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December 3, 2022

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RussellMarch 27, 2017

This is very enlightening, thankyou. I have in the past had conversations with a few friends on what they thought was and was not acceptable practice in a sexual relationship with a spouse, (generalities not specifics), of course I got quite varying answers. So my question to the author is this, in light of this comment, 'cut and pasted' sentence from this article, I feel that you do seem to have yourself, a list of practices that are inappropriate; to quote from your article: "These negative core beliefs can affect one’s perceptions of right and wrong. Men (and women), too, can pick up negative learning and conditioning about sex through pornography and other unhealthy media", Unquote. Thus how about giving us a list of what you see as those falling in the ', negative learning about sex through pornography; pretty much every practice is used in pornography to entice and both good and bad practices are displayed? I pretty much totally agree with your statement but my experience tells me that opinion, as to what is good practice is diversified,even in good Latter Day Saint men; I do understand that there is a shaded boundary according to each individual relationship, but I see that you have decided by your statement that some are definitely negative and some are positive,so for the sake of a 'Starting Point', please give us a list or send us to a place where a general list is found, that can then be pondered. It seems we men like clear and cut lists to start with and then choose, what we feel and think is right based from experience; I'm just saying everybody both, in your profession and ecclesiastical leaders seem to avoid even a starting list or even supplying a thick wide grey line, I think men need one, especially today, but no one seems brave enough to write one, just saying?

Kathy M.November 28, 2016

Although the content of this article is good and appropriate, the picture chosen to accompany it isn't: the female model is wearing a see-through blouse. A more modest representation should have been selected.



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