son. He is inexperienced and I am physically handicapped, but together we have had some wonderful experiences with the families we minister to. Just like missionary work, consistently praying and seeking for inspiration has been critical in our ministering service.

Arne HedbergJanuary 17, 2023

Very insightsfull and helpful. It inspires me in my duties. Your words also makes me thankful that there are people like you who respond to the Spirit in challenging matters. Thank you!

Becca HowardJanuary 17, 2023

No matter what you call it, I have a very difficult time ministering by assignment. I am so much better at being spontaneous, for example taking a meal to a friend who posts on social media that she is overwhelmed with her children’s activities, or calling or sending a note to someone who is ill. My partner and her husband are the “ministering couple” to two or three of my assigned sisters, so these ladies are mostly off my radar, while I spend quite a bit of time helping a sister and neighbor who is disabled. Though I do a lot I still feel guilty for all that I don’t do or could be doing for those to whom I am assigned.

Kay RookhuyzenJanuary 16, 2023

My brother instructed us docremation due to his size and it was a blessing.

KCJanuary 15, 2023

Thank you! Love this perspective. One minute little change I would make, that is just "semantics". I would change the "Why? Because They want us to have what They have." to "be". Too many of us mortals want our children to "have" stuff or opportunities or lifestyles. If we're honest, we really want them to "be" more like the best parts of ourselves and the things we also aspire to. Having means you can also have not. Being is something that becomes a part of you never to be taken away.

Becky S.January 15, 2023

That was long, but worth the read, in fact it kept getting better each new point that was made. The eternal perspective and staying on a covenant path really does help us understand Gods love and will for all mankind.

Richard EyreJanuary 14, 2023

Several have asked for discussion questions for this article so that it can be discussed in study groups or book clubs. So I am providing those below. Also, I would welcome your comments directly to me since I know that this is a sensitive subject and you may not wish to comment publicly on Meridian. You are welcome to email me at [email protected] (this is the most private email that I have.) Discussion questions: 1. Does your current perception of what the Church is match better with Paradigm 1 or with Paradigm 2. 2. Do you agree that one who views the Church as a "means" rather than an "end" would be less susceptable to faith crisis? 3. Does thinking of the Church as a "means" rather than ad "end" raise or lower the importance of the Church in your mind? 4. Did you find yourself in agreement with the bullet points about what the Paradigm 2 causes both within our minds and within the Church? 5. Was the article helpful in better understanding the relationship between families and the Church? Please send any other questions or comments to me at the email at the top of this message. Thans for reading, and thinking, and perhaps commenting, Best, Richard Eyre

Amy PetersenJanuary 14, 2023

I would love and appreciate an article that doesn’t assume that the “staying” family member isn’t still striving to love and accept, despite the very real heartache and pain of another “walking”away. An article that validates that very deep sorrow in the present. Yes ultimately all things will work for good in God’s great Covenant plan and Love, but it is incredibly difficult to deal with unkindness, hurt, and angry accusations from the family members who “walk no more with” the words of eternal life. Who feel it’s ok to persecute and mock the believer. I’d be so grateful for help on this because it happens. Yes be loving and patient and listen thoughtfully to those who leave, but some who leave are at least unkind, at most verbally and emotionally abusive. It’s no easy thing to “just love them”and deal with this for so many. I see many articles about loving those who leave, few about the very real pain for those who stay. Sometimes that feels painfully invalidating.

Dave MyersJanuary 13, 2023

Thank you for this! A really helpful way to see the evolving circumstances of not just family members, but also dear friends. A companion paradigm that has helped me is the realization that it's not my job to try to 'fix' things because that usually makes things worse. My job is to love, without judging.

Maureen GaleJanuary 13, 2023

The Eyres can always be counted on for a fresh, enlightening viewpoint that explains, enriches, and is timeless in it's perspective.

MaryannJanuary 12, 2023

Brother Goddard--I love your suggestion of validating the feelings of each child and then asking compassionate questions to help our children think about what the other person wants or is feeling. Blaming only makes everyone defensive and strengthens the barriers that already exist. Helping our children to learn to get along by inviting them to take an active part in solving their differences is a golden key. Sometimes we are too quick to deal out punishment, rather than to use these situations as learning experiences.

MaryannJanuary 12, 2023

All of us have a need for words and gestures of love and reassurance. However, if we are in constant need of reassurance because we don't love ourselves, or because of deep insecurities, there may be other issues we need to address. Our spouses will become drained very quickly if they are the only source we have for feeling good about ourselves. We each need to gain a sense of our own self-worth. Understanding our relationship to our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ, is a giant step in that direction. If we often feel anxious about our worth and need constant reassurance from others, a good therapist can help.

MaryannJanuary 12, 2023

Yes! AND--loving "humanity" begins at home. Running around to political rallies or screaming our heads off on social media will never even approach the importance of loving, being kind to, and serving the people living right under our own roof, or in our neighborhoods. It seems to me that some people measure their "goodness" by how angry they are about their pet issues. We need to refocus on what is really important in life.

Randal GibbJanuary 12, 2023

Dear Steve, Thank you for sharing this Mental Health Minute! I have been blessed by many of them in our shared service in Africa! God bless you!

Earl ParksJanuary 12, 2023

Lots of depth. Well done.

ShaunaJanuary 12, 2023

Excellent article, thank you. It reminds me of why it's so important to have relationships, ideally in a family setting, where all our ideals meet reality. It is another of Satan's ploys to suggest that the most important lessons of life can be learned another way.i.e. by becoming an activist, or just having a group of friends instead of marrying, and getting a dog or pet instead of having children. None of these things are bad in and of themselves, but they are a poor substitute for forming a family

SageJanuary 12, 2023

Thanks for this insightful article. You reminded me why The Brothers Karamazov is one of my favorite books.

Charles McClellandJanuary 12, 2023

Excellent and very timely article.

Corey D.January 11, 2023

It's all summed up in that great revelation we know as Hymn 195 "How Great the Wisdom and the Love", verse 3, " by "strict obedience Jesus won", something really hard for most of us, at least it is for me. In today's world the word strict more often than not is seen as negative but so important.

Kay RookhuyzenJanuary 11, 2023

SO TRUE!!! A wonder narrative about an important principle.

DaveJanuary 11, 2023

Excellent article. Motivated by King Benjamin, I decided as a young father to also implement a zero tolerance for contention with our children. My technique for handling quarrels was to put both children on chairs in the middle of the living room and tell them they had to stay there until they came up with a solution to their problem that was satisfactory to each child. It worked magic. But, a word of caution - for this technique to be successful, you have to have a reputation with your children that they know you absolutely mean what you say, otherwise they will wait you out until you give up and let them go without solving the problem.

ShaunaJanuary 11, 2023

Terrific. what a great example of personal scripture study using a specific focus or lens. This method can yield great fruit. I love your focus on Lehi and Sariah and their family, including the rarely mentioned sisters. Truly this study yields clues as to how we can be more faithful and "steadfast," which is the word I studied in my personal scritpure study today:)

RebeccaJanuary 10, 2023

Yes, it's possible to have a *mostly* conflict-free home. I've found it begins with an adjustment in mindset on the part of parents. Many parents feel conflict between siblings is inevitable and unavoidable. High expectations and consistent follow through, along with thoughtful teaching, bears fruit eventually.

FrankJanuary 10, 2023

I was married for over 30 years when I became a widower. After a bit I remarried, and my new wife asked me to write my autobiography so that she would have a better idea of what the 55+ years before I met her were like. She suggested that I make a file for each year of my life and write a bit about my memories of each year. When I remembered something, I wrote a few paragraphs about that event and filed it by date. A bit at a time, memory by memory I succeeded in preparing a book of a little over 300 pages. Arranging to have it printed at a vanity press was easy, and it took care of Christmas presents for the year.

AnonymousJanuary 10, 2023

I really enjoyed this podcast and it was exactly what I needed to hear after a few hard years. In the past few years I have wondered if God was there or if He had forgotten about me. Hearing the honesty and rawness of emotion in this podcast reminded me that sometimes you just have to keep pushing through dark times to understand the meaning behind it. Thanks for sharing Becky!

TimJanuary 10, 2023

Thanks for this wonderful article. For me death is nothing to be afraid of. I am grateful that I know the plan of salvation. I know what waits for me behind the veil. So I am not afraid of death. But I am very afraid of dying. I refer to the process of going from life to death. I am afraid of the physical challenges. The fear. The pain and everything that is associated with death on the physical level. So there is indeed a big difference between being afraid of death and being afraid of dying.

Boanerges RubalcavaJanuary 10, 2023

No, he was not joking, He was right, he was not saying "zero tolerance" (although that also should be a parental teaching) but teaching the right things to do or not to do, and then proceed to help the children. If we follow your approach (judging you as you judged King Benjamin) then our children interpretation would be that they can do whatever they want, and then no other help will reach them and we will have what is happening in this hedonistic world where everything is valid and this brings the unfortunately thought of Today and bring the consequences that evil is good and good is evil.

George PembertonJanuary 10, 2023

Thirty years ago we wrote two unpublished volumes entitled "Peaceful Parenting" that fully addressed this subject. We ended up giving each of our eleven children the two for Christmas. Vol. 1: Peaceful Parenting, the Way God Probably Intended It. Vol. 2: Peaceful Parenting Resources. All was based on Scripture and statements of latter-day prophets as we two parents tried to apply "correct principles" with our children.

LoraJanuary 10, 2023

I have often used this quote (reading it from The Book of Mormon) to my sons and visiting grandchildren. ("Do you want to serve the devil?") I often reminded them that "Grandma's house is the happiest place on earth! Now get happy!' When my sons were little and fighting, I didn't ask "who", I just knew "what". I sent them each to a separate corner and they couldn't come out until the other one set them free. Peace restored. As for balls inside the house, that was forbidden. Balls are for outside, which can prevent plenty of conflict, not to mention breaking things. I've heard of fathers quoting the section about "not suffering your children to go naked" to daughters who wished to be scantily clad.

Marsha LangJanuary 6, 2023

My sister and I had an "angel" experience shortly after I joined the church.He actually rode in the car with us.

Kayleen A HunsakerJanuary 4, 2023

Thank you for this Podcast with Roger Connors. I try to read scriptures & uplifting talks & other things every day. My sweet husband of 36 years died in June of 2022 & staying close to the spirit & attending the Temple every week, gives me joy in the journey. The comment about God being in the details of our lives [even though I know that] has inspired me one more day!

John H. BurtgonJanuary 4, 2023

Pres. Connors was my Stake Pres. and I had the privilege of working with him. I remember one night I was in my office and feeling quite distressed over matters when he came walking by and stopped and asked if I needed a blessing? He gave me one and then went on his way. It was just what I needed at the time and I am so grateful for the blessing of the Lord through His servants

Diane IrwinJanuary 4, 2023

I have truly enjoyed this episode! It has increased my testimony that God is in the details. Thank you for all you do!

LoraJanuary 4, 2023

There's a reason why we women speak like this. With other women, if we make a direct statement about what we want, we are seen as offensive and demanding. We learn to drop hints in order to get along with our mothers and other girls. As a wife, and the mother of three sons, I finally realized that dropping hints is too confusing. I learned to be more clear and direct. This habit has gotten me into trouble with other women, but at least I'm getting along better with the men in my life. (Saw an example at church. Sister: "Is there a wastebasket near you?" Brother: "Yes." Every woman there knew that she wanted him to hand her the wastebasket so she could throw something away. He answered the question he was asked.)

Ron BarnesJanuary 4, 2023

My wife used to do that, and it drove me crazy. For example, she would never ask me to mow the lawn. She would say that if I wanted to mow the lawn, she would help. Several times I told her that, if she wanted something, to say so instead of asking me if I wanted it. Instead of doing that, she just started doing what she wanted without asking me. She was an impulse buyer, so that created some minor problems, but nothing major.

Ann SiggardJanuary 3, 2023

Roger Connors was our Stake President in Murrieta, CA. When my son was sent home from his mission due to depression (in 2000, he was out 5 months), I will never forget what he said to him a he was released: ":You have completed a faithful mission ( he baptized a family there) and you are honorably released. That statement changed my son's heart and gave him hope after such discouragement of thinking he had failed his mission. Thank you, President Connors.

LoriJanuary 3, 2023

Hi. I am interested in this podcast however, I am deaf and prefer a transcript of this please. I am sure there are many hard of hearing and deaf people wanting to read it also. Let me know when you post the transcript.

Shelley S.January 3, 2023

Will this become available on Apple Podcasts?

Scot ProctorJanuary 3, 2023

Debrah, This is a new podcast which is in addition to the Come Follow Me podcast we do. We will continue to do Come Follow Me each week and have the How I Know podcast as well to strengthen faith and inspire our readers. Blessings.

DebrahJanuary 3, 2023

I think I answered my own question. I just found this week’s podcast. The holidays were ery. Busy for this grandma and I had no time for anything but grandkids and more grandkids. I did not even look for the podcasts, ,barely got the church lessons in. Time to join the world again!

DebrahJanuary 3, 2023

Will this replace your weekly Come Follow Me Podcasts?

Robert David StarlingDecember 30, 2022

WOW! Thanks VERY much for this list. It's great to see what interests other readers the most, and I'd missed a number of these great articles that I can now go back and read.

JuliannDecember 30, 2022

Thank you for sharing your Christmas journey and helping me reflect on daily blessings. Good job with adjusting your expectations and making the most of a very frustrating adventure.

Michele SundstromDecember 27, 2022

Loved this peek into the church in Croatia! We were a part of this trip and felt it a privilege to meet these faithful saints. What an incredible example of dedication and faith. Highly recommend this trip! Cruising along the Croatian coast and exploring her islands brought many unanticipated delights! It was the adventure of a lifetime!

Diane IrwinDecember 27, 2022

Scot, my heart ached as I read such a powerful, personal story. The atonement is real. I am so grateful for your testimony, and sharing it with the world.

Tracy TippettsDecember 25, 2022

Today is Christmas day. I am in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Yesterday I read the story about the terrible accident while rafting the river in Idaho. Today I read the story about fire on the farm. Both stories very dramatic and powerful, with inspiring spiritual message. I had a similar experience with a forest fire in San Diego, California in 1989. I was in the hospital recovering from a recent motorcycle accident, when the Elders Quorum president called to inform me that a large fire swept through the area where my home was located, and it was gone! I thought of my two dogs that were there. My two cars. All my clothes and belongings. The fire consumed 400 acres. It burned the poles that were supporting power lines. It was a painful night in the hospital, thinking about all that I had lost. The next day the president called back to say that my house was spared. My dogs were safe and alive. My cars were covered with chemical fire retardant dropped from the aerial tankers that flew overhead. The agony and then relief from escaping a very unpleasant outcome. I was impressed that your father took time to say a family prayer, in the middle of such an urgent crisis and panic situation, and then the resulting miracle that followed. It obviously made a profound impression and experience to an eight-year-old boy! Thank you for sharing it. I will now forward the Spanish translation to 30 members of the Church here.

Harold RustDecember 24, 2022

Having experienced several harrowing moments while rafting, I deeply felt the emotion and anguish and...deliverance from this personal story. Thanks, Scot, for sharing such a powerful reminder of what really matters.

Rochelle HaleDecember 23, 2022

I served back in the dark ages when we could not call home or get packages because of sketchy mail service. When our youngest son served we learned that some missionaries never receive gifts from home because their parents are not supportive or because they can’t afford it, so we always sent extra things for our son’s companions. In our mission we have contributed when missionaries won’t be getting packages from home (somehow the mission president knows), we have contributed gently used clothing to the mission office rather than donating to charities, and we always fill a stocking for our ward missionaries who visit or share a meal with us on Christmas Eve. When I write to missionaries I tell them to forget the traditions of home and what they may be missing. They should make memories with the Christmas or two ( and birthdays or other occasions) that they are away. They may learn some new traditions or eat foods that they want to incorporate into their own families someday.0

David DDecember 22, 2022

For those who have had "bad" surprises that never (at least on earth) seem to evolve into "good" surprises, the heavenly explanation may be a tough one to accept.

JamesDecember 22, 2022

Thanx for your service and caring. And thanks for sharing your testimony in what must be a life caring, sacrifice and loneliness. May your hours, days and weeks grow your soul and sustain your service.

Ed RehderDecember 21, 2022

Thank you, a wonderful story, a sacred event.

Dave HansenDecember 21, 2022

Since they've become *woke* in the recent past, I've stopped watching Hallmark altogether. Instead, I've found Great American Family (GAF) to be more to my liking.

Robyn JensenDecember 20, 2022

I looked up my district's SEL policy. What a load of BS--nice sounding words with very little meaning. When they started talking about equity is when the alarm bells started ringing. I do not understand how a district in the lowest quintile in a state near the bottom in terms or student accomplishment can spend time, money and resources on such drivel.

Becca HowardDecember 20, 2022

I'm a combination viewer and look forward to new films all year, not just during the holidays. Some storylines are very predictable, yet some catch glimpses of other well-known films, and it's fun to see the new interpretations using familiar quotes or even music. I do have some concerns about films that may be less friendly to all families. If a questionable character is a neighbor or best friend and not a major character, then I am not as concerned (I have them in my circle as well), but when a non-traditional family is not the focus, I tend to not watch.

MaryannDecember 20, 2022

I love the Hallmark Christmas movies because they are a light in the often dark world of media. They are simple in a world that is complicated. They are sweet in a world that is sometimes bitter. They teach that people really can have happy relationships, despite some bumps in the road. They focus on family unity. They often portray characters who are willing to put someone else before themselves. What more could we ask for?

DaleDecember 20, 2022

I am not pleased when they add LGBTQ relationships into the shows. It ruins family values.

James ScottDecember 20, 2022

It seems those in education go to great lengths to keep curricula confidential, that “they know how to instruct the kids but don’t want parental intrusion. Yet there so many that don’t come away knowing how to read or do simple arithmetic.

CarolynDecember 16, 2022

What a wonderful memory. It made me tear up, thinking of those kind, thoughtful people who treated you like family.

HelenCDecember 16, 2022

So much love. Thank you.

KathyDecember 16, 2022

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story.

Dave HansenDecember 14, 2022

I found this to be a compelling story of how we need to love all of our brothers & sisters, even though we may disagree with their decisions in life.

CrystalDecember 14, 2022

Thank you for this. One of the best you have done in a while. So wonderfully said!

GwendolynDecember 12, 2022

Thank you for this wonderful message. During our studies on this lesson, we looked for a Book of Mormon scripture to round out our understanding of holiness and came across a fascinating one in 2 Nephi 2:11 where Lehi places holiness in polarity to misery: “For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things. If not so…righteousness could not be brought to pass, neither wickedness, neither holiness nor misery, neither good nor bad.” Truly holiness is happiness.

WallyDecember 12, 2022

Beautiful and inspiring!

DebrahDecember 12, 2022

Thanks for sharing. That was amazing, and yet so much typical of the Lord.

HelenCDecember 12, 2022

Once again I receive what I need to hear. I’m Kevin’s to visit my disabled sister in England for the first time in years and everything send to be visiting against my going. My husband is violently ill and my daughter’s flight home was canceled yesterday so she has to find another way home to get to work and take care of her dog before her stepfather is well enough to leave town for his job. He has told me to go, anyway. This article is reminding me of the protection I am entitled to for my entire non-member and less active family because my 10%covers them all. Thank you.

Juan CandiaDecember 12, 2022

Por qué no está la transcripción?,hace mucha falta ,por favor . Gracias

MaryannDecember 12, 2022

I am 71 years old and have been blessed with many callings and opportunities to serve in the church. Above all else, seeking out my ancestors and doing their temple work has been one of the most satisfying and spiritual experiences of my life. There is just nothing like it! The more I go to the temple, the more I want to go. I am so grateful that the Lord has given us this marvelous work to do. It is both humbling and exalting to be a part of such a glorious work. If you have been apprehensive or fearful about getting involved, visit your Family History Center. The workers there will help you so much! Remember that you are not alone, and you CAN learn how to do this work and to rejoice in it.

MaryannDecember 12, 2022

I am so grateful to be engaged in the holy work of the temple by seeking out my dead and performing their ordinances vicariously. What a blessing to have this marvelous opportunity to serve the Lord and to love His children. My experience has been that the more I attend the temple and seek for greater knowledge regarding the temple experience, the more I love the temple and understand the purposes of these holy ordinances. I have grown in my understanding that we are truly endowed with power in the Lord's holy house that will enable us to become a holier people.

MaryannDecember 12, 2022

When I am asked to do something I'm not sure I want to do, I find it really helps to say, "I need to call you back this afternoon," or "I'll get back to you about this tomorrow." Then I have time to make a decision without feeling pressured. If it is something I KNOW is not going to work for me, it's better just to say no at the outset, rather than deal with the stress of procrastinating my "no." Also, when people say, "I need to ask you a favor," avoid giving an answer like "sure!" before they tell you what the "favor" is. We are under no obligation to anyone to agree to anything without first knowing what we are committing to.

JuliannDecember 11, 2022

Your story is certainly not too late. Thank you for the amazing person you are and for the amazing people you work with and help.

DeloresDecember 10, 2022

For me, the decision is clear. If the influencer begins to criticize the church, or the leaders of it, or to rationalize why they don’t have to follow the prophet’s counsel, I stop following them. There is one particular Youtuber that I initially liked, but over time I have felt his pride get in the way and he has begun to criticize church policies, general conference talks, and prophetic guidance. I’m done following him. There are many better choices of influencers

Lisa CorcoranDecember 9, 2022

Becky, a wonderful story. So glad we are a part of Rising Star. You do amazing work. Lisa

ShaunaDecember 9, 2022

excellent, insightful article, on so many points. I find that the scripture to not judge, is rarely quoted in its entirety--i.e. the injunction to "judge righteous judgement." We have to judge--actions at least, or as you say, "the fruits" which I like. And the gift of "discernment" is another gift we receive from the Holy Ghost and from living our temple covenants. Thus, surely there is a need for it and we should use it

Kerry FarrDecember 9, 2022

This still confuses me at age 75. Didn’t Christ teach that the needs of others DO come first. And especially the will of God comes before our own will to be righteous??

Neal ChristensenDecember 6, 2022

If faculty will not uphold the ideals and teaching methods of the school, fire them and replace them with someone who will.

ShaunaDecember 6, 2022

Thank you Br. Hancock. as a BYU alumni and the parent of 2 BYU students (currently on missions) I applaud and welcome your assessment and critique of the current academic culture at BYU and especially for your determination to take the prophets and apostles seriously and to start a conversation about what a "Gospel methodology" might look like. Wouldn't that be exciting to see where the Spirit can actually lead professors and students as they study and learn about true "intelligence" which is the glory of God-- and what other ideas, theories etc might be added to the world of thought, as they incorporated the basic tenets of the gospel, including the natural, nuclear family and the resistance to labels other than Child of God, Child of the covenant and disciple of Christ in their research, and teaching? I am passionate about BYU and it's mission and am so grateful for Elder Holland's clarion call back to BYU's unique mission, articulated earlier by President Kimball. I welcome your brave and crucial lead on these issues and look forward to further analysis and suggestions. If BYU cannot be unique and reflect the values and tenets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, in my opinion, it can no longer justify its existence. I pray for the way forward that you suggest

Rick JeppesenDecember 6, 2022

Very nice article; thank you! I love your use of the story of Joseph for the topic of faith. My wife and I wrote a song called "Remember the Story of Joseph of Old". What a remarkable story to always trust in God.

Wally GoddardDecember 6, 2022

Good counsel! Thanks, Jeff.

SageDecember 6, 2022

Br. Goddard, thank you for this uplifting article. I look forward to what you write as it always brightens my day.

MaryannDecember 6, 2022

I love, love, love this article. How absolutely essential it is that we embrace the light in every possible way. Searching the scriptures, praying, enjoying the company of uplifting people, and avoiding dark influences around us will bring more light into our souls. In the midst of a very dark world, we all need to be so aware of our thoughts and to reject the angry, contentious influences in our current society. I am so often strengthened by the positive attitudes of our Prophets, Seers and Revelators. They radiate a calm attitude filled with hope for a glorious future.

John SowaDecember 4, 2022

Thank you for sharing your painful and sacred experiences. They are resonant to me. When we talk about coming to earth to obtain a body, I believe that it is sometimes viewed too simplistically. Check, I've done that. Yet, to be a soul is so much more than just being born. To come to know who we are and in whom we've trusted, truly does require experiences that allow us to come to understand more completely how we function. Thank you again for sharing one of yours.

