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January 18, 2022

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Belinda StamfordApril 3, 2017

I agree with Susan Morris. I caught that same error and was going to quote the verse but she beat me to it. Otherwise a good article.

Susan MorrisMarch 28, 2017

Good article. One error I saw, however. "The Process of Consecration," "Step 2: Receiving a Stewardship," Point 7 reads, "If a steward “transgresses and is not accounted worthy” he is no longer eligible to participate. In such cases, the participant is given back the money and property he consecrated and is required to leave the system. Actually, D&C 51:5 states that if a transgressor is "not accounted worthy to belong to the church, he shall not have power to claim that which he has consecrated . . . but shall only have claim on that portion that is deeded unto him." That is, he leaves the church only with his current, private stewardship, not whatever he has consecrated in the past.

Antoinette JeancolasMarch 28, 2017

Très beau et grandiose à l'image de cette loi céleste ! Very great in the image of this heavenly law !



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