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January 23, 2018

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SudhaApril 7, 2017

There are lot of studies and research pointing to the fact that the cause of various neurological disorders are the environmental toxins. But most of the people are not aware of the toxins they absorb and accumulate in daily life through the household products in their home. Explore in-depth information about the toxins in household products causing ADHD in the book "Toxic Household products causing ADHD, Autism and Learning Disabilities". Each chemical listed in this book is backed by a link to the research showing their toxicity. Each special needs family should hold a copy of this book so that they don't accumulate more of toxins by identifying and avoiding toxic products right away from their homes.

Roger E KentMarch 22, 2017

Another book that I like is “Cancer is Not a Disease” by Albert Carter. He points out cancer is not a bacterium nor a virus so you can’t develop a vaccine for it as big pharma claims they can. Loosely defined it is a cell that loses control of its growth. Big pharma keeps trying to develop a drug that will target only the cancer cell and the best they can do is come up with a drug that is terribly toxic to the whole body. The human body already has cells in its immune system that do this but if you listen to the advertisements of big pharma nearly all of them impair our immune system (“may increase incidents of infections”) or really a chemical form of AIDS. Their drugs also create large amounts of free radicles that are also very damaging to all our cells and may even cause cancerous cells to form. I once heard Dr. Wentz, a research PHD, say “We as a society have forgotten how to die of old age”. He was one of the first to grow human cells in a test tube and out of his research on what to feed these cells to keep them alive he developed a line of supplements. But even though he developed a meal replacement shake to be used when we couldn’t intake a proper meal he recommended that we eat lots of fresh vegies and fruits because he wasn’t convinced that science could accurately reproduce everything they contained in a supplement.