DebrahDecember 4, 2022

I have had friends who had Shingles and I felt sorry for them, but now, even sadder. Aweful! I did not like my shingles vaccine, but now I think it just might have been a good decision. Years ago I had what was supposed to be minor surgery, a subcutaneous cyst. It wasn’t. It was a ganglion wrapped tightly around the main nerve in my wrist. The doctor had to scrap if off, and the myalin sheath below it. Without general anesthesia. It took6 weeks to heal, used no pain meds, and found out I could fall to sleep while keeping my hand and arm high up on the wall, the only way I could ease the pain. Some years later I needed a hysterectomy. Afterwards I was put on self administered Demerol. I prayed, telling the Lord I was willing to suffer, but if it would be allowable, would he take the pain away. He reminded me of the earlier time where I experienced such pain, the same nerve that had been pierced and torn in his hands. Then told me that I had suffered the pain I needed to and that it would be removed. The next day the doctor came in and I asked if they would take the Demerol thing out as I did not need it. The nurse jumped in and said, “no, you need this.” The doctor looked at the machine and says, she has only had two doses yesterday, and gone all night without. She doesn’t need it. He pulled it. That is only a small part of the story as the Lord supported me through it. But I learned something. Pain is a part of our earth test. Each person gets his own prescription. He did not lift my pain for the scrapped and battered nerve in my wrist, but I learned what I needed from it and needed no more, if I had the faith to ask.

Ann-Marie JensenDecember 4, 2022

Thank you so much for sharing how you changed your prayer for help. A very valuable example for us all.

Kathy SandersDecember 4, 2022

How I love you and your choosing Christ in every conscious minute of your life. The power of those choices magnified over time allows you to witness for Christ in amazing and influential ways. I thank God for you and your example of faith in my life. I’m so sorry for the trial you have gone through and rejoice in the discoveries you made about the nature of God. Thank you for sharing this intimate story. I too have come to know Christ because of intense pain. I marvel that that kind of overwhelming pain can reside at the same time with overwhelming joy in Christ. How that happens I do not know but I know it to be true.

Brad LDecember 3, 2022

You might want to look into getting a D-Dimer test, which can detect micro clots when methods used to detect normal clotting fail. If they were happening in brain, perhaps the cause of the immense head pain you were experiencing. There is evidence micro clots can appear in a high percentage of those who have had the mRNA shots and boosters. And the shingles point to an activated viral infection, which maybe exacerbated by the same shots.

Darwin DavsDecember 3, 2022

You are a hero. Thank you.

Linda Starr WinansDecember 3, 2022

Hey, Maureen. I am so sorry you had to go through that ordeal. I truly appreciate your tender insights and your positive response. What a blessing that you have come out of this trial as you have. I can tell you have lost some weight over it --hopefully you feel as good as you look . May you enjoy God's richest blessings for both you and Scot!!!

Kristin KleinDecember 3, 2022

Such a poignant and tender testimony of the goodness of Light, and a loving Heavenly Father and Savior. I’m so grateful for women like yourself who can articulate these mercies and share with so many. Thank you!!

Koni hunterDecember 3, 2022

Sweet Maurine, As I was reading this, I had two thoughts come to me. 1- you told a story on a podcast episode when your daughter was injured and far from home. You knelt to pray. The only words that came were “help”. A few months ago, I was in a similar situation and as I knelt to pray in my bitter agony, I thought of you. Through my tears, I could only utter “help me”. That day, I experienced a miracle. Help came through a very inspired bishop. 2- As scot prayed specifically to know why you were passing through this agony, he was given a specific answer. I remembered the time our bus broke down and you said the most fervent prayer. After, you said to all of us on the bus “I’ve learned that specific prayers receive specific answers”. You continue to teach me and inspire me. I adore you! You are a rock and a pillar of faith!

Tom ObenchainDecember 2, 2022

Thank you for sharing your story Maurine. I love the reminder that no matter our circumstances our ability to choose, to choose Him, is never taken from us.

JanDecember 2, 2022

Maurine, so very sorry to hear about this terrible affliction. I offer you this: While on our mission in New Zealand, I was in the Hamilton temple to perform proxy initiatory ordinances. There was no initiatory waiting room in the temple, so I was invited to sit in the workers' preparation room. Two lovely workers were chatting there about a mutual acquaintance who had been suffering with shingles. One remarked that the suffering sister had found no relief in western medicine, so she went to a the traditional Maori healers for help. The healer told her to apply balsamic vinegar to the eruptions, and her relief had been immediate. I have mentioned this to a few shingles patients here in the states. They confirm the balsamic vinegar was very beneficial, but one cautioned he'd learned the hard way not to use it on any mucous membranes, just the outer skin. It can't hurt to try it on a little patch. Worst case, you'll just smell like a salad.

AimeeDecember 2, 2022

Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing this. I cried through the entire article. I have been through my own versions of this experience, and I can say with certainty, yes. It is refining and redefining. I have often wondered how I could ever possibly fully express to someone how unshakeable my testimony is. But I know it became so unshakeable *because of* the pain and suffering I've gone through. There is no way to explain it and have it fully understood, like you said about redefining your pain threshhold. But when you have been through the fire, and chosen the Lord through it, you know. It changes you forever. And there is no going back. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me, a complete stranger, who both cannot understand what you went through and yet can completely understand what it meant to you and the way it redefined your relationship with your Savior. Thank you for touching my heart and helping me feel more understood.

Breck EnglandDecember 2, 2022

I agree completely with Brother Steurer. I want to go further, though. How to deal with family members and friends who are clearly under the spell of views that are not only questionable but outright lies? These fraudulent ideas are in a good many cases causing them intense anxiety--I worry about their health and even their sanity. When a total lack of critical thinking endangers their families and their health, what is my responsibility?

ShaunaDecember 2, 2022

Bless you for all you do and for your example. I am a pain wimp and don't knot that I could have endured what you have. So grateful for your absolute steadfastness to remain true to God and to not murmur. You are a special person and witness of God's goodness. Thank you for sharing your ordeal and prayers that you'll recover from shingles quickly

Laurie PollardDecember 2, 2022

Wow, Maurine! Every article you write is powerful, but this is phenomenal. What a poignant lesson and inspiring trust in the Lord you have shared with us. I can only imagine the depth of pain you have endured, and I am saddened you suffered so...but is seems the more intense the trial--as we turn to God humbly as you have done--the more potent the sanctifying effect it may work in us. You comprehend the Atonement of Jesus Christ on a deeper personal level than ever before. Thank you for blessing us with your gratitude and penetrating insights. You and Scot are stalwart disciples and your devotion to do the Lord's work blesses untold souls. I'm thankful to be one of them!

Craig FrogleyDecember 2, 2022

I am so very sorry for your suffering even knowing that it is refining. Some people just already seem refined so their suffering seems redundant. But even the Sons of Mosiah were called to suffer that they might be examples to those they would influence! (Alma 17:11 be patient in long-suffering and afflictions, that ye may show forth good examples unto them in me, and I will make an instrument of thee in my hands unto the salvation of many souls.

MaryannDecember 2, 2022

I am a little confused about exactly what Mike Lee's amendment entailed. What specifically did it add to, or take away from, the Respect for Marriage Act? This is not a criticism--I really admire the man.

LoraDecember 2, 2022

Decades ago, when I was a young teen, my mother and uncle got into a heated political argument at Thanksgiving that seemed to go on for hours. We never went to Thanksgiving at grandma's house again. And what for? Nobody changed their minds. A while ago, my brother asked me a direct political question, which I answered, and he yelled, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" I responded calmly, "You can out-yell me, but it probably won't change my mind. But what matters here is not my opinion, but that we love each other. What matters more to me than anything happening in current events is our family." That calmed him down, because we share this value: family is more important than anything political. We don't have to agree with each other to love each other. There is so much name-calling in politics. I like the "Tell Me More" approach--where you seek clarity over agreement. If we ask questions seeking to understand Why people think what they do, we will at least gain understanding. I recognize that my opinions are not gospel truth. I've even been known to change my opinions. Opinions are not eternal. When we can love each other, no matter what, there will be peace on earth.

Sandy GatesDecember 2, 2022

Maurine, I’m so sorry that you had to go through this. I know your pain. I too suffered this same pain in a very similar experience which left me with temporary paralyzation for over 6 months, slight hearing loss and minor permanent nerve damage on the right side of my head. It was an experience I will never forget. It drew me closer to my Savior than ever before and the experience that I had with Him was so sacred. I too know that these things are not thrust upon us by Heavenly Father or our Elder Brother, but they can be used for our growth and to draw us closer to them. If you would like to know more about my experience, I can share through email. Take care Maurine. You are doing a great work and are infinitely loved!!!

MaryannDecember 2, 2022

The best way to solve the problem of contention regarding political opinions is to make a mutual agreement that you will not discuss politics or make any political comments in the presence of one another. This is often the ONLY way to avoid contention regarding political viewpoints. I have also pulled back on reading so much about politics. It's like an ongoing soap opera, and it can become an obsession. Much of the reporting is designed to stir people up and to promote contention. I, too, have had a very difficult time understanding why some members of the church support political agendas that are in direct opposition to gospel principles. However, when we are engaged in scripture study, prayer, enjoying uplifting friendships, using our talents, and service, we will be much less likely to be stirred up in rage over politics. Our minds will be on a higher purposes. We CAN learn to CHOOSE to focus on more positive thoughts and to overcome unbridled anger.

KimDecember 2, 2022

Maurine* Names are important.

Kim EggintonDecember 2, 2022

Oh, dear, sweet Maureen... my whole being sorrows and joys for you!

DougieDecember 2, 2022

Excellent! Part of His work might be the inspiration your story gives to readers who are suffering, and gain power to go on because of your experience.

Beth TDecember 2, 2022

So grateful to God that he and his angels were at the ready to help you, your family and the doctors discover the true problem of your pain. And how beautiful that through questions we can find the answers we need from our beloved father in heaven. Thank you for sharing! Grateful you are healed!

vickieDecember 2, 2022

i have had many times of agony from pain or mental illness. depression so hard it brought my body down that my skin hung on my body. i took no meds and was taking care of my 4 of 5 children at that time. i also was helping a family stay in our home. the anxiety i had was so awful i cant describe it...well, we moved from england bk to the usa. my baby fell from a slide on the playground ...when we got bk to the states all my kids broke out in blisters on their skin and no dr knew what was going on..they figured it was the move from england to the usa and they had some virus. also i had pain after a hysterectomy. not with the surgery but being allergic to premarin a harmone and no doctor would listen something was wrong. i went through months. many times in my life i was bedridden. i had seizures starting at 46yrs old and went through things i cant describe. all along i trusted in the Lord and reminded myself of gethsemane that Christ knew what i was going through. i have no idea what im being prepared for, but i trust in the Lord as He knows best....

SFISCHDecember 2, 2022

I stand all amazed at your ability to share your experience and illustrate your true devotion to the Savior during your recent time of stress. We love to follow your weekly Come Follow Me podcast. Thank you for your insight and faithfulness. One question? When did you have your shingle shot? Many would be interested why you ended up getting such a painful shingle episode after your vaccine.

KJBDecember 2, 2022

Let me guess, the person being written in about is a Democrat who thinks Biden is doing a good job...

Tiffany GoodwinDecember 2, 2022

What a beautiful story that testifies of our loving Savior and Father being with us always. I know of His love and being with me in the mental/emotional pain of loss and anguish. This story reminded me of things I knew and needed to be reminded. Thanks you Maurine!

R AlldredgeDecember 2, 2022

This is such an inspiring experience for you to share with us. Tender, personal and inspiring. Thank you for your testimony. It really struck me to think of the hard trials going on around us are the very experienced we need to prepare us to meet Christ. I needed this insight. Thank you. Bless you and prayers for your recovery.

Lorraine QuillonDecember 2, 2022


KarlaDecember 2, 2022

Thank you for sharing your story, it has answered my prayer.

Buffie BarkdullDecember 2, 2022

Oh, dear Maurine. Thank you for this gift that came at such a high cost. Through your talent of writing and expression, you have put into words the deepest desires of my heart. To be called a friend of God. You have earned that title. I will strive to remember your experience and declaration of allegiance to God in your extremities as I soldier on in my life.

Doc FullerDecember 1, 2022

My personal research shows that Americans will cohabit without marriage at the rate of over 70%, sometime during their lifetimes. Google it yourself! While 'Homosexuality' is at a rate of no more than 2-3% max. Do you get my obvious point? Please focus on the 70% and not on the 3%. Society is not threatened or endangered in its morality by the 3%! It's a smoke screen by the adversary. Far too many waste 100% of their efforts worrying about the 3%, instead of the real threat of 70% = playing right into the plans and schemes of Satan. We don't see the real threats until it's too late.

BillDecember 1, 2022

In the year 2000, our beloved prophet Gordon B. Hinckley wrote a wonderful book entitled “Standing for Something”. In its epilogue entitled “The Loneliness of Moral Leadership” President Hinckley stated: What we desperately need today on all fronts—in our homes and communities, in schoolrooms and boardrooms, and certainly throughout society at large—are leaders, men and women who are willing to stand for something. We need people who are honest; who are willing to stand up for decency, truth, integrity, morality, and law and order; who respond to their consciences even when it is unpopular to do so—perhaps especially when it is unpopular to do so. That is the job of the leaders in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Its not to be politically correct. It is to speak eternal truth, to stand up for the gospel of Jesus Christ, no matter the cost. That is important not only so the world knows where we as a Church stand, but also so that the people of the Church know where their leaders stand. On November 15, 2022 the Church announced its support for the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act”. In that announcement the Church reiterated that “The doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints related to marriage between a man and a woman is well known and will remain unchanged,” while also stating that the Act “includes appropriate religious freedom protections while respecting the law and preserving the rights of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters.” Senator Mike Lee of Utah , an attorney and constitutional scholar, indicated that those religious liberty protections touted by the Church “can only be described as severely anemic." His proposed amendment to shore up those religious liberty protections were never taken into consideration before the Senate passed the bill. For more information on the problems with this Act see and excellent article by Roger Severino on the Heritage Foundations website entitled “Fact-Checking 7 Claims by Defenders of Democrats' Same-Sex Marriage Bill”. I note in the final part of the Family Proclamation, “We CALL UPON responsible citizens and officers of government everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.” Apparently, not only does the Church no longer call upon officers of government to protect the family, they are no longer willing to do it themselves. In my opinion, the Church should have stood with its convictions and denounced the measure. It would have been a strong and welcome message to the world, our other religious allies and to Church members that we stand for the principals and doctrines outlined in the Family Proclamation. I note that this approach may, to some, seem like Abinadi bulldozing into the city. However, as shown in Mosiah 12:1, the Lord commanded Abinadi to go into the city and to prophesy, and that Abinadi went into the city in disguise, that they knew him not. No bulldozer there. But when he was captured and brought before King Noah, he then boldly taught and testified. He was Standing for Something. Sometimes you do have to stand up and let the chips fall where they may, then trust upon the Lord to see His eternal purposes fulfilled.

KathleenNovember 30, 2022

Touching article, as always. Loved the seemingly effortless sacrifice in the name of music, when it certainly had to have been a hardship.

JenNovember 30, 2022

I've noticed in the OT, and footnote references to other scripture, that Ephraim is too proud. What I understand to be the US/promised land will be given to Manasseh next. The "remnant" of the sons of Jacob will be the ones to build the New Jerusalem after the proud (even church members) are no more. The temples will then be theirs to care take and work in. Your article makes me wonder if prior to that time those of us in the US will, at some point, have to choose to go abroad to temples if ours will be closed for a time. Like many temples in various areas closing for safety sake, we're not above them. Violence comes in many forms, like even digitally.

BoBNovember 30, 2022

Very well said.

JuliannNovember 30, 2022

Beautiful examples of following the promptings of the spirit. My biggest regrets in life have come from not following those promptings. I am so grateful that God is willing and wanting to help us if we will just listen and obey.

CubbyNovember 30, 2022

Thanks for posting that article. I have thought and posted exactly the same thought, Ceaser’s coins. It is powerful. But you went beyond to examples where he made different choices. I appreciate your wisdom. These perilous times really give us opportunity to read the scriptures and reference them over and over! Thanks!

Tacey BurnhamNovember 30, 2022

A careful reading of the wording of the church statement will show that it was not a statement of support for a very flawed bill, but another call for honoring religious freedom. What the leaders were supporting were the efforts of those working to "include appropriate religious freedoms protections" in the bill. Amendments which, by the way, were voted against by the majority of the senate (including Mitt Romney) and not included in the bill. The wording "we believe this is the way forward" is in reference to working together to allow the LGBTQ+ community their ever-expanding rights without negating the protection of religious liberty guaranteed in the constitution.

Roberta CamargoNovember 29, 2022

A muito tempo atrás senti o desejo urgente de visitar uma pessoa da família, o espírito praticamente me empurrou para ir No outro dia essa pessoa faleceu Vários membros da igreja também tiveram essa impressão e o visitaram, foi como uma despedida , foi a última vez que o veríamos com vida

WM CALVIN HUGHESNovember 29, 2022

So wonderful! Love that when we frequently, intentionally and thoughtfully ponder on spiritual things, our thoughts and insights and wisdom 'multiply exceedingly'. Truly a gift of the spirit! Always look forward to your writings! What a blessing!

Kary NelsonNovember 29, 2022

I was there at Group that night too!! It was Br. Gee who told that story and it has stuck with me ever since as well! I was a freshman at BYU, a non-member who had grown up in a very liberal part of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, and who was wondering why I had ever thought that Ernest L. Wilkinson's BYU was the place for me to attend college when my roommate and I were invited to attend Group. It was in Group that I learned the gospel, where I felt free to ask questions (in my BofM class, not so much), and where I met the man who ultimately baptized me and who has been my husband for nearly 50 years. It's so fun to see Br. Peterson to also remember such a pivotal moment in my testimony growth. Obviously, I did not make this up!

JimNovember 28, 2022

Bodascious! An outstanding article! I wish that the last book by Brother Larry would be published so that I could more easily refer and reread it. Awesome.

ShaunaNovember 28, 2022

Thank you. I appreciate the quotes about covenants you referenced. I am so grateful for the recent increased attention that covenants are receiving in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We must move beyond the superficial idea that covenants are "a promise between ourselves and God." And while I am positive that God is more loving and merciful than I can imagine, and that He will do everything He can to bring us back to HIm...He won't violate our agency. "The covenant path is all about our relationship with God—our hesed relationship with Him. When we enter a covenant with God, we have made a covenant with Him who will always keep His word. He will do everything He can, without infringing on our agency, to help us keep ours." President Nelson, "The Everlasting Covenant" October Liahona, 2022 also an important article to reference acknowledging the tension between agency and covenants of parents regarding wayward children is found in the March 2014 Ensign by Elder Bednar

Chris HowellNovember 28, 2022

Fits nicely w Bushop Causse GC talk

Jeri E GilstrapNovember 27, 2022

Thank you Holly for your book recommendations for children. I give my younger grandchildren a Christmas book every year. I wait until I see your book reviews before deciding, Thanks again.

Debrah RoundyNovember 27, 2022

Another request for the "script"

Corey D.November 27, 2022

A well written and needed commentary, I know a lot of members of the church and non members who see announcements like this and do feel confused or let down or troubled but as is pointed out, the way the media present these things is most often very skewed. It's so important to be or get informed because the media is exceptionally biased anymore and just because the church makes a public statement doesn't make it doctrinal.

Bonnie Lee DanielNovember 26, 2022

When I did my DNA Ancestry check I discovered that my 9th great-grandfather was Resolved White. I am eternally grateful that God saved him through the difficult times he and his family endured during the first few years here in America. I hope to meet him some day.

Colleen StoutNovember 26, 2022

I Just read this older book and loved it! I am so glad you are featuring it on Meridian. We all need to read it and apply these Christlike ideals.

ShareeNovember 25, 2022

Thank you for sharing this. It is one of my favorite Josh Groban pieces and Vocal Point did a great job with it. I had goosebumps and tears

Corey D.November 24, 2022

I have picked up hitchhikers since I was a teenager and I keep $40 in fives in my wallet for the homeless, I don't give all the time because some of them I recognize as regulars but if they have a dog with them I always give just can turn down those with dogs.

Micky BowersNovember 24, 2022

Love the ending!… But then again, I love all of your stories…they make my heart smile. Keep them coming!

Anna HargreavesNovember 24, 2022

Love Jody Moore! How to manage and have a healthy relationship with your brain and your emotions. They don't teach this in schools! Thanks for filling this void and showing the world how!

LexaGraemeNovember 23, 2022

What a lovely story! Part of me is horrified that her children felt the way they did about the cookie jar. In my family, it might be the item we would fight over afterwards. Thank you for this.

Luana Mallett (then Holzworth)November 23, 2022

Thank you Brother Goddard. Always remember a small encounter with you and your wife in Australia some many years ago. Maybe 2003/4. That I will never forget your kindness. And discovering your written work. Amazing!

Jim BrownNovember 23, 2022

The most important takeaway from this article is that the Pilgrims were chosen and truly inspired by God to set the stage for the restoration of the Gospel. "Thanks be to God!"

KathrynNovember 23, 2022

I respectfully disagree with the previous commenter. There are hugs... and then there are hugs. It's very different for a woman to give a guy a quick arms-around-shoulders-hug versus an arms-around-the-waist-and-head-on-his-chest embrace that lasts for a few moments. I agree with the husband who wrote the question that this type of physical contact isn't appropriate for people who aren't married to each other. It's likely to stir up or increase inappropriate feelings. It's so much better for everyone to stay on the safe side of the line.

MaryannNovember 22, 2022

I have had trust in the Hallmark channel, and this is very disappointing. I haven't seen any of this departure from traditional family values yet, but it is obviously coming. I will have to look into how to watch the GAC Family channel. Maybe some of us need to speak up and write to the Hallmark officials! Three cheers for Candace for standing up for her principles! I have LOVED watching her "Aurora Teagarden" series.

MaryannNovember 22, 2022

I think this has been a great lesson for all of us. DO NOT get your news about statements from the church by reading newspapers, the internet, or outside sources. If you want to know what the Brethren actually said when they release a statement, read it on the church's website. The statement was so simple and, for me, it just reiterates the fact that we respect the basic rights of all people, AND sexual relationships outside of marriage are STILL immoral. The media has been creating a "tempest in a teacup" over this issue, and members of the church need to avoid being deceived by the false interpretations and incorrect conclusions that have been published by them.

MaryannNovember 22, 2022

I am fully expecting my beloved dogs who have passed on to be waiting for me with tails a'wagging when I cross over. If you listen carefully in the temple, you will also hear about God's divine plan for our animals.

PatNovember 22, 2022

Beautiful, painful, understandable, helpful, and necessarily important for believers and others.

tfNovember 22, 2022

No, there are hugs, and then there are HUGS!

Margaret B. YoungNovember 22, 2022

Wonderful report! The DRC is on its way to becoming a haven of peace rather than a land of war. Church growth there is miraculous.

Gordon J HensleyNovember 22, 2022

I have had dogs, cats, mice, birds, frogs, turtles, ants, fish, and hamsters share my sphere. People I know keep horses, pigs, opossums, monkeys, snakes, and chickens. Each of these animals serve as pets and/or food in various human cultures around the world. Humans sometimes serve as food for animals, (including worms.) Will we all live together as companions once again? No more surf and turf?

Ronald H SnyderNovember 22, 2022

There were Church members (including an apostle) who didn't believe that we should abandon "The Principle" when Wilford Woodruff released the "Manifesto". And members who hated that Bruce McConkie had to withdraw his assertion (in Mormon Doctrine, original edition) that the Catholic Church was the church of the devil. There were those who thought President Kimball had lost it when he gave us the revelation on priesthood. It is not easy for old men to embrace change. I respect the "Brethren" so much for their willingness and ability to see beyond the fray and embrace correct principles like being unified and granting respect to those whose beliefs and practices are different from our own. By doing so, they obtained a similar respect from those others.

Rick RutkowskiNovember 22, 2022

Mariah, I was very touched by your Nov. 21st article on "Where Does the Dog I Lost Fit Into the Plan of Salvation?" I am sorry about the loss of your dog Scout. My wife and I recently lost our dog Pepper, but had 18 wonderful joyous years of companionship with her. We have had similar feelings and questions that you expressed in your article. We take comfort that there is a Plan of Salvation, and although we don't know all the answers of eternity, we know that we have a kind and wise Heavenly Father who will make all things right, including our dogs.

H NorthNovember 22, 2022

"We have NO obligation to reconcile with the children of the Devil." - Bruce R. McConkie

Connie SchraderNovember 22, 2022

Thank you for this comforting article. My sweet dog is getting elderly. I had a most interesting experience a few years ago. I rescued a beautiful Steller Jay who was injured and hiding in the shrubs in our yard. It was late in the day so I put her in a large box and took her in the house. My plan was to take her to a bird rehab center in Ogden the next morning. I checked on her several times. The last time, as I opened the box I could see she had died but the most amazing thing happened. As I looked at her lifeless body I "felt" her spirit fly past me. It was beautiful to experience that sensation. I am grateful to have been allowed to feel her leaving.

