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October 19, 2017

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Kathleen SchadeMay 15, 2017

Enjoyed your latest article. I feel the same way about pianos. As each of our children have gotten married we felt a piano was important enough that we helped them buy one. And we moved my in-laws' player piano with us in our last move and it now resides with our daughter, who currently has three pianos in her home.

Bill FreezeApril 23, 2017

Jan...I loved the trip down memory lane in regards to the pianos that have helped shape your musical career. I remember the small keyboard from the cabin when I sold it. I took a picture of it when I took interior shots of the cabin and maybe that is the one you used for the article...if not it looked similar. I remember you telling me that if you were stuck writing a song then you would head to the cabin and the music would start to flow. You are very talented, but I happened to believe that your real talent is that you wait for the spirit to inspire you to say what God wants us to eternalize in our lives. Your music has blessed the lives of millions and has inspired young people to seek after music that uplifts and teaches gospel truths. Now if only you could write a song that would inspire the Utah Jazz to play better in the playoffs! The Miller family would open their checkbook on that tune!

Kathryn HalesApril 23, 2017

I loved your essay and the feelings you expressed for your "partner", your Kimball piano. I inherited the Acrasonic brand that I learned on as a child when my parents passed away, and passed it on to my oldest son, and his four children have all learned on it. I have a Wurlitzer spinet purchased almost fifty years at great sacrifice. It became the center of our home where I taught each child to play, and in addition several hundred students. Music has been such a blessing in my life, as it has for you, and countless others.

Kathryn McKellApril 21, 2017

What a beautiful and thought provoking story. It brings to mind a story that I need to write. It will be titled "Three Pianos and an Accordion." Thank you for the part you and your music have played in my life!

Lynn Clark CallisterApril 20, 2017

Thanks for sharing your remarkable and inspiring story. I am so grateful for your example of all that is uplifting to the soul. In my youth we had two pianos in our home--one upstairs, one on the main floor kept busy by eight children. There were four of us taking piano lessons at one time, and our home was filled with music. What a blessing pianos have been in my lifetime as well.

Judith La MontagneApril 20, 2017

I mourn not only the passing of impromptu piano music in the family but also in the Church. We are finding a great shortage in many wards of those who play the piano or organ. Learning to play an instrument takes a great deal of time and effort, and not enough people are willing to pay that price today. I also miss dance festivals, roadshows, and the plethora of musical activities we used to participate in.

JeanApril 20, 2017

I loved hearing about your pianos. A piano has been very important in my life too. I play often. I use to put my babies down for a nap and play while they were sleeping. They were use to it and it didn't bother them. I play out my stress and I worship Heavenly Father with the hymns. I love my piano too.

Nona PaceApril 20, 2017

Thank you for sharing your story. I love the songs and hymns you have composed and shared with the world, I have some of your CDs, and they are probably a small per cent of your musical talents. Thank you too for being who you are !!

Patricia ChristensenApril 20, 2017

My parents bought a piano for my two older sisters before I was even born. My father said it was the best investment we ever made. I don't know how much he paid for that piano, but I wouldn't take any amount of money for it today. I was blessed to have my mother and father give it to me. I love it, I treasure it, I am so thankful for it. I heard my dad say numerous times that it was one of the best investments he ever made. It was a great investment because it brought not only his children happiness and success, but it also brought people into our home who were hard workers, good people. I think back now of the many hours I spent sitting at the piano learning to play new pieces, practicing piano duets with my best friend, accompanying people to sing or to play another instrument. And I still have people come to my home to have me accompany them. Music has been one of the most important parts of my life. Thank you, mom and dad, for assuring me that blessing of music in my life.