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January 23, 2018

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Judith La MontagneApril 21, 2017

I have also suffered the horrors of post-partum depression with my first baby and with two subsequent babies as well. But the first was the worst because there were no available medications at that time. The author is correct in stating that one of the biggest fears is fear itself. You are so afraid the horrible feelings will recur that you almost make them happen. And for me they did recur with three of my five pregnancies. But the last two times there were medications to provide miraculous help. PPD creates an almost instant delineation between light and the most intense darkness one can imagine. No amount of scriptures or positive thinking makes any difference at the time. Therapy, medication, and time are all necessary. Thankfully, this very real psychological phenomenon is now recognized and treated before it gets so bad that the woman may not make it back to her normal life and feelings at all as nearly happened to me during the first event.

Glen DanielsenApril 21, 2017

So marvelous that this mother had the selflessness and courage to put herself out there by appearing in this video. Her gut honesty is so real, and her story is an education to me. Who knows how many she is helping with it. Thanks Meridian for highlighting it!