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January 23, 2018

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S. L.April 26, 2017

Thank you for this beautiful and gentle testimony that revelation from beyond the veil is clear and powerfully distinct in message, even without open vision. I agree.

Cyrus WelchApril 18, 2017

In approximately 2002 I was serving in the Oakland,Ca temple and assisted a young lady , who was preparing to go on a mission , through the veil. She looked very much like the sister who's image is at the beginning of this article. As she came through the veil her whole countenance glowed almost as if she was lighted from the inside with artificial lighting. It was a very spiritual and enlightening experience. All who were near as this happened were touched by it. I have often wondered how her mission went as she certainly knew what it was like to be "warmed" by the spirit.

Wally GoddardApril 18, 2017

Good points. Spiritual impressions are the bread and butter of heavenly guidance. We count on them for constant guidance. We cannot navigate without them. Yet, just as our daily diet does not exclude special feasts, so the regular stream of heavenly impressions does not exclude special encounters with the divine. The scriptures seem clear that we should be seeking heavenly encounters.

Glen DanielsenApril 18, 2017

"and have reduced it to a burning in the bosom... God once spoke directly and interactively with people. Now we have reduced His messages to nice feelings." In this insightful article, I wonder if there would have been a way to present its beautiful insight without the need to disparage the hugely important message in D&C 9:8-9. Those mere 'nice feelings' spoken of in section 9 are a principle method God uses to confirm crucial personal direction and truth.

Glen DanielsenApril 18, 2017

I am not a fan of the Givens' philosophies. More care should be taken to avoid fad philosophies — they are sometimes rife in LDS blogs, and have even found their way into Deseret Bookstores. The claims Terryl Givens gives in this article are flawed. If carried through, we would be looking beyond the mark and expecting or demanding the grandiose, earthshaking in lieu of the Still Small Voice.

Eric hazelleApril 18, 2017

A most enlightening article, but I wonder: Joseph Smith started out with an amazing vision, went from there to angels, (Moroni), and by the 128th section of the D. and C. was guiding the church through feelings. (Verse #1.) Isn't it maybe a progression that we can go from being directly instructed by God to being sensitive to His Spirit so we don't need such dramatic communications? Certainly we don't think Joseph Smith was going downhill in his prophetic abilities. Yet the scriptural citations in the Book of Moroni do give me pause. In any event, thanks for the insight and the stimulus to further meditation on this infinite gospel.