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July 17, 2024

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LindaDecember 27, 2015

Please tell us about Luanshya! I lived there as a child.

Kristi DraperDecember 15, 2015

A Spanish translation of this incredible letter, PLEASE!! I am one half a recently returned senior missionary now living in Mexico and struggling to learn Spanish. I'm also the 1st counselor in our tiny 100% Spanish-speaking ward. With the new minimum age for youth serving missions the YM and YW auxiliaries are the new de facto MTCs. I would love to share this beautiful letter in Spanish with my young women.

Diana BakerDecember 8, 2015

Thank you for sharing such tender feelings. My Elder and I are serving in the Africa West Area and I have experienced many similar things I could not put into words the way you have done. I am many years your elder , but I understand more and more about eternal progression after living with these beautiful people and feeling their kindness and love.

Jennifer LarsenDecember 8, 2015

Dear Sweet Sister Michaela, Thank you to you and to your family for sharing your thoughts, feelings, knowledge and testimony with us! This "last letter" is filled with encouragement and inspiration. I wept with you and your family as I read this today. I'm grateful for the insight and reminder you've shared with us. Because of this, I'm filled with more energy to be better today. A thought I had for you after reading your letter, is this: "Your mission isn't over, this is just your next assignment. Go and do and learn and grow some more." I hope that helps you with your transition. Welcome Home Dear Sister, and Thank you for your sacrifice!

GTODecember 8, 2015

It really is jarring to read comments on press articles about the Church, written by people who think they know. I saw one recently that said, "A Mormon mission is just a long vacation, really." How little they know how missions turn you inside out, drive you to your knees, and make you into a new person in Christ -- if you do it right. Welcome home and thanks for writing this.

Claudene GordonDecember 8, 2015

Indeed welcome home dear Michaela! Give yourself 3 months of re-entry. This doesn't mean you forget or give up all that has become you, but the real world desperately needs you. We returned from a senior mission a few months ago and are finally finding our footing. It takes time to live without a tag proclaiming who you are..Your home world doesn't respond the same way. People say they are good or fine, but deep inside they need your spiritual sensitivity. Watching the Elders and Sisters we worked with return, we've seen the confusing messages about the paths they face.. Just look up planting your feet securely on the ground, good missionary you!

Terry Sue ReynoldsDecember 8, 2015

I love how this sister missionary has been impacted by her mission. This really touched my heart to hear how much she had grown and gained such a wonderful testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. What a beautiful and rewarding experience for her and the hearts of those whose lives she touched. What an inspiration for me just sensing her feelings in her letter. It allows me to see how much our Heavenly Father loves us and that the blessings we receive should never be taken for granted. I am so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ. This has been a great encouragement for me and has strengthened my testimony through this wonderful missionary's eyes and heartfelt experience! Thank you for sharing.

Bonnie CaldwellDecember 8, 2015

What an amazing letter! Thank you for your heartfelt comments and your insight!

Truman ProctorDecember 7, 2015

That cute sister missionary is my sister, and I love seeing the amazing daughter of God she has grown into. She truly has matured into her spirit and the power with which she conveys that spirit and the love she has for her Savior is tangible. I love you sweet sister Michaela and am so excited to see you again so soon! Safe travels and blessings in these last dwindling hours!



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