MeganNovember 22, 2022

This beautiful article made me cry. Our family adopted an older Maine Coon cat years ago named Hermione Granger, and she was the delight of our lives--the most gentle, patient, dog-like little soul. Two summers ago I herniated a disc in my neck and was in such agonizing pain I couldn't sleep. One night I was writhing in bed, sobbing and praying for the Lord to just help me find rest in the midst of searing pain when I felt Hermione's little footfalls on my comforter and felt her lay down in the crook of my arm and nestle against my body. I thought to myself, "Hermione's here--I can sleep now," and fell into a restful sleep for the first time in a long while. Hermione had been dead for over a year--we'd lost her two Christmases before. I knew Heavenly Father had sent her to me when no other comfort was in reach. I have absolute confidence that our beloved furry companions will greet us in the next life and we'll have a loving friendship that exceeds even the joys in this life. Hugs to you and your family.

StephanieNovember 22, 2022

For some reason this week has been especially difficult regarding the own traumatic and unexpected passing of my doggies a few years ago. I couldn't eat eat or sleep for days after they we're gone. It is true grief. This article was so timely and I'm so thankful for these small moments in our life where we see evidences of our heartaches being known to our Heavenly Father. I wanted to share with you a speech given by Elder Marlin K Jensen where he talks about having our pets with us after this life. Thank you for your sweet and comforting words that were so needed and timely.

Paul HNovember 21, 2022

This "journalistic spin" is no surprise. That has happened for two centuries now regarding Church doctrine. The next item they will take on will be abortion. The Book of Mormon refers to people calling good evil and evil good. The media embodies such an approach.

Maureen GaleNovember 21, 2022

Very well stated! I like the (paraphrased) thinking: "If God is willing to fight our battles, perhaps we should let him pick them, too".

Heber Blake Garside Jr.November 20, 2022

What a PROFOUND essay on HOW Faith empowers us with the promise of Restoring that which we have lost through the Restitution of all things. I try to ask myself through my trials, what is the lesson that the Lord wants to learn through this experience? That knowledge does not often come immediately but through increments of time and the process of experience!! So much here to appreciate and ponder. THANK YOU!!

Martha PillingNovember 20, 2022

This is perfect for teaching about apostasy today in my youth Sunday School class. Wilford Woodruff's journey to the gospel has always fascinated me, and I didn't know he had a brother that fell away. Thank you for your time researching and preparing this article, and for sharing it with us.

Sherry EthridgeNovember 19, 2022

Please have the audio printed so we can follow better

LCBNovember 19, 2022

It’s gotten harder and harder to find the texts of the podcasts. Now it’s impossible. I guess those of us that are hearing impaired will just not be able to enjoy them anymore. Thanks for those in the past.

ShareeNovember 18, 2022

For heaven's sake, it was a hug! I hug my friends, male and female, all the time. i think something else is going on with this guy if he is upset because his wife gives a male friend a hug.

AnnaMaeNovember 17, 2022

I am grateful for Candace Cameron Bure and her strength in standing up for what she believes! I love her movies and I will be watching GAC Family. I, too, wish to watch faith and family based movies and I'm so happy to have found a channel on TV where those beliefs are important.

Jaynie BrowderNovember 17, 2022

How can I get the transcript for this podcast?

Ronald SmithNovember 17, 2022

We have loved watching Ms. Bure on Hallmark for many years. We were sad to read she was leaving. However we are also sad and dismayed that Hallmark has chosen to abandon their largely Christian based viewers to follow the "woke" crowd. We are one of a large number of previous Hallmark viewers who will happily follow Ms. Bure to her new home and are anxious to see the results of her influences there. Bye bye Hallmark.

Tammy lindstromNovember 17, 2022

Loved this!!!

vickieNovember 17, 2022

this is very hard. i raised 5 kids. all are married youngest is gay and is married to his partner. i went to his wedding. it was odd. however, i love my son and i know that he wanted a companion. someone to love and be loved by. im a member and believe the same thing the church does that marriage is between a man and a woman. i also have a nephew who is married to his partner for many years. i also have a cousin who has been married for 30 or 40yrs...or were together that long and then got married. they believe in marriage and i think that when they get married its to make sure that they do not go for another partner. this way they are not having many partners. my children are old people now...i just love them and pray for them.

HeatherNovember 16, 2022

Such a relatable struggle, oh how we all long to be set free. I find Atlas a comfortable friend. We are fellow travelers, both seeking relief from our bondage. So grateful Jesus Christ is my patient and skilled sculptor. I weary of this work, but He never does.

Lorene E. WalkerNovember 16, 2022

I, too, have been inspired and uplifted by hymns that have come at a time when I really needed them. I am our ward chorister and have the opportunity to choose they hymns for Sacrament Meeting each week. I always pray before choosing the hymns for each month, and there have been several times when a particular hymn touched either mine or another person's soul. I love your suggestion about singing a hymn before praying. Thank you for sharing your story!

Becca HowardNovember 16, 2022

There is often confusion that "respecting" means condoning the actions or behaviors of others. We would not accomplish any missionary work if we looked askance at those who drink, live together before marriage, have tattoos, or experience same-gender attractions. All of God's children were given the great gift of agency. Our job is to embrace and be examples of His teachings, whether or not we approve of those who (for now) may live differently.

George AngerbauerNovember 16, 2022

This is beautiful. As I read, I have a desire to strive to be born again daily, and not be that man I was yesterday. I also relate more to Atlas, and think he, rather than the "perfect" David, ought to be our focus for ourselves as well as how we see others. Thank you!

GTONovember 16, 2022

My mother had Narcissistic Personality Disorder and abused both my father and her second husband, both men forgiving her daily. It was my mother who filed for divorce from my father since people with NPD cannot see that anything is their fault. I asked my father how he felt after the divorce, and he said, "Like I've been released from a concentration camp."

Debrah RoundyNovember 16, 2022

I like the clip you have of of President Nelson. He looks vibrant. This, and every podcast is so good and I sure do appreciate them. Thanks

ElaineNovember 16, 2022

The issue of narcissism wasn't addressed in this article. It's the worst form of abuse. I have a son and grandson who are victims of this awful abuse. This article is totally correct that men are victims of abuse, too.

Edward M.November 16, 2022

Abuse doesn't have to be physical, many times our spouses use mental abuse. Men are "fixers" and women are "nurturers". Each plays a vital role in the family. That is the way Heavenly Father set it up. I have found that Women like the mind-controlling approach. "You hold the Priesthood and this is what I want you to do" attitude. Heavenly Father set the standard of walking side by side and helping one another and neither shall walk ahead or behind the other. In all the cases I have seen, Women think that they have to have the upper hand and be in control. Men give in because of love.

Annette AtwoodNovember 16, 2022

Love this article. There’s so much I relate to. Thank you for sharing these stories.

LewisNovember 16, 2022

I continue to be grateful for your ability to turn simple stories into profound insights. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

karell binghamNovember 15, 2022

When I read President Nelson's talks I come away with insights that I have never had before, even though I study and study. I pray for him every night! We need him so deeply in these days!

JohnNovember 15, 2022

My first experience with girls in my ward was in 5th grade, when one of them told me (with no provocation or previous interaction) that I was ugly, she hated me, and I'd never have a girlfriend. And of course she was the popular girl who had lots of influence over the other girls. So my "all or nothing" choice was "nothing". This created a poisonous atmosphere between boys and girls that persisted through our YM/YW years. None of the leaders noticed it, and if they did they didn't know what to do about it. One YW President's answer was to try to force the boys to ask the girls in the ward to prom. You can imagine how that went over with the boys. Myself and many of the other boys grew up socially stunted and even severely damaged due to bullying from this group of girls. It affects my life to this day, and I've never had a desire to date or marry. It doesn't feel safe to me.

Annette AntonelliNovember 14, 2022

Thank you for inspiring me to study the things this man taught. I’m looking very forward to learning.

KarenNovember 14, 2022

Not only is this article beautiful and inspiring, it is motivating! I desperately needed this message, and find that after years of emotional apathy, I am ready to “focus on forgiveness.” I know “I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me”, but haven’t yet cared enough to be proactive. After reading another well-written article by you, Sister Pratt, I feel grateful for your inspiration and encouragement to turn to Christ. Thank you!

Mark ChildNovember 14, 2022

So true John, so true! How wonderful to read your article this morning and feel a connection to home. Thank you!

Corey D.November 13, 2022

My heart goes out to this woman, almost incomprehensible circumstances to go through especially at the same time. Even almost as incomprehensible is that the atonement of Jesus Christ applies and is for exactly these types of trials, he knows exactly what this woman had gone through.

Lisa TurlyNovember 13, 2022

In the past, I have been able to find your shows notes for your wonderful podcast. There I was able to find a scripture reference, etc. I'm not sure where to find these show notes, or have you stopped typing them up? I would love to be able to reference your commentary. Thank you.

Kerry BlairNovember 12, 2022

What wonderful ideas! A couple of years ago I put together a family recipe book with all the stories and genealogy behind the food traditions we'd had all our lives. I included pictures and memorabilia then had it professionally printed with spiral binding. Total success!

SallyNovember 12, 2022

This article pierced my heart! How glad I am that I am striving to live on the covenant path and strive to hear him. The consequences are huge when. I don't.

MaryannNovember 11, 2022

Beautiful counsel here. I, too, hope this woman will be kind and gentle with herself. She experienced two major events that would devastate anyone. I agree that our Heavenly Father and our Savior need to be the foundation of our lives for support, and I also hope this woman will seek for a good relationship with a friend who will be there for her. If her husband hasn't made any attempt to change in this past year, I hope she can find a good therapist who can help her cope with his betrayal. She can also attend the Spouse and Family Support Group sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is an amazing program to help people who have family members struggling with addictions.

HelenCNovember 11, 2022

I wept when I read the words, “Father, I paid for her.”

Frank Webster JrNovember 11, 2022

There are some wonderful ideas here for us to contemplate this Christmas season. I have been working on my personal history for several years as our daughter wants me to have it printed up for her and our other loved ones. I've compiled my stories and pictures in hopes of soon having it printed. Our Stake Patriarch has already compiled and had printed two books on his life and it was a wonderful story to read. Please consider doing so, as you're the best source of this information before it becomes lost

Loren DaltonNovember 10, 2022

What a beautiful story and message! Thank you for sharing it!!

LorieNovember 10, 2022

Sending our love this Thanksgiving!

PamNovember 10, 2022

Thank you Brother Grenny. I do so much enjoy your perspective in this an other articles you have written. So needed to read this today- it was a "rescue" article in many ways. l'll read it again, then again. And again.

SteveNovember 10, 2022

I love this story. I sing in our Stake Choir and it is my favourite part of my Sunday worship.

Lawrence N.November 10, 2022

I saw this report on You Tube. The slant was totally biased. No interviews from other side of the story. Half truths galore. Good part of the interview given by a former member who appears to be overly self absorbed. "Tax Laws are followed, and because they are followed the Church steals money from the people of Australia." Talk to your legislature about that. If that is your argument every tax deduction you take is also cheating the people of Australia. Satan is having fun with half-truths.

R. JensenNovember 10, 2022

About five years ago, I bought up frame ornaments after Christmas and started putting photographs of living family and ancestors in them. It was quite a project, as I needed to resize several pics and it was a trial and error process. I had to go through boxes of pics and scan the best. FamilySearch trees were a good source of pictures of my husband's LDS ancestors, and we also added pics of newly deceased individuals to their database.. Now I have over eighty pics and have my family around for Christmas season. It is an opportunity to tell my children and grandchildren about them.

Cynthia CarlsonNovember 10, 2022

Thank you for sharing this inspiring story! Prayer and hymns do seem to go hand in hand.

Valiant JonesNovember 10, 2022

You are spot on! Pres. Benson frequently taught that we are under condemnation for neglecting the Book of Mormon (see D&C 84:57). Near the end of President Benson’s life, then Elder Oaks, summarized all of President Benson’s sermons and writings about the Book of Mormon and concluded, “The subject I believe we have neglected is the Book of Mormon’s witness of the divinity and mission of Jesus Christ and our covenant relationship to him.”

Annette AtwoodNovember 6, 2022

I am an active Member of my LDS Faith however, I have struggled some with the Christ I have been taught, I've always felt like I could never measure up. After watching The Chosen I gained a new relationship with Christ where I KNOW I measure up and I am loved as I am. This had renewed my faith and desire to love, learn and grow. I also learned how to love and accept Gods love for me through and amazing program called Heart of a Woman ( for women) or a Warriors Heart ( for men). I highly recommend both. Thank you Dallas for showing a side of Christ more people can relate to.

MickeyjNovember 6, 2022

I was thinking trauma too, before it was even mentioned in the question. The book The Body Keeps The Score would be an excellent read for this brother. EMDR and some forms of massage can be extremely effective at helping to resolve trauma.

T PaceNovember 5, 2022

Very well said!

Gail BowmanNovember 5, 2022

I’m a 42 yr member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I LOVE THE CHOSEN!!! My whole family loves The Chosen!! I believe it has brought me closer to Christ in different ways and I Love the Spirit it brings into our home! And because we believe in it so much we have “put our money where our mouth is” and have donated/gifted $1000’s of dollars to the work! I am prepared that at some point there may be a difference of opinion for me as a Latter-day Saint, (though it hasn’t really happened ye)t, however the over all message of Christ, His Love and His mission is so powerful in bringing people to Christ that it doesn’t matter! Dallas truly is sharing Jesus Christ with the WORLD!! Atheist’s are believing the message! How can we squabble over that if we truly love the Lord? It makes me sad that some of our Christian brothers and sisters questions Dallas’ motives and give him such a hard time in fear that he is “too close” to Our Faith! I would hope that we could all just see the Big Picture as Dallas and his team have and just rejoice in the fact that he is taking a Personal Loving Savior to the world and he’s making a difference in peoples lives!! Heavenly Father needs ALL Believers on deck in this crazy world we live in and we should unite and not let the adversary attempt to weaken us by dividing us, one of his favorite tactics. Let’s help in the work to bring the Light of the World to the world in what ever way possible! I Praise the Lord for it all!

Stephanie BillingsleyNovember 5, 2022

Amen! Been LOVING The Chosen for years and it, just like any of our 'tools' (prayer, scripture, church, temple, etc) points or connects us to JESUS. My husband and I firmly believe JESUS wants his sincere believers everywhere to come together, which should be easy, since we agree on the most important thing - JESUS the CHRIST alone is our Savior. I think it's ignorant to believe any one group of believers has the monopoly on all truth - as if man has all knowledge God could bestow. Wherever truth is found, there God is (truth is one great whole, and He is the Father) and we all have much good (of God) to offer. I think it would benefit all of us members of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints to focus more on being converted unto (changed by) JESUS rather than testimonies of the ancillaries - the Church itself being the vehicle for delivering the good news of JESUS CHRIST. "When we put God first, everything else falls into it's proper place..." I cherish my covenant relationship with my JESUS, and I do not dismiss, rather learn much from the beautiful relationship those of other faith traditions have with their Savior as well.

AnonymousNovember 5, 2022

Biggest problem there is in marriages, even President Kimball said something to that effect, hence the proliferation of books, articles, blogs, etc about sexual intimacy especially in the LDS and Christian realm. I'm no expert other than having been married for 45 yrs but I would say to this brother sounds like his wife may very possibly be depressed, unfortunately most often the fix for depression is medication, which makes the problem worse because most medication prescribed for depression kills sexual desire or libido, especially in women. It also sounds like there are cultural, social issues of abuse which has probably left her with low self esteem. I'm sure many including the columnist would recommend counseling for her or both but it may or may not help, in our case it made things worse.

Pam BundersonNovember 4, 2022

I grew up in a protestant faith and learned to love Jesus as my Savior and redeemer. When I was 21, I took time to investigate the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I learned that Jesus is still my savior and redeemer as well as my exemplar and teacher. I am grateful to have the opportunity daily to seek to know him better. The Chosen has given me an opportunity to see Christ in a realistic setting as a man on earth who God sent to teach us and bring us closer to our Father in Heaven. I find that he is still the same Jesus who loves each of us and wants us to guide us back to our heavenly home.

LindaNovember 4, 2022

Thank you!

KayNovember 4, 2022

A mother who cannot have physical relationship with her child--hugging, cuddling, being physically close--will do serious damage to her child. This is more than the husband's problem, it is a problem for her children as well. I hope she will agree to seek professional help.

Haze KompelienNovember 4, 2022

I feel The Chosen has been a gift to the world. Whether it is 100% biblically accurate or not, it has served its purpose well by bringing Jesus into conversations and hearts. It is not intended to replace LDS church videos. It is not intended to be 100% verbatim words of Christ. It IS, from my perspective, intended to encourage viewers to develop an understanding of the time He lived on earth and His human relationships to others. The staff of The Chosen pray that their efforts will encourage viewers to go to their scriptures and believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and the son of God. I hope more people watch their efforts. I pray people will be less critical and derisive.

MeganNovember 4, 2022

I have loved the portrayal of Jesus in The Chosen. I grew up in the Catholic Church with a Methodist-raised mom and grandparents, and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with my family when I was a teen. I have always loved the LDS portrayals of Jesus in film, and I've always appreciated their careful adherence to scripture when giving the actors portraying Christ opportunities to speak. But there is something so intimate and personal about Christ's portrayal in The Chosen, an intimacy more familiar to Protestant faiths than to ours, that has really drawn me in. I don't have to contend with potential doctrinal differences because I know and have a testimony of what our Church teaches. But I believe Dallas Jenkins' creation is truly a gift to the world, led by what I believe is the visitation of Holy Ghost (having experienced it myself as a nonmember), and I'm very excited to see what good it will do as the seasons roll forth. He is coming! And He has faithful followers doing His work throughout the world!

Toni LyonsNovember 4, 2022

I absolutely love The Chosen. I love to share it on social media along with The Book of Mormon movies. I love my Savior and anything that draws me closer to Him is alright with me!

Linda WinansNovember 4, 2022

Perfect article!!! AMEN!'

Chris CNovember 3, 2022

I read this book recently and thoroughly enjoyed it! LC Lewis did an excellent job expressing Michelle Naget's "voice" as a child and young woman! I fell in love with her and her remarkable family. Their love for each other, as well as their resilience, is breathtaking. At the heart of this story is the Christlike service of the Naget family, which extended well beyond their immediate family to include others in their community. Despite the unbearable conditions they were forced to endure, the Nagets never failed to live as they believed This story is astonishing and humbling!

Liz G.November 3, 2022

Thank you for this beautiful article. It really touched and moved me.

Stephen FennNovember 3, 2022

Susan, while I was on my way from Peru to Uruguay to serve my mission, I stopped in Tucuman to visit my family that was serving there as construction missionaries. John, at the time, was in the North Argentine Mission under President Richard G. Scott, serving in the city of San Juan. I hadn't seen him for almost a year and a half, and knew I wouldn't for another couple of years, so I took a 19 hour bus ride to visit him. Early in the trip, the question came to my mind, "what would I do if I I saw that a head on accident was about to occur during the bus ride". I decided the best thing to do would be to lie down quickly onto the adjacent seat so I would have the seat in front of me to absorb the impact. I arrived without incident and didn't think about it further. After an enjoyable couple of days visiting with John, I boarded the bus for the return trip. At about 6:00 am the next morning I had awakened and was looking forward as we were driving on a narrow road. I saw a dump truck approaching, which was unconcerning, but suddenly the truck swerved directly into our path. Instinctively, I flopped over onto the vacant seat next to me just seconds before the impact. Exactly as imagined, I bounced up against the seat in front of me and was not injured. Many on the bus were injured, thankfully not seriously. God's miracles don't need to be like the classic biblical ones to make us appreciate His loving hand in our lives.

HelenCNovember 3, 2022

I am struggling with doubt over my decision to “comfort the weary” by becoming a Grief Coach to women who have lost a child to cancer. This morning’s reading has caused me to think on the miracles in my life that pointed me in this direction in the first place. Just last Saturday I was at a luncheon with breast cancer survivors when we sang a song together and I felt my beautiful oldest daughter, who succumbed to this disease, standing behind me, singing with all her might as my own voice faded to tears. Father sent her, and she agreed, to strengthen me for today and tomorrow.

HelenCNovember 3, 2022

Thanks again, Dr. Dan, for enlightening my confused mind which was drifting away from its purpose this morning. Fear and confusion are NOT Heavenly Fathers tracing tools!

LoraNovember 3, 2022

I don't think that this prompting "went awry". The effort was to bless her daughter, and it did. I think that we need to be careful about equating "answered prayers" with "wishes granted". I believe that all of our prayers are answered, even when our wishes don't come true. One person fasts and prays for a miracle and gets it, and another person, just as faithful, fasts and prays for a miracle and doesn't. The Lord is in the character-building business, and characters aren't built by having easy lives. What's nice about this story is that Mom followed the prompting, and Daughter felt supported and loved. Clearly, the message inside the package was inspired! It would not have gone over well if she'd written something like, "I'm so sorry. It will work out next time." No, she must have written something like, "I believe in you. I love you." You can never go awry with a message like that.


I have yet to hear an explanation of what constitutes "worthiness." At what point do we become worthy and unworthy.

Marsha NewmanNovember 2, 2022

I love this discussion on the apostles and prophets. It is so carefully worded and contains many gentle cautions about “judging “ them from our own personal bias. The youth of the church are often hasty and highly influenced by social norms of our day. Many times only the perspective of years sheds light on the truthfulness of prophetic teachings. The Proclamation on the Family is one of those instances. Thanks for carrying this excellent article!

Sherrie AnthonyNovember 2, 2022

Steve what a great article. This is the perfect month for us to find even greater happiness by being grateful. Thank you.

Becca HowardNovember 2, 2022

It is a sad day indeed when parents must “opt out” on what is being taught in school. When I was young, parents had to “OPT IN” by signing permission slips for sex Ed, immunizations to be given at school, field trips, or anything else that was outside of the normal curriculum or schedule. Parental teachings, especially anything of a religious or moral nature, should come first. Schools need to return to teaching academics.

ChrisNovember 1, 2022

Great, great article. Thank you! We all know someone who is not "happy" unless they are suffering in some way...and have something to complain about. Of course suffering can be very real, but much of the time we suffer because we make up a story in our mind about the unfairness of it all, we live in the past and worry about the future. You're in the present, letting go of the past, and choosing to "live in the grace of the day" works so much better...

LoraNovember 1, 2022

This article came at the right time! I sent it to my granddaughter who just started working at a hospital and has rejected the church. Since this is scientific, rather than religious, I hope that she will be able to deal with the inevitable life and death that goes on around her in her new job. My mother-in-law was raised as a secular Jewish woman, and now that her husband has died, she's having to face her thoughts about life after death. I've sent it to her, too. It may open the door to some deeper conversations. Thank you for writing this. I like David D's comments, too.

CherylNovember 1, 2022

Anita... I would love to hear more about how you did the scavenger hunt. I'm planning a family activity in Nov 2022 and that would be fun to include. Cheryl

AvaNovember 1, 2022

Not by chance, my prayers this morning were to help me overcome the constant disappointment and hurt I feel from my family. It's been a lifelong experience. I am grateful in all things. I have found much joy since my conversion of the church. I serve and love and give yet this this one thing just hurts. Yet I know it's not my fault. And I know there's nothing I can do about it but love them just as the Lord loves us. I always read your articles, Annie, because they're wonderful. And I appreciate so much your insights. Your wrist suggestions give me more to chew on, pray about, think about and hopefully accomplish. Thank you

Kathleen N JonesNovember 1, 2022

I am 74 years old. When I was 7 years old and in very bad health (heart) I left and visited Heaven and sat upon the Lord's lap upon His throne. I so plainly to this day can I still see his face, as I placed my hand on his cheek and looked into his un-describable blue eyes. There is of course more to the beginning and end except to say I returned and later left the hospital without any clue to the doctors how I had healed completely. I have also been privileged to witness other events of seeing others enter Heaven more than once. My "job" is not done but I cannot wait to go. No, I do not share this much, but now may be the time.

TanyaOctober 31, 2022

We hosted a youth activity using Dia de los Muertos as our underlying theme. We had three stations in the cultural hall where the rotated three groups through. Using the Family Tree Memories App. Why Family Stories? What is Dia de los Muertos. Each station was interactive. The final station was in the RS room where everyone gathered together. We created an Ofrenda where youth and leaders could place photos of their ancestors. Our Stake Patriarch talked about the importance of gathering Israel on both sides of the veil, and the importance of doing the temple work for our ancestors. It was a wonderful activity.

Gary AndersonOctober 31, 2022

Wonderful message! Thank you!

PhilOctober 31, 2022

Thank you, Daniel, for this interesting article. I am very interested in that book now and will order a copy of it. Regarding the skeptics, I'm convinced they will disbelieve in the afterlife no matter how much positive evidence there is, aside from having a NDE of their own.

MaryannOctober 31, 2022

Shortly before they died, both my great-grandmother and also my father had visitations of their loved ones on the other side. My great-grandmother said she could see her husband "waiting for her at the gate." My father had conversations with my mother. He also said that his father had come to him. My husband's grandfather also told us of family members who had visited him shortly before his death. I don't think this is unusual and perhaps is the loving preparation of our Heavenly Father to help us pass from one realm to another.

