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June 17, 2024

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JohnJanuary 27, 2015

I view this as an attempt by the New York Times to be "fair and balanced". "Romneyconverted less than two dozen converts" -- Those that went to or sent their child to a European mission, know how low the numbers can be -- yet ... the NYT fails to draw the conclusion that it is the Holy Spirit that does the converting. Much was overblown with the buzz words of the day, "almost devout faith", "buttressed by his faith", and "animated by his religion", framing the picture to every liberal --- (while not calling the LDS faith a cult) that the church has progressed to a half-step cloer to being a recognized Christian church. They do not activelly even try to attemt to fully pursue any depth and rationally look at any religion. And -- Romneys "persistance .. is a natural extension of his faith. I guess Nixon, Regan, and even "What did I do wrong?" govenor Clintion all came back to become President. The NYT calls attention to a talk Romney had with Gordon B. Hinckley as something "strange", yet Nancy Pelosi meets with the Pope and it is heralded as front page news.

wayneJanuary 27, 2015

David Hall's comments are very childish, and obviously he has an ulterior agenda. It's McCarthyism all over again. Fortunately, Abe Lincoln didn't give up simply because he didn't win elections the first round; and, Hall should be praying that we get someone in there with some common sense, the ability to work across the aisle and moral sense of duty. By the way, Romney said he believes that some global warming is man made, but he wouldn't throw a lot of money at it. This is obviously the course of action to take---and should satisfy everyone except the most radical on both sides.

KerriJanuary 27, 2015

How about a Scott Walker/Mitt Romney ticket? I agree that Romney has a lot to offer, but he is no longer electable. I voted for him (twice! -- wrote him in when McCain ran) and would love to see him in office (perhaps Secretary of Commerce?), but after watching and participating in his campaigns from where I live in Iowa, I no longer believe him to be electable. It would serve our country best for him to throw his support behind a constitutionalist and get named for vice president or serve as a cabinet member.

David HallJanuary 27, 2015

While this article is complimentary about Romney, there has been a decided turn in the reaction of many to Romney's candidacy in this election cycle. Many who were respectful before perceive this run as ego-driven and see political opportunism in Romney this time around. And many are troubled by the 2016 version of Romney - backing climate change activism where he mocked it before, and aligning himself with liberals in the Republican party. I think it's time for the LDS media to back away from treating Romney as the "darling" of the LDS community and stay more at arms length now, treating him as any other candidate, because I believe the caricatures being drawn of Romney could be damaging to his image and, by extension, the image of the Church. His 2012 run, in my opinion, was very helpful to the image of the Church. But his unwillingness to accept defeat and move on, coupled with these other issues that perpetuate his reputation for flip-flopping, could taint the Church's image.



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