March 24, 2019

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JoeMarch 18, 2019

Amen anon! As a convert I have continually been appalled and sickened by the amount of self-righteous judgement I see in this church, and garments are just another example of something sacred and beautiful being poisoned by fanaticism and Pharisaical thinking that "look beyond the mark".

anonMarch 17, 2019

I don't think members should police each other about the wearing of garments, or any other issue. This kind of thing is what makes some members reluctant to even come to church - the constant judging and measuring by other members.

MaryannMarch 16, 2019

Attending the temple as often as possible helps to clarify the importance of wearing the temple garment and reminds us of the great privilege and blessing it is to do so. If we remember the Lord is clothing us with the garment of the Holy Priesthood, perhaps we would have greater understanding and gratitude for the blessing. I feel the same peace and protection a child might feel when a loving parent clothes them with warm clothing to keep them safe from the elements and to protect them.

Susan C.March 15, 2019

I had a conversation (we were all in our late 40s at the time) with a couple LDS men (RMs....I'm an RM, too) who saw nothing wrong about their wives wearing strapless and mini gowns for a cruise ship evening. Their reasoning? "Garments aren't sexy," and therefore clothing that has to be worn because of the garment "restrictions" is not sexy, either. Ergo, wife is not sexy, and they cannot be seen with a non-sexy wife. Really? I asked them if they didn't think their wives were "sexy" BECAUSE of the garments that symbolized their covenants with God, and they both rolled their eyes and affirmed that "garments" are not sexy. Compared to what---black lace teddys? Maybe so, but haven't they learned ANYthing from a couple decades of garment wearing? Here were two grown men who were still led by their hormones, instead of their covenants. I love wearing my "angel wings," and I would want a man to think that my qualifying to wear them is plenty "sexy."

Dave JohnsonMarch 15, 2019

After serving a mission and being married in the temple, At 24 years of age, I decided to join the Navy. I was advised by my Bishop not to wear the garment during my time in boot camp. After returning home, taking a shower and being able to wear the garment after being without them for 11 weeks was a very spiritual experience akin to my original washing and anointing and placing them on that first time!

KrisMarch 14, 2019

Beautifully said. Thank you.

RexMarch 14, 2019

Soon after my daughter received her mission call, she then went to the temple and received her endownments. While coming home one night (prior to her mission) from a temple trip with some other sisters in her YSA ward, one of them began telling how to buy and wear garments so that she could wear clothing that was fashionable (i.e., clothing that could not normally be worn when wearing the garments as instructed in the temple).It is sad to see a number of YW leaders attending events without wearing garments - it sets a bad example for the youth, both YM and YW who then are less understanding of the sacred covenants made in the temple.What is also sad, is that there are some who will read this and say "don't you have more to worry about than member's underwear?" My response is that the proper wear of garments is an outward display of holding sacred the covenants made, so when a church leader is not wearing their garments correctly, it makes me wonder what other things they may not be doing and possibly teaching my children.

susan nelsonMarch 14, 2019

thank you for your beautiful thoughts. i too have gone through difficult times but remain faithful in the gospel and to my temple covenants - i love to wear my garments and love attending the temple

Chrystine H. ReynoldsMarch 14, 2019

I have been saddened as I have watched young adults we have known who have posted photos of themselves on Facebook wearing clothing that indicates they are not wearing their garments while participating in activities which would NOT preclude their wearing them -- like hiking, etc., and also while attending formal occasions where they obviously desired to wear strapless or spaghetti strap dresses -- and this has happened repeatedly after these young adult -- women -- mostly -- and including former Sister Missionaries we have known in two Missions -- have been sealed in the Temple. It makes me wonder if these young adults truly understand the covenants they have made!