DavidDOctober 31, 2022

An extremely interesting, comprehensive, scientific and current study of "near death" experiences was reported earlier this year by the New York Academy of Sciences. Their goal was not to prove or disprove life after death, but rather to be able to help medical professionals better anticipate and address the experiences that many patients are likely to have as our medical technology continually advances in being able to "bring back" individuals who would traditionally be considered dead. One portion of the study has been summarized by a commentator as follows: "The recalled experiences surrounding death are not consistent with hallucinations, illusions, or psychedelic drug–induced experiences, according to several previously published studies. Instead, they follow a specific narrative arc involving a perception of (a) separation from the body with a heightened, vast sense of consciousness and recognition of death; (b) travel to a destination; (c) a meaningful and purposeful review of life, involving a critical analysis of all actions, intentions, and thoughts towards others; a perception of (d) being in a place that feels like “home”; and (e) a return back to life."

Corey D.October 27, 2022

The article mentioned Ms. Meloni the new Italian premier, almost the second she was elected the liberal establishment and media were criticising her, calling her right wing, biased, etc. I read her remarks and thought they were wonderful and excellent, I did not see one word of hate or bias or anything like that in her remarks, in fact half of what she said sounds like it was pulled from the Proclamation on the Family, just goes to show Satan will oppose anything good whether from religious sources or political. If she was a US citizen and lived here in the US I would vote for her in a heartbeat.

Becca HowardOctober 27, 2022

My husband and I raised our children with the traditional dos and don’ts, and I’m sure we heard plenty of the “lists” in our classes. We had to meet the challenges of business trips or visits to relatives of other faiths who wanted to eat out on Sunday. As empty nesters, we believe we are pretty good about doing the right things. For me the joy comes when I turn off a Hallmark movie or a BYU program and devote more time to Come, Follow Me or family history. A recent study challenge given at our stake conference has especially helped me feel an extra spiritual boost on the Sabbath and that I am spending my time well.

Beth TOctober 27, 2022

Thank You for strengthening our faith & testimonies in Sabbath day worship. My heart is FULL!!!

HelenCOctober 26, 2022

Thank you for encouraging me to press forward with Faith that Father knows my gifts and how best to use them. His will be done is all that matters to me.

MaryannOctober 25, 2022

This is very disturbing--how can any member of the church support a political party that clamors for abortion? And, I don't even need to say WHICH party it is, do I?

Harold RustOctober 25, 2022

Thanks to you and to other brave heroes who are speaking out as a thoughtful professional in addressing issues which are very pertinent for our society. I have been spared that bullying because I’m still just learning about the landscape.

HalOctober 24, 2022

Thank you for this thoughtful and insightful article. I have some Facebook "friends" who seem to thrive on regurgitating unfounded, undocumented, vitriolic rhetoric against some of my most deeply held beliefs. I usually choose to ignore their posts and scroll past them. Unfortunately, they can't seem to give me the same respect when I post some deeply held belief. These "friends" seem compelled to respond to my posts with a bitterness that far exceeds the loving intent of my original post. It is hard not to respond, so I try to just try to assure my detractors that I meant no offense, (and include them in my prayers), but I still stand firm on what I had written.

ChristineOctober 24, 2022

I am so sorry that you (or anyone) has to face this silencing tactic. Not only is this incredibly unkind and unfair, but to try to silence another's opinion through manipulation and deceit is a very slippery slope to anarchy. I love to read your thoughtful comments, and while I don't always agree with everything you (or ANY one in the public discourse) says, I learn so much and gain a greater understanding for all opinions. If it is any comfort, your book The Power of Stillness has been such a profound blessing to me! I especially loved your narration!! Thank you and keep writing and keep challenging our thinking!

Jan NielsenOctober 24, 2022

Yeah for you. I cheer you on! Thank you for your courage.

Jill CleaverOctober 20, 2022

I love this article. Thank you Anne!

David Lee SalyerOctober 20, 2022

Jesus Christ and His gospel are the only true remedies for any temporal malady. "Mental Health" has usurped this jurisdiction at the peril, trauma, and tragedy of those who rejected His scriptural admonitions to "Come unto me". We are told within a single verse in the Book of Mormon the simple, obvious cause and resolution for all that "mental health" attempts to address. It is obvious, but has just as obviously been overlooked, greeted with unbelief, and under-utilized, to our collective demise. It is this verse: "And if ye have no hope ye must needs be in despair; and despair cometh because of iniquity. Moroni 10:22 We need to stop looking beyond the mark. Only then can we become clean and experience the miracles the gospel promises us we will obtain through simple obedience and repentance. We should stop behaving as one of the Israelites who refused to simply look and be healed. I testify this principle is true!

Renee HardingOctober 20, 2022

Wow, great insights. Loved these gems of wisdom.

MaryannOctober 17, 2022

I highly recommend the Spouse and Family Support Meetings which are part of the Addiction and Recovery Program of the church. The principles taught there would have helped this woman recognize the false things she was being told. She would have learned divine principles that would have greatly helped her in a very difficult situation, and also gained support from the group leaders and other participants. This is a divinely inspired program and mental health specialists have helped to design it, as approved by church leaders. I hope everyone who has a family member with any kind of addiction will speak to their Bishop about attending these meetings. They are strictly confidential.

Jo Ann McVey OkelberryOctober 14, 2022

This is so fascinating. It is amazing what has been discovered. Thank you for sharing.

Jo Ann McVey OkelberryOctober 13, 2022

Very well written with good quotes and explanations. We constantly must be aware of Satan's tactics to keep us from staying on the covenant path. We have much greater power than he has because we have Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ on our side. Satan will never win.

Paralee EckmanOctober 13, 2022

This is such a timely article, that it should be read by all people -- not just members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! It a person doesn't believe in the power and intentions of Satan, they can't even believe the truths in the Temple Ceremony! It is basic, and something we fought for in our pre-existence life! Thank you for writing this!

shaunaOctober 13, 2022

Well done. Thanks for the many references to talks and scripture. Surely, the Book of Mormon is the most powerful "witness' of Satan and lists many of his traps, snares, false arguments etc. I am grateful for the inclusion of the anti-christs, Korihor, Nehor and Sherem for instance, and the recounting of their false philosophies, so that they can be identified and avoided. He never has anyone best's interests at heart and will abandon any who follow him.

Ron StandageOctober 13, 2022

An excellent explanation of why we must understand Satan so we can be successful in becoming who we must be to live with Father eternally. Thank you very much!

HelenCOctober 13, 2022

I renege clearly the day a friend of mine told me, almost 50 years ago, that she and her mother had both decided there was no such being as Satan. Within six months they had left the Church. He’s THAT good (at his job, of course!). I recently came to the decision that, while I despise his chosen profession, I will put him but not hate him. Hate only damages me and he hasn’t earned that right.

RyanOctober 12, 2022

Nothing like taking time to enjoy life at the beach! Great reminder as to the importance of storytelling and reflection.

CindyOctober 12, 2022

Beautiful! I might share it with my college composition class!

KathleenOctober 12, 2022

Welcome back, I've missed reading your articles unless they've been printed and I haven't seen them. I find your logic and adept ability to express yourself, refreshing. There would be a lot less conflict and hurt if the adage, "is it true, is it kind, is it necessary?", preceded our words.

SarahOctober 11, 2022

Talk only via those court approved aps. Record any phone conversations, not that it'll help, as they will say u manipilulated the recording but for your own sanity! Go no contact, except via the ap. Don't engage, explain, defend or personalise. See them as 9 Yr olds baiting you for a fight, don't take the bait. Don't validate your feelings, they don't care. Save your breath. Answer with 'whatever' and walk away/hang up. You are their feed, give them nothing

GenOctober 10, 2022

Beautiful. I too have had my understanding enlarged through the Come, Follow Me study of Isaiah. What a gift these last few weeks have been!

LewisOctober 10, 2022

Two words: "simply extraordinary." You have such a gift for wrapping divine principles into meaningful and memorable stories. Please keep this up. And I hope someone helps you put these extraordinary articles into a book.

HelenCOctober 10, 2022

Thank you, dear friend in Christ, for showing me the PERFECT way to launch my Grief Relief Support business. I trust I will hear His voice in the help that He requires of me.

R. StarkOctober 5, 2022

As an former educator, I know that writing is such an important part of learning and thinking. I am wondering if our digital world will cause this important aspect to become obsolete.

RaLee HallOctober 5, 2022

This is excellent advise. Thank you.

HelenCOctober 5, 2022

Just what I needed as I get ready for my first webinar tonight on dealing with the loss of a child. Thank you!

Jim LimOctober 4, 2022

Thirty five years age I got a bible (Old and New Testimony) on microfiche. It was 2"x2".

Kathy SandersOctober 4, 2022

I felt an overwhelming theme was the importance of developing an ever deepening relationship with Christ. To live with Him as our daily companion, counselor, friend, and savior. I want to learn how to BE in that intense relationship with such a perfect friend more faithfully and trustingly. I was struck by the urgency to make and keep covenants with God. This is our only hope of surviving the days before us. And lastly for me was the sweet blessings our dear prophet bestowed upon us in his Sunday morning and afternoon talks. I want to claim each one of them and I love the power and authority he has to give us those blessings straight from God.

Dave HansenOctober 4, 2022

OK......I like this idea! When can I go to Deseret Book and buy one....??? :-)

MaryannOctober 3, 2022

LOVED the poem you shared. Beautiful!

MaryannOctober 3, 2022

I loved President Nelson's continued encouragement to focus on the temple in ways that we never have before. He has repeatedly stressed this in his past addresses as well. He gave a great PROMISE to all of us in his final talk on Sunday that increased time in the temple will bless our lives in ways that nothing else can. This promise has already been fulfilled in my life. I have focused much more on the temple, studied about the temple, increased my temple attendance, prayed and read the scriptures in the temple, and prepared myself with prayer before attending. I have also searched for my ancestors and received the ordinances for my own ancestors in the temple. As a result, my understanding of the temple has unfolded like a beautiful rose. I have felt close to my Savior, and also greater love and appreciation for the reality of His atonement for me. I feel that I know Him better and have sensed that I have access to his continuous power and strength. I continue to have new impressions and to gain more knowledge, faith, trust in, and commitment to my Savior.

Paul HOctober 3, 2022

God is always aware of us and desires to help us because He loves each of us as an individual and distinct son or daughter.

Doris WilliamsOctober 3, 2022

Wow! These are so beautiful. Almost makes me want to be back on Facebook so I could share them...but at 89 and still busy with family and temple work, I can't keep up with all the technology. Just don't have the words to express my gratitude for conference, for the counsel, for our blessed leaders, for this precious church.

KarenOctober 3, 2022

Build your relationship with Christ. He is the answer to everything

TJOctober 3, 2022

What has stood out to me is the way God shows his great love for us. Broadcast ability to reach the world. Translators to allow all to hear in their own language. Messages of instruction to restore hope. Love on display.

CodgerOctober 1, 2022

At your age it really doesn't matter. Take it out of his inheritance. In some cases he is going to have to pony up the money to pay for your care at a retirement home and that costs more than children. If you are still pretty healthy and live long enough, your grand children might be in a place to care for you. Think of that as a high risk, long term investment and do the best you can to stay in the game for them.

RobbSeptember 30, 2022

We have the opposite problem. My daughter and son-in-law refuse to accept any gifts we spontaneously select for our 3 grandchildren. For birthdays and Christmas, my son-in-law texts us the name of the one gift we may order for the children. They live across the country and we only see them every other year. We think the grandchildren will remember us as being ungenerous because of their father's restrictions on this matter.

Dave BallSeptember 30, 2022

Thank you, Scott! I'm using the statistics about most-referenced scriptures in my Seminary class this morning, as we focus on General Conference. We'll look at each of them and talk about why they might be so often referenced.

Wendy RojasSeptember 29, 2022

Beautiful and insightful writing. Thank you for sharing your perspective of healed old wounds through Jesus Christ.

StephSeptember 29, 2022

I enjoyed reading. :) <3 (warm-hearted smiles) ^v (God is greater than the highs & lows)

BrentSeptember 29, 2022

Enjoyed reading of your meaningful thoughts/memories. Welcome home!

Taylor StonelySeptember 29, 2022

What a profound story! I have been thinking a lot about returning home to where I grew up in the East Millcreek area and this touched me as I too recalled many memories of my childhood. Your larger point of how the Savior’s Atonement can heal all wounds is so true! Thank you for sharing your experience and putting life in context of past, present, and future…

Maurine Jensen ProctorSeptember 26, 2022

Jeff Bradshaw has written two articles on these chapters that will appear in Meridian this week. He may include the Jewish story there, or you can contact him.

Maurine Jensen ProctorSeptember 26, 2022

We do not have transcripts when we have a guest, but we will not have guests very many more times this year, and will resume with the transcripts.

Maurine Jensen ProctorSeptember 26, 2022

We only have transcripts when we do not have a guest with us. Most of the rest of the year, we will have transcripts.

Maurine Jensen ProctorSeptember 26, 2022

We do not have a transcript for this podcast, but we will be publishing two back-to-back articles by Jeffrey Bradshaw on Meridian this week, so you can watch for them.

JudySeptember 25, 2022

I love this episode, Isaiah 50-57, as well as the many, many others that I have learned from this passed while and was wondering if there is a transcript of this podcast? I have the opportunity to speak in Sacrament Meeting and would like to use some quotes from the podcast.

Marjorie BaileySeptember 25, 2022

I also miss the written transcripts. I do not have a phone and rely on my computer. The written word makes it possible for me to take notes for further reference. I am very hard of hearing and miss so much of the audio. could you please consider returning to the previous way? Thank you for all that you do to allow us insight into the scriptures.

Corey D.September 25, 2022

Excellent, excellent article. What you are saying would have been almost universally agreed upon years ago but sadly no longer is and even sadder and I know others who feel the same, I feel like there is no hope that it will change.

Gordon J HensleySeptember 25, 2022

This concept never occurred to me until I read this article: The fields are burned after the harvest, not to punish the fields or the straw, but to prepare the fields for next season's planting. Likewise, the burning of the earth at the coming of the Lord is not to punish the earth or the people on it, but to prepare earth for it's next season. (Paradisiacal glory.)

marytarbetSeptember 24, 2022

I can’t say thank you enough for educating us and being willing to read books that have such offensive language and graphic content. You are a saint!

LupineSeptember 24, 2022

Unfortunately, not all abusers were victims of abuse themselves. Those who were, obviously need some attempts to help them. But some abusers are mentally ill in other ways and attempts to help them fail. Others are just evil. My husband learned about sex from the brothels of Havana, Cuba when the US Navy used to put in there for "R&R". Then he went home to Indiana and married the neighborhood slut who continued to cheat on him and he on her. Obviously, they ended up divorced. And then he wondered why I didn't act like a prostitute in our marriage and the abuse began.

Nathan DemersSeptember 24, 2022

11 of 17 prophets and additional apostles have clearly stated that fish is a healthy option and should be utilized. Brigham Young made a statement that people were confusing the subject and made an attempt to simplify it. Brigham Young “…But we can eat fish…Fish is as healthy a food as we can eat, if we except vegetables and fruit, and with them will become a very wholesome diet. What hinders us from surrounding ourselves with an abundance of those various articles of food which will promote health and produce longevity? If it is anything, it is our own neglect; or, in other words, which will answer my purpose better, the want of knowing how.” - Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses Vol. 12 Necessity of obeying counsel, April 6, 1868 Position: President of the church

Emma McKenzieSeptember 24, 2022

I, too, have appreciated and taken for granted the wonderful transcripts that come with the lesson each week. I copied them weekly and sent them to my husband, who is in prison. He has been in prison 4 years and still has 4 more to go. Your lessons are filled with the spirit and inspiration he and I both need to get through each week. Your lessons are wonderful. I hope all is well with your family. You're in my prayers.

CarolSeptember 23, 2022

Is there any way to get a copy of Jeff Bradshaw's Jewish friend's testimony when he read Isaiah 53? Or, a book where it is written. Very powerful.

MaryannSeptember 23, 2022

When we focus only on the trial, we will be swallowed up by it. When we continue to recognize the beauty around us and spend more time focusing on our blessings, the scriptures, and the many witnesses in our lives of God's eternal, ever present love, we will have more peace. We can also remember President Hinckley's counsel that things WILL work out. We may be tired of waiting for that to occur, but we can choose to place our faith in our Savior and use that faith to remember that He is with us and will help us get through the hard times. We can humble ourselves and ask others for the help we need, instead of shouldering our burdens alone. We can remove great weights from our bodies and spirits by accepting the fact that we cannot solve the problems of others. As we continue to show love for family members, sometimes we just need to let go of trying to change things and, in faith, let our Heavenly Father take our burdens.

HalSeptember 23, 2022

Great article, thank you! It is amazing how devious people try to sneak destructive material into our children's minds under the guise of "inclusion" or even "art."

Steve GattenSeptember 23, 2022

It’s always interesting ready convoluted reasoning by therapists. While this article touches on some realities it pushes aside one of the obvious explanations. That is that the accusations we totally and intentionally made. I personally believe that is the case here as it was in all the other examples the author pointed out. There was motive and many, including Duke have in the end ignored the truth.

ElizabethSeptember 23, 2022

Excellent article. Thanks for taking the time to be so thorough and specific.

CASSeptember 23, 2022

This was very well written! Thank you for your time to put this crucial and detailed matter together. Informed families: take action!

MSeptember 23, 2022

Don’t forget this is in a context where public libraries in the US are also being targeted and forced to remove books about LGBTQI characters and by LGBTQI authors. I’m sure the situation is complex, but it is disingenuous to suggest that it’s just schools that this is happening in. Hopefully that is the case in Utah, but it is easy to see why people are becoming concerned about outright censorship in public and schools libraries in the US. There should also be discussion of options such as restriction by age or parental permission rather than by complete removal.

CarolSeptember 22, 2022

This is also the night of a marvelous heavenly manifestation of armies marching across the sky that was seen by Heber C. Kimball and family, Brigham Young, and others in Mendon, NY.

Kristen OpenshawSeptember 22, 2022

I posted this video two years ago during the Covid mandates. Funny how it seems to be making a comeback now, but I'm not sure that people view it the way I did then and do now.

Paul HSeptember 22, 2022

It is my belief and experience that God uses Priesthood Blessings to help us understand His will, and that through that means He does not test our faith, but rather He reinforces our faith. I've had similar experiences to the ones in this article. They also increase our focus on God's love for each of us.

Joy LundbergSeptember 22, 2022

I really enjoyed this article. It brings comfort and peace. Thanks again for another great article, full of meaning and insight. Your writing always uplifts me.

HalSeptember 22, 2022

This story reminds me of our honeymoon 37 years ago. We spent the first two nights in a nice, reasonably priced hotel in a quiet little town with amazing scenery right outside the door. My wife was very frugal (a good attribute) and decided the hotel we were staying in was too expensive and suggested we could get a cheaper one in the next (larger) town up the road. I reluctantly cancelled our remaining three nights in the nice hotel and packed up to head to the next town. Upon entering the town, we found a string of "No Vacancy" signs at each hotel we drove by. The hotel room we finally got at the edge of town was indeed cheaper. It also reeked of cigarette smoke and alcohol. We also noticed that the parking lot began to fill up as the day wore on and realized it was the first day of the elk hunt in that state. We were awakened at 4:00 a.m. the next morning to the sound of 4-wheel-drive pickups starting up, headlights shining through our window, the loud clomping of hunting boots on the wood walkway outside our room, and loud voices shouting out "Hey Jake, you got the beer?" Short story, after two nights of this we decided to cut our honeymoon short and just go home. We look back on this event and laugh, but it wasn't very amusing at the time.

GaleSeptember 22, 2022

Another wonderful event is the giving of the keys of the restoration to Joseph Smith (with Oliver Cowdery present) in the Kirtland Temple on Sunday, April 3rd, 1836. The brethren saw the Christ and received keys from Elijah, Moses, and Elias. This day was the Jewish holiday of Bikkurim, or first fruits (Bikkurim refers to "honored son"). This wave offering occurs during Passover week and is meant to guarantee a perfect harvest for the coming year. This is the day that Christ rose from the dead!

ObserverSeptember 21, 2022

I appreciate these stories. It seems faith is very rare to be found these days.. sometimes even amongst many church members. Faith is real and the FIRST principle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

CarolSeptember 21, 2022

Yikes!!! That was a funny story - I hope it wasn't true!!! It's a great lesson in cheapest is not always the best choice!!

ShaunaSeptember 21, 2022

Fantastic--thank you for this even handed, eye opening, wise article about raising children in an increasingly secular world--and some of the "woke" terms used were new to me. My kids are now college age and on missions, but I think young adulthood is also a time of incredible challenge as they strive to be adults and feel wise in their own eyes and are excited by new ideas etc. and are still so influenced by their peers. We have found that the Church's emphasis on having pre missionaries become ordinance workers in the temple, is an incredible foundation to ground them. I love the author's distinction between rejecting ideas but not rejecting people and for her belief that our kids are not here by accident at this time and in this place

LOSeptember 19, 2022

Your photo shows the signing of the Declaration, not the Constitution

Jo Ann McVey OkelberrySeptember 19, 2022

I agree with this article.

HalSeptember 19, 2022

Great article, thank you! I have long feared that our inspired Constitution is only a single administration away from "hanging by a thread."

Ben JonesSeptember 19, 2022

Winston Churchill once said that "Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others." One of the things I admire about our country is that we do try to make up for past mistakes from time to time. Sometimes, people get impatient and wish that a slight majority ought to be able to do what it wants but then all it takes to undo it is a slight majority in the other direction. Then again, sometimes a lop-sided majority will do the wrong thing in the heat of the moment and then see things go awry. Constant course correction is needed.

Corey D.September 18, 2022

This first thing that should have tipped people off that something was wrong was the fact that it was "women's volleyball" , people who go to women's sports and/or volleyball are not troublemakers or people who say those kind of things. Second, it was at a BYU event, while BYU students and fans are not perfect they are not the kind of people who would say those things or tolerate it being said.

RASeptember 18, 2022

This story could have been about our son and his soon to be ex-wife. All we could do was stand helplessly by and support our son while he decided on his own when he had enough of her controlling personality. What is missing in this story of controlling spouses, that the control in one form or another still goes on even after the marrige splits up. When there are children involved. Truly the patience of Job is involved with these relationships.

WendySeptember 18, 2022

So sorry for the pain you have suffered. I’m glad you are healing and that you have stayed with the gospel. Thank you for helping others who have had the same dreadful experience.

PhilSeptember 17, 2022

The victims need to start suing these newspapers for slander and blatantly sloppy reporting. That's the only way to make this nonsense stop.

Vira Ann JohnsonSeptember 16, 2022

I can get the full podcast with writing on my phone but not on my computer. I am deaf and so need to see the written work. I love what you do and like to run them off so I can digest them more. Thank you

LoraSeptember 16, 2022

I've greatly missed the transcripts to these podcasts, so I want to express my gratitude for them in the past. Without the transcripts, I've been motivated to purchase Dr. Muhlestein's book, Learning to Love Isaiah, and it has been very helpful in my understanding of the scriptures. I recommend it highly. Thank you to those who have provided the transcripts in the past. We miss you, and we hope you are in good health. We look forward to your return.

vickieSeptember 16, 2022

when ever someone is like this daughter in law its because of fear and things that happened in her life and doesnt want to happen again. so i think the mother does need to develope that close relationship with the daughter in law which i think will ease her fears.

Patsy SwinsonSeptember 15, 2022

I think a main problem is that most people just don't want to believe that such atrocities are happening to people they know, and being committed by people they know. They block it out and sometimes won't believe it even when told about it. It's time to stop assuming that just because someone seems to be such a nice person that they are incapable of horrible behavior behind closed doors.

Rebecca PinegarSeptember 15, 2022

Yours is a heartbreaking story. Thank you for sharing and adding such a faithful and enlightening message of hope. Life is very complicated and the answers often are even more complicated. Blessings to you and hopefully countless others who may learn from your helpful and loving counsel.

Beth TSeptember 15, 2022

Thank you so very much for your insightful and encouraging words. I speak peace and truth to my heart. I pray they may do the same for others.

V HamiltonSeptember 15, 2022

Thank you for this article. I'm a victim of abuse but strongly disagree with the lynch mob mentality against offenders as I believe they too were abused and never received the help they needed. They too can repent and heal through the atonement of our Saviour. I choose to forgive lest I be judged the same.

Rob McGhieSeptember 14, 2022

The spirit children of Heavenly Father were given their first chance at exaltation in the pre- existence, the second chance came in this earth and most of them will get a third.chance is the post mortal Spirit World. How many chances do you want to give them? Unlimited? Where’s the justice in that. Just like the mortal law “Three strikes and you’re out”.

Becca HowardSeptember 14, 2022

Your travel tips are so important. Years ago our flight was diverted to another state due to weather, but our luggage was in limbo. My husband had to be on a job site at 7 a.m. We got a car and arrived at our hotel, and were lucky to find a 24-hour Walmart where he could get work clothes. I had enough to get by in my carry-on until our luggage was delivered. Another time we sat on our flight for several hours before they closed the airport due to snow. Fortunately, we were able to get our luggage, but we couldn't get another flight out for two days. Fortunately, we were able to get a hotel. Every bit of preparedness helps.

