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August 18, 2018

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Elena DavisJuly 25, 2015

I always wanted to come to Washington DC temple to do a session and visit the DC area. But the traffic scares me to death. I was there with my family back in the 90's. and I havent been back since then. I am from Arizona I would like to go back and visit but my husband can't travel due to health related. I'm just wondering how far is the DC temple from the airport? I sure would like to come again. To Paul and Steve I think they are blessings from heaven in order for us to continue to do our work in the temple. Our Heavenly Father always find a wayfor us to be able to do our work while on this earth. Thank you so much for all you do. Both brother's are the light of the world that Heavenly father sent us here to earth.

Linda Preston MillerJune 27, 2015

This is great our family is amazing. I'm sure your grandparents and great grandparents are watching over your efforts. Continued success in making it possible for more temple blessings to come to those in need.

HollyJune 10, 2015

I've always wondered who ran the shuttle (and how it managed to stay in business). Thanks to the Saunders for providing this needed service and thanks to Erin for spreading the word.

StaceyJune 10, 2015

Great job Steve, Paul, & Brian! I saw the shuttle many a time when we lived in Kensington, but had no idea it was Kim's little bro's that was running it. In fact, I thought the church provided it.

SGJune 8, 2015

The shuttle meets a very real need for individuals who want to avoid beltway traffic and for the many residents and visitors who don't have a car. I recommend it all of the time to the singles in our ward. Thanks to the Saunders brothers for not only having a great idea but for following through and putting in the work as well.

RobinJune 6, 2015

What a wonderful idea. When my husband and I went to DC Temple in 2008, we rode the metro and had to pay a taxi to get to the temple. When we were done, it was so late and the temple workers graciously gave us a ride back to the metro. I will definitely call the shuttle up next time I'm in DC

bfwebsterJune 5, 2015

My wife and I lived in or around DC for a total of about 8 years, and the need of such a shuttle was very clear. While we moved away a decade ago, I'm grateful that these brothers saw that need and filled it.

MartiJune 5, 2015

Thank you for writing this story. My son is doing a summer internship in Washington, D.C. and has been able to ride this shuttle a few times now. I had no idea about the background of the shuttle and am grateful to the Saunders brothers for providing this service so that many people (including these young interns without cars) can get to the temple. Thanks again!

Janice Kapp PerryJune 5, 2015

Way to go Paul and Steve! We're proud of our cousins for providing such a great service! Janice

LauraJune 5, 2015

Paul is in our ward, and called to be my sons special helper, for various reasons, so he can function in primary, and I can enjoy the benefits of church meeting attendance. I can't say enough about the caliber of this guy. He wrestles with my son on the floor, plays with him, teaches him, and really loves him. I'm always brought to tears when I try to communicate how much my son and I appreciate what he does for our family. If our blessings in heaven are more than the blessings we provide to others on earth, I can only imagine what is in store for him.

JWJune 5, 2015

What a great story, Erin. Blessings on these men with such good hearts.