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June 20, 2021

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Jane BirchDecember 15, 2015

Hi Rob! I do not believe we should never eat animal products. The Lord ordained meat for our use, but He tells us in verses 13 & 15 of the Word of Wisdom that it is pleasing to Him if we don't use it except in times of need (winter, cold, famine, excess of hunger). Science also confirms that a plant-based diet is best, though of course meat can be life saving in certain situations. I do agree with you that many vegan/vegetarian diets are quite unhealthy and so too are many vegans/vegetarians. Many of these diets avoid animal foods, but they contradict the Word of Wisdom in other ways. I think we'd be wise to follow all of the Lord's counsel, not just the parts that suit us.

RobDecember 14, 2015

You are seriously telling us that we should not eat animal products? Some of the most unhealthy patients I have seen in 34 years of practice as a clinical nutritionist are vegans/vegetarians. The D&C says that animals are put here for our use, not to be overdone of course, but saying no meat is prohibited in scripture.

Bonnie HamiltonDecember 10, 2015

Thank you so much, Jane, for all the good work that you do! I have started my plant-based journey and am loving it. I have lost 30 lbs. I appreciate all your helpful links. I have garnered many good recipes and ideas from them. Now, I look around at all those suffering with poor health and I wish they could be motivated to change their eating habits, but when I talk about a plant-based diet, it seems so extreme and foreign to them. I have learned that it's more about what you should be eating than about what you shouldn't eat. It's not about just not eating animal products, it's about focusing on plant based foods. If you focus on what you can't eat, it's a negative, but if you focus on what you can eat, all the wonderful fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes, it's a positive. It's amazing that so few in the LDS community, at least in my area, ignore the nutritional aspects of the Word or Wisdom.



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