Cyndi H.September 14, 2022

Thank you for your insights. I agree with you. Our time of probation here on this Earth and in the Spirit World ends at the time of our resurrection with either a telestial, terrestrial, or celestial body. We receive the body for the glory that we feel most comfortable with. Yes, I believe that we can all eternally learn and grow. However, I believe those opportunities reside in each of those kingdoms and that’s where they stay.

brettSeptember 14, 2022

I have given a lot of thought about this over the years and the comments in this article make sense. What I struggle with reconciling is the family situations. An enormous focus is put on uniting families forever and I can see the real possibility that earthly families would be in different kingdoms after a final judgment. In my limited earthly view I don't see how I could enjoy a celestial life while loved family members are in a different kingdon.

John CrowderSeptember 14, 2022

Thanks for sharing that update. I totally agree with your son's question about how can we be so passive about such a tragedy and how important it is to keep that memory alive. Kudos to him for his efforts.

HalSeptember 14, 2022

What a wonderful, thought-provoking article! Prior to my reading this article, I have harbored some very unkind thoughts toward those who initiated and perpetuate false accusations. I am beginning to see now that their actions may have been based on some very real prior injuries. I will likely continue to stand up for myself when I feel I'm being attacked, but I will try to do so in a way that takes into consideration what the other person may be feeling.

John PetersenSeptember 14, 2022

Excellent article Jeff! From the beginning of this incident I thought both sides were too quick to rush to judgment, but the BYU response was what our society demands now. I feel bad for the poor guy wrongly accused. I hope they offer him season tickets as reparations. I especially liked your explanation that Rachel really believes she heard what she said. And I know from personal experience that people can hear what was never said. People hear what they want to hear.

BoBSeptember 14, 2022

I believe there is a lot of truth in what you are saying. I do not believe that everything you are saying is necessarily true. It is possible, I believe probable, for the parent(s) to provide to their children what they need and what they merit without providing everything they could have received. There are too many scriptures and revelations to simply say, "you will get everything that will make you the happiest forever." I do not believe that. I am not Presbyterian; I do not believe some are simply created for this glory and some for that. I believe, as a child of God, each has divine potential. We will become what we choose, not what we are. Yes all of the Kingdoms of Glory are for joy, but not all will receive a fullness of joy and they will be aware of that. Everything to the left of the Celestial Kingdom is a degree (we Latter-Day Saints teach and believe in degrees) of damnation; everything to the right of outer darkness is a degree of Salvation. Yes they will have joy, but yes there will be some sorrow as well.

IanSeptember 14, 2022

Let me add that NO ONE will arrive at the resurrection with anything less than an absolutely full understanding of the kingdoms and what they entail. If someone chooses the Telestial or Terrestrial (or even one of the lower levels of the Celestial), it is because they have no desire for anything else. If someone has an honest desire to become Celestial, then they will achieve their goal BEFORE the resurrection, no matter how long it takes or how much repentance it requires. It is, after all, an infinite Atonement. In other words, no one in a lower kingdom will desire to go to a higher kingdom because they already made their permanent, full and open, all information included, no deception or misunderstanding involved choice.

Boanerges RubalcavaSeptember 14, 2022

Very good article, for helping us as individuals. However, for us as a nation, it does not help, since as we can see from ms. Richardson, she as well as many people in this country are constantly bombarded by what the author is telling us: "we are all racists" not only that, I believe the worst is that because society trying to repair one evil (racism) creates even more and more damaging situations. For instance since we want "diversity" they now have most if not all the public environment (films, commercial, press, tv, etc) full of the "past oppressed" and none of the "past oppressors", and this is the "diversity" they the "saviors" of those maligned in the past, has given us: the rest of the nation. From this comes the "lynching" of the police man who put his knee in the neck of the "oppressed" who was intoxicated with 3 (or maybe more) lethal doses of a toxic substance that causes his death (according with the initial forensic reports), and this independently of the (for sure) police brutality shown by the police man. This is al over the nation, "diversity" or that matter "racism or anti-racism" is rampant and therefore, more and more, lack of love is shown everywhere. This is sad, very sad.

Boanerges RubalcavaSeptember 14, 2022

I think the author is setting limits to ETERNITY. Of course, we do not know if there are really progression from one glory to other, but, the mortal examples he uses are by far less important than the ETERNAL PROGRESSION and of course the immense love of God for His children. After all, I strongly believe that although "...this is my work and my glory to bring to pass immortality and eternal life for man.", due to His eternal love for us actually I believe He wants Eternal Life for all His children, unfortunately many of us did not appreciate it and simple accept the other glories. But still I think He wants Eternal Life for all, and as a matter of fact He has been helping us throughout our mortal existence (and very likely after it) to gain precisely Eternal Life.

Herm OlsenSeptember 14, 2022

Bro. Goddard offers a wonderful insight into a perplexing question. I can take a deeper, more relaxing breath on the issue based on his observations. Thank you much for these insights. You’re amazing!

MarySeptember 14, 2022

I think this is a nice thought, but since there hasn't been a lot reveled I think it is safer to say that we just don't know. I personally lean more towards that there will be mobility between kingdoms. I think a loving God will give his children as many chances as he can to have them back. I once was stressed about being at the " celestial" level that God was by the time the final judgement came I then had a thought that maybe God didn't just become God over night, but through progressing throughout time which took away my anxiety. So I like to think about the eternities of one of constance growing and progressing.

Becky L RoseSeptember 14, 2022

I have never believed this is possible.

KcSeptember 14, 2022

If we are the same people and enjoy the same socialites I believe we will deal with regrets that we might have chosen better. That’s likely true if we’re missing family members in other kingdoms. If you’re in say terrestrial then you can be visited by a celestial family member. A terrestrial family member can visit a telestial. Visiting isn’t the same as living together and working for common goals. Spouses who love each other but weren’t valiant enough for exaltation might be celestial but not exalted as husband and wife. Despite the happiness of working to fulfill our eternal selves there will be regrets by those not exalted—they will wish they had the powers others have. There will even be sorrow on the part of exalted beings that people they love aren’t anywhere near, just like our Heavenly Father has for us. I have a friend who said she’s perfectly content being an angel to a god. Yet she’s so intensely invested in the work of her family, esp wayward family. Why not shoot for the moon so you can have power within yourself to effect change in their behalf?

Craig FrogleySeptember 13, 2022

One of your very best...insightful and touching!!

Michael GoodmanSeptember 12, 2022

"Vice is a monster of so frightful mien As to be hated needs but to be seen; Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face, We first endure, then pity, then embrace." Alexander Pope Too many people it seems are at the pity/embrace stage. When the robbers of Gadianton came among the Lamanites, they cast them out, so the robbers went to the Nephites and corrupted the whole nation. When shall we stand up and remove unrepentant corrupters from our institutions? Hopefully soon, or we will lose a generation.

Ed GayhartSeptember 12, 2022

What do you expect from the sources mentioned - fairness, integrity and honesty? Those items have not been seen at CNN, ABC for 30 years.

DanSeptember 12, 2022

The evidence would show this is like a Jesse Smolet claim, or like the Duke LaCross rape accusation, You cannot bury the truth, put all the facts out there. This Media group are known liers. False accusations only make race relations more dificult. It destroys trust

Kristen OpenshawSeptember 12, 2022

This whole episode is troubling. "Innocent until proven guilty" has been abandoned, even by BYU's athletic department and Utah's governor.

Maralyn DotsonSeptember 12, 2022

Oh Wow! Thankyou so much for capturing thoughts that are so hard to define and to express! Putting them together in this article makes them shareable. I love your insight and depth! Thankyou!

Susan MarkhamSeptember 9, 2022

Thank you Maurine. You learned from your wonderful father and mother and have lifted all around you!

Becca HowardSeptember 8, 2022

There have been many modifications in women's temple dresses, and many styles available, including skirts and blouses, from many distributors. As an ordinance I sometimes chuckle that we "are the same, all dressed in white" when I see the fashion show of so many styles of white dresses. However, there is something for everyone. It is wonderful that many types of shoes are allowed, as a simple white slipper did not support the feet of many sisters. I even have a pair of heels that I sometimes wear on my shift because one of my dresses is on the long side. My sadness comes when observing how sacred clothing has been cared for by not ironing or by carelessness in packing in temple bags.

JimSeptember 8, 2022

I LOVE how you think! Thank you for yet another uplifting article.

Fellow workerSeptember 8, 2022

In the Raleigh Temple, in North Carolina, one of the workers wears a bow tie. I'm a bit jealous since I don't have the first clue how to tie one.

Gale BoydSeptember 7, 2022

Interestingly, during the first Gulf War, when we were living in Israel, the code word for incoming missiles was, in Hebrew, "fiery, flying serpents," and we heard the quote from Isaiah 14:29 often, with the cockatrice used to typify Saddam Hussein--"Rejoice not thou, whole Palestina, because the rod of him that smote thee is broken: for out of the serpent’s root shall come forth a cockatrice, and his fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent."

Rosa IngramSeptember 7, 2022

Like the author, I was a tomboy and loved hunting, fishing, climbing trees, wearing blue jeans and flannel shirts. I was envious of the boys because of all they good do, that I couldn't do. At times even wishing I was a boy! I am so glad that I was allowed to go through puberty and become the woman I am today. I eventually grew curves and wasn't sure I liked them. But those curves enabled me to bear children and become a mother and receive blessings beyond measure.

HelenCSeptember 7, 2022

Perfect timing as usual from these articles. Thank you.

vickieSeptember 7, 2022

IM glad this is being dealt with. i think there must be a difference between people who are homosexual then people who have gender dysphoria. i have a homosexual son and he doesnt want to change his body into a girls. neither does his partner. i myself believe that it all is a disorder in the body itself. that somehow in the genetic make up while the child is in utero, something happens. my son started exhibiting his homosexuality when very young. he didnt know it but his brothers and sister noticed it. then when puberty hit he noticed it and had to live with it. he didnt come out until he was in his 30's but he told us he knew when he hit about 11yrs old. i wish there was more investigation into a physical disorder that causes any of these things.

Robert StarlingSeptember 6, 2022

Thanks to Jeff for highlighting some of the strongest logical evidences of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Of course the strongest and most impresive is the witness of the Holy Spirit, but for those unwilling to humble themselves yet and ask God if it's true, these are good building blocks to construct a jumping-off point for that leap of faith. I provided some of these and other evidences in the Meridian article published in January of 2020 called "10 Things the Devil Does Not Want You to Know About the Book of Mormon". To find it, just type the first few words of that title into the search box at the top of the Meridian Magazine main page.

Lorene E. WalkerSeptember 6, 2022

Very interesting! I hope to be able to read some of the sources cited.

JemezblueSeptember 6, 2022

Thank you for this article. It is sad to see so much worldly activism in the Lord's university. I am a grad student at another university in the Southwest. My university has a LGBT Resource Center with some activities during the school year, but I do not see this type of activism that was reported above in my university neighborhood. This is disturbing. Please do not let this get a hold of BYU.

Carlos RoundySeptember 6, 2022

Joseph Smith simply did not have the capacity to write the Book of Morman on his own. He could not have written one chapter of the book of mormon. He was a transmitter not a translator. He said, by the gift and power of God, it was accomplished.

Lawrence RookhuyzenSeptember 6, 2022

Great article but the best "test" will always be the one found in Moroni 10:4-5.

MaryannSeptember 6, 2022

Wow--who knew? I thought all I had to do was sincerely read it and then ask our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ if the Book of Mormon was true. I was promised by Moroni, that great Book of Mormon Prophet, that if I would ask with a sincere heart and with real intent, having faith in Christ, that the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon would be manifested to me by the power of the Holy Ghost. If a person does not take those steps, no amount of information will convince them and, sadly, A genuine testimony will always be beyond their reach.

MaryannSeptember 6, 2022

Unless EVERYONE who had ANY involvement in the creating and distribution of this pamphlet to BYU students is promptly expelled from BYU, this disgusting behavior will continue. There are MANY young people just waiting to step in, obey the rules, and enjoy an education at BYU with GRATITUDE! Looks like the administration is going to have to RAISE the standard for those who wish to attend, and Bishops are going to have to be very searching in their interviews with prospective students.

Jenifer OylerSeptember 5, 2022

Thank you for this article! Thank you for bringing this sleaze into the light. Anything that persuades people to live contrary to the commandments is not helping but harming others.

Judy ShumwaySeptember 5, 2022

thank you for sharing we MUST stand for the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ and not follow the world. thanks keep on

Rob McGhieSeptember 5, 2022

I am a littlest confused. How can this exist in a church school. We have standards, we have revealed truth. These anarchists Should not be tolerated at BYU. There are many other liberal universities that they can attend if they want to express these outrageous beliefs. If student cannot adhere to Gospel standards they should be asked to leave. Enough is enough.

JeniferSeptember 5, 2022

Thank you for this very informative article! It is absolutely horrifying and disturbing to see these young adults get sucked into these lies! Thank you for exposing this pamphlet and the groups behind it for what they really are.

Sue HaberSeptember 5, 2022

Excellent article. Thank you for sharing this information. Needs to be shared with others.

Robert StarlingSeptember 5, 2022

Only one commenter has mentioned the silver lining underneath this "rainbow" topic (pun intended). When the issue was brought to the attention of the BYU administration, they STOPPED the distribution of this insidious pamphlet. Yes, BYU needs to be more vigilent in "defending truth and right", so the that the "youth of Zion" do not "falter", and yes, the activists need to be escorted to the edge of campus and invited to find an educational institution better suited to their preferences and their world view. But lest we throw out the baby with the filthy bathwater, remember that my beloved Alma Mater is still the Lord's University (NOT the activists', although they claim it is theirs). And having attended another college back East for two years before going to BYU, believe me, it is still a MUCH better alternative.

Barry HSeptember 5, 2022

Thank you, Cassandra, for providing the details, photos, screen shots and research that the major news outlets should have provided. And thank you, Meridian, for featuring Cassandra's article. I figured BYU had good reasons for removing the pamphlet from the welcome packet. Now I know exactly what they were. Too bad it got as far as it did. But there are devious people around who manage to get past the safeguards sometimes. Thankfully some good folks at BYU caught it before it went to more freshmen.

SSSSeptember 5, 2022

Thank you for your work

Duane BoyceSeptember 5, 2022

A great article about a tragic reality--and Hedelius had to do what others, in the actual news business, either couldn't do or wouldn't do. On multiple levels, the entire situation is sad beyond words.

SylviaSeptember 5, 2022

Amen! This needs to be sent to church leaders! I do not want my tithing to be used to pay people who seek to destroy my child's faith.

LindaSeptember 5, 2022

This is disgusting and outrageous. Kick those nasty groups out of BYU!

Harold RustSeptember 5, 2022

It is truly sad that the LGBTQ community are willing to resort to such "bait" tactics for supposedly pursuing broader respect among all elements of society. It seems obvious to me they have learned the smart, clever tactic of delivering sensational headlines that are snapped up by media reporters eager to overcome the dwindling number of readers or watchers of their news. As such, they prey on the most vulnerable element of our religious culture: our desire to love others and always reach out to help the lost sheep. Consequently, they draw in some of our youth to become antagonistic against the Church because they now think we don't love and respect others different from us---especially those not following the commandments of God. Somehow, through this morass of devilish deception, we Church members have to be more "compassionately clever" and take a firm but well-thought-out response that can expose what is really going on. Only then will some of these youth who have been drawn away see more clearly where the truth actually lies. I hope we can find a way to be as "socially smart and clever" as the other side is while still retaining our faith in our prophet and Church leaders.

Paul HSeptember 5, 2022

The powers of darkness never rest whwen it comes to the youth, our families, or even ourselves. It is disgusting to hear what is happening on the fringes at BYU. Hopefully is gets rooted out and never becomes mainstream. I simply cannot feel anything of value or light in a drag show and those who do would qualify as confusing good and eveil. Baalam indeed.

JoshSeptember 5, 2022

To the credit of BYU, they tried to stop this when they found out.

JoshSeptember 5, 2022

The is disturbing and sickening. BYU has some cleanup to do…starting with faculty or administrators who support and encourage students to participate in this garbage. This is so sad. Why is Deseret News defending this? With the current political climate, those who see this are afraid to speak up for fear of being fired or labeled racists homophobes. This has NO place whatsoever and a church sponsored institution.

JimSeptember 5, 2022

They certainly love to use the word "pride" a lot. As the Good Book says, "Pride goeth before destruction..." Not only the LGBTQ+ community, but there are reports of many BYU professors who are preaching false doctrines, setting themselves up as authorities, or as the Book of Mormon calls it, "priestcrafts". I'm glad none of my children chose to attend the Y, if this is where this Church-owned school is heading.

JacklynSeptember 5, 2022

Carol: I 100% agree with your comment!

ElizabethSeptember 5, 2022

To borrow the author's word, this step-up in gay and transgender activism at BYU (and the Church-owned Deseret News) is "horrifying." Thanks to the author for doing the unpleasant work necessary to make this public.

LindaSeptember 5, 2022

Thank you for your thorough analysis. For us folks not aware of BYUs actions due to distance from Utah, we appreciate the info do we can respond to queries accordingly. We also do not want our tithing to support such trash activities and deceptive communications. What is going on at BYU??? Someone(s) needs to be held accountable!!!!!

Jan ChilsonSeptember 5, 2022

I totally agree! Both my children have attended "Church" schools before this was a big thing, but the adjustments etc. even at that time (20 years ago) were sometimes overwhelming. I cannot imagine adding all these "causes" to the adjustment. I do believe we need to be loving and understanding of people who accept this kind of life, but WE do not need to accept it. Plus, I do not accept my tithing supporting this movement!!

Gail HeathSeptember 5, 2022

All of those groups who were promoting the lies should be kicked out of BYU. How long are we going to be tolerantt and understanding of lies??

Gail HeathSeptember 5, 2022

All of those groups who were promoting the lies should be kicked out of BYU. How long are we going to be tersnt and understanding of lies??

SylviaSeptember 5, 2022

Amen to Carol's comment!!

Gary LindnerSeptember 5, 2022

I wonder how many of the ‘resources’ in the pamphlet were detransitioning support and information. Thousands regret transitioning and the UK, which was ‘Ahead if the Curve’ on trans treatment just closed their largest trans facility. I weep for the poor children at the school where I teach who are pursuing this damaging attempt to find happiness.

Pamela BiggerSeptember 5, 2022

Thank you for writing a very informative article….i appreciate your courage to write and share the truth about about these groups that are trying to destroy good peoples lives with lies and deception…i can only hope that these truths will be brought to light and that the Board of Trustees will do more in their power to stop this disinformation and be more courageous in protecting their students and defending true gospel principles

CarolSeptember 5, 2022

I hope someone on BYU's Board of Trustees gets this info. This is very disturbing, and I’m one who does NOT want my tithing money used for pro-LGBTQ causes at BYU.

L NielsonSeptember 4, 2022

Have you permanently done away with the transcripts of your podcast. They make it so much easier to find thoughts I want to share with others

MlbsSeptember 4, 2022

Where is the full transcript? I like to use it to refer to later.

Megan T.September 2, 2022

My fabulous RS president had us put together neighborhood clubs at a Relief Society activity. There's a hiking club, an exercise club, a playgroup club, a dinner-or-movie club, a book club, and a learn-new-skills club. So far, in the skills club, I've taught or been taught breadmaking, emergency preparedness, gardening, and earring making, and a class on at-home manicures is coming up. It's open to everyone--ward members and neighbors alike. And sometimes a class is held both during the day and in the evening to catch sisters with different schedules. It's been really fun and has brought us closer together.

HamiltonSeptember 2, 2022

Wow. Great insight. I've learned something valuable from every one of this writer's articles. I'm so happy she has joined the Meridian crew!

LoraSeptember 2, 2022

I want to offer my thanks to the dedicated person/people who have made the transcripts possible in the past. Now that it isn't there, I can appreciate how blessed we have been. I hope that the person/people who did the transcribing is in good health or will be, and that we can be blessed by the transcripts again in the future.

Lanny SheaSeptember 1, 2022

I love how you put this story in reality. We are all trying to work through our grown children. If we are smart we never compare them to anyone else’s children because each family has a different style than another’s and each child has a different style of receiving what ever the parent is giving. With grown children they are living their lives as they have been taught and with their own little twist. Some have sorrows that can not be healed with a hug and a kiss but with patience and unconditional love. As parents we are there to help and always be in the wings sending out love and kindness at all times. We will never not be parents that is a role we were given when that first child was placed in our arms and every child after that. We don’t have to hover over them if we know we have taught them well, just be there.

Craig FrogleyAugust 31, 2022

In light of this excellent and insightful assessment of our cultural change, we need to do a better job of teaching agency including self-governance, than we do. We are inclined to do all we can as parents to control and limit choices rather than helping our children understand choice, accountability and consequence.

LexaGraemeAugust 31, 2022

I have seen dogs react tenderly to the elderly and infirm. I am looking forward to reading what this precious dog does next.

PattieAugust 31, 2022

Grandparenting is an art that is very hard to learn. One would think after 25 years with our first grandchild it would be easier but it isn’t. Sometimes as a grandparent we had emergency situations that called us to do difficult things. (Not life and death situations but was spiritual life and death). Helping and knowing when NOT to help has been a challenge.

Larry NielsenAugust 30, 2022

There are beautiful spiders and beautiful butterflies. For the most part, both beasties do a wonderful job of fulfilling the measure of their creation. I hope that as Children of God, we are doing as well as both these creatures do in fulfilling the measure of our creation. By the way, both spiders and butterflies come in varieties that eat disgusting things and are vicious is their actions.

Noel JensenAugust 30, 2022

Joseph Smith taught, "It is the first principle of the Gospel to know for a certainty the character of God," and it seems to me that knowing how He feels about His children is a vital part of that knowledge. It's also no accident that the Restoration Proclamation begins with the proclamation that, "God loves His children in every nation of the world." Thanks for sharing this new analogy that expresses a positive that God might view us as we are while at the same time seeing what we might become.

KimAugust 30, 2022

Enjoyed your message

ConnieAugust 28, 2022

Is there a full transcript available for this podcast?

MlbsAugust 28, 2022

Where is the full transcript? I can only find the first paragraph.

Corey D.August 28, 2022

This is one of the best, most insightful and I would say inspired articles I have ever read in church related literature. Every member especially the youth and young adults should read this. A lot of people I know who no longer go to church should read this. The author has learned something so very few have learned or realize. God bless you for your heartfelt thoughts, feelings and testimony.

JulieAugust 28, 2022

Such a timely and relevant reminder to claim ownership of our spirituality, and to reject the temptations of victimhood and blame. Made me look forward to General Conference, where we’ll be reminded AGAIN to turn to Jesus.

Phoebe HallAugust 28, 2022

This sister’s perspective is beautiful and so true. The Church and its wonderfully flawed members have been the vehicle for me to know Christ and how the Atonement and covenants work in my daily life. While turmoil and heartbreak surrounds me, I have found peace and comfort in my relationship with God. He is the only one who truly knows what I am going through and how to comfort me.

KathyAugust 27, 2022

Thank you for your insights! This is wonderful to remember.

MaryannAugust 26, 2022

WOW! I wish everyone could read this. Have you considered submitting it to the Liahona church magazine? When we say "the church let me down" we are usually really saying that an individual let us down. As you pointed out, members of the church are often not trained to deal perfectly with every one of our problems. Often we ask for help from "the church" when we need to turn to the Savior first. Trusted family members or friends can also be resources for us. There are certainly times when we need to counsel with our Bishop, but we should not expect him to perfectly "solve" all our problems. As far as children and our youth are concerned, this article is a reminder that we should be observant regarding their moods, behavior and needs. We need to keep our eyes open and report any abuse to the proper authorities.

Jo Ann McVey OkelberryAugust 26, 2022

Everyone should read this. I have had sorrow for not understanding someone's problem, but I did pray and encourage and support others.

Ann-Marie JensenAugust 26, 2022

Excellent! Thank you for clarifying the purpose of the Church.We all know too many lovely Saints who have left, disillusioned because their expectations were not met.

HalAugust 26, 2022

Thank you for your wonderful insight. I, too, have felt let down when following the counsel of leaders did not have the desired effect in my life. I was promised things like "if you read scriptures and have family prayer daily, your children will never go astray and your marriage will never end in divorce." Despite faithfully following that counsel, my first marriage ended in divorce and only one of my four children has embraced the gospel (to date). Still, the gospel of Jesus Christ continued to bless my life in other ways - most of which were completely unanticipated. While mortals often fail us, the Lord never will. I have seen His love manifest in my life over and over again.

John SowaAugust 26, 2022

Thank you for your perspective.

