For many, the Old Testament is a challenge to understand. Layers of changes of time, culture, people, institutions, and language seem to act as stumbling blocks to our understanding of and engagement with the Old Testament. How is one supposed to open up the Book of Deuteronomy, for example, plow through all 34 chapters and walk away (1) feeling uplifted, (2) feeling that they understood what they read, and (3) feeling that what they learned had any applicability in their lives?

Those concerns and worries are real and well-founded.

But not to despair. There are many valuable resources that can clear some of the fog of confusion, shining lights of understanding and purposefulness on the Old Testament scriptures that still are as valuable and relevant today as when they were first delivered.

The resources I’m highlighting here were not created by LDS individuals. However, they were created by faithful Christians who love the Bible and who have a deep desire to help others gain more from their scripture study.

The group is called The Bible Project. It is a non-profit group based in Portland, Oregon who devote their time and talents to helping others find inspiration in the Bible. Their website lists all of the videos they’ve created on the Bible: Or you can go right to their YouTube channel here: Tongue-in-cheek, the man on the right in the intro video “What is the Bible Project” is not Jesus.

Back to example of the Book of Deuteronomy, The Bible Project has an introductory video less than seven minutes long:

In just a few moments, you’ll experience a well-organized and understandable introduction to the Book of Deuteronomy. So instead of jumping right into Deuteronomy without much preparation, you might consider watching this introductory video and then read with greater understanding. You can do the same for other books in the Bible.

The videos are insightful, engaging, beautifully illustrated, well-organized, and eye-opening. I have yet to watch a video that didn’t help me feel more inspired about the Bible, more motivated to return to reading the Bible, and better educated to better understand what God has to tell me through His inspired words in the Bible.

Happy learning!