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January 19, 2022

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Gail GrovesMarch 16, 2019

Thank you for the Come Follow Me Podcasts! They truly make a huge difference in my learning. I read the scriptures first then follow up with the podcast. Your pleasant couple voices; your vast experience; and your strong testimonies are heard, felt, and appreciated, Thank you for your time,effort,and knowledge! And I recommend them to my friends and family.

KathieMarch 14, 2019

I read the transcript as I listened to the podcast pertaining to this lesson. It was such a beautiful experience to learn this way. Thank you for your efforts in making these inspiring podcasts available to us.

ReyMarch 10, 2019

Thank you! Thank you for the transcript! I appreciate that effort and look forward to these podcasts. Your faith and knowledge are inspiring.

LINDA FINNMarch 4, 2019

I loved this Podcast ! I get so much more out of it than I do reading ! Please keep it up ! Linda

EmmaMarch 1, 2019

I have always loved these stories but have problems with them now. When I sought the bishops blessing for a mentally ill ward member he told me he would not bless her. I am left to wonder why. Do we really believe these scriptures? Or are they simply feel good stories we like to tell?



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