JJAugust 26, 2022

I completely agree with the article. Its not the church's job to solve all our problems. In my twenties I was struggling with a number of overwhelming trials, and my mom kept urging me to go talk to the bishop about it. Over the years I talked with three different bishops and all of them were completely and totally unhelpful. One in particular seemed really burnt out and like he couldn't care less. Later, after reflecting on this, I realized it had been silly for me to expect these men to be able to help me. They had absolutely zero training and experience with the trials I was struggling with. As for the bishop with a negative attitude, I can't blame him. Imagine being a bishop and having everyone in the ward coming to you, expecting you to magically have all the answers! Since then I have never gone to the bishop for anything, instead I seek out people who are actually qualified and able to help. I go directly to Heavenly Father when it comes to spiritual matters, and I have been much better off for it.

Harold RustAugust 26, 2022

This article is a very uplifting and positive reminder of the fundamental sources we should rely on while working our way through challenges and experiences requiring decisions and actions on our part. Thanks for the lift.

Kate MerrillAugust 26, 2022

Incredibly well said as too often the purpose and expectations of the church are erroneously believed to be our refuge, our fail-safe from all troubles, our answers to all questions. As an adult convert, I started my spiritual awakening and search by reaching out to a God I was not sure existed. When His loving kindness brought me relief, light, and answers I realized this new source of direct and personal guidance, correction, and care needed forever nurturing. The church is my school, my hospital, and my access to Priesthood powers to guide me home. Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are the counselors, Savior, and conscious needed to make that happen.

PennieAugust 26, 2022

Amen Sister

JOHNAugust 26, 2022

As a person who has served in multiple callings which required me to meet and counsel people, I am sure I "let them down" on occasion. There were times when I didn't feel the Spirit as I should have even though I had prayed and sought counsel prior to the encounter. I often felt inadequate to address the issues at hand and that was always a difficult time for me. I appreciate this perspective because even though it is not what people want to hear, or what I expected of myself in those situations, it is the reality of life. I am a fallen person and frequently didn't have the answers someone was seeking. I am also very thankful that for the most part, those whom I talked with recognized my fallibility and lack of expertise, took what advice I had to give, and then approached the Lord for the best guidance. I believe that we all let each other down on occasion, but like some many things in this life, it encourages us to seek answers and grow.

RD CarpenterAugust 26, 2022

Excellent article. Very wise and insightful. For someone who writes about not having received the counsel she needed, she gives great counsel here that we all need!.

Barbara WalkerAugust 22, 2022

I loved this article. I couldn't help but think, "I know who the Gadiantons are" and also thinking that someone I know and love is also saying the same thing, however their Gadiantons are on the other side of my Gadiantons. Yes, we need to study our leaders carefully, to see who the real Gadiantons are. Thank you.

LindAAugust 22, 2022

This article is right on! Be careful who you vote for!

Julie SavilleAugust 22, 2022

Awesome! Brad, this is Julie Saville, formerly of Topeka. I was surprised to see your name as the author of this great article. I just ordered your book. I would love to hear about your family... Where do you live now, etc... Please give Jan my love, and reconnect.

David PerryAugust 20, 2022

The urge to serve is foreign to our natural man and woman instincts, but your loving, spiritual insights are marvelous in motivating! Thank you. We love you and appreciate your example of service and your thoughtful words teaching us how to serve more like the Master Servant.

Helmut A. WorleAugust 19, 2022

Explain this: When you have a servant's heart you serve even when it is "unpleasant". How an it be unpleasant when it is supposed to be "a pleasure to serve Thee"?

Boanerges RubalcavaAugust 19, 2022

Very good article. We must study read, and comment about our REPUBLIC and the Founding Fathers. How the Constitution allow us to be defended from The government! This is of the utmost importance, and we must watch not only the Supreme Court when they begin to legislate from the bench, but also the other two branches to ask them to follow the great Constitution of the USA.

AnnieAugust 19, 2022

Thanks for the clarification of the boundaries of The Supreme Court.

Kayleen A HunsakerAugust 19, 2022

My husband died a couple months ago...and I have been SO blessed by SO many during the entire time before & since his death. Those around me have truly had a "servant's heart"!

Mark W MinerAugust 18, 2022

So grateful to read this and feel the spirit of service, which is truly the Spirit of our Savior. My heart is full.

Joy LundbergAugust 18, 2022

I love this article. Thanks for theses inspiring examples. They inspires me to do more for others. I feel so blessed by all the love and service that friends and family have shown to me. Because of their countenance I sense it is a pleasure for them, that they truly love serving me and so many others. I feel surrounded by people with "servant's hearts".

Herm OlsenAugust 18, 2022

Excellent suggestions. I’m surprised you didn’t include “Since Cumorah” by Hugh Nibley.

Ornella BrennaAugust 17, 2022

REFLECT the image of Christ

UrszulaAugust 16, 2022


Cheryl BurtonAugust 16, 2022

"R" could stand for "Receive". When we put the Lord first in our lives we are not only thankful for the Lord's Atonement but actively use His Atonement and receive those blessings. Receive His peace. Receive His comfort. Receive His countenance in our image. Receive His tender mercies and miracles that fortifies our FAITH. Receive His revelation so we know how to be an INSTRUMENT in His hands. Receive strength beyond our own so we can endure.

John LakerAugust 16, 2022

My Acronym for faith is Father Always Invites Trusting Him

TiffanyAugust 16, 2022

Wonderful beginning to the acronym you began! The next word should be the word Receive.

KAndersonAugust 13, 2022

I am in the middle of my sixth miscarriage, preparing to deliver my lost angel this week. I knew when I saw the email from Meridian that there would be something in there for me, and there was your article. Thank you for sharing your story and for your beautiful insight about reacting in trials.

Terry MontagueAugust 12, 2022

Thanks, Brother Goddard. That was a great message for anyone at any time in our lives.

Laurel DraperAugust 12, 2022

Wonderful perspectives. I ALWAYS enjoy Bro. Goddard's articles. This is another insightful gem to remember and keep in my heart as I face adversity and the many challenges of life. Thanks also for the reminder about the books written! I think I will go avail myself of one of them right now. Thank you, Bro. Goddard for sharing your wisdom and love of His Gospel.

DrewAugust 12, 2022

Thank you for your very insightful article, Wallace. My heart was touched as I read it, and I feel more able to continue on the path before me.

PamelaAugust 12, 2022

That was so uplifting and insightful! Thank you!!

PamAugust 12, 2022

I always enjoy your articles Brother Goddard and I especially enjoyed this one. I too, read and watched while preparing to teach to 12-15 year olds. Especially challenging to make it applicable to their lives. Thank you for your insights! Ofttimes, we can feel alone in our trials- or not handling them well enough or I wouldn't feel this way but the human experience of fallen earth life is, well, very "human." I'll work on trusting more. Thank you so very much.

Becca HowardAugust 12, 2022

I also teach Sunday School. Our general consensus was that none of us has experienced anything close to the trials of Job. I reflect on challenges I have had, and how they were made sweeter because I chose to walk hand-in-hand with the Lord. My pain and anxiety were not immediately removed, nor were my problems solved swiftly. I look back now with gratitude for those things that helped me grow stronger and helped me grow closer to my Heavenly Father. My heart breaks for those who turn from the Lord during times of duress, then find that their problems and pain seem to increase rather than diminish. Now, when I try to recall very difficult experiences, I am blessed to hardly remember the heartbreak and pain, but I do recall how the Lord walked me through every step.

MaryannAugust 12, 2022

Thank you so much for your enlightening comments, especially emphasizing turning to Christ for comfort and trusting him. He has helped me so much in my own struggles and I am so grateful. Sometimes I wonder if we focus too much on our trials and not enough on the comfort we can receive from the Savior, our families, and also our ward family. It is good to know we are NOT The Church of Adversity--we are the Church of Jesus Christ.

AprilAugust 11, 2022

Great advice as usual Joni! And I always welcome the humor!

Shane SmithAugust 11, 2022

I STUDY the scriptures daily not just read them. I am finding thoughts and understanding coming to my mind as I study. I KNOW Heavenly Father hears my prayers as I have seen and heard about them being answered. One goal is attending the Temple more regularly with my wife. I KNOW I have to work daily on my testimony and conversion as the adversary loves to pull our Fathers children down to his level.

WallyAugust 11, 2022

Lovely and insightful article!

Becca HowardAugust 11, 2022

As parents of a son, a returned missionary, whose pull towards same-sex attraction was stronger than his testimony, I commend Ben for making the "non-dating" choice. We tried to explain to our child that many people never marry, and even in marriage, sexual intimacy may not be possible for very many reasons, nor is intimacy the only foundation of a marriage. We are all on a path where our future is not always clear yet we pray that our LGBTQ brothers and sisters can stay focused on the eternal promises of our Savior.

Sharon LynnAugust 11, 2022

I’m following President Eyring’s counsel from a few years ago to write down, at the end of the day, answers to the question: “How have I seen the hand of God in the lives of my family or my life today?”

MistyAugust 11, 2022

Thank you for this article. I think many parents, myself included, fear the growing trend of homosexuality for the children, not out of bigotry and hate, but because we don’t feel knowledgeable of how to help them navigate the struggles safely while still promoting gospel principles and Christ’s teachings. Yes we can and always will love them, but when they’ve got questions we may not have the answers to it creates fear that they’ll find those answers in dark places. I appreciate Ben Schilaty for writing his story as it gives not only people who share similarities with him, but also similarities with his parents, hope and guidance.

jaredAugust 10, 2022

Thank you for writing this article! So true!! Even as memebers of the church, we take this for granted. So many of us are moving away from these true principles slowly because the world is now moving so quickly in that direction.

Karell BinghamAugust 10, 2022

So perfect for these strange days!

MaryannAugust 9, 2022

The nine tips Maurine listed are golden, and I hope they will help these young adults. I am extremely curious to know HOW these drastic changes regarding meeting people and dating have come about. It was all so much more simple when I was dating. Some of the comments made by the students in this article reflect more of a high school age perspective.

Rochelle HaleAugust 9, 2022

I still remember this angst almost 50 years ago. I met my first husband through our singles' ward FHE group, but I had my eye on someone else. I began dating my soon-to-be husband, and my other friend spotted us in the jewelry store before we could break the news to anyone (or before other guy could ask me out). My fiance and I had our ups and downs, but it was confirmed to me by the spirit that we should marry. Nevertheless, some years later we ended up divorcing. My current and forever husband and I have now been together almost 33 years. We also met when we were older, and hopefully much wiser, singles.

Jo Ann McVey OkelberryAugust 9, 2022

I could have written this article myself. I also can remember sitting there as the Proclamation on the Family was read and wondering why it was necessary for a proclamation when everything that was said was common sense. I am amazed at how many of my friends and I sensed that something was coming when the Come Follow Me program was introduced to the members of the Church. Now we know why.

Ruth JamiesonAugust 9, 2022

This article was so good and so sad. But the date that it was issued was very interesting. Sept. 21, 22,23 have so much meaning, so much history attached to those days.

Carla PattonAugust 9, 2022

Beautifully stated.

GTOAugust 9, 2022

High school graduate of 1964 here. It's sad to see this happening now. We dated constantly and had a blast! I never did have a list except for something vague in my mind and expected help from the Spirit to get me through, which worked very well. Depending on the Spirit meant to feel promptings as I dated and that means you have to date and date certain people way more than once or twice. I think group service projects are a good way nowadays to just get people together while avoiding the current dating conundrum.

MaryAugust 9, 2022

Having gone to Byu I wish the emphasis on the ward was not to date, but to focus on Christ and serve others. I feel like the church thought that marriage would keep people in the church, but I don't think that is the case. Marriage won't, but having a testimony and relationship with Christ will. Also, there are more women than men and men think they can get women who are 10 when they are only a 5 so that results in only a few girls getting asked out and then they cry that no one is saying yes to them

Lexie StatonAugust 9, 2022

Fantastic summary of the state of affairs - as well as a wonderful testimony to the inspired nature of the Proclamation. Thank you!!

Lorie WaltersAugust 8, 2022

This truly hits home! Thank you so much!!! Sending LOVE!

CCAugust 8, 2022

I hope there are changes being made. I was told I would go to hell if I left the abuser who was abusing both me and my children. Counseling was done, but he told lies to the counselor. After leaving The Bishop's office just outside the door he took my arm and twisted me till I was flat on the floor I yelled but bishop didn't hear. Other times police were called about the abuse but he would good old boy them, and they didn't file a report. After separating, I also got a protective order and a restraining order, but when I went to church activities he would come and nobody in charge would remove him so I would leave and go home. Unfortunately I've talked to other women who have had the same issues more recently.

SusanAugust 8, 2022

What a fantastic article! Teaches the lesson, drives home the point, relates to readers on a personal level, and makes it pretty much impossible to walk away after reading it without wanting to become a better person and follower of our Savior.

Helmut A. WorleAugust 8, 2022

Everybody agrees that helping the abused and preventing further abuse must be the primary concern. But ecclesiastic leaders have no legal standing to bring this about against unwilling perpetrators. Only the legal authorities have the power to remove children from a home in order to end the abuse. How does an entity such as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints "do everything it can" to prevent further abuse? Only a government agency can do that.

MistyAugust 8, 2022

This article is one of the top articles I’ve ever read anywhere that has caused me to stop and reflect. Thank you!

RC89August 5, 2022

I really enjoyed reading this post! Thank you so much!

ALISON HERRONAugust 5, 2022

I was thrilled to read this article. It felt to me as if my thoughts and feelings about the principles of quantum physics being connected to eternal gospel truths regarding the power of faith were well-founded. Divine love and light from God really are the forces that holds the universe together.

HelenCAugust 5, 2022


Jennifer BrownAugust 5, 2022

Excellent parable and article! Thank you for sharing!

Jennifer BrownAugust 5, 2022

Such a thoughtful and well-written article and a great parable in reminding us that there are always ways to be the Lord's hands without being asked. It reminds me of the hymn, Have I Done Any Good. Thank you so much for sharing!

Merlin FreiAugust 4, 2022

I loved this article Sister Clayton. Thank you so much. We became acquainted with one of your daughter's, who served in the Canary Islands as a missionary. We came to love and respect her very much. Thank you again for such a well-written article.

Diane MortensenAugust 4, 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed your teaching and writing. Thank you so much for sharing.

Mark W MinerAugust 3, 2022

A couple of inspiring stories here, with some wonderful insights. Thank you for sharing!

Cindy SteenblikAugust 3, 2022

Beautifully written!

Jana DeardenAugust 3, 2022

The comments are interesting. Because when I saw the photo, I thought, yes that is Joseph! He has the piercing gaze that they talk about. He seems confident and humble. I feel a great love emanating from him. Life was much harder at that time to survive, I also see trials overcome.

HelenCAugust 3, 2022

A much needed reminder that there is a need for the path I have chosen as a Grief Coach. Thank you.

Valiant JonesAugust 3, 2022

Thank you for sharing all these descriptions of the Prophet. What a wonderful resource to have in one place, irrespective of the question of the photo.

Valiant JonesAugust 3, 2022

This article is full of so much good wisdom. Thank you. I have never seen reprimands from Church leaders have a positive long-term effect.

Debbie KentAugust 3, 2022

Wonderful article and observations. Thank you for sharing your talents of teaching, observations and story telling.

Debra PeckAugust 3, 2022

What a great article. Thank you!

Yves ValenAugust 2, 2022

Looking at the death mask of Joseph Smith, I don't think that this photograph represents him. Many descriptions mention a rather thick upper lip, which seems to corroborate with what we can see on the death mask ... but not on this picture. On the contrary, I would tend to see more resemblance between this photo and Hyrum's death mask, In any event, what matters most is to have a testimony of the restored gospel.


I certainly does not look anything like the death mask of Joseph. It does very much resemble Hyrum's death mask. I think it is very likely Hyrum.

GloriaAugust 2, 2022

Faith in Redeemer starts today (and every day)

David KingAugust 2, 2022

No it isn't. It doesn't even look close to the portrait of Joseph Smith nor the death mask. This is just wishful thinking

Wayne AAugust 2, 2022

This looks much more like I would expect Hyrum to look, not Joseph, and in fact that was my first impression, this is Hyrum. Furthermore, this looks nothing like the features of Joseph's death mask, particularly the mouth, nose, chin, or eye shape. Additionally, when I look deep into this man's face, it does not feel like the face of a man who has "seen" God, nor his Savior, face to face, and had that experience engrained into his every fiber & countenance. Therefore, I do NOT feel this is Joseph.

LauraAugust 1, 2022

I loved reading the descriptions of Joseph Smith. However, I think this photograph is not him but maybe an older relative. The eyes droop a little on the outside edges. This person could be easily about 50 years old.

Catherine DoddsAugust 1, 2022

This is the testimony and observation of my own great great grandfather, George Spilsbury, who met and knew the Prophet Joseph Smith: "The question may be asked by some of my grandchildren, "Did you feel disappointed when you saw him the first time?" I will tell you. All my troubles, and privations of leaving my father and mother, brothers, sisters and my native land seemed nothing compared with the joy of my experience when I first saw and heard him, the Prophet Joseph Smith preach. I felt greatly blessed of the Lord in having such a glorious privilege. The first Sunday after we arrived we went to a meeting on the first floor of the Nauvoo Temple. The walls of the building were about half-way up, and loose boards were laid on the joists and home-made benches to sit on, for it was a day of small things. We were early in our seats, and so the leading men of the Church began to arrive. It was no trouble to tell which was the Prophet, not because of his fine clothes, but there was something grand and noble and innocent about his appearance. His very eyes seemed to look right through you. His very countenance beamed with intelligence. He was as bold as a lion, but as humble as a child. He knew no fear." This experience and others from the life of my great great grandfather has had an important impact on my life. Whether the photo is actually of Joseph Smith is not important to my testimony that he is the Prophet of the Restoration. But, I like the photo and it looks like what has been described by other who knew him.

ShannonAugust 1, 2022

That can't be Joseph Smith. He's too old.

LoisAugust 1, 2022

These are wonderful descriptions and to me, fit the newly discovered photograph very well. When I saw it, my feeling was "Yes, this looks much more like I would think of Brother Joseph," especially the eyes.

Rochelle HaleAugust 1, 2022

As I have been studying Job and preparing my Sunday School lesson, I think of the great faith that he was able to maintain in spite of losing so much and facing so many obstacles. In Chapter 19:28 he considers the "root of the matter," and does not blame God. Yes, many of our afflictions are not of our own making, but it is our choice to follow the Lord when faced with adversities. I would much prefer to walk with God during my adversities than walk away from Him and still face the challenges and/or consequences.

MaryannAugust 1, 2022

I love reading comments by people who actually saw and knew the prophet, Joseph Smith. I don't think we will ever know if this is an actual photograph of him until we meet him one day. My first gut reaction when I saw the photo was "This is NOT the prophet, Joseph Smith." Talking with my husband later, he told me he had the same response.

AnnJuly 25, 2022

One word I have noticed pronounced by many speakers in Utah is ‘Brothren’ for ‘Brethren’. Is that pronunciation peculiar to Utahns or do all Americans say it that way? I am from New Zealand.

H NorthJuly 25, 2022

Race only matters to racists. So much for "healing"...

Bob TaylorJuly 25, 2022

i agree with the article- common definitions matter. the bigger problem is getting people to agree on a common terms - and how to you engage someone who does not want to have common terms?

HeatherJuly 24, 2022

My husband has been living with depression most of his life and for over 25 years has been treated for it. A little over a year ago he had a blessing and felt it was time to go off his medications. He was on quite a mix and been taking many of them for 20 years. He had some physical side effects and as I researched them I found that many of these medicines were only meant for short term. When he was taking them he had kidney stones almost every month. He talked with the family doctor and he thought he must have an STD! No real answers! Since stopping the medications he has had maybe one or two kidney stones in over a year. Emotionally he has found a new therapist and been discovering childhood trauma that has been covered up. The road to healing isn't over but I feel we are making more progress than ever. The therapist he saw just last year (before the one we have now) told him that because he had been diagnosed with bipolar in the past she wouldn't treat him unless he was on medication, that it was ethically wrong to withhold medication from him. I agree that there is a time and place for medications. I'm sure it saved his life in the past, but doctors that shove more and more pills to those seeking help are not helping! Thank you for seeing this and sharing.

Corey D.July 24, 2022

I retired a year ago after 43 yrs at a major Defense and Aerospace Company, in those 43 yrs the original company was bought, sold, spun off or merged 7 times, ultimately becoming part of the 2nd largest Defense company in the nation, over those 43 yrs I witnessed and experienced a lot of management changes and philosophies both at the corporate level and the local level, many different "purpose" or "mission" statements as they like to call them. Most over the years were about providing the best quality product at the best value to the customer (which was mostly the US government), thereby hoping to contribute to National Defense and also contribute to the local economy by providing jobs and provide a good return/value for the stockholders (used to be the main purpose of most businesses/company's).That was the overall goal of the "purpose" of the company, that is until the last merger. That is not now the goal or main purpose, the company's "mission" now is to be part of the "Great Social Reset", with hiring practices and employee goals, etc., not to be on getting the best and most qualified people who want to work in the Defense and Aerospace Industry and rewarding employees for hard work, creative ideas leading to better and innovative products at the most value laden price but whether they are supportive of and meet the social and environmental goals of company management. Anybody who reads this article should go the Heartland Institutes website and read their editorials on ESG.

MaryAJuly 24, 2022

Simply acknowledging the past for what it was isn't being "woke" nor is it wrong. Jefferson and Madison did great things, but also were involved in horrible and unjust things as well. It isn't right (or accurate) to pretend they were saints who never did wrong. We need to acknowledge both sides and stop throwing hissy fits when unpleasant facts are brought up about their lives. There is much to learn from their mistakes. As the saying goes, if we don't learn from the past we are doomed to repeat it. I wonder, if your ancestors were among those kept as slaves, would you still feel this information should be swept under the rug just so the leaders involved wouldn't look bad?

Ayse KOCHJuly 24, 2022

The spirit was so strong as I read this article; all the truths that you related were so crystal clear through the allegories and through your personal experiences with troubled souls. Thank you for sharing this knowledge. It is an article I know a few people who speak other languages would want to read. I will try my best to translate it for them if it is ok with you.

MickeyJuly 24, 2022

Excellent advice! Something that got missed is the husband’s lack of loyalty to his wife by defending his parents, and therefore their abuse, instead of giving his wife the emotional support she needs and deserves.

KathyJuly 24, 2022

Anti-depressants saved my life.

Colin Van OrmanJuly 23, 2022

I never saw a response to the questions regarding a recording of this fireside. Was a recording made and can it be viewed?

FrankJuly 22, 2022

A good story with a moral about changing other people's mind about yourself, and caring about their opinion too much is Guy de Maupassant's short story, "A Piece of String". Don't defend yourself, your real friends will do so for you.

Lowell SteeleJuly 22, 2022

Powerful, consequential stuff! I was led to this area of study 10 years ago in an intriguing series of events, which culminated in a poem on the topic which I treasure for the truths it teaches. Perhaps we'll get a chance to discuss in more depth as we sail the Adriatic next month.

HalJuly 21, 2022

Thank you for your insight. More than once I recall promises from church leaders assuring us that if we had daily family prayer and scripture reading, faithfully held family home evening, attended church, and served faithfully in our callings, that our marriages would never end in divorce and our children would never go astray. Despite following that counsel as best I could, my first marriage ended in divorce and three of my four children have disassociated themselves from the church. Fortunately, I realized that faithfulness does not guarantee a trouble-free life and even the most stalwart prophets had difficulties in their own families. When troubles arose, I redoubled my personal efforts to "hold to the rod" and serve as faithfully as I can. I am remarried to a wonderful woman and I still have hope for all my children that some day they will "come to themselves" and return to the fold. In the meantime, I see the Lord's tremendous blessings poured out on my family and me every day.

MarenJuly 21, 2022

This is intriguing information. We were having a discussion about mental health in Relief Society recently. One sister commented that she needed to be on medication to be able to function day to day with her small children, but that it made her less able to feel the Spirit. I’ve noticed that when I have taken medication in the past, that I feel less overall. I care less overall. I’ve wondered if that is the reason behind some medications leading to an increased risk of suicide - because if you don’t care about anything, why would you stay? Relationships and connection seem to be the answer, but if medications remove the need for those things, could that be a reason why long term outcomes aren’t as good?

Michael LawrenceJuly 21, 2022

The use of a few Ketamine treatment sessions has been shown to be highly effective for treatment-resistant depression.

Pam BlairJuly 20, 2022

A TRUE BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!! Thank you SO MUCH for giving me 'permission' to not store what I would never use just because a "list" says I must do so - and store lots of it, to boot!

Lee HillJuly 20, 2022

Thank you for this article. I was severely injured a little over a year ago and, while I have undergone a miraculous recovery, I still lack the strength and agility to serve as I used to. It has been discouraging for me to not be able to participate in helping people move or engage in other activities that require physical strength. However, I get little whisperings now and then reassuring me that contributions I make, however meager in my own eyes, are acceptable to the Lord.

RebeccaJuly 20, 2022

This article and your previous one, "Are We Losing" have been a balm to my soul. I sent the link of "Are We Losing" to my husband, who loved it, and to a friend who sent it to her family members. They all said it was just what they needed. Thank you for writing about your experiences with a perspective so many of us need!

