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August 18, 2022

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Douglas GonserJuly 9, 2015

Thanks for sharing this letter. I believe all of us at times may have doubts and find it hard to hold on to faith and hope. This is a testimony to me that I am just human and that much greater men than I have had doubts as well. We live in troubled time, but just the fact that Christianity is being attacked as well as families gives me strength. It's prophesy fulfillment. I know JESUS is the CHRIST and that he died for me and took on my sins. He overcame death so we may. Surely a love like that is forgiving. That gives me hope. My prayer is that we may all stand firm and endure to the end.

Laurie StoutsenbergerJune 3, 2015

Thank you for making your site a pleasure to navigate through! I just wanted to read the article and didn't have to wade through ads or clicks to get to it. It was an amazing letter! I learned a lot about faith. Thanks so much for posting it.

JasonJune 2, 2015

I have always been a fan of Hugh B. Brown's gift of oration and his eloquence. May I share a quote from his own autobiography "The Memoirs of Hugh B. Brown - An Abundant Life" Pg.135 "A Final Testimony" "There is not enough of the attitude of the sincere investigator among us. ..... Some say that the open-minded leave room for doubt. But I believe we should doubt some of the things we hear. Doubt has a place if it can stir in one an interest to go out and find the truth for one's self. I should like to awaken in everyone a desire to investigate, to make an independent study of religion, and to know for themselves whether or not the teachings of the Mormon church are true." These very words of his have encouraged me to study deeply. Unfortunately doubts have come from what I have found in my study. Hugh B. Brown also said on this same page "There seems today to be a tendency toward flippant thinking, a lack of thought." I hope people will not be afraid to doubt as long as they are thinkers. You cannot truly learn anything if you just accept what you are told. And do not let people discourage you from learning things for yourself. There seems to be an effort from the Church leaders to discourage questioning, researching too deeply and doubting. "Doubt your Doubts" as President Uchtdorf says. So here you have advice from Pres. Brown on both sides.

Marilyn VictorJune 2, 2015

My heartfelt thanks for this letter. HBB is my grandfather and I cried reading this beautiful letter as it has come when my son has great need of it. An answer to prayer from one I love so dearly.

A Happy HubbyJune 2, 2015

This is great. If every member had less fear about those that are having doubts/questions and more empathy like Elder Brown, I think we would have many fewer people leaving.

Charles McClellandJune 2, 2015

In the course of investigating the church in 1969, I became familiar with Elder Brown's writings. He helped me overcome my doubts and questions and become converted to the restored gospel. Now, many years later, having overcome my share of trials of faith, he speaks to me again. I am so grateful for his influence in my life!



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