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August 18, 2022

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Becky RapierJuly 13, 2015

My 10 year old boy asked, "The second verse of "A Child's Prayer", is that is the Holy Ghost speaking"? I thought through the words, and felt a very profound realization that would make perfect sense. That verse is always sung by, parents/leaders, so I have always thought of it as an answer from....parents, and leaders. But if you are praying, it is the Holy Ghost who answers. The song speaks to the heart of children, and adults alike...and the Holy Spirit testifies of the truth...He is there, He is listening, You are His child! I echo the previous appreciation for the blessing Sister Perry has been to so many young and not so young!

JoyceMay 14, 2015

Thank you Sister Perry for sharing your talents with the church. I remember when I was the Primary pianist many years ago and the chorister and I would look for a song to teach the children and we kept falling in love with your songs that were in the Friend at that time. I have continued to enjoy your songs either by playing them myself, listening to CDs and other recordings, hearing other sing them. My husband and I are now serving a mission in South America and you have many fans here as well. We are working with the missionaries in English and they often request one of your songs. They continue to lift and teach us.

MarshaApril 28, 2015

Years ago before we had General Conference televised, I attended at our local ward building. I was so far from the screen, I couldn't see anything. When then "Elder" Monson spoke, he seemed to be talking directly to me, and my ears perked up as he spoke of caregivers to handicapped children. At the time, I was going through a very difficult period raising our Downs Syndrome daughter. When he quoted the words to this beautiful song, I was reminded of many times when I had asked the question: "Heavenly Father, are you really there and do you REALLY answer every child's prayer?" I never doubted again!! Thank you, President Monson and Sisy

Heather GilliatApril 23, 2015

The Elders came to our home last Monday night to share in our Family Night. He tearfully said, we had something different planned to share, but I feel prompted to share how the song "A Child's Prayer" has touched my life. We sang the song together and then he shared his story. He lived with a family for a while after high school during a period of inactivity. Every Monday night they sang this song for Family Home Evening. The words sank deep into his heart and led him to the Salem Oregon Mission. Thank you Sister Perry.

PatriciaApril 20, 2015

I am currently serving as primary president in my ward and any time the kids are allowed to pick their favorite song, someone always picks this one. This will be a favorite for years to come.

Annette LeeApril 19, 2015

this is one of my favorite songs. "A Child's Prayer" was instrumental in my gaining a testimony of the church. Thank you for such beautiful music! :)

TeresaApril 17, 2015

Seconds after hitting the "play" button in the article, all of my children came from all directions of the house to hear the song. By the end of the chorus, they were all singing along. I love this song.

JohnApril 17, 2015

Just this morning as I knelt in prayer I said, "Heavenly Father, are you really there?" This article was His way of answering me. One of the most spiritual experiences of my life occurred in the parking lot of the Memphis temple after a session when I had sat in the celestial room and tearfully, silently sang this song over and over. The answer that came to me through a stranger in the parking lot afterward was so profound and unmistakable there was no way I could doubt that He really was there. Now, this morning, I know it once again.

Leon NelsonApril 16, 2015

As our stake patriarch I started using music before the blessing to help bring the Spirit to the person who came to receive the Lord's guidance for their lives. I found that the song "A Child's Prayer" sung by the Tabernacle Choir would invariably help to bring the sweet peaceful feelings of the Holy Spirit and many times would bring tears to those who were there. I never tired of hearing that sweet music every week for more than ten years.

Harold RustApril 16, 2015

Somehow the most meaningful part of this reflection on her composition is, for me, the humble acknowledgement that she didn't see herself as a gifted composer like Handel and yet she took the steps to become inspired and then record that inspiration so that others could benefit. Such a background gives hope to all of us who know we are far from gifted and yet earnestly hope we can make some kind of meaningful contribution toward future generations.

GaleApril 16, 2015

Our son once visited us at a time when he had a particularly difficult decision to make. He was a professional in a demanding job and somewhat cynical. He had always over-analyzed things, anyway, and really had himself in a knot this time. He came to sacrament meeting with us, and A Child's Prayer was performed. He had heard it many times (our family had actually performed it in sacrament meetings). It was childlike and simple, not what he was looking for. He looked at us and rolled his eyes, but a few bars into it's simple message, he had dissolved into tears. It showed the process he needed to follow, and he knew it. Thank you.

Name withheldApril 16, 2015

Dear Sister Parry - I'm sure you've heard similar stories, but this one might gladden your heart just a little. My brother, Mark (not his real name) was reared in a faithful latter-day Saint home, as I was. He was an Eagle Scout, filled an honorable mission and later married a wonderful young lady in the temple. They were blessed with four choice children. Then one day Mark announced to his family that he no longer believed in the doctrines of the church. He requested that his name be removed from the church records. We were shocked (understatement). For 15 long years he continued in his ways. His wife remained faithful, and saw to it that the children were taught the gospel and that its precepts were observed in their home. Although Mark did not try to influence his children one way or another,his example made it a difficult task rearing those children in the gospel. My admiration for his wife knows no bounds. Their oldest son decided to go on a mission and served honorably. One day, Mark was preparing a music CD to send to his son on his mission. Included in the songs on the CD was your song "A Child's Prayer." As Mark listened to the words of that song, "Heavenly Father, are you really there," the Spirit of the Lord touched his heart and Mark decided that he would try to learn the answer to that question on his own. So he began what was to be a lengthy and thorough study of the church doctrines. He later met with his Bishop and Stake President who encouraged him in his quest. Well, you can guess the outcome. Eventually Mark was rebaptized by his son, he eventually had his temple blessings restored, he and his wife filled a full-time mission for the church, and they are currently temple workers. And it all started from that day when he heard your song and the Lord's Spirit touched his heart. Sis. Parry, if you had done nothing else in your life but write that one simple, beautiful song, your existence would have been more than justified. THANK YOU for listening to Elder Packer's counsel and for bringing us so MANY beautiful songs.

Maurica KingApril 16, 2015

Thank you, Sister Perry. I do love your music. I share it with all my friends both in and out of the church. I am now in a branch and have been blessed to be able to play, albeit with only one hand any more, the music you gave to the world. It brings the spirit and help those people. Just wanted to say thank you and let you know I love you. Hugs from a distance.

MargeApril 16, 2015

"A Child's Prayer" is one of my all time favorites. We are all children of our loving Heavenly Father. This beautiful and inspirational hymn is for all of His children no matter their age. This hymn was truly inspired by God.

VelDean FincherApril 16, 2015

I'm just one of millions of individual voices who would thank Janice Kapp Perry for the blessing(s) her music has brought to my life. So many...too many to enumerate, but I am grateful for the this song, and all of the music she has written that I have sung, listened to and loved over the years.

BeverlyApril 16, 2015

"A Child's Prayer" is one of my absolute favorites. I love being in Primary just so I can learn and sing the Primary songs!! They touch my heart like no other song can.

Julie Cawley HansonApril 16, 2015

I remember well the first time the Tabernacle Choir read your arrangement of "A Child's Prayer" one of my personal favorites It was a very sweet and tender time where the spirit in the room was palpable. We loved the new introduction and especially the little addition at the end. When it was released on the album "Love is Spoken Here" I was a new mother, and I played that CD endlessly for my child as she went to bed at night. Jan, you are truly inspired and such a gift to the LDS music world. Your contributions will live in the hearts of the members forever. I feel very privileged to have made music with you.



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