Helmut A. WorleJuly 20, 2022

There are hymns in our hymnbook that express the same thought. Hymn 169, in the second verse says: With hands now pledged to do thy work we take the sacrament. There are others I can't think of right now, but a faint memory remains.

Karell BinghamJuly 20, 2022

I always wondered if lifting hands during a prayer indicated "surrender". As in movies, they always have someone raise their hands when surrendering.

MaryannJuly 19, 2022

My husband and I will be celebrating our 52nd wedding anniversary next week. As we look forward to this special day, we are so grateful that we found each other early, that we were both committed to the gospel when we married, and still are, and that we were taught about temple marriage and the sacred nature of marriage while we were young. The joy and peace that comes to a married couple who are committed to the Lord, as well as to one another, is the greatest of all joys. Buying into Satan's distorted version of "love," including living together outside of marriage, or sexual promiscuity will NEVER bring the precious joy found in a marriage that is sacred.

SBellJuly 19, 2022

What is the title of this book and can we preorder it somewhere?

cateJuly 17, 2022

Harsh truths beautifully said. Sadly, I'm seeing more and more friends uncomfortable with the Family Proclamation; as if present "wisdom" is somehow superior to thousands of years of experience and learning. Our modern perspective is actually naive and short-sighted. We somehow have confused compassion with narcissism and ingratitude.

MaryannJuly 17, 2022

The security, comfort, and peace I feel in the counsel of our Prophets, Seers, and Revelators would be lost to me if I demanded a proclamation of "Thus saith the Lord." Choosing this course of disobedience is simply a rationalization for "doing your own thing." I am filled with gratitude for the Spirit of the Lord, which so firmly declares to me and millions of my fellow saints: "Follow the prophet." We have this sure, true light to guide us through the most difficult circumstances and a darkening world. I am reminded of the Prophet Elijah's words in our recent "Come Follow Me" lesson: "How long halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow him." (I Kings 18:21) Every one of us can accept with all our hearts these words from the Lord: " word shall not pass away, but shall all be fulfilled, whether by mine own voice or the voice of my servants, IT IS THE SAME." (D&C 1:38) If we refuse to embrace this essential truth, we are left to ourselves, ever "halting between two opinions," and never finding the deep peace that comes through choosing to follow our prophets.

stevie maireid mckennaJuly 15, 2022

Interesting article however, I'm not sure why you chose to use Evangelical preachers as an example of prophets. They do not even have the restored gospel and are preaching from their own flawed understanding of the scriptures. I don't know if they even think of themselves as prophets, per se. As we know true prophets are called in a very specific manner within the Lords church. You don't just assume such a position. I would use examples of true prophets who gave direction but the members were not wholly onboard to follow their directives. One example was when Joseph Smith had the vision of the three degrees of glory. There were many members who were shocked and had a hard time believing it because they were raised with a background of a heaven/hell teaching from other churches. Also, when Brigham Young stated that the Salt Lake Valley was the place the Saints should settle there were factions that thought California was a better choice. This was because of the lure of the gold rush that was going on at that time. There are many examples from Church history that show division among the members on many questions, especially today with regard to wearing the mask as protection from covid. Some bulked at the idea even when the first presidency sent out the directive to wear the mask. Many within the church didn't want to wear it because they thought it was politically motivated. Absurd to think that but people are imperfect.

HelenCJuly 15, 2022

As relevant as it is deep. I appreciate Flannery’s observation tag pushing ourselves fully aside takes Divine assistance.

JiJuly 14, 2022

Already looking forward to the book!

Jay SessionsJuly 14, 2022

You bring so much Cheer to everyone. Your new seminary students will be cheering you. You are a cheerleader!!!

HelenCJuly 14, 2022

And for me it seems to come to my Inbox (although I, too, am most definitely a talker)! From another article on todays Meridian Magazine I got this: “ There is another kind of faith, rare indeed. This is the kind of faith that causes things to happen. It is the kind of faith that is worthy and prepared and unyielding, and it calls forth things that otherwise would not be. It is the kind of faith that moves people. It is the kind of faith that sometimes moves things. Few men possess it. It comes by gradual growth. It is a marvelous, even a transcendent, power, a power as real and as invisible as electricity. Directed and channeled, it has great effect…. “ Boyd K Packer

HelenCJuly 14, 2022

Once again my prayers have dropped into my Inbox. Thank you!

EveJuly 14, 2022

I am eagerly looking forward to next week's article. I have loved everything Larry Barkdull has written, and this is something I have been particularly pondering lately. Thank you for publishing this!!!

Cathy FinchumJuly 14, 2022

Such a good article and the Scripture perfect thank you..

vickieJuly 13, 2022

something i have noticed mainly because i watch UTUBE...a animals getting along ...dogs and cats and other types of animals that we would never think of getting along do. i got to see this up close. maybe God is preparing us all for the Second Comming.

LewisJuly 13, 2022

These are extraordinary stories! You are such a gifted storyteller, I can’t wait to read your articles. We are all wounded. The reliance on the love of our Savior can both heal our wounds, and allow us to be instruments in His hands to help heal others. Thank you for your insights.

HalJuly 13, 2022

I love dog stories, even though I know how they are going to end. Thanks you!

Tracey GJuly 13, 2022

Thank you for this clarifying article on abortion.

Karell BinghamJuly 13, 2022

How come when we speak of abortion we never speak of accountability and responsibility. Those two traits are seemingly disappearing in our society. We have choices before we get pregnant, but after we have chosen to ignore the choice, we then have responsibility. This rule applies to so many things today. Why is it never mentioned? Men, there are condoms out there, use them or be responsible. Women, if you must have sex, insist on condoms or accept the responsibility! Please! For the sake of the baby and the sake of society!

Rob McGhieJuly 12, 2022

Thank you for this article. I wish it could be read from the rooftops for all the world to hear. I personally hate profanity and crude language. Consequently my repertoire of acceptable TV shows is very limited. But I would rather watch reruns of old (clean) shows multiple times than watch newer offerings that would drive the Spirit out of our home.

Jo Ann McVey OkelberryJuly 12, 2022

I so totally agree with this article. I am so sick of the vulgarity and bad language that abound on the radio, TV, books, etc. I feel that people do not know how to write or talk anymore and use swearing and vulgarity as a way to hide their inadequacies.

JimJuly 12, 2022

It all comes down to what is taught at home at a early age and parents reinforcing it along the way with also teaching them good manners. I am old 86 and was taught by a wonderful mother whose grandparents came from England good manners. She came to me when I was about 14 or 15 when she heard me say a word PO and told me how bad that hurt her and asked if I would promise not to say that word again and I honor that promise today. And also it helped all of us boys and girls from the same branch ran around together all through are school years together and held the same values. Them were the days they gave there teacher a apple now it is just a free for all. Sad but true.

Dane HansenJuly 12, 2022

I really like reading through a post that can make men and women think. Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

Carlos RoundyJuly 12, 2022

Yes we actually sign contracts and promise to do certain things in this life, because each of us have different talents and abilities developed in the pre mortal life there is a great variety of paths that can be taken in this life.

Patricia WintersJuly 12, 2022

Decimated means reduced by one tenth. If the Assyrians were decimated, only18,500 Assyrians would have been dead corpses.

HelenCJuly 12, 2022

Thank you for the reminder! A recent convention that I did not attend was reported as being a “swear fest” as the speakers, mostly women, many with advanced education, declared their success in business largely through their freedom to use whatever language they chose. Sad.

CASJuly 11, 2022

Thank you for not mincing words in describing abortion and what it means for the defenseless unborn child whose right to life is denied! One detail not mentioned is the very lucrative business of selling these aborted baby parts on the black market for medical use.

TraceyGJuly 11, 2022

Waiting on the Lord can be excruciating when our own children are at stake. We pray, we stress, we pray some more, and sometimes we do more than will be good for them. I am learning to hold back and wait for God to do his work with them. Thank you for bringing into perspective the joy that will eventually come because we finally learn to wait and see the miracles.

Doris WilliamsJuly 11, 2022

Oh my goodness, what an upper this is. Thank you so much to Josh for putting together this inspirational video. It just melts my heart to hear a young teenager express his gratitude for his blessings and Brody is a stellar example of a beautiful voice put to a beautiful use of reminding us all of our Savior and what is right in this mixed-up world today.

KJBJuly 11, 2022

A ten year old girl was raped in Ohio and was forced to go to Indiana to get the medical care she desperately needed (and which will probably be illegal there as well by the end of the month.) Tell me how this is okay. Please. (Source: )

Sarah HinzeJuly 10, 2022

I am not sure if this answers your question Richard, but through our research, it does appear that some miscarried children may return to their mothers in a later pregnancy. That is determined because of encounters the mother reports, such as dreams and other experiences where the previous child/spirit lost in a miscarriage returns. I report this in The Announcing Dream as well as in a previous Meridian article:

Dr. Craig R. FrogleyJuly 10, 2022

I have loved everything that you have written but this is the best, most skillfully crafted, and spiritually touching of all. Thank you for both the article and the mission you have undertaken!

PhilJuly 10, 2022

Along with all who have commented, I thank you for this wonderful, life-changing article. I needed it so much. It confirms the hope I have had that the Lord knows what He is doing and when is the best time to do it. Thank you.

Rochelle HaleJuly 9, 2022

I will have to re-read this article several times. As parents, we have seen one child struggle immensely due to turning away from the Church. He was not anti-church, but the lure of the world won out until finally devastation and tragedy brought him to his knees with nowhere else to turn but the Lord for the ultimate peace he was seeking. He is a changed and happy man today. Sadly, another son succumbed to traps he tried diligently to avoid to the point he abandoned the gospel and his family because "we were to blame." Our children are on loan to us from a loving and wise Heavenly Father who has given us all the great gift of agency. Our hearts are full of love, compassion, and concern as we pray daily for those who have lost to, once again, enjoy God's full measure of blessings in this life and forever.

JeNee HutchinsonJuly 9, 2022

What a beautiful article about the Lord's anointed and their great sacrifices to bring us the truths of the restored gospel. Blessed be the names of Joseph, Hyrum, John Taylor and Wilford Woodruff, and the prophets, seers and revelators of the Restoration! God be thanked for His love and the devotion of His prophets that bless us so much today! #GiveThanks

BelindaJuly 9, 2022

When the "transcript" only contains a small part of what the podcast says, it is very difficult to keep track of where you are and what is being said. Some of us need to read as we listen to get it all. I enjoy your podcasts but get aggravated when they aren't actually "transcribed" so I can understand everything said. I thought you should know about this problem.

Carol CrosbyJuly 9, 2022

Beautifully sung!! What an amazing voice this handsome 13 year old has! Keep singing please!

Stephanie BillingsleyJuly 9, 2022

Amen! Thank you for your courage to be bold. There is a difference in loving one another and sanctioning, encouraging, celebrating evil influences and lifestyles. I am thankful for all willing to publicly easily identify the real & true root causes of society's problems...Come Lord JESUS, come!

Linda SmithJuly 9, 2022

EXCELLENT!!! Absolutely wonderful perspective on how Heavenly Father and Christ teach us. Patience is SO important!!

JeanJuly 9, 2022

I don’t see where in Luke 19 it says that Jesus climbed up into the tree. Where did you get that idea from? Luke 19 says Jesus went to the spot, looked up, and called for him to come down.

MickeyJuly 9, 2022

I think there’s something more going on here. The author doesn’t want him around his kids—perhaps he’s not safe or not a good influence. That’s very different from the brother just being hard to be around. This is what I would be exploring.

Corey D.July 9, 2022

Good article but with one possibly mis-leading, misunderstood point. Olena is correct, the demise of America will come from within, we know that from history, both secular and non-secular and particularly as members of the church familiar with the Book of Mormon we understand that or should. The writings of great church members/patriots such as President Benson and Cleon Skousen teach that and anyone who has read Solzhenitzen's writings should understand how Communism/Marxism/Socialism progresses but I'm going to assume Olena is maybe referring to Jan 6th since that is probably what she is familiar with because that will be all she has seen in the news and that media portrayal is a very biased, one sided affair.

AllisonJuly 9, 2022

Video of Hymn to America for those asking for a copy. Could not find where to buy it, but maybe this will help.

AnnetteJuly 9, 2022

That was simply amazing! I will never read Jacob 5 the same ever again! Thank you!

DKEJuly 9, 2022

Thank you for this! I have a daughter who left the Church some years ago and is a lesbian. We love her so much and we've been as supportive as we can. The pain we feel has been so hard. Your article gives us hope.

Teri N.July 9, 2022

We have been enduring some excruciating trials with our oldest, who left the Church, the Family, all that was good and turned to some evil practices, the Wiccan ways, and identifies as non-binary queer. She seems to delight in taking "jabs" at us, and her emotional and mental stability we question, as her yo-yo life continues. The Spirit has guided us, but one thing He told me, in particular, 11 years ago was to "let her go completely", just stand back and have nothing to do with her. Well, in today's society most well-intentioned folks (the few we shared it with) all encourage me to hang in there, don't lose hope and "make sure" to keep the door open and extend that hand and keep contact. I felt guilty if I didn't do that. So I did. Just about 3 months ago, the Lord took matters into His own hands, and she has broken off all contact. (Mind you, this includes no contact with our grandchildren too.) And I know it's ok. It's what He told me to do 11 years ago, but my mother's heart found it too hard. Now it's happening. This week, in particular was hard, as some things resurfaced. I've been praying for patience and understanding. This article came just 1 day after our latest 'fiasco.' And I cannot tell you how grateful I am for it. It is perfect timing, and exactly the answer to my prayers and the yearnings of my heart that I've been asking for. This is for me, as much as it is for our daughter, too. Thank you for writing this. You have helped greatly. By the way, about 2.5 years ago, we looked into The Other Side Academy as a possible place for my alcoholic brother to go to, as we searched for rehabs and programs after rehabs where he could attend. He's not ready yet. I will continue to wait in patience for both my daughter and brother, as the Lord helps prepare them for the digging, pruning and dunging.

Joy SchmidtJuly 8, 2022

The insights, perceptions, experiences, scriptural interpretations, and spirit of this article have buoyed me up in a way I so needed. Hope has been brightened, faith bolstered, and confidence in the truth that charity never faileth refreshed. I can actually claim joy in my promises which have seemed so impossible. The temptation to believe I just haven't persuaded well enough, lived perfect enough, has made me weary. I am 84 and waiting to claim the promised desire of my heart as the fractured nature of my family keeps assuring me its just a pipedream. I love seeing the parable of the Oive Tree in this new way that encourages me to wait on the Lord with faith in His timing as I dig, prune, and nourish where I can and as I am directed. Thank you thank you thank you.

Mary-Rose McMullinJuly 8, 2022

What a mature voice and a beautiful song! Thank you so much for all the work that has gone into this!

Tanya NeiderJuly 8, 2022

Inspiring! I loved it!

KathyJuly 8, 2022

Beautiful message of hope and patience. Thank you.

ChrisJuly 8, 2022

Awesome insights! Thank you so much... As a recovering addict and now an ARP missionary I know through experience everything you've written is true. It's never too late and we're never too far away from His grace...

Lisa CorcoranJuly 8, 2022

Absolutely beautiful.

Janna MorrellJuly 8, 2022

Absolutely a must-read for every member of the church and for those who may have lost hope. I am renewed in my conviction to “Wait upon the Lord”.

Gale BoydJuly 8, 2022

This is a masterpiece and something I really needed to hear. Thank you so much.

LuettaJuly 8, 2022

Reading this article was my opportunity to experience the lessons of the Olive Tree when I needed the reminder that God is in charge. I must learn the value of patience. Thank you.

Lawrence BarryJuly 8, 2022

Thank you so much for your wisdom, insights, and testimony. 3 of my 5 children and all of their children have wandered off the covenant path. After reading your article, the Holy Spirit confirmed that God is not finished with my family nor will He ever be.

Ronald BarnesJuly 8, 2022

One of my favorite success stories is that of Eldridge Cleaver. He did some very wicked things, but God turned him around and put him on the straight and narrow path. You can look him up on Wikipedia.

Amy LeachJuly 8, 2022

Brother Grenny, thank you for this amazing article! The Spirit was with you, my friend, when you were authoring this. I wholeheartedly agree with your words! Being given the chance to use my free agency to fail and grow and learn is how my testimony has been born. There is NO other way while we are in this mortal life, that one can obtain that 'personal' knowledge for themselves- unless it be through that God-given agency. May Heavenly Father bless you and your family! You have much great work to do!

DBJuly 8, 2022

Thank you for this beautiful sermon of truth. As the mother of four faithful and four who have left the path and wounded us deeply, this was medicine to my soul. I have had eyes rolled at me when I say that I know the Lord will turn their hearts back to our family and to the covenant path. I feel it in my bones and I'm grateful for a gospel that gives us faith in His relentless redemptiveness. I would have learned that no other way than to walk the path of a worried mother.

JulesJuly 8, 2022


AshleyJuly 8, 2022

What a beautifully inspiring article. This is just what I needed to hear today. Thank you.

Rochelle HaleJuly 8, 2022

My family and lived through the Y2K experience. We had always had some storage items, but we ended up buying a package deal which did not include all quality ingredients. We found some products mislabeled. The company moved three times, but we tracked them down to get the remaining items we had paid for. We learned and modified our preparedness plan after this experience. Fast forward twenty years. We had toilet paper (and other food and non-food items) stocked. We didn’t have to endure the Covid-frenzy. Because of our previous preparation we had the luxury of restocking as TP, yeast, meat, and other items went on sale or became available.

Milagros KaiserJuly 8, 2022

Good post! We will be linking to this particularly great post on our site. Keep up the great writing

Rita MillerJuly 8, 2022

Thank you for this different perspective on two of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon. They are usually presented as having a national, collective warning and meaning, and I had not seen the intensely personal, individual side before.

MaryannJuly 7, 2022

There is so little information given by the writer of this question that it's very difficult to know what is really going on. His statement that he doesn't like having his wife's brother around his kids raises all kinds of questions. Essential info missing on this one.

Shauna McConkieJuly 7, 2022

I always enjoy anything written by Kathy Clayton! Thank you Kathy!

Rochelle HaleJuly 7, 2022

We have had several family members and friends leave for various reasons ranging from questions of testimony or preferred lifestyle or Church doctrine, etc. One relative was very vocal when another family member decided to attend another "generic" church, but we maintained our relationship through our common testimony and belief in Jesus Christ, though not necessarily agreeing on details of doctrine. We try to "love, share, and invite" while respecting our friends and family who are not of our faith, so why wouldn't we do the same with those who have departed? Of course, we may be sad or disappointed, but continued love and example will prevail in the long run.

HeidiJuly 6, 2022

Such a wonderful article. I have a hard time keeping my kids accountable for not cleaning their bathroom and owing me money if they don’t do it. What brave parents to do what they did. I’m dying to know what happened to their son. Thanks for the beautiful example in the scriptures that I’ve never thought of in that way before. It takes so much courage to let the consequence follow. Thank you.

RozyJuly 6, 2022

The Pilgrims of the 1620's had to learn the same lesson. Socialism or collectivism just doesn't work. Individual liberty and property rights does. May we vote out of office those who don't believe in the Constitution of the USA and the principles of the Declaration of Independence. May we retain our liberties and prosper to worship the God of this Land, Jesus Christ.

Ed GayhartJuly 6, 2022

Kudos to the Chinese for the good they have brought to the world but their current circumstances are due mainly to three items: Chinese leaders recognizing that capitalism is a superior business model to their communism that could not feed their own people Our preference in the west (specifically leadership in the US) to have cheap stuff rather than jobs for our kids. One could also call it mindlessly praying at the alter of free trade Chinas’s shameless stealing of any technology they are allowed to see. (Take it from me, I worked for a company that was thus violated).

Richard HillsJuly 6, 2022

It's rare but not uncommon for expectant mothers to lose babies during pregnancy. Do we have any insight as to the role of choice here that would console them? Are all babies lost before birth automatically saved in the Celestial Kingdom?

Allison Parker DunlapJuly 6, 2022

As a young 14 year old, I was cast as a bratty child in the short--lived run of Threads of Glory in 1976. I listened to my LP of Lex's inspired music every year around the 4th of July until it warped and then many years later, I found a tape cassette for $20.00 of it which then I then had transferred to a cd. (Very poor sound quality but I loved the music so much, it was better than nothing! ) The message of this play was so ahead of it's time, this was pre-President Benson. The Book of Mormon and the Pride Cycle played heavily into the climax. I am now a 60 year old woman and I just listened once again to the Hymn To America this year along with Freedom Has A Price, This Is My Country, and many others, all of them beautiful and soul stirring. Thank you Lex, to share the back story, it was no surprise to me you were inspired on these songs!

MaryannJuly 6, 2022

As a mom of 7, I can relate to this article. We need to be gentle with ourselves and recognize that we are doing Heavenly Father's most important work--taking care of his children, loving them, teaching them. Having said that, I find it hard to accept the idea that mothers don't have time to pray or read scriptures. I just don't buy it. How about nap times? Most children do NOT need 100% of your attention all day long. Most kids spend some play time on the floor with toys. Sit down in a chair in the same room and read the scriptures--sure, you may be interrupted, but that's ok. Same thing with prayer. It is great for our children to SEE US do these things. Perhaps we need to let go of the false idea that we need to pray or read the scriptures "perfectly." But there IS time to do it.

MaryannJuly 6, 2022

Grocery shopping online can save you a LOT of money--no impulse shopping! I just go and pick up my groceries--don't even need to get out of the car. My store often doesn't charge me for this service, and even if they did, it would be worth the savings. Impulse shopping is probably the number one reason people spend too much.

MaryannJuly 6, 2022

It sounds like this couple has spent enough time talking and going around in circles already. The time to see a counselor is now, especially since the wife describes her husband as needing to be more kind and fair. Sounds like there may be some individual past issues that need healing; perhaps his father was harsh and he is mirroring that. I have personally seen that happen.

ColinJuly 6, 2022

Amen to that, Olena.

Bob TaylorJuly 6, 2022

thank you for sharing your research. you may not be aware of this book - Tilly, by Frank Peretti - short, 128 pages, it was first published in 1988. very moving story about abortion, and the consequences.

MikeJuly 6, 2022

This is an amazing article. We demonize China and anyone else who does not accept the U.S. role as sole superpower. Our press is corrupt so articles such as this are so refreshing.

LisJuly 6, 2022

This is something I have struggled with in my children. They are young, and I am still learning. I am so glad I read your article. I fear that my own selfish feelings of bait wanting to watch them suffer makes them suffer more in the long term as they aren’t learning from their mistakes. Thank you for helping me to find a better path as a parent! I think it will have great future outcomes!

Cathy McGreevyJuly 5, 2022

All my life I've heard the two types of priesthood referred to as "the Melchizedek priesthood" and "the Aaronic priesthood." Why is "the" omitted when referencing them in this article? Just wondering if there has been some change I'm not aware of.

Rob McGhieJuly 5, 2022

Thank you for this very informative article. I wouls slightly caution against comparing Aaron as a presiding Bishop or Mises, Aaron and Hur as a First Presidency. These things are indeed presages of the restoration of all things. Similarly, in my research, i have found at least three of the tokens given in the temple today were presaged by rituals in the ancient temple, but not the same. Even in the meridian of time in Christ’s church they did not have the fullness of the restored Gospel.

C MinerJuly 5, 2022

Interesting. Where did John the Baptist come into play, as he was the one who restored the Aaronic Priesthood to Joseph Smith? Do we know how he got it? I ask sincerely. Thanks for the great article.

Vivian M AdamsJuly 5, 2022

Thank you for the research on this wonderful article.

SKJuly 5, 2022

First, I am sorry about your son. You didn't write if those consequences helped him. It's none of our business, but I hope he did turn his life around. I have a brother who actually did, once my parents realized he needed to get out of the house and take care of himself. It was a long, long road, but he did it. Second, bringing up Captain Moroni made me think of our country today. Consequences have been removed from dangerous actions and given mercy where it is not deserved. The prophecies of good being called evil and evil good are results of not giving or accepting consequences. In this way, our own government has withheld justice for much too long. I hope and pray our country (government) will turn around soon and see that bad choices that hurt the nation need to be punished, rather than showing mercy to the criminal. And by not doling out punishment where deserved, we do, indeed, take away agency from the criminals. They are unable to see the light of their ways. Thank you for your insight. I have been thinking about justice and mercy and how it's turned around right now. You've written my thoughts beautifully and I understand so much better.

Julie A. IsmaelJuly 5, 2022

Thank you.

Harold RustJuly 4, 2022

I appreciated the careful explanations of why the common theme of abortion being safer than childbirth is not only incorrect but probably a complete reverse of the actual facts. I will say, though, that when I did a google search using the name of Reardon study on death by abortion, his study was number one on the list. Thus, it wasn't as "censored" as would be implied in this article. I came away feeling that, at least this time, Google led me to the most pertinent and accurate of all responses to my search criteria.

Gene JJuly 4, 2022

According to part of the article... If one is forgiven of their sins, they will never know the consequence of their actions...

