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January 23, 2018

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MaryMarch 20, 2017

Darrel, to my knowledge there is no point to misunderstand. There is no revealed doctrine regarding the Lord keeping our Mother in Heaven "out of the front lines." Although LDS culture abounds with such myths/folklore, this may very well be another area where, to quote Elder Oaks, our speculations are "spectacularly wrong" (Life's Lessons Learned: Personal Reflections , 68-69).

RichMarch 20, 2017

Women are absolutely crucial for any of us to succeed in this life and the Eternal one before us. Their role is different from that of men, but the result is the same: Eternal Families. Even Adam learned he could not make it without Eve!!!

DarrelMarch 20, 2017

You do not understand the point of the Lord keeping women out of the front line like he did to our Mother in heaven.