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August 19, 2022

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Maurice & Alicia McBrideJune 1, 2013

Coordinates for Khor Kharfot are about 16o43

Kent SmithMay 28, 2013

Is this the same area that Lynn Hilton designated in his book, "In Search of Lehi's Trail?"

Gary McMurrinMay 28, 2013

What are the GPS coordinates of Kharfot? I could not find it on Google Earth.

Maurice & Alicia McBrideMay 28, 2013

Khor Kharfot may very well be Nephi's Bountiful. But having visited both this site and its main competitor Khor Rori, our money is on the latter. We hope Meridian will give George Potter equal time to explain. In the meantime, Potter's "Voyages of the Book of Mormon" makes a very convincing case for Khor Rori as "the Best Candidate."

Steve CarrMay 28, 2013

Warren Aston's extensive research shows Wadi Sayq and Khor Kharfot to be the most logical place for the Book of Mormon's Arabian Land Bountiful. In fact, from my own experiences there, it is the only logical place.

MaureenMay 28, 2013

What a beautiful article! I worked on the Wadi Sayq project about 15 years ago for FARMS and Noel Reynolds when I was student at BYU. It was absolutely fascinating research and I have always wanted to see this place and others along this history making route. I hope I can get enough money together to come with you!

Larry DayMay 28, 2013

As a very minor related sidelight to your article I, as a Netherlands missionary in the mid-1960's, immediately was struck by reference to the tamarind trees. Tamarind is a major ingredient used in what to this day I consider to be the best food in the world

helenMay 28, 2013

thank you for your article, so many things, places, papers, etc are destroyed because people say it doesn`t concern me, at least at the moment, then later they wonder how did that happen. Because you weren`t paying attention?

Andrew E. ClarkMay 28, 2013




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