WendyJuly 4, 2022

Dear Brother De Azevedo, You’ve written some of my favorite music. For years I have tried, unsuccessfully, to obtain the written music to Messengers of Light II, or even a recorded copy, tape, CD, LP—anything—that would allow me to share with my children the music of my youth that helped shape my testimony. Could you please direct me where I might find your work? I’d be forever grateful.

RossJuly 4, 2022

Just finished listening to the book on Audible - fascinating, especially for Latter-day Saints, but much more than just an LDS book!

Laura BodreroJuly 4, 2022

Beautifully written article Patrick Degn! I couldn’t pass up this link when I saw the Liberty Bell photo reminding me of my Church history adventure last July; and then I saw the author and couldn’t pass up reading from a favorite author, tour guide, & teacher from last summer’s tour as well!♥️ Happy 4th of July!!

Nancy Lofgren AllredJuly 4, 2022

I was blessed to be in the orchestra at then Ricks College when this work was done. I can still sin gf the words to the song “America”. At each performance, the audience was so moved by it and felt the sacredness of it. It B always took them a few seconds to clap….everyone was in tears. Elder L. Tom Perry came for one of our performances. Listening to this on this Fourth of July reminds me that our nation will rise again and be great once more.

Corey D.July 3, 2022

One of Paul Harvey's favorite quotes was, it's not always what we say that counts but how we say it.

Corey D.July 3, 2022

You have no idea what an excellent article this is and so many who never fully grasp the principles you discuss, especially now with all the emphasis and attention given to suicide, so many people can't let the loved ones in their lives learn from the consequences of their actions or choices because they are afraid that individual may take his own life and in some cases there are those who use it as a threat to get what they want.

Harold RustJuly 2, 2022

thanks for the important insight into a view of this conflict as seen from a distant star. The lesson we learned with Germany was that, unfortunately, many "good people" could be led to do very bad things when they felt cornered. When we open doors to freedom and respect and cooperation, we are at our best in fighting Communism, Nazis, and persistent socialists. To do that, however, we have to be strong, clever, and consistent. Our current commander in chief is, sadly, none of those. Maybe if enough good people like we read about in this article can come together, there just might arise opportunities to find friends among the Russian population.

MichelleJuly 2, 2022

I have also heard/felt shouts of joy after sealing family members. I was surprised at the thought that it was more a moment of celebration than of quiet reverence

Doris H CrockettJuly 2, 2022

This man is fantastic and surely has "true grit." Way to go, good luck in all the future activities you have planned. You are amazing!

Jennifer HansenJuly 2, 2022

I think it would have been Griswold v. Connecticut (1965) of which Rex E. Lee spoke approvingly as having established the right to privacy – not Roe v. Wade as claimed in a previous comment.

Tim CurtissJuly 1, 2022

This guy and his rafts should be in your Hall of Fame. I got a copy of his book and it is remarkable.

Jo Ann McVey OkelberryJuly 1, 2022

Thank you so much for this article. This has given us positive and informative knowledge about the impact of having an abortion has upon women. I am grateful that I was never taught that a fetus is not human and just a blob of cells. I am ever so grateful that I was never faced with even thinking about an abortion.

Gary AndersonJuly 1, 2022

Thank you so much for writing this article! It is very informative!

Leo LewisJuly 1, 2022

Lex was my first missionary companion in Brazil. Even at that age he was an amazing musician. I have admired and looked up to him all my life. He is a true patriot with god-given skills and abilities that he has developed over the years. This was a very inspirational tribute to our wonderful country and the ideals for which it stands. May we each do what we can to sustain it during these tumultuous and troubled times.

Jeff LindsayJuly 1, 2022

I have updated the original paper to discuss what Dr. Reardon points out about the complex issue of the cause for the increased deaths. Violence is an important contributor, but does not account for all the increase in deaths. Reardon suggests that the women most at risk for the suite of adverse health effects related to mental health might be those who are coerced into abortion. I also observe that in spite of the China study, the preponderance of evidence does not support a significant increased cancer risk due to abortion. The updated also gives the specific citations for the 11 studies considered in the Reardon meta-analysis.

HelenCJuly 1, 2022

Thank you, Bro. De Azevedo, for all you have done to lighten MY life, not just with your music but with this sacred counsel. I shall look for the light more carefully from this moment on, especially as I seek the path He would have me follow.

Steven GattenJune 30, 2022

I enjoy your article. We lost a wonderful son to addiction at 34 years of age. Co dependence, enabling and other subjects related to anyones association with an addict are important subjects that take all of us a long time to learn. However there are times when mercy and compassion are important and necessary. Getting your son into a safe place like a warming shelter or recovery program falls into that catagory. We had to find other alternatives at times than our home. The sad sad fact however is that 90%+ never recover from the disease of addiction. And agency no longer is in play. No more than someone with a terminal case of cancer. Agency plays no part. So I personally appreciate the lessons in the Book of Mormon you point out. But they really aren’t the same. My personal take on addiction is that agency gets one there but once there agency is lost in most cases. So prevention in the form of education and helping people see better alternatives.

MaryannJune 30, 2022

Love this! It's so nice to read things on the lighter side. We need lots more smiles.

Debbi M.June 30, 2022

This is so powerful. I had tears as I read this article. We had a wayward child that we had to ask to leave--the most painful thing we ever went through. This article is spot on! We worried for some time that we were choosing the correct balance between enabling at her expense vs. what we were really teaching our other children. DShe continued on a self=destructive path for many years, alternating periods of ups and downs. We always told her we loved her, despite herself!

NancyJune 30, 2022

I watched your story on Saints Unscripted. WHERE IS YOUR IRISH ACCENT? I heard it slip through ever so slightly in a couple words. But why are you speaking American English?

Jo Ann McVey OkelberryJune 30, 2022

I think allowing consequences is one of the hardest things we have to do with people. I always want to help, but many times helping just causes more bad consequences. Thank you for writing this column.

Jerome CaniddaJune 30, 2022

In cases of rape and so forth a friend pointed out to me that no woman that is raped is going to wait 2 months to see, ...they are going to take the morning after pill. Even the states recognize this issue and almost all have adapted exceptions for all the concerns. We will always see extremes on both sides but I'm certainly more sensitive to laws that end life. Barbaric is the word I can muster right now.

HalJune 30, 2022

Thank you, Joseph. We currently have a particularly difficult situation with one of our children and this series of articles has convinced us to stay our course of "tough love" and continue to hold our child responsible for her actions.

I. Blaine QuarnstromJune 30, 2022


Diane IrwinJune 30, 2022

Of COURSE angels have deep feelings! They once were humans who lived on this earth. Thanks, Anne for this thought-provoking article. You are amazing...keep them coming~~

DebrahJune 29, 2022

That was the best story, absolutely. Those strong youthful angels did not even know what angels they were! Best laugh I've had in a long time. Love your stories.

Winslow KJune 29, 2022

Thank you for sharing your experience and pointing out that, when taken to heart, the gospel of Jesus Christ is meant to make men (and women) good to the core. The best men are those who understand a woman’s worth in the eyes of God and treat each woman with respect and kindness. Thank you also for shedding light on the self-proclaimed “advocates” that do more harm than good by loudly “speaking for” those they don’t even represent or understand.

MaryannJune 28, 2022

The full statement is so brief that I am disappointed the entire text was not posted here. It is good to review the doctrine of the church on the subject of abortion. The reasons given that MIGHT possibly justify an abortion are very rare. The vast majority of the millions and millions of abortions that have occurred are performed as a result of irresponsible adults attempting to escape the consequences of their poor choices.

MaryannJune 28, 2022

I absolutely love the counsel given in this article. I am so glad the author reminded the woman that she does not deserve a sense of entitlement, nor should she put pressure on her husband, or try to make demands that she be accepted by his children. She is the one who made choices that have brought about hurtful results. She needs to respect the adult children of her husband and stay in the background. She wanted another woman's husband and she got him. She did NOT get his family, too! A woman who has had any part in destroying a marriage certainly does not have the right to expect the be considered family by his children. To recognize her in any way as a "grandparent" would be extremely disrespectful to the real grandmother. This situation is a good reminder about how costly and hurtful adultery is--even for generations.

CindyJune 28, 2022

I agree with all of the previous commenters, except for one thing: Their father is just as guilty of wrecking their family as she is. Why are the adult children now willing to have their father in their lives but not his wife? They are equally to blame. I dislike when I see women referred to as "homewreckers." The men are at least active participants and need to be held equally accountable.

HalJune 28, 2022

I very much appreciate these articles that clarify and debunk allegations of what the Prophet Joseph Smith or the other early brethren of the Church allegedly taught. I look forward to the day when all truth will come to light and we will all see, eye-to-eye, things as they really are.

Carlos.June 28, 2022

What a beautiful and powerful article. Thank you for reminding us, and for pointing out to men what we must be.

HalJune 28, 2022

This was a tremendous article, thank you! I have tried my entire adult life to honor and protect the women in my life. It is wonderful to see an opinion of a sister who appreciates the positive influence the Gospel of Jesus Christ has on men and boys. I agree that there are many noble and virtuous men outside of the Church with like values. I would venture to say that there is a strong correlation between good men and strong religious values.

JulieJune 28, 2022

Thank you very much for sharing your experience and knowledge. It helped me.

Julie TreadwellJune 28, 2022

I appreciate this perspective from the author. Her life experience gives her a clarity on this topic that many of us lack. I have been raised in the church my whole life and have seen cultural changes for good in many ways. It has changed in the US culture as well. (I recently was part of a conversation regarding our experiences over jobs lost and blatantly unequal pay due to gender preference. There has been vast improvement from the outset of our careers compared to now.). I fear that there will always be the selfish and sexually driven underbelly of society, within and without the church, that will perpetuate the horrific treatment of others. And while the upper elements of society at large has more improving to do, it’s nice to remember that Good changes have occurred! Sometimes in our journey, we see the effort of the climb ahead and forget to acknowledge how far our efforts have brought us. Sometimes, being only on the INSIDE of a thing limits one’s views, understanding and experience. That often enhances the flaws and makes them feel unbearable. It may take help from OUTSIDE the thing to see the relative difference. Sometimes that “outside help” makes things seem worse. It’s refreshing when it helps us recognize how, as a whole, things are better than we realized. And reminds us that there are solid reasons why that is. I am grateful the author pointed out that the church culture isn’t the gospel. The church’s purpose is to help bring us to Christ. He will heal us. He will help us. He will improve us. WE are better when we, as men and women, want that for ourselves, and are willing to “do the work” necessary to obtain it.

LisaJune 28, 2022

Thank you for the heartfelt sharing of your story.

MichelleJune 28, 2022

My childhood had some similarities to yours though not as difficult. Due to some early abuse, I was left with a lot of confusion, guilt (tho I had done nothing wrong) and pain. I was painfully shy and afraid of everything. The boundaries and standards taught were a lifesaver for me. and the activities, dances and youth conferences gave me a window at least of what I could be. The sweet elders on my mission showed such a humility and respect for priesthood power that it was what was engraved in my heart instead of the pain and abuse. I am 52 and just now seeing the mission God has for me. Because of what I experienced I can relate to a very wide range of people. I have found that power comes in sitting with individuals and listening to them, hearing their story, loving them where they are. As in the Book of Mormon, society is trying to push people into categories, groups and getting them to dig in and scream opinions and condemnations. No matter how right or justified a certain viewpoint is, it doesn't matter if it is not delivered with the love and space and patience required to let that principle be received. Love truly does conquer all. As we love, God will work out the details.

PaulineJune 28, 2022

What noble aspirations! May you blessed in your search for peace and happiness as you serve as the Savior does.

LincolnJune 28, 2022

Here’s another bit of essential reading brought to us by MERIDIAN. My thanks to the editorial staff and the eloquent writer for creating and disseminating this thoughtful, insightful, sometimes heart-wrenching document. In addition to her personal story, the writer’s observations about our larger culture are true, revealing, and cautionary. Thanks to all.

SageJune 28, 2022

Thank you for sharing your insights. I agree with your assessment of how the church shapes men. I am Daily blessed by a man who takes his priesthood seriously who can clearly show it was the church's influence that made him who he is.

Taylor StonelyJune 28, 2022

Thank you for the courage to tell your story, and what an incredible perspective you offer. I appreciate you taking the time to provide a valuable counter-argument to the vicious attacks made by those who wish to harm the Church and its teachings of Jesus Christ. While none of us is perfect, it is important to know and to describe the path that we should all be walking, toward heaven, instead of pointing fingers and mocking those who are clinging to the iron rod.

Sasha KwapinskiJune 27, 2022

I also contribute in support of National Right to Life (NRLC), as well as 40 Days for Life, Lifenews, and other pro life organizations. I also appreciate and support the broadening out or diversification in the pro life movement in recent decades. This is reflected in such organizations as Secular Pro Life (SPL), Democrats for Life of America (DFLA), and Pro Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (PLAGAL).

Margaret BourneJune 27, 2022

Thank you for this article and the amazing video. Whilst I do not live in the USA I know that this momentous and brave decision will affect lives everywhere. I have often wondered why we don't recognise a child's right to life as well as a woman's right to govern her own body. Who will stand up for the unborn if their mothers don't? All I can hope for now is that the States see sense as well. Of course there are valid reasons for abortion but these are very few and far between.

Jo Ann McVey OkelberryJune 27, 2022

Thank you for your courageous article. I have been so amazed at the number of active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have posted on Facebook that women should have the right to have an abortion. How can these people forget that lives are eternal and decisions now can effect our eternal lives. Babies are so precious. it feels as if Satan is rampaging with such strength throughout the world to destroy the eternal lives of God's children. I pray that we can be strong against him.

Kathy SandersJune 27, 2022

Thank you for this fine article and the historical context you’ve given. It defies reason how anyone can approve the.barbaric culture of abortion and justify it in any way. Satan has done an amazing job to desensitize so many to their own humanity. I’m so thankful for the thousands of good people who have kept up the good fight for life these last 49 years and never gave up. Thanks for urging all to speak up and get involved. We can make a difference!

Rob McGhieJune 27, 2022

Although i am against abortion in most caaes, there has to be exceptions for rape, incest and the health of the mother. Also, have we ever stopped to consider how Heavenly Father feels about sending a beloved child to a mother who doesn’t want the child, who may be a lousy parent, who might be condemning that child to a life of drugs, crime or gangs? We are sometimes obsessed with just the birth but not the social problems that child will have to endure.

DavidDJune 27, 2022

As former BYU President and U.S. Solicitor General Rex Lee observed years ago, Roe v. Wade did something that was very crucial. It established a Right of Privacy that is found nowhere else in the Constitution. Without this Right of Privacy, there is absolutely zero to prevent Congress from enacting laws setting limits on how many children a couple can have, requiring couples to engage in oral intercourse, requiring couples to get government permission even to have sexual relations, prohibiting spouses from sleeping in the same room together, on and on. And by the way, even the Church recognizes that the lives of unborn fetuses are not equal to the lives of living humans. If there were total equality, the Church would not condone abortion in cases of rape.

JulieJune 27, 2022

Alliance defending Freedom

vickieJune 27, 2022

i wouldnt accept abortion in the case of rape or incest...a baby is a baby...unless it make take the life of the mother...adoption is the answer if the mother doesnt want the baby...

EmilyJune 26, 2022

It sounds from your letter like you feel that you have done enough over the years to mend fences, and by now your husband's children should be adjusted and forgiving and kind. Divorce is like a death, though, especially when there's been infidelity, and grief is cyclical. It surges up again at tender and vulnerable moments. Your stepdaughter's grief is likely to surge again with this new birth. Please set aside your own feelings here. I've never experienced anything harder and more raw than new motherhood. Don't make your stepdaughter have to deal with this drama when she's adjusting to being a mom. Eventually that may change, but only if you're able to sincerely put her needs before your own.

MadisonJune 26, 2022

This only happens when the child is going to die soon after birth. The parents would rather hold their baby till God takes them than have doctors put tubes into the baby in order to try to resuscitate a child that will die.

Cristy NewcombJune 26, 2022

Why can’t your wonderful lessons be printed as before? I love to read them but it’s just not the same without your personal feelings/experiences included. Thank you.

Robert SteverJune 26, 2022

The responses would be more useful if they where divided gender. Because so far, it looks as if the women think I am porn/video game addict rather than the Engineer that I really am.

Rob BarnettJune 25, 2022

More covid deaths for 5 and under than flu deaths, even if compared to really bad flu years.

Lizzie GirlJune 25, 2022

Accept the fact that nobody over there will ever like you or want to see you, and allow them complete access to their father without clamoring to be part of it. You will always be the person that wrecked their family. Your "good marriage" will have to be reward enough. They may well have forgiven you in the sense of allowing the Lord to be the judge, but they will never want to hang out with you so stop trying to insinuate yourself into the mix. This is never going to change. You have nothing to offer them except the reminder of what you did. Be cool. Be humble. Stop with the neediness.

EmilyJune 25, 2022

His children treat you as the other woman because you are the other woman. If you actually regretted having an affair, you would get a divorce. This baby is not your grandchild and never will be Get over yourself and your rights. You have none here.

RobJune 24, 2022

More covid deaths 0-5 than flu deaths, even compared to worst flu years

Debbi M.June 24, 2022

Wonderful and honest advice. Divorce is such an unfair situation, as you said, especially with infidelity. Spot on for telling this sister she has no right to entitlement, and should not make her husband choose. I take it she did not have children from her previous spouse? Maybe she would understand more?

Debbi M.June 24, 2022

What a story! The Lord's hand is manifest once again. Bless all the family members here to get through this trial and press forward. The gospel is true!

BeckyJune 24, 2022

I love this story. I know that we had relationships in our pre-earth life. What a beautiful testimony of listening to and following the spirit.

vickieJune 24, 2022

OH MY GOSH, THIS STORY WAS SO BEAUTIFUL AND SAD AT THE SAME TIME. i do believe that the spirit in a person knows and recognizes things from our life with God before we come to earth. i had this experience once and wrote about it regarding seeing the conference before i joined the church. while seeing it on tv way back in the mid 70's i felt as though i heard it before. i told my husband who was reading the newspaper...that what was being said seemed like something my parents told me....but then i said....its not exactly like my parents telling me confused i know it was my heavenly parents telling me these things...i recognized it..

Judith GrantJune 24, 2022

I love this answer. Not being pushy and understanding what you have done in the past has caused this to happen and showing understanding, will do a lot more to create harmony than being offended or hurt bc you’re not included. Be the grownup!

Janet WiseJune 24, 2022

Adam, it is indeed a beautiful story! The strength of family beyond the veil! How wonderful that family is forever, and that the Lord has a loving way of micromanaging our relationships. I wish your sister and her brood much love and blessings--until you are all united again,

Julie CooperJune 24, 2022

I needed this perspective. I feel lifted. Thank you.

DonJune 24, 2022

The reason you are being treated like the "other woman" is that you ARE the other woman. You helped break up her family. You aren't entitled to the forgiveness you seem to demand.

HelenCJune 24, 2022

Thank you. As I complain about being the only active member in my and my husband’s families I shall now remember Elijah’s aloneness and count myself blessed to be where Father wants me to be, striving to be who He wants me to be. After all, I have yet to be fed by ravens. :-)

WendiJune 24, 2022

Sorry, lady. You don’t get to decide “boundaries” when you were intrusive to “boundaries” that were set to protect a marriage commitment. You don’t get to decide how his children feel about you. You don’t get to decide to be welcome in their lives, especially during the joyous time of his new grandchild (not yours). How dare you use the birth of his daughter’s baby to intrude into her life again and demand to be “respected.” You won—you have the man you both wrecked homes to be together—and this is The prize of your “victory.” Leave his children alone. You have no place in their world just because you became his wife. Deal with it. Leave your husband alone about wanting him to take a stand for you with his children. This is a consequence of your atrocious decision to wreck this daughter’s home to steal her dad. You made your bed nine years ago, now go and sleep in it.

Lisa MurphyJune 24, 2022

1. F Friendship with God/Faith 2.. I. Interest in goals or Intimate Communion with God. 3. R. Remember or Read or Repent 4. S. Serve or Seek to make His will your will, 5. T. Treat everyone you meet like a Son or Daughter of God or Tidy

MistyJune 23, 2022

This is a wonderful article to prompt self reflection with our testimony. I haven’t given much thought to the rest of the letters but my first impression for F was Father… which goes long who your F.aith refers to. A & I have me currently stumped but I think T would be together, representing not just our own family but how God desires all of His children to help each other return together. H for me is easy… Home… with Him is our ultimate goal & desire.

Kay RookhuyzenJune 23, 2022

This moral has been pointed out to me by others uncounted times during my life. It is so true!

Lana JohnsonJune 23, 2022

Faith was I first thought as well.... I had no idea of all of the faith names of our Heavenly Father and Jesus. I knew all of the characteristics but not what they were called! Thank you so much for sharing this!!

LoraJune 23, 2022

As a young woman, I heard the acronym SOAP: Scriptures, Obedience, Appreciation and Prayer. The idea was that every time you use soap, it would remind you to read scriptures, obey the commandments, show gratitude to Heavenly Father, and pray to communicate that gratitude to Him.

CHuckJune 23, 2022

"The outbreaks have been attributed to an increasing number of Americans who choose not to vaccinate themselves or their children." Or, dare I say, attributable to an increasing number of illegal immigrants from around the world who have brought those diseases with them without being vetted, as happened at Staten Island formerly. Has anyone done a study on this factor?

Kathy DouglasJune 23, 2022

1. Faith 2. Inspiration-personal revelation 3. Repentance 4. Stay on the covenant path, or submit my will to HIS 5.Trust in the Lord

KathleenJune 23, 2022

It takes courage to allow consequences. Thanks for showing by example that it's worth it.

M SmithJune 22, 2022

Thank you, Meridian, for publishing this article. We need to be able to hear both sides and make our own decisions.

JSJune 22, 2022

Now it’s time we apply that same logic to all of the childhood vaccines- especially the dozens added in the last 30 years. Is what we’ve been told by the FDA and CDC similarly skewed data and information regarding other childhood diseases? I don’t think that blindly trusting the three letter government organizations regarding our health and well-being is a wise choice & more digging into the recommendations is definitely worth the time and energy spent finding truthful answers.

David Watson,DDSJune 22, 2022

Vaccines are not and never have been 100%. They are an adjunct to medical help. People should be free to decide for themselves how they want to protect themselves. I agree we are trusting too many people and agencies to make our decisions for them.

Bob MartinJune 22, 2022

Australia regularly immunizes {vacinates} young children,ie infants for all manner of diseases including hooping cough, measles, polio etc. I am surprised if other countries do not do this.

Diane IrwinJune 21, 2022

WoW! I have enJOYed your articles over the years, and this one hits it right out of the park! I can't wait to share it with my daughter-in-law. (It has been a blessing that we are so close!)

Bonnie LiversidgeJune 21, 2022

What a gathering of traditions combined with wisdom and pure truth of the Heavens brought together in thought, deed and actions. Brilliant!.

JAMES P FOLEYJune 20, 2022

Most mortals possess a longing for order that seems strange in the world of chaos. How could we long for something we never knew existed? Order is an eternal principal that feels like home and is part of what we knew in our premortal existence. THUS I CONSIDER THE LONGING FOR ORDER THAT MOST OF US EXPERIENCE A FORM OF HOMESICKNESS.] [Sherri Mills Johnson, “The Restoration of the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage,” in Joseph Smith and the Doctrinal Restoration: the 34th Annual Sidney B. Sperry Symposium, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2005, p240]

Dale E. Breckon, U.S Army (Retired)June 20, 2022

Sentinels at the U.S. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier are Soldiers from the U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Regiment, and always have been since 1948. Members of the U.S. Marine Corps do not serve as Sentinels at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

BonnieJune 20, 2022

Have enjoyed so much the transcripts of your podcasts. Now we seem to only be getting the notes from it. Will we again be able to see the transcripts?

DeniseJune 19, 2022

Excellent article and insights! Well done, Lynne!

Aleesa SolbergJune 19, 2022

How can I get the portion of transcript of ‘We have enough women of …. We need women of ….?

TreverJune 19, 2022

One thing that greatly helped our family to work towards acceptance and understanding was to all read Carol Turtle’s book It’s Just My Nature. It was a game changer for us, and especially my wife who is a pre-planner/get it done type of person too.

KathleenJune 18, 2022

. . . and what an incredible golden lifetime it becomes! Thanks for another uplifting, thought provoking article.

Becky L RoseJune 10, 2022

One of my favorite books is confronting the myth of self-esteem. It's LDS and talks about abasing ourselves. That is scriptural.

Tom BaxterJune 10, 2022

As a retried professional having dealt with SSA issues in the past, I also have been disappointed with the imbalance with which this issue has been celebrated by the media, including Church-owned media outlets. Some have deliberately or unintentionally promoted the love and acceptance side without addressing the doctrinal and moral realities.. I also compliment Brother Bennion's courage, ,especially in light of his unique and valid personal perspective. He effectively articulated the disconnect between how reporting has been handled and the fundam