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August 18, 2022

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JudNovember 12, 2013

No, Joyce you're not suppose dto sit and watch your rights go down the drain. the article says you should try and influence the laws. He just says we have a duty to obey the law.

LorraineNovember 10, 2013

Joseph Smith warned about coming destruction in all his letters. He was very distressed over political manipulation and did everything he could, despite unbelievable persecution, to rectify the situation with congress and the president, governors and local corruption. We have an obligation to uphold the constitution with our best efforts. I include "a petition a day keeps depression away" in many of my social media posts. It's the least we can do to contact our local elected and distant (mentally & physically) representatives! Doesn't take more than a minute and the more of US that send word, the less scary it becomes. You can even add your own words of "encouragement" to some petitions. Try it, you will like it. . .

JoyceNovember 5, 2013

Good article. However, I am wondering if we are just supposed to sit back and watch our religious rights and other Constitutional rights go down the drain and not try and do anything about it. I feel our country is in trouble. Are we just supposed to ignore it and not do anything?

WiikwajioNovember 5, 2013

Message from the First Presidency, Improvement Era, August 1936, p. 488. Latter-day Saints cannot be true to their faith and lend aid, encouragement, or sympathy to false ideologies such as socialism and communism. The official Church position on communism remains unchanged since it was first promulgated in 1936: "We call upon all Church members completely to eschew Communism. The safety of our divinely inspired Constitutional government and the welfare of our Church imperatively demand that Communism shall have no place in America." 99%of US Mormons today are practicing socialists therefore they cannot be true to the faith unless the First Presidency was wrong

Herm olsenNovember 5, 2013

BRAVO! Excellent article . Bro. Brecki hits the nail on the head. We regularly hear folks use code word s - "conservative" or "liberal" to perpetuate the partisan discussions in church. Unfortunate, and I'll-advised.



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