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July 17, 2024

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Melanie HerrmannApril 7, 2015

This is Melanie Herrmann. If you are interested in neuroplastic resources to help your families, email me at [email protected] and I will send you a page of resources, many of which you can use in your own home. Nick and I have started a free podcast to share helpful information on neuroplasticity. You can watch our first podcast here. We are amateurs but have good information to share, so hang in through the first few seconds of technical difficulties:)

LaurieApril 5, 2015

I would like to add to Christina's question: How can we learn more about neuroplastic therapies, where can we go to find them and how is it possible to get training for our own child? Thanks!

ChristinaApril 4, 2015

In the article you mentioned Melanie received training as a neurofeedback clinician. What steps did she take to do that? Does she have any suggestions for others wanting to get train as a neurofeedback clinician?

MeredithMarch 13, 2015

Read more on Nick and how he prepared for his mission at This looks helpful for any prospective missionary!

sue maxwellMarch 10, 2015

I should also add that I have many friends on FB, in a closed group, who have taken courage from this article. They have sons with Asperger's Syndrome, and some of them want to go on missions. The church interviews them but it is very complex interviewing and preparation for it. These exercises can sure help. I try to tell everyone about them. We had just been discussing it this morning before I saw this posted again.

sue maxwellMarch 10, 2015

Janet, I just posted the you-tube. I found it by googling Dalia Lama and brain plasticity, and the symposium shows right up. Sue

sue maxwellMarch 10, 2015

Janet G.March 9, 2015

Sue, how do we find this on you-tube? I am not familiar with the site. Thank you so much for your encouraging answer to the original article, it was very helpful, as was the original.

ClarissaMarch 6, 2015

Nice article Paul.

CherylMarch 5, 2015

I read *The Brain That Changes Itself* just the week before a good friend had a stroke. It gave us hope, even when the neurologist said that my friend would never get any better and would need assisted living for the rest of her life. We knew better, and have been able to use ideas from the book to prove that doctor wrong. I know it was not an accident that I picked up that book.

Sam HoustonMarch 5, 2015

Great read and wonderful story. I've read Dr Doidge's first book and am looking forward to reading the second one. I will definitely be attending the event in SLC. Can't believe it's only $10! Worth every penny.

sue maxwellMarch 5, 2015

This is very exciting. Norman Doige is part of a team that has developed the research on neuroplasticity, as well as a program of neuroplasticity exercises company called Posit Science. One only has to google Posit Science to use the program. They are done right on your computer. The main genius behind all of the research in neuroplasticity is Michael Merzenich Phd,, who has written the newest book called" Soft-Wired, How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your Life". I have read Norman's books, also, and I do the neuroplasticity exercises daily. They are good for everyone, and have helped people with various types of brain problems. I do them as I process written and oral information too slowly. It is improving my memory, my brain speed, my problem solving skills, my visual memory- all sorts of things. They will prevent the slowing down processes of the brain that come from aging, and can be used by elderly people to regain so much that they have lost. Everyone can benefit from Posit Science neuroplasticity exercises- really! In Michael Merzenich's book, he also talks about life style changes that are important to keep your brain fit. If you would like to see these people, there is a you-tube on the net, which is a lengthy, and interesting symposium held by the Dalai Lama, discussing this new science with Dr Merzenich, Norman Doige and others involved. I love these highly sophisticated exercises that adapt themselves to and improve your ability as you go. "Soft-Wired," explains why and how the program works. So glad people are learning about this as I tell everyone about it. Some of the disabilities that have been helped would have been beyond belief years ago. But it is NOT just for people with disabilities, these exercises are for everyone. I love this company.



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