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July 17, 2024

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Warren AstonApril 18, 2014

To "Farrel Lytle" : aside from the small matter that Google Earth did not exist in 1988 (or for a long time afterwards!) real-world experience teaches those of us who actually go to these places that a satellite image leaves much to be desired. You can trace Wadi Sayq for example as it winds inland from Kharfot but there is still no substitute for being there and seeing things close-up. That's why people still travel. Warren Aston

Farrel LytleApril 18, 2014

You could have done it all with Google Earth. I tried it and went everywhere that you did.

KrisApril 17, 2014

Fascinating and exciting. Bless you for your endurance.

John NicholsonApril 17, 2014

My trip was only from Saudi Arabia, however, the terrain was much more stark! Our Yemeni driver took us into and area where there were no westerners. We did however drift into the occasional concrete block building. I asked the driver what that particular building was. He informed me it was a temple. I asked him what kind of temple and he told me it was where they ate humans. Having spoken in Arabic, which my wife did not, she did not, she asked me what we had talked about, so I told her. She then asked me to tell the driver to hurry up and leave the area, to which I responded: "I have